MT Chapter 354


Chapter 354: Vivian makes her move

When the War Hounds chief attacked Miracle Commerce, Dongfang Gan couldn’t sit there doing nothing.  His source spirit changed into large bow marked with blood and his wild spirit energy formed three arrows.  They saw him draw back the bowstring before the arrows soared into the sky.

The three arrows flew into the clouds before turning into three giant spears, falling down like meteors from outer space.  They contained a powerful strength as they fell towards the three chiefs.

This power…..It was Dongfang Gan without a doubt!

Dongfang Gan was considered the oldest enemy of the War Hound Plains, so none of these War Hounds chief dared to look down on him.  When forced with Dongfang Gan’s sudden attack, the three of them raised their hands to form a large layer of energy. The three spears slammed against this defensive layer, giving off the sound of glass shattering.


The Fang King set his eyes on Dongfang Gan’s position before giving a cold snort.  Raising the golden drum and stamping his feet, he flew into the air. It was like he spread his wings as a mountain like pressure descended.

“My king, be careful!”

The two guards did not have time to release their source spirit as the lightning from the Purple Gold Thunder God Drum fell onto them.  It was like two pieces of paper being torn apart as the bodies of the two guards instantly turned black. The Fang King was not blocked at all.  It was like that golden drum contained a terrifying thunder energy that instantly exploded into radiant rays. When it charged at Dongfang Gan, the tens of thousands of rays of lightning went in all directions as they formed an incomparably large spider net!

Dongfang Gan had not fought with the Fang King before, but from the pressure that he felt, this person’s cultivation surpassed his by quite a bit!

That long bow decomposed into a set of armour.  Dongfang Gan also brandished a sword filled with a sharp aura, it was the Southern Summer country guarding King’s Sword.  This sword was not just the symbol of the Southern Summer King, it was a divine weapon of peerless might. Dongfang Gan’s strength was enough to block the Fang King’s shocking attack!


When the golden drum met the King’s Sword, the ground collapsed by half a zhang and a thirty meter wide hole formed around them.  The surrounding buildings were shattered to pieces as small and large rock pieces sent people several dozen meters away.

[TL Note: 1 zhang = 3.33m]

An incredibly strong shock wave formed around the two of them!

The strength of the wave was unimaginable as large amounts of spirit energy collided.  There were even flames and bolts of lightning that covered everything around them, creating a powerful spirit energy storm that shattered everything!

The attack of the Fang King was incomparably wild and Dongfang Gan’s attack was weaker, but Dongfang Gan’s Weapon Transformation Source Spirit had already changed into a defensive state, so it would absorb most of the damage.  This attack seemed like they were even, but neither side had taken out their weapons, so this was just a test of strength!

“Ha, ha, ha!  Dongfang Gan is only this strong!”

If was unknown if the Fang King used some secret technique, but his veins suddenly popped out, causing him to erupt with more and more power.  Dongfang Gan’s feet couldn’t help sinking down as the large hole began to increase in depth.

“Thunder God!  Give me strength!”

A bolt of lightning fell down from the sky and landed directly on the golden drum, increasing the power of this weapon by a bit.  Dongfang Gan found it was hard to defend against this explosive power as large amounts of lightning unceasingly struck against Dongfang Gan.  The armour formed from his source spirit was like it had suffered a storm of punches as it was filled with large amounts of dents.

Dongfang Gan was unwilling to be defeated, so he increased his resistance.  The runes on the King’s Sword was released as the power sealed within it exploded out, instantly releasing a sharp and shocking sword qi.  The Fang King did not have any defenses and a large amount of blood was shed by him as a several large wounds appeared on his body.

“Is there any difference between these wounds and being scratched by a small knife?”  The Fang King raised the golden drum in his right hand and his left hand condensed a violent energy that was suddenly released at Dongfang Gan’s chest.  Dongfang Gan raised his fist at the same time and sent it at the Fang King as well.

The instant the fists clashed.

The entire area was destroyed by their power as terrifying amounts of energy was released, flattening everything around them.  Dongfang Gan’s source spirit armour shattered and he flew several hundred meters like he had been hit by a bomb. He slammed down on the ground like a meteor as his internal visceras were filled with injuries.

The Fang King’s strength was very deep and even Dongfang Gan was weaker by quite a bit.  Faced with someone like the Fang King, it would be hard to win in a duel with the Southern Summer experts.  They could only send in suicide troops to weaken his strength until they could take him out in a single blow!

“Kill the Southern Summer King!”

“Kill the Southern Summer King!”

The War Hounds army was filled with morale when they saw how strong the Fang King was.  The Southern Summer Country had great firepower, so it was very hard for them to defeat the Southern Summer Country, but if the Fang King were to kill the Southern Summer King Dongfang Gan, Central State would be thrown into chaos.  There would be an opportunity at that time, so even if they failed to take the city, the defenses would be disturbed and the army could march into to easily take the city.

The Fang King naturally would not miss such a good chance!

The golden drum released dazzling lightning that was currently shooting at Dongfang Gan.  However, a ripple in space suddenly appeared in front of them as a petite figure suddenly appeared.

“Who is this!”

This person had appeared too suddenly and the Fang King did not have time to react.  A beautiful and jade like little hand grabbed the Fang King’s golden drum blooming with thunder and she released her spirit energy, instantly forcing back the Fang King several meters.  That figure appeared behind him with a slight sway before a glittering and translucent dagger cut through the air. The space seemed like it was being cut like cloth.

This is bad!

The Fang King was preparing to step off when he was instantly surrounded by spatial energy.  He couldn’t react in time to escape and when he came back to his senses, he had appeared over a hundred miles away, currently floating above a forest.

Damn!  What was going on here?

Could there be an expert hidden in the Southern Summer Country?

Only even if the Southern Summer Country had an hidden expert, he never thought they would be this strong!  The Fang King had not even seen spirit energy being released before he was forced back by this person, even the Eagle Burial Kingdom did not have many of these experts!  Not to mention that this person’s spirit energy attribute was very special, actually being the rare spatial attribute. The Fang King naturally did not have any defenses in this scenario, so he was directly taken away from Central State.

“Who are you!”

The Fang King saw the expert that had suddenly appeared and could not help being slightly stunned.  She was a small person that was one meter and forty centimeters tall with bare feet, revealing a pair of crystal like ankles that was spotless like jade.  She had a flower crown on her head and an immature face!

This was clearly a young elf!

“Why are the elves interfering?”

The Fang King could not understand this.  The Southern Summer Country definitely did not have this backing, there was no doubt on that, otherwise the Eagle Burial Kingdom would surely know about this.  The elves also wouldn’t help a human country for no reason, this did not conform to the elves’ style since ancient times!

Vivian already couldn’t hold it in any longer!

Chu Tian had warned her that she couldn’t reveal her ability and status in front of many people, otherwise the entire Southern Summer Country would know that there was a young elf helping them fight the spirit beasts.  The Elven Forest would immediately obtain the news and this would be bad for Miracle Commerce.

The best way was to interfere when the Fang King was fighting the Southern Summer King and suddenly make a move, so that no one could react.  Before they could clearly see what was happening, Vivian would forcefully take the Fang King to a far off place. This way, the War Hounds would lose their leader and Vivian could fight without worries!

“Do elves need a reason to fight spirit beasts?”

Vivian had fought quite a few spirit beast experts in the forest.  This War Hounds Kingdom Fang King was a bit troublesome, but his strength was not a match for Vivian.

“Seeking death!”

The Fang King instantly stabbed out with the golden drum.

“Spatial Crack!”

VIvian used the method she had used to deal with Dongfang Gan on the Fang King.  She first tore one spatial crack to block the Fang King’s attack before throwing another spatial crack at the Fang King’s body.  As long as the Fang King’s weapon touched the spatial crack, the one being pierced would be himself.

The Fang King’s sharp senses felt the spatial energy fluctuations and his weapon stopped right in front of the crack.  However, the lightning erupting from the golden drum went around the spatial crack, shooting at Vivian.

This spirit beast really did have skills!

Vivian had fought many powerful people in the Forest of Chaos, but there were few people that could see through Vivian’s spatial powers.  The Fang King being able to do this meant that he truly was not simple. Vivian’s source spirit was the Spatial Dagger which had the main ability of creating spatial fissures.  All her attacks and defenses were based off of this foundation.

Vivian could not only teleport using space, she could also cut off space and do things that normal people couldn’t do.  Because of this, any special realms and barriers were unable to stop her. Vivian also had an extraordinary attack power because she could separate space, so she could separate everything on a spatial level.


Vivian’s raised her right hand.

The space was ripped apart by an invisible strength and a large mouth swallowed all of the lightning.

The Fang King’s face slightly fell, “Why are you saving the insect lives of the Southern Summer Country with your strength?  Could it be that you also saw the knowledge Miracle Commerce and Chu Tian has? If it’s like this, we can definitely share it!  Well water will not interfere with river water!”

The Fang King was somewhat hesitant.  This little elf’s cultivation was a bit higher than his and she had the rarely seen on the continent spatial energy.  Even if the Fang King was strong and rich with experience, it would be very hard for him to kill the other side.

Vivian curled her lips in disdain, “I disdain working with spirit beasts.  If I don’t die, you will die, so why are you talking so much?”

The Fang King was also enraged!

This elf simply did not know good from bad!

The Fang King raised the golden drum to summon several thousand bolts of thunder that were like dense raindrops, wildly falling around him without stop.  This elf’s spatial energy was not ordinary, but she had to cut through space to use her abilities.

The Fang King flooded the surrounding area with thunder and it was hard to lock onto the Fang King’s position with the naked eye.

Vivian wanted to open a crack in space to teleport away, but when the spatial crack formed near the Fang King, large amounts of lightning bolts entered the spatial crack, making Vivian unable to teleport away.

Using all his power to surround himself and stop Vivian from moving?

No, this was just the beginning!

“Thunder God’s Body!”

The thunder around him instantly gathered together and adhered to the Fang King’s Divine Sense, letting him turn into a giant that was over two zhangs tall.  This giant had a beast face and human body, with a pair of giant wings on its back. It was surrounded by solidified lightning and the Fang King’s aura exploded by several times.

This would be troublesome!

Everyone knew that the spatial attribute was one of the strongest attributes, but they didn’t know that they stronger a power is, the more restrictions it had!  Vivian was affected by two main factors when trying to manipulate space.

The first was distance, meaning the further a space was, the lower the accuracy.  For example, Vivian could easily split apart a person that was ten meters away and a hundred meters would be a bit more difficult, but accurately hitting someone a kilometer away was very bad.  This was because manipulating space depended on one’s Divine Senses. The further the distance, the weaker her Divine Sense, so it was harder to lock onto something.

The second factor was spatial stability which could also affect accuracy.  Space was stable in most situations, but when a space was filled with large amounts of powerful energy, the energy fluctuations would cause the space to become unstable.  Unless Vivian’s strength was enough to overcome this energy, it would be very hard for her attack to hit the enemy.

The Fang King using large amounts of energy to affect the surrounding space was to affect the stability of that space, obstructing Vivian from manipulating it.  He was using energy waves to interfere with her Divine Sense, making it hard for Vivian to lock onto him.

Damn, she never thought this fellow would know this much.  Could it be that he had fought against someone with a spatial source spirit before?

Vivian’s contempt disappeared since she was fighting an experienced soldier this time, it would be hard for her to win if she was negligent!  Although Vivian could easily escape using her spatial energy, if she was to fail the first important mission Chu Tian gave her, how would she have the face to go back!

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