MT Chapter 334


Chapter 334: Imperial City siege

The drums were like thunder and the ground trembled as the waves of War Hounds charged forward.  The general attack was finally starting and after they entered the range of the Southern Summer archers, a terrifying whistle came from the sky.  Like a black cloud enveloping everything, the sunlight was instantly blocked by the dense amount of arrows.

Ice arrows, fire arrows, and explosive arrows.  The power of these talisman arrows were very shocking, instantly causing casualties amongst the War Hounds army.

“Fire!”  A War Hounds chief personally led the charge, “Fight back!  Kill them all!”

The War Hounds army roared as they charged, with a group shooting arrows as well.  Countless arrows fell onto the city walls, attempting to suppress the Southern Summer soldiers with arrows.


The Refined Ruler coldly ordered, “Activate the symbol arrays!”

The Shangguan Family members were standing in a row with each person lifting a large flag covered in talismans.  They suddenly inserted them into the wall and the energy of the talismans interweaved with each other, forming a protective layer over the city walls.  The War Hounds’ arrows were knocked back by the protective cover.

The War Hounds tried to scale the city walls, but the Southern Summer troops had already placed large amounts of talismans on the city wall.  As long as the War Hounds touched them, they would immediately burst into flames, be covered in frost, or would explode. Did the War Hounds think it was easy to attack the walls?

The Southern Summer troops just need to hold on, they would win as long as the walls were not broken through.  The Calm Martial Ruler was killing his way back from Cang State, so the war could change at any moment. The Fang King also knew about this, so he did not hesitate to go wild.

The Fang King’s cold eyes swept across the battlefield, “Send out the vulture unit!”

Black spots began to appear above the clouds.  Countless vulture riding War Hounds directly passed the defensive line and appeared in the sky above Imperial City.

Imperial City was not a fort after all.  The frontline fortress was completely sealed, but it was impossible to completely seal Imperial City, so an airborne army can pass through the defensive lines.  They could attack the center of the city from the sky and break the defenses from within.

Large amounts of War Hounds soldiers fell down from the sky like dumplings.  The War Hounds vulture knights sent at least thirty-forty thousand elite soldiers into Imperial City.

With these thirty-forty thousand elites and the twenty thousand vulture knights attacking, it would create a large disturbance for the Southern Summer troops.

“Have the Wild Flame Army block the ground portion of the airborne enemies!”  The Burning Sun Ruler immediately ordered for the Nangong Family’s Wild Flame heavy infantry to move out, guarding the inside of Imperial City, “Griffin knights, head out and stop these airborne enemies!”

The two thousand majestic griffin knights were on standby.  When they received the Burning Sun Ruler’s order, they immediately flew out, charging at the vulture knights that were ten times their number.  Although the griffin knights did not have the advantage in numbers, their aura was not lacking in the least. The griffins were already level two demon beasts and each knight was an one in a thousand elite.  Even if they were outnumbered one to ten, they would still be able to fight!

“This is the Southern Summer’s strongest ace unit?”  The vulture knights’ commander gave a cold laugh, “They really are stupid fools!”

The griffin knights were the strongest power guarding the Southern Summer Country and the Imperial City.  In order to train the griffin knights, the Southern Summer Country had to spent large amounts of money to purchase the griffins from other countries and spend large amounts to train the knights.  These griffin knights could represent the power of the Southern Summer Country and if they were defeated, it would be a huge blow to the Southern Summer morale.

“Since you’re seeking death, then I’ll let you see the the power of our Eagle Burial Kingdom’s airborne forces!”  The vulture knights’ commander loudly ordered, “Kill!”

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The griffin knight commander was faced with the dense amount of vulture knights and he immediately raised his long spear as he shouted, “Prepare to fight!”

The two airborne units quickly made their moves and when the two sides were about to clash.

The griffin knight commander shouted, “Wind Blade Formation!”

The two thousand griffins gathered their strength together to release a blue wind blade.  The griffins were individually stronger than the vultures and this wave of stormy blades was truly powerful.  If it were to hit the vultures, the vultures would not be able to resist and a large portion of them would be instantly destroyed.

But, were things that simple?

The vulture knights were a part of the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s army, not only were they well trained, they also had ample battle experience.  When the griffins condensed their energy, the vulture knights had already made their preparations. They instantly changed their movement pattern and passed through the blue wind blades, with close to none of them being hit.

After this first clash.

The straight line of vulture knights suddenly exploded and moved out in all different directions.  They instantly formed a half circle, swallowing the griffin knights bit by bit.

“Kill them all!”

The vulture knights had completely surrounded the griffin knights and had sealed them in.  After all, there were much more vulture knights and if they used this blockade strategy, the griffin knights would not be able to break through.

Although the royal knights were strong and the griffin mounts were fierce, the War Hounds’ vulture knights were not that far off.  Once they were surrounded by the vulture knights, they would be in trouble if they didn’t break through soon.

The griffin knight commander’s expression changed, “Break out!”

“How could it be easy?  Fire!”

The griffin knights only had a single spear per person and most of their battles depended on their griffins.  They had a strong charge ability and the griffins could release strong wind blades, so they had enough long range attacks, meaning the griffin knights were not equipped with long range weapons.

The vulture knights were not the same.  The vultures had hard skin and strong flesh, as well as a good transport speed, only not having a long range attack.  Because of this, during the process of picking a rider, the first requirement was being a divine archer. There were some vultures that had two riders, one for short range and one for long range, allowing them to coordinate flawlessly.

The griffin knights had just clashed with the first row of vulture knights when the second and third row released a large rain of arrows.  The front was blocking while the back was shooting arrows, attacking in this long range method. The griffin knight’s wind defenses could not last much longer and they were caught in a disadvantageous situation, failing to break through several times.

It really wasn’t working!

The Southern Summer Country was still a small kingdom, they were lacking in air combat experience.  Even with the elite griffin knights, they did not have proper air combat tactics. When faced with a properly trained airborne army, they were suppressed even if they had higher individual strength.

Dong, dong, dong!

The War Hounds Kingdom’s black tide continued surging forward.  Whether it was the Southern Summer defenders or the War Hounds attackers, their casualties continued to increase because of the troop of units placed into the city by the vulture knights.  The city wall’s defenses was in chaos and quite a few fearless War Hounds soldiers had already scaled the wall.

“Throw the bombs!  Quickly!”

The Southern Summer defenders did not have any ways of dealing with the wild War Hounds soldiers, so they could only throw the last batch of Source Energy Bombs down the wall.  The ground instantly trembled as large parts of the city wall’s defense lines was filled with explosions. Each bomb released a terrifying heat and glow, causing Imperial City to tremble under this terrifying might.  Each explosion fell into a dense crowd of War Hounds, instantly causing hundreds of War Hounds soldiers’ deaths.

The War Hounds army was shocked by the terrifying might of the Source Energy Bombs!

The might of these weapons was just too terrifying.

“Don’t worry about them, keep killing!”

“The Southern Summer city walls are about to break!”

The War Hounds were very fierce.  Although these destructive Source Energy Bombs had forced the War Hounds back, it only lasted for a minute.  The War Hounds quickly regrouped and climbed up the city wall like a group of ants.

The Imperial City’s defensive power could not compare to the frontline fortress because there were too many people in Imperial City.  They had nine city gates alone, with the War Hounds attacking seven gates at the same time. The amount of Source Energy Bombs made by Miracle Commerce was very limited and they had almost used all of it, so they didn’t have another method of stopping the War Hounds from pushing through.

The Southern Summer’s pride were the griffin knights who were currently being suppressed by the vulture knights, not having a way to support the defense.  There were more and more War Hounds soldiers in Imperial City, lighting fires everywhere and creating more and more chaos.

Finally a War Hounds troop climbed over the wall and the following soldiers flowed in without stop.  They fought wildly without fear of death, with the Southern Summer soldiers being much weaker in comparison.

Meng Qingwu saw many parts of the wall had already been invaded by War Hounds and she knew that Imperial City could not hold on much longer.  She immediately said to the Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler, “It’s about time!”

The two rulers nodded and the Burning Sun Ruler raised signal flag high up, causing a horn to sound through Imperial City.  The Fang King suddenly knit his brows, could the Southern Summer Country still have another trick?

The griffin knights surrounded by the vulture knights suddenly launched a counterattack.  The two thousand griffin knights had a spear in one hand and a Source Energy Submachine Gun in the other.

“This weapon is…..”

Wang Tianlong was shocked when he saw the weapons of the griffin knights.  Wang Tianlong was not unfamiliar with this, he had seen it before in Chu Tian’s hands.  He had assumed that it was a rare treasure, but now he was seeing one in the hands of each griffin knight.

Wang Tianlong had already experienced the might of this weapon.  If every single person had one, how incredible was that?

The griffin knight commander loudly shouted, “Kill them all!”

The War Hounds could not even react before the muzzle of the Source Energy Submachine Gun exploded with dazzling white flames.  Several thousand energy balls were shot out with incredible speed. The attack was too fast and sudden.

How could the vulture knights block it from this distance?  Instantly several hundred vultures fell from the sky and a gap appeared in the blockade of the vulture knights.

The griffin knights use the storm of bullets to create a gap from within the vulture blockade, dealing over ten thousand in casualties.  Then they dived down at the wall, sweeping out across the dense amount of War Hounds soldiers on the wall with the submachine gun.

The sky was filled with light bullets!

This was the result of two thousand Source Energy Submachine Guns shooting at once.  Not only were the bullet small, they were also much faster compared to arrows. Shooting from this short distance, those War Hounds did not have time to dodge.  A large portion of them were instantly taken out, easing the pressure on the city wall defenses!

The over ten thousand members of the Nangong Family’s Wild Flame heavy armour troop also made their move.  With a pistol in their left hand and a sword in their right, they were currently locked in a fierce battle with the War Hound soldiers that had landed in the city.  There was no suspense as the War Hound army was defeated. How could they stop such a terrifying army?

The Nangong Family’s Wild Flame Army had very strong close combat fighting abilities and now they even had the pistols as support, being able to easily penetrate Awakened Soul Cultivator’s protective spirit energy from range.  Even if the War Hounds that landed were elites, how many of them were Awakened Soul Cultivators?

This was an one sided battle!

Regaining air superiority, easing the pressure on the walls, and defeating the enemies within the city, the Imperial City seemed to stabilize the more they fought.  If this continued, the War Hounds Kingdom would have no way to break into Imperial City.

“These humans actually have some tricks!”  The Fang King’s eyes seemed like they were about to shoot flames, but he did not lose himself in anger.  Rather, he calmly said, “How prepared is that side?”

Wang Tianlong confidently said, “I ask the Fang King to be assured.  Everything is prepared, those fellows cannot hold on for much longer.”

“Good!  Tell the Demon Wolf Army to prepare to attack!”

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