MT Chapter 357


Chapter 357: Unexpected calamity of the barbarians

Miracle Commerce performed the experiment several times and obtained large amounts of data.  They finally determined that the Space Warehouse was very stable and other than not being able to store life forms and pure energy items, there were no other special limitations.

The Space Warehouse would not damage items and would even prevent them from rotting.

Other than that, the cost of maintaining the Space Warehouse required a lot of energy and this cost depended on what was being stored in the warehouse itself.  An empty storage meant the least energy consumed and more and more items added increased the energy consumption. It was related to the volume, quality, and energy of the item stored.

If the item was too large, too high quality, or had too much energy, the Space Warehouse consumption would be incredibly big.  The four energy columns would be drained at the time, causing the opening of the Space Warehouse to fail.


Although energy was cheap, constructing the energy columns was rather tedious.  Therefore when opening the Space Warehouse, one needed to understand the situation of the warehouse to ensure that there would be no losses or troubles.

Generally speaking, whether it was the Space Warehouse’s structure or its security, they needed large amounts of time and effort to improve them.  This was not a small task and to Miracle Commerce who only had a single spatial engineer, this was not a small challenge.

Vivian did not complain at all, rather she felt very honoured.

It was because her work was irreplaceable that made her more excited.  The Space Warehouse was not just the first one seen by Vivian, it was also a perfect piece of arty she had slowly made with her own hands.  She wished that she could use all her strength to make it perfect.

Vivian worked overtime each day with Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying helping her.

The Space Warehouse progression was not fast, but it was still progressing bit by bit.

Only Chu Tian came to the spatial warehouse less and less recently, doing something unknown each day.  Meng Qingwu learned what it was by asking around. Chu Tian brought Gu Qianqiu’s group of old men into a laboratory and they were researching medicine.

Meng Qingwu understood Chu Tian very well.

This fellow would not do anything unnecessary.  Since he would make this strange medicine , that meant he had a reason for doing so.  What new place would this medicine be used?

Meng Qingwu was Miracle Commerce’s general manager, so how could she not know about anything happening in Miracle Commerce.  After personally examining the ingredients, Meng Qingwu was shocked to find that she had never heard of this medicine formula before.  That large amount of fierce beast blood and strange materials, the final refined “Wild Blood Medicine”, what use would this item have?

It was not a medicine that increased one’s cultivation and it did not have the effect of curing poison.

Meng Qingwu couldn’t help finding Chu Tian and slamming the list of materials on the table, “The Space Warehouse research is at a critical point, but you aren’t helping us.  Now you’re researching this strange thing, will it be useful to Miracle Commerce?”

Chu Tian was confused with the young miss, but he calmly drank his tea, “Before we enter the Forest of Chaos, what is the issue that needs to be solved right away?”

Meng Qingwu was stunned by this question.

The company had many problems that needed to be improved on.  If they wanted to pick one out, they really didn’t know which one to pick.

Meng Qingwu heard that Chu Tian had some kind of plan, “You’re thinking…..”

Chu Tian replied, “We lack a strong army that belongs to us!”

“Actually, Miracle Commerce’s research and technology is very advanced for the current age.”  Chu Tian paused after saying this, “However, Miracle Commerce lacks a synchronized military force.  We didn’t feel much effect from this in the Southern Summer Country, but once we enter the Forest of Chaos, this problem could be fatal.”

Meng Qingwu said with a frown, “Don’t we have the Source Energy Weapons?”

“The Source Energy Weapons need people to use them.”  Chu Tian explained his intentions, “So, I plan to build an army!”

The Underworld Mercenary Group under Miracle Commerce had already reached thirty thousand people.  The Underworld Mercenaries were originally raised for protecting various industry regions for Miracle Commerce.  Miracle Commerce had too many shops and each sector needed a team to protect them, so there weren’t any mercenaries that were free.

The Giant Shark Gang had one hundred thousand people, but there were only ten-twenty thousand elites which weren’t enough to protect Miracle Commerce.

What about the two hundred thousand Southern Summer cavalry currently under his control?

This was a good army painstakingly raised by the Southern Summer Country, but it did not belong to Miracle Commerce in the end!  Not to mention that cavalry could not play a role in the Forest of Chaos’ environment.

The Forest of Chaos’ situation was different from the Southern Summer Country.  The Forest of Chaos was a place filled with true disorder, so if they did not have strong enough forces, so what if they brought high quality goods into the Forest of Chaos?  Before they could begin selling them, their items would all be stolen!

Meng Qingwu was a bit interested, “Then, how are you prepared to do this?”

At this time, Chu Tian’s communication device sounded, causing Meng Qingwu to be a bit surprised.  Chu Tian’s communication number should only be known by the core members and if there weren’t any emergencies, no one would call him.  Who didn’t know Chu Tian was lazy? If something happen, they should still find Meng Qingwu.

Nangong Yun’s anxious voice came through, “Chu Tian, something bad has happened.  We have been robbed!”

What was this?

Who had robbed Miracle Commerce?  Even the Southern Summer King would not easily offend Miracle Commerce.  Chu Tian had a large army in his hand and was the most influential minister in the Southern Summer Country.  Even people with a bit of brain would know that offending Miracle Commerce was no different from committing suicide, right?

Chu Tian did not even have time to speak.

Meng Qingwu quickly asked, “Nangong, what are you saying?  What happened!”

“I don’t know either.  There was a large group of barbarians that attacked our engineers in the mountains!”  Nangong Yun explained quickly, “Those barbarians aren’t that weak and have caught elder sister Yun Yao and elder sister Caidie.  Before elder sister Caidie was captured, she called me and told me their losses were serious. Quickly save them!”

Southern State was the most primitive and barbaric of the eight states.  The barbarians came from the south who were very strong and intimidating.  They refused to be educated and plundered the cities’ caravans every few days.

When the Western Marquis managed Southern State, he absorbed while confronting the barbarians.  He was recruiting the barbarians to increase the might of his army while using the Southern State army to suppress the barbarians, creating a balance.

After Miracle Commerce came to Southern State, Meng Qingwu found out the local situation.  Although the barbarians cause quite a bit of problems, she did not care about them too much.

She never would have thought that.

Those damn fellows would be so blind!

“If the malignant tumor of the barbarian tribes are not wiped, Southern State’s development will be stopped.”  Meng Qingwu stood up and said, “We have two hundred thousand Azure Storm Cavalry, why not take this chance to wipe out the barbarians all at once!”

The two hundred thousand Azure Storm Cavalry were the strongest army that could even fight the War Hounds, the Southern Summer Country had spent countless resources and devoted a lot of energy to training them.  

Chu Tian angrily slapped the table, “Immediately lead five hundred griffin knights and investigate properly even if you have to go door to door.  Those barbarians have actually eaten some leopard’s balls, daring to steal from my Miracle Commerce. I will organize the forces and come immediately.”


Nangong Yun immediately hung up the call.

“Humph!”  The young miss first looked at Chu Tian with a strange gaze before saying with a snort, “I was almost tricked by you!”

Chu Tian pretended to be surprised, “What does the young miss mean?”

“Miracle Commerce was not robbed, this was all a play directed by you, right?”

“Young miss, you must have proof if you want to say this!”

Meng Qingwu looked at him, “If Miracle Commerce was robbed, its strange if you’re not enraged with your temper.  How could you still be calmly sitting here? Also, you had Nangong Yun search house to house, when you find the hostage, it would be strange if they weren’t dead!  Why don’t you just use the little fox’s divine eye?”

Others wouldn’t know about Chu Tian, but how could Meng Qingwu not know?

Chu Tian’s little fox was not just an ornament, that divine eye had magical investigation powers.  As long as they knew the general area, the little fox could easily find the group of robbers. Nangong Yun was leading the griffin knights to save them, was there a need for all this trouble?

There was only one possibility.

This was definitely a play Chu Tian had set up!

Chu Tian helplessly said, “The young miss is truly a wonderful girl that combines both beauty and wisdom, I can’t hide anything from you!”

It wasn’t that you could trick me.

It was your play that was too lacking!

But this was good as well.  They could use this chance to flex their muscles in Southern State, letting those barbarians and aristocrats see who is the real boss in this area!

Miracle Commerce intentionally sent the news everywhere, letting everyone in the city know that Miracle Commerce had been attacked.  The fact that two important management members were kidnapped by the barbarians was known by the entire city.

After around three hours, the two hundred cavalry were gathered.  Each platoon was made of ten thousand people, with a total of twenty platoons.  Chu Tian personally led this army as the dense wave crashed into the barbarian’s region.

Meng Qingwu used her Southern State marquis title to gather over a hundred thousand Southern State troops that followed closely behind the Azure Storm Cavalry.  Because they had been robbed by a group of barbarians, Miracle Commerce had gathered an elite team of several hundred thousand soldiers!

This was unprecedented in the Southern Summer history!

The Southern State aristocrats wanted to see a joke, but when they saw the terrifying strength Miracle Commerce had, their faces turned white in fear.  This was too terrifying. If there was anyone that dared to offend Miracle Commerce from this day forth, perhaps they’ll be crushed without leaving a trace.

With the several hundred thousand army charging forth, how could the barbarians not know about this!

The entire barbarian race exploded as the various tribe leaders were filled with panic.  That bastard should suffer a thousand slashes, actually offending a colossus like Miracle Commerce!

It wasn’t that the barbarians didn’t know anything about Miracle Commerce.  After all, Miracle Commerce’s influence was too big and in the barbarian tribes, using an electric light was considered an honour.  Although they didn’t know how strong Miracle Commerce was, they would not annoy a top power like this for no reason!

“This is bad!  That is the Southern Summer Country’s strongest Azure Storm Cavalry!”

“Reporting to the chief, the humans have sent a several hundred cavalry soldiers, we must quickly away!”

“Damn, which tribe did it!  Do they not have fucking eyes?  Quickly hand them over to the humans!”

“Too late, too late, the human army have already surrounded us.  They want to use this excuse to catch all of us barbarians in one fell swoop!”

The barbarians ran around like ants in a hot pot.

This was simply an unexpected calamity for the barbarians!

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