MT Chapter 356


Chapter 356: Testing the Space Warehouse

Miracle Commerce had increased by leaps and bounds in just half a month.  In the restricted Southern Summer Country, they could not continue growing, so they could only seek a new environment to make a breakthrough.

The current Southern Summer Country’s situation was not good.  They were very weak and they were surrounded by danger. They needed to find new resources and find new hope to increase their strength, but they could not use their national strength.

In this situation, the Southern Summer Country could collaborate with Miracle Commerce.  As long as the Southern Summer Country secretly supported Miracle Commerce as they entered the Forest of Chaos, Miracle Commerce would be able to send large amounts of resources into the Southern Summer Country in the future.  It would allow the Southern Summer Country to develop a resource field in the Forest of Chaos and even develop a base for them. Even if they failed, Miracle Commerce in the front would take most of the hit and the Southern Summer Country could leave without being involved.

What reason did they have not to give it a try?


The Southern Summer King wrote two imperial decrees.

The first one urged the Cloud Dream Marquis Meng Qingwu to rush to Southern State since Southern State’s Western Marquis had died in Imperial City.  After Meng Qingwu was titled the Cloud Dream Marquis, she was given charge of Southern State, so it was reasonable for Meng Qingwu to head to Southern State to manage it.

The second one stated that because of the spirit beasts occupying the north and they couldn’t recover it temporarily, the southern land that the Southern Summer Country had not obtained yet and were filled with rich resources was now the most important place for the Southern Summer Country to increase their national strength.  Therefore, the power of the nation would be used to increase the southern development progress. In order to be efficient, the Country Guarding Ruler would be personally leading two hundred thousand elites.

Southern State was the south most region of the Southern Summer Country and the closest place to the regions around the Forest of Chaos.  Having Meng Qingwu take over Southern State was to make it more convenient for Miracle Commerce.

After a few days, Miracle Commerce’s staff began to gather together because this time it was an unprecedented move for Miracle Commerce.  Chu Tian was not only taking the core members from Central State, the reserve resources and money was all being moved southwards. Other than that, Miracle Commerce was also bringing the army Dongfang Gan had given Chu Tian.

Two hundred thousand soldiers.

They were all Azure Storm Cavalry!

It could be said that all of the Southern Summer’s elites were given to Chu Tian to manage!

The number one Ruler in the Southern Summer Country, that famous Chu Tian who had eliminated six hundred thousand troops was now personally leading the Southern Summer elites into Southern State!  Meng Qingwu was the chairman holding real power in Miracle Commerce and was the Southern State’s marquis personally titled by the Southern Summer King, allowing her to lead the entire Southern State army.  There was no one that could compare to the prestige of these two people in the Southern Summer Country!

Southern State was not as rich as Central State, but the citizens were more fierce as they all practiced martial arts.  There were even more other race people that could be seen here. Southern State’s vice mayor led the Southern State troops to personally welcome them.

“Greetings Country Guarding Ruler!”

“Greetings Dream Cloud Marquis!”

When the soldiers kneeled on the ground, they all had a strange feeling in their hearts.  There were many people among them that participated in the battle of Central State.

They had just fought a few months ago, but who would have known that in this short period of time, Chu Tian would become the Country Guarding Ruler and Meng Qingwu would become Southern State’s marquis.  The entire Southern State now belonged to the two of them. Destiny was always changing and this truly made people break out in tears!

When the Miracle Commerce group entered Southern State, the national resources continued flowing in for Miracle Commerce to develop Southern State.  Chu Tian used this chance to collect large amounts of precious materials to make pills with and wildly increased Miracle Commerce’s strength.

Very quickly.

Meng Yingying, Meng Qingwu, and the other Illustrious Soul Realm cultivators took several Sacred Pills and they were all smoothly promoted to the True Soul Realm.  They reached an average of the 7th Awakened Soul Layer.

Chu Tian did not neglect himself, using two grade two Sacred Pills in just a week.  He easily increased his cultivation by a layer and soared into the 8th Awakened Soul Layer.  Actually, with Miracle Commerce’s current resources, Chu Tian had the ability to increase their strength even higher.

However, using pills to increase one’s strength in the short run would only increase their dependence on pills, so it would be detrimental to their future growth.  Therefore, Chu Tian decided to slow down. He used the remaining resources on Chen bingyu and Dongfang Haoran, these two peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer cultivators, providing a foundation for them to break through to the True Spirit Realm.

The previous Southern Summer King’s son Dongfang Haoran had officially joined Miracle Commerce.  Chu Tian had appointed him as the head of the Chu Sect, managing the Chu Sect for Chu Tian. Dongfang Haoran’s innate talent did not lose to Chu Xinghe and if he trained well, he would certainly be an expert in the future.

While large amounts of resources were being used by the high level personnel.

Miracle Commerce did not forget the mid and low level personnel.

The internal consumption of resources even exceeded a billion gold coins which wasn’t a small amount even to the previous Three Great Clans.  There was no power of the Southern Summer Country that used that much resources in just a few days.

Miracle Commerce swallowed resources too quickly and large amounts of money flowed into the private sector.  Adding in the chaotic war, the prices in the Southern Summer Country soared, so each Sacred Medicine was twice as expensive as before!

Chu Tian did not care at all.

Gold coins were only a low level currency which would be no use once they left the Southern Summer Country.  Didn’t Chu Tian create Miracle Commerce to collect resources for his cultivation and its growth? Spending money was just spending money.  As for whether the large amount spent by Miracle Commerce would collapse the Southern Summer economy, he did not consider this at all.

The most important task was to finish the Space Warehouse right now.

Because of how rustic Southern State was, their various infrastructures were very outdated.  Miracle Commerce needed to transport various resources and ships and airships were too slow. If they had the Space Warehouse now, it would be much more convenient to transport the resources.

Especially after they entered the Forest of Chaos!

Miracle Commerce’s airship fleet couldn’t just charge into the Forest of Chaos.  If they didn’t solve the problem of transportation, how could Miracle Commerce develop in the Forest of Chaos?

Chu Tian personally instructed Vivian, Meng Qingwu, and Meng Yingying.  He was fully dedicated to constructing the Space Warehouse. Because the Space Warehouse was made of level three source energy materials, only True Spirit Realm experts could work on it, so only Vivian could carry out the actual building right now.

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying had strong academic abilities, so they were mainly studying the deep as the ocean space law knowledge.  Of course, Meng Yingying’s learning ability was lower than Meng Qingwu, but Meng Yingying’s mirror source spirit could imitate others’ source spirit, so one day Meng Yingying would be one of the key researchers in terms of spatial technology.

Today, the laboratory was filled with cheers!

“This is great, the space marking is successful!”

Vivian was dancing with joy.  After using an entire ten days, Vivian finally engraved a space with her Divine Sense mark.  After this mark was placed, they could choose to summon this particular space, avoiding randomly summoning a space each time.

Vivian was applauding with Meng Yingying while Meng Qingwu was filled with excitement since this finished before she had expected.  Actually, as long as they could make this, the Space Warehouse could basically be used.

Now that they had successfully marked it, they just needed to transform it.

Miracle Commerce used a level three source energy array to capture spaces.  Most of those spaces had around a thousand cubic meters of storage space and even the larger ones were around two-three thousand cubic meters most.  Although this was considered quite big for storage items, for a warehouse, this was considered far from enough.

Not to mention.

The shape of the spaces were not set.

The space the Yun Sect laboratory had marked was the shape of an irregular flat pie.  It was very long and wide, but the height was less than three feet, with the lowest place being less than ten centimeters.  Could such a space be used for storage? It would be very inconvenient to transport items in!

The majority of the spaces had shapes similar to this, so it was important to be able to transform the spaces.  Vivian was Miracle Commerce’s spatial engineer, stabilizing and marking a space was easy for her. The work she needed to spend energy on was transforming the space.

Chu Tian told to Vivian, “The Space Warehouse must have a regular shape, your next job is to transform it.  I hope to see a cube with a length, width, and height of ten meters!”


Meng Yingying and Vivian had bitter expressions on their faces.

To turn a pie shaped space into a cube was definitely not an easy matter.  Not only would Vivian have to shape it, Meng Yingying and Meng Qignwu would need to study spatial law and perform large amounts of calculation, this was an incredibly large task!

“Does it have to be a cube?”

“It must be a cube!”

Chu Tian was not deliberately making it harder for them.  This space technology was a very complicated technology, so if they couldn’t even make a level three Space Warehouse, how could they make the high class space items laters on?  Cubes, rectangles, and spheres were all fine, but Chu Tian gave a strict requirement to help them temper their spatial technique!

Vivian was filled with fighting spirit, “No problem, I will definitely turn it into a cube!”

Chu Tian gave a satisfied nod, “Then let’s first perform a space transportation experiment right now!”

Everyone revealed a happy expression.  Whether this Space Warehouse was easy to use depended on the result of this experiment.  If this Space Warehouse was very convenient and quick, it would cause a large and unimaginable change to the continent!

Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu, “Contact Central State’s Yun Sect, have them send one thousand submachine guns to me.”

“Alright!”  Meng Qingwu took out a portable communication device and immediately dialed the Central State Yun Sect’s number, “Hello, is it old Zhang?  Can you bring one thousand submachine guns into the spatial laboratory? We’re about to conduct a space transportation test. That’s right, that’s right, don’t ask too much first…..”

Meng Qingwu hung up the call.

The Central State Yun Sect arrived in the Central State warehouse and took inventory of one thousand submachine guns.  They placed every hundred guns in one box, finally sending ten boxes to the spatial laboratory.

“Start the source energy array!”

The Central State researchers followed the instructions to open the marked spaces.  They place the boxes one after the other into the space while recording the experimental data.

“Ten boxes of firearms have been placed into the Space Warehouse!”

“The source energy array is stable, but the energy consumption doubled!”

“Record: After the items were placed in the Space Warehouse, the energy consumption visibly increased.  Temporarily unable to determine if this was caused by quantity or quality…..”

After the Central State Yun Sect researchers recorded the data, they turned off the source energy array and used the communication device to call Meng Qingwu at the same time.

“That side has sent the goods!”  Chu Tian waved his hand, “We can receive the goods now!”


Meng Yingying’s heart was filled with excitement as she pressed the button to turn on the Space Warehouse.

Several energy columns bloomed with dazzling light.  Meng Qingwu could clearly feel that the energy required to open the Space Warehouse this time was several times more than what was required before.  The several energy columns were being drained at an astonishing speed.

After loading in the goods, did the Space Warehouse energy consumption increase?

Energy was very cheap in this era, so that didn’t increase costs by too much.  However, this restriction on the quantity and quality of items transported was a kind of limitation, but it was one that could be accepted.

Vivian and Meng Yingying quickly took out the ten boxes.  Each box was perfectly shaped and was not damaged at all. When they opened the boxes, each of the submachine guns was neatly placed, meaning they weren’t shaken in the transport space at all!

“Wa, perfect, perfect!”  Meng Yingying excitedly shouted in a loud voice, “Doesn’t this mean that even in Southern State, wouldn’t I be able to eat roasted chicken from Central State?”

Vivian’s face turned red, “Don’t mention Central State’s roasted chicken.  When our elven race construct a Space Warehouse, I’ll have our elders boil a pot of top quality elven green tea every day.  Even if it is sent to your room several tens of thousands of miles away, it will be freshly brewed and steaming hot!”

Meng Qingwu couldn’t help smiling.

These two girls only knew how to eat!

But the space transportation effect from the Space Warehouse indeed had great prospects and potential!

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