MT Chapter 333


Chapter 333: Great war begins

The Nether Flame Blade Malim was the Hell Song Tribe’s vice leader and he had died in the hands of a weak Awakened Soul Realm girl?  This news was just too shocking and all the War Hounds tribes began to talk.

“You are disgracing our tribe’s warrior!”  The Fang King roared out, “Just depending on you to kill him?!”

“Do you recognize this storage bag!”  Meng Qingwu did not waste words as she took out the storage bag.  Then she took out a black blade from the bag which was covered in a cloth.  Because this blade was a Soul Contracting Item, Meng Qingwu could not be recognized by it and she could not use it, “Even if you don’t recognize the bag, you shouldn’t be unfamiliar with this blade!”

“Nether Flame Blade?”


“Malim really died by her hands?!”

The War Hounds leaders talked in whispers, all revealing strange gazes.

Malim had died, but no one sympathized with him and most people actually revealed looks of disdain.

The Fang King was in an uncontrollable rage.  Makim was his little brother and the most trusted subordinate of the Fang King.  If Malim had died on the battlefield, he wouldn’t have lost his warrior’s pride. But Malim had died in the hands of this weak girl, which was not only shameful to Malim, it also made their Hell Song tribe look weak!

The Purple Gold Thunder God Drum was suddenly raised!


Fang King released a bolt of thunder with a wild roar which erupted through the clouds, striking at Meng Qingwu on the city walls.  Striking from such a distance, it could generate such a great strength? The Fang King’s power was truly terrifying, enough to leave the Southern Summer soldiers in shock.

The Refined Ruler gave a cold laugh and took out a golden pen from his sleeve.  He drew a circle and the thunder was instantly stopped. The golden pen was raised and the energy flew backwards, shooting at the Fang King like a beam of light.  The Fang King blocked with the golden drum and sucked it all back in.

The Fang King softly asked, “You are the Southern Summer Refined Ruler?”

“I am the ruler!”

“The chaos in the War Hounds was all from your secret movements.  The Southern Summer Country being able to live to this day, you have contributed quite a bit.”

“It’s a pity that your recent actions weren’t noticed by this ruler, otherwise how could the situation fall to this state?  This ruler is clear on the situation of the War Hound Plains, it does not have the capability to launch this kind of attack.  As for you, someone unknown silently appeared, just where did you come from.”

The Burning Sun Ruler coldly said, “What are you wasting words for?  Since these War Hounds bastards have come, let them taste the strength of our Southern Summer arrows!”

“Burning Sun Ruler, Refined Ruler, I suggest you surrender.”  Before the Fang King spoke, Wang Tianlong slowly walked out, “Could it be you still think the Southern Summer Country is only facing the War Hounds Kingdom after everything that has happened?  Wrong! A big mistake! You don’t know what happened at all, you can’t win this fight!”

The Southern Summer people had already suspected this Fang King’s origin.  This was because this Hell Song Tribe had only recently risen on the War Hound Plains in the past ten years, so they were different from the other War Hounds tribes.  Establishing themselves in this short period of time, it was not likely for them to establish a mature and complete army.

Where had the hundred thousand demon wolf cavalry and twenty thousand vulture riders come from?  There was one possibility, the Hell Song Tribe was a representative of a foreign power! That’s why Wang Tianlong was this assured!

“The Hell Song Tribe are nobility from the Eagle Burial Kingdom!”  Wang Tianlong loudly shouted, “The War Hounds Kingdom is already a vassal of the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom and are within the power of the Eagle Burial Kingdom.  Do you all have the strength to fight a warring kingdom?!”

Everyone’s expressions drastically changed.

The Eagle Burial Kingdom?  Although this country did not have contact with the Southern Summer Country, there were people that had heard of it.  This was a kingdom and one that was at the warring kingdom stage! It had to be known, for a kingdom to be known as a warring kingdom, they first had to have a strong national power and plenty of citizens.  They needed military power that surpassed all the other countries in the region, allowing them to wildly expand!

A warring kingdom was still a kingdom, but its strength far surpassed normal kingdoms, even surpassing normal large kingdoms.  In the future, they even had the potential to become an empire!

Didn’t the past Heavenly Demon Cult create the Heavenly Demon Warring Kingdom?  They were all very clear on the strength of the Heavenly Demon Cult at its peak, each one of the ten main branches had several True Spirit Realm experts to hold command.  A small kingdom like the Southern Summer Kingdom did not have any chance of winning against a warring kingdom.

The War Hounds Kingdom had already become a vassal of a warring kingdom.  This generation’s Fang King did not come from the War Hound Plains, rather he was a king sent by a Spirit Beast Warring Kingdom to rule over a vassal, he was not an independent king!

No wonder the Fang King could lead such a strong army.  For the War Hounds, this army could not be raised even with several dozen years, this was clearly the army provided to the War Hounds by the Spirit Beast Warring Kingdom backing them.  It was because of this that the Fang King could sweep through all oppositions, allowing the Southern Summer frontlines disappear in a single night!

“Now you understand that you do not have any chance of winning!”  Wang Tianlong spoke with a cold smile, “Not to mention winning today, it’s already good enough if you aren’t destroyed today.  The warring kingdom will send several times the forces in a few days, can you still defend against them? How long can you keep defending!”

“You traitor!  Shut up!”

“One who understands the times is outstanding.  The Fang King will rule the prairies and it will all become the Fang King’s today!”  Wang Tianlong removed completely unmoved, “The Southern Summer Country’s destruction is certain, only surrendering to the War Hounds can we ensure that the two hundred million citizens will not burn in the flames of war!  The Southern Summer Country will remain the Southern Summer Country, we will just become a vassal to the War Hounds and become a tiny part of the Eagle Burial Country’s circle of power. People can still live their lives and we will obtain the protection of a warring kingdom, what is there not to be happy about?  Do not be stubborn, there is no other path except surrender!”

“Let the Southern Summer Country become the Spirit Beasts’ puppet?   Let the Southern Summer Country pledge allegiance to the War Hounds? Impossible!”

“Do you want to drag our Southern Summer Country to its destruction?”  Wang Tianlong shouted out, “The lives of the several million citizens in Imperial City depends on you now.  If you resist the War Hounds today, they will massacre the city, you know this clearly!”

The defense army was a bit shaken.

The strength of a warring kingdom was too terrifying, the Southern Summer Country couldn’t even fight the War Hounds.  The War Hounds were still a large kingdom and they were an unstable kingdom, how could they fight a warring kingdom? The War Hound Plains became the War Hounds Kingdom with the help of the Heavenly Wolf Warring Kingdom.  With a warring kingdom pressuring them, the War Hounds’ internal strife will be greatly decreased.

The War Hounds kingdom became a vassal of the Eagle Burial Kingdom, what qualification and strength did the Southern Summer Country have to resist being their dependent country?  There were three kinds of kingdoms on the continent.

First there was an independent kingdom.  This was a kingdom with absolute sovereignty, diplomatic power, and resource control.  They weren’t suppressed by any powers and didn’t have to pay tributes to foreign powers.

The second were vassal nations.  A vassal nation was not necessarily a nation, but it could be a marquis kingdom or a ruler kingdom, which was a nation given to a titled noble.  The current Fang King was a titled king of the Heavenly Wolf Warring Kingdom, so he was titled the king of the War Hounds Kingdom. Although the nobles had a large amount of independence, the highest ranked officer in the War Hounds Kingdom was still the king.  A certain percentage of taxes also needed to be paid to the governing country each year.

[TL Note: I don’t know why it suddenly changed to Heavenly Wolf Warring Kingdom either.]

The third kind were dependent kingdoms and were completely different from the other two.  Dependent kingdoms were defeated kingdoms or kingdoms with a clear inferiority of power, pledging themselves to another country.  These dependent countries did not have dignity and didn’t even have their own sovereignty. Not only do they need to give tributes and pledge allegiance, they weren’t allowed to have an army.  The main purpose of a dependent country was to work hard, providing food, cultivation resources, breeding demon beast, and etc. for the main country. They were not allowed to have a state treasury and had to present it all as tribute.

Once the Southern Summer Country became the War Hounds Country’s dependent country, the citizen’s resources would no longer belong to them!

But if they fought back with the Southern Summer’s national strength, could they block the invasion of a warring kingdom?

“Scram!  You waste selling the pride of your ancestors, what qualification do you have to be shouting here?”

“Then I want to see how long you can remain arrogant in front of the War Hound Kingdom’s strength!”  Wang Tianlong did not plan on leaving them behind. Although the Fang King had allowed him to become the Southern Summer King, there was no meaning in letting the Three Great Clans remain.  Otherwise with Wang Tianlong’s current strength, how could he stop them? Kill, he had to kill them all!”

Wang Tianlong was clear on the personality of the Burning Sun Ruler.  Since they did not give up in face of this grim reality, there would be no way to convince them and they could only use strength!

The Fang King did not waste any time.

Because the time the Calm Martial Ruler gave the Fang King was not long.

A series of deep war horns sounded and the War Hounds army prepared to attack!

The vanguard was a group of giant beasts, leading around a group of around fifty thousand War Hounds elites.  Many of them were wielding wall climbing equipment, they were the War Hounds’ first attack team!

Those giant beasts that looked like apes were over ten meters tall and each one was covered in thick armour.  The Southern Summer arrows could only have a limited effect against them and even the arrows of True Spirit Realm Experts would not have a large effect.

Dong, dong, dong!

The war drums began to beat faster.

The army’s charge speed quickly increased!

The Burning Sun Ruler knit his brows, “Will this really work?”

“Relax!”  Meng Qingwu clenched her first, “Just wait and see!”

Some of the giant beasts stepped on something and a stream of energy was released from beneath their feet.  It was a quick burst of light and heat, that surged forward like a wild storm, instantly blowing up the entire leg.  That enormous blow had hit several hundred War Hound soldiers and sent quite a few of them flying, creating chaos in the War Hounds Kingdom’s charge.

Hong, hong, hong!

Several large explosions sounded.

Several other buried Source Energy Bombs also exploded!

Those giant beasts did not have any warning before they were suddenly hit with the explosion, basically blowing up their entire bodies.  This explosive force was very strong and with each explosion that was released, a giant, dark hole appeared in the earth.

Even a True Spirit Realm Expert hit by the explosion would be seriously injured or would lose their lives.


Meng Qingwu gave her order.

Several catapults shot from the wall and several heavy bombs were sent flying from the city wall.  They flew in a parabola as they fell into the War Hounds formation.


Another shining mushroom cloud was formed!

Several hundred War Hounds soldiers were in the attack zone and were blown up by the force of the explosion.

The War Hounds Kingdom’s first charge suffered a heavy blow before they could even fight.  The originally low morale had been restored quite a bit. No matter what happened in the future, they would win this battle first!  After all, the Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler were not foolish. If the situation developed to one where they could not resist, they would take the corresponding evacuation measures.

“Bring your bows!”

The Southern Summer’s bombs were too strong and had caused large casualties to the War Hounds.  The War Hounds experts were not feeling good when the Southern Summer Country prepared to launch bombs again.

The War Hound Experts picked up their bows to shoot the bombs in mid flight.


The bomb was directly blown up in mid air.

Several Southern Summer soldiers on the wall were injured by the impact.  When the Source Energy Bombs were shot down, the flames and fragments fell onto different locations.  Each fragment caused a large explosion, dealing damage to the War Hounds army.

What was this thing?

The War Hounds were very shocked!

“Mind’s Eye!”

Wang Tianlong used his Divine Sense to scan the land in front and he was shocked by the result.  There were many high energy items hidden in the ground in front of Imperial City, these were what had exploded the War Hounds’ giant beasts.

“Humph!”  The Fang King had also noticed this and coldly raised his golden drum, “Fire arrows forward!”

The War Hounds archers drew their bows and a dense rain of arrows was released.  Those Source Energy Bombs that hadn’t blown up yet, the majority of them were exploded by the rain of arrows.

Like this, all the buried landmines had lost their use.

It was a pity that they didn’t have time, Miracle Commerce did not have time to make enough Source Energy Bombs.  The War Hounds wildly charged forward without fearing death, they reached the wall in the blink of an eye. The following battle would be very difficult and this would not be an easy fight!

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