MT Chapter 332


Chapter 332: Large army sieging the city

Meng Qingwu gave the Source Energy Bomb blueprint send from Central State to Gu Qianqiu.  Perhaps with these destructive weapons they could strike back the War Hounds Kingdom, winning back the situation of the battlefield.

“We only have this plan at present!”

They began using the Source Energy Guns!

They would make the Source Energy Bombs!


The Source Energy Weapons had been top secret and the Burning Sun Ruler and Refined Ruler knew little about them.  However, it was impossible to completely hide it from the two of them. They would at least already know Chu Tian had a weapon factory in Central State when they investigated him, only they didn’t know how strong the Source Energy Weapons were.

With the Southern Summer King dead, the Calm Martial Ruler not present, and the Southern Summer Country facing a crisis that could eliminate them, all resources and powers were being used at this time.  So under the strong support of Gu Qianqiu, the two rulers went against the king’s prohibition order and forcefully opened the Source Energy Weapon Factory.

Meng Qingwu personally took stock of the factory.  There were around fourteen thousand Source Energy Pistols, around two thousand Source Energy Submachine Guns, around five thousand pistol magazines, and around ten thousand submachine gun magazines.  The magazines were sent over from Central State and weren’t manufactured in Imperial City, so there weren’t many of them right now.

Now it was too late to send more over.

These magazines should be enough to use for a while.

The Source Energy Pistols were strong enough to kill cultivators and demon beasts at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer and below, but they had a slow fire rate and their range could not compare to bows or long range weapons.  They were only suited to being used in close range combat.

The Refined Ruler suggested, “There aren’t many Source Energy Weapons.  It can’t be used to arm the entire army, it can only be used for special situations.”

“From the report brought back from the frontlines, the War Hounds have a special wolf cavalry.  The demon wolves are fast and have quick reactions, so it is hard to injure them with long range arrows.  These Source Energy Weapons suited for short to medium range combat can be used to deal with them.” The Burning Sun Ruler gave this suggestion, “The Nangong Family’s Wild Flame Army is one of the best heavy infantry unit in the Southern Summer Country, they are even stronger than the southern barbarians, they can stop the charge of the demon wolves.  If they are equipped with Source Energy Pistols, they could create a strong resistance.”

“That stands to reason!”

The two rulers decided to give all the ten thousand Source Energy Pistols to the Wild Flame heavy infantry, as well as giving them five hundred submachine guns to increase their firepower.  This infantry unit was personally directed by the Burning Sun Ruler, having powerful close range combat abilities. Now that they had this weapon, it would surely greatly increase their power!

Gu Qianqiu suggested, “As for the extra two thousand Source Energy Submachine Guns, this old man suggests we equip them to the royal palace’s griffin knights.  The griffin knights are already the Imperial City’s and even the Southern Summer Country’s strongest unit, as well as having the advantage of being airborne. If they were equipped with the submachine guns, they would become a nightmare for the War Hounds!”

The griffin knights perfectly had two thousand members remaining!

This unit was already very strong and with an increased firepower, their power increased by several times.  In a time of crisis, they would be able to suppress the enemy from the air.

“No wonder my king was confident in launching the northern expedition!”  The Burning Sun Ruler was filled with spirit, “My Southern Summer Country had such strong weapons, it really is capable of trampling the War Hound Plains!”

It’s a pity!

They never calculated the War Hounds would be a step faster!

It finally ended in a tragedy that resulted in the death of their leader!

Could this be heaven’s will?  If the War Hounds attacked a month later, the first batch of Source Energy Weapons would have been used to equip the army.  When the Southern Summer Country had over a hundred thousand Source Energy Weapons, would it have been easy for the War Hounds to break through the border defenses?

There were no what ifs in this world.

Meng Qingwu was not optimistic, she had seen the battle strength of the War Hounds army.  Even though ten thousand Source Energy Weapons were enough to increase the Southern Summer’s battle strength, the degree it could increase it by was limited.  It was impossible for them to resist the hundreds of thousands of War Hounds.

Depending on the Source Energy Weapons were far from enough!

Meng Qingwu gave the order to take out all Source Energy Batteries stored in Imperial City!

Gu Qianqiu gathered several thousand scholars to help with the production and the various Source Energy Batteries were transformed into Source Energy Bombs, manufacturing large amounts of Source Energy Bombs.  The Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler were also quickly gathering military strength. They were preparing talismans, medicine, arrows, battle equipment, and etc.

The entire several million people of Imperial City were mobilized.

Could a nest with no eggs survive?  No matter what contradictions the families normally had, they were united to fight against a foreign enemy!

Large amounts of Source Energy Bombs were soon created.

“These bombs are very unstable, so you need to be very careful when using them, otherwise you might hurt yourselves.  It will be a dangerous situation that is hard to imagine.” Meng Qingwu instructed the scholars on how to use the bombs, “The bombs we have are limited, so we have to use them the best way possible.  It would be best if we could surprise them head on!”

While Meng Qingwu was busy deploying her troops, some good news came.  Other than the Cang State’s Green Cloud Marquis, the other seven marquises had arrived in Imperial City, including the Divine Wind Marquis, the Golden Arrow Marquis, the Western Marquis, and the others.  They had been very rushed and could only bring their personal guards, which added up to a total of three thousand people, but the strength of those three thousand people was very good.

After Meng Qingwu learned of this situation, she immediately went to the royal palace to see them.

When the Western Marquis saw Meng Qingwu come in, his face was dark and covered in anger.  Miracle Commerce had shamed him and he could never forget that. Although he did not see Chu Tian, seeing Meng Qingwu alone was enough to make his teeth ache.

Meng Qingwu was most worried about problems within Imperial City.  Why did the frontline collapse? A large part of it was Wang Tianlong defection.  Dongfang Zhan had to personally put down this rebellion and because the marshal had left, they couldn’t respond to the sudden situation that occurred which accelerated the frontline’s collapse.

“Qingwu greets the Western Marquis.”  Meng Qingwu nodded, “Chu Tian may have offended the Western Marquis, but those matters are in the past.  Qingwu personally offers my apologies, but with an enemy at the gates, I ask for the Western Marquis’ cooperation.”

“Shangguan Hong, you are still a second grade military marquis of the Southern Summer Country!”  The Refined Ruler revealed a look of dissatisfaction, “With a national disaster present, personal grudges are not worth mentioning.  This ruler does not wish for the Shangguan Family to take the blame of causing the country to perish!”

The Burning Sun Ruler also said, “Chu Tian has already been titled the Country Guarding Ruler and is the head of the rulers, you will not be shamed suffering a loss by his hands.  Now that the War Hounds are here, we must work together!”

“Yes!”  When the Western Marquis saw the two rulers speak up, how could he still dare act up.  He cupped his hands and said, “Shangguan Hong will throw myself into any dangerous situation and fear no death!”

Meng Qingwu was assured seeing this.  She looked at the Divine Wind Marquis and the Golden Arrow Marquis, “You all came this fast?”

The Divine Wind Marquis nodded, “My king had already sent out a royal proclamation telling the southern states to be prepared, working with the northern expedition.  We were prepared to come to Imperial City at any moment and when we learned of the situation in Imperial City, we immediately rushed over.”

“It’s a pity!”  The Golden Arrow Marquis said with a sigh, “We rushed over, but we couldn’t bring our armies.”

There was no other way.  Although the garrisons of the various states could not come, the marquises were all top experts of the Southern Summer Country, each one being experienced generals.  It was enough for them to take up important duties.

With these people helping out in Imperial City, this battle’s chance of success would be much higher!

The Divine Wind Marquis said in a low voice, “I heard the senior marshal, he…..”

Meng Qingwu gave a heavy nod.

In that moment, all the marquises could not say a word.  Whether it was the Divine Wind Marquis, the Golden Arrow Marquis, the Western Marquis, or the others, they all had to respectfully call Dongfang Zhan marshal.  This was because they had all served under Dongfang Zhan before and were filled with admiration for him.

With the pillar of the country collapsing, how could they not sigh?

“What is the current situation?”  The Green Wood Marquis said, “How should we fight?”

Meng Qingwu had already made many contributions.  The Source Energy Guns and the Source Energy Bombs, these items could increase the Imperial City’s defense success rate by several times, but the final fate of Imperial City was not something Meng Qingwu could predict and depended on the heavens.  Meng Qingwu was a merchant and did not have any experience analyzing the battlefield. She only knew that the War Hounds were strong, very strong, and deploying the troops would depend on these people.

With the Calm Martial Ruler absent, the Burning Sun Ruler was the highest military officer, so he was in charge of the deployment, “From now on, the city will fall under martial law.  All the food will be collected, none of the citizens may leave, and the mercenary groups will participate in the fight. Green Wood Marquis, Divine Wind Marquis, you will defend the south side.  Golden Arrow Marquis, West Suppressing Marquis, you will protect the east side. Western Marquis, Far East Marquis, the west side will be given to you. The Refined Ruler and I will be responsible for the north side.  As for the distribution of forces…..

The Southern Summer Imperial City quickly deployed their troops, but the War Hounds Kingdom was also quickly gathering and increasing their marching speed.  This was because the Fang King was clear that he had a limited time. The Calm Martial Ruler’s two hundred thousand cavalry and the Green Cloud Marquis’ two hundred thousand cavalry, once they retreated from Cang State, this four hundred thousand cavalry team will head for Imperial City and the War Hounds will fall into a crisis.

The key to this battle was speed!

The Fang King had to capture Imperial City before the Calm Martial Ruler could return.  Once they took the Imperial City, the Southern Summer Country would have no power to resist.

Finally, the War Hounds army appeared to the north of Imperial City.

That vast wave of War Hounds far surpassed their imaginations and the Imperial City army could not help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.  The flags was like a wave in the sea, with around seven hundred to eight hundred thousand soldiers in front of them. There was no difference from when they attacked the frontlines.

This was strange.

An army could not increase as they fought!

The defenses were winning before the War Hounds broke through, they lost at least two hundred thousand people.  Why was there more people in the army now?

The Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler found the problem, there were many old enemies in the the large army.  From the information they had, these old War Hounds tribes had not participated in the war for a long time.

If was clear the War Hounds had not completely submitted to the Fang King, there were some old War Hounds tribes that had not joined the war yet.  The Fang King was making a gamble, if he could break through the frontline defenses, those old tribes would join the battle. If the Fang King was defeated, these old tribes would leave the Fang King and the Fang King would be alone.

Those old tribes not accepting the Fang King’s power wasn’t allowed.

The Fang King’s army had a rare airborne unit.

There were close to twenty thousand people who were all riding vultures.  It was a group of vulture knights that were clearly for resisting the Imperial City’s griffin knights.

It was too unbelievable.

The vulture unit and the demon wolf unit, they both had the same armour and mounts.  It was clearly built and cultivated with great ability.

The War Hounds’ cultivation skills were quite good, but they couldn’t breed this many of the same mounts.  The War Hounds’ equipment forging ability was very crude, how could they create such an army?

The Fang King rode a three headed demon wolf and walked out towards Imperial City.

“Is this the newly crowned Fang King?”  The Burning Sun Ruler felt a pressure coming from the Fang King.  This person’s cultivation was probably higher than his and even the Calm Martial Ruler might not be able to compare, “It’s actually an unknown person!”

A large group of War Hounds Kingdom members came with the Fang King.  There were three-four True Spirit Realm experts who were all tribe leaders of the old tribes as well as the Southern Summer traitor, Wang Tianlong.  The Fang King had brought out all his strength this time, clearly prepared to take Imperial City in one fight!

The disparity in strength was too bid and the Southern Summer’s capture was imminent.  However, the Fang King did not show any excitement as he said with a stern expression, “Was Malim killed by the two of you?!”

Who was Malim?  The Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler were both stunned!

“I killed him!”

A female’s voice sounded from the walls.

Meng Qingwu was not wearing her usual white robe, rather she was wearing a silver armour that made her look like a valiant general.

Gu Qianqiu was shocked, “Chairman Meng killed that person!”

The Burning Sun Ruler asked in a strange voice, “What?  Is that person’s background big?”

“Of course!” Gu Qianqiu angrily said, “Malim is the vice leader of the Hell Song Tribe and was the True Spirit Realm Expert that killed my king with Wang Tianlong!”

“True Spirit Realm Cultivator?”

Everyone was shocked.

Meng Qingwu was such a weak woman and she actually killed a War Hounds True Spirit Cultivator?

This news was just too shocking.  Just based on the merit of this severed head, Meng Qingwu could already be named a marquis.  After all, throughout the years, the Southern Summer Country had never killed a War Hounds True Spirit Expert.  If a War Hounds True Spirit Expert fell, it was from their internal struggle.

The entire War Hounds army fell into turmoil.

Malim was actually killed by this weak girl?  The Fang King’s face looked very sinister and his eyes seemed like they would shoot out flames!

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