MT Chapter 309


Chapter 309: A bet

Chen Bingyu leaving the Nangong Family had two main reasons.

The first was also the main reason.  It was naturally for her own cultivation.

The second reason, although was a secondary reason, it still had a large significance.  The previous Chen Bingyu was a guest official of the Blazing Flame Marquis’ branch.

When the Blazing Flame Marquis died in battle, Chen Bingyu had personally witnessed the members of the Blazing Flame Marquis branch being stripped of their rank and even being exiled to remote regions.  Even a talent like Nangong Yun was not an exception.


Chen Bingyu was also afraid, so she bid farewell to the Burning Sun Ruler.

The Burning Sun Ruler was clear on the situation of the family.  On one hand considering Chen Bingyu’s thoughts and on the other, he wanted to calm his family as soon as possible, so he happily agreed to Chen Bingyu’s request.  Moreover, he did not bind her in any way and let her completely leave the Nangong Family.

But Chen Bingyu was still a bit grateful towards the Burning Sun Ruler.

If she hadn’t become a Nangong Family’s guest official and obtained the favour of the Burning Sun Ruler, Chen Bingyu would not have enough resource to reach the True Soul Realm and would not have had the chance to go to Central State to meet Chu Tian.  Since she began following Chu Tian, she had become Chu Tian’s main assistant.

Chen Bingyu gave the Burning Sun Ruler a simple greeting as she cupped her hands, “Greetings to the Burning Sun Ruler!”

The Burning Sun Ruler knew that Chen Bingyu was on Chu Tian’s side, but he was still very surprised personally seeing it.  This cold and proud woman was actually content with being Chu Tian’s guard. This Chu Tian truly exceeded expectations.

Chen Bingyu’s ice cold eyes looked at Wang Tu, “Speak, do you want to fight?”

Wang Tu’s expression looked like he was constipated.

Wang Tu guessed that Miracle Commerce had a very strong expert, but he never thought they would be this strong.  It was actually an expert in the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer.

The most terrifying thing was that this woman was still considered young.  She was only a few years older than Wang Tianlong and was a talent not inferior to the Imperial City’s twin prides!

Why was she willing to be a bodyguard for Chu Tian?  This was truly puzzling!

This was not the time he could back down.  If his Dual Winged Poison Dragon mount was still here, then he was confident in fighting against an expert of the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer, but his mount had been killed and his battle strength had been decreased by half.  He was not a match for Chen Bingyu.

Chen Bingyu’s ice cold eyes did not change, but they gave off an aggressive feeling, “Only daring to challenge people with a lower cultivation and retreating when you’re faced with someone half a step higher.  Could a Southern Summer’s general be as weak willed as you?”

With these words, the Wang Family angrily stood up.  This was simply slapping their faces!

“Ha, ha, elder sister Chen, why are you making it difficult for this fellow?  They are challenging me, not Miracle Commerce, so there is no need for elder sister Chen to personally head out.”  Chu Tian walked out laughing in front of everyone’s strange gazes, “I can personally accept the Wang Family’s challenge, but I have a request.”

Wang Tu was filled with joy, “What request?”

“The Wang Family can challenge me.”  Chu Tian pointed at Wang Tu, “But you’re not qualified!”

Everyone took in breath of cold air.

Wang Tu was still a Southern Summer general, but he’s not qualified?

Chu TIan did not even give them a chance to speak, “I have never considered my actions slandering you.  You are clear on your own actions. I will accept the Wang Family’s challenge, but I won’t accept so called clearing your name.  You’re actually someone who does not dare take responsibility for your actions, how are you qualified to fight me?”

“Then who will you fight?”

“Anyone with skills can fight me!”

Wang Tianlong’s other vice generals stood up.

“All of you are not qualified!”  Chu Tian’s words were completely shocking.  Then he pointed at Wang Tianlong, “Heroic Martial Marquis, do you dare fight me?!”

Chen Bingyu was stunned.

The Meng sisters were also stunned.

The Southern Summer King, the Three Rulers, and everyone else were all stunned.

Everyone wondered if there was a problem with their ears.  Chu Tian had skipped over Wang Tu, the other generals and had jumped right to challenging the Heroic Martial Marquis?

Did he know how strong the Heroic Martial Marquis was?

The Heroic Martial Marquis had just broken through to the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer, but his battle strength was not below the other marquises and could even be considered one of the highest!

Wang Tianlong was one of the dual prides of Imperial City, he was a rare talent.  He had also spent many years on the battlefield, fighting many War Hounds peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer experts with his 9th Awakened Soul Layer cultivation.  Chu Tian wanted to challenge such a strong person with his trivial 6th Awakened Soul Layer cultivation, wasn’t this seeking death?

Wang Tu was stunned for a while.

Could Chu Tian know that he would lose, so he challenged a more famous person to make his lose a bit more dignified?

Then why would he personally act?

Wouldn’t it be better for Chen Bingyu to block this tribulation?

Wang Tianlong directly stood up, “The Battle Dragon Group has never rejected a challenge.  Chairman Chu Tian has taken the initiative to challenge me, then what reason is there to not fight?  If I win, you will agree to the Wang Family’s request and send out Meng Qingwu.”

The Heroic Martial Marquis had agreed.

Meng Qingwu’s face sunk and clenched her fist, feeling very angry.

Chu Tian laughed and said, “The young miss is not my property, not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t use her for a gamble anyway!  If I lose, I’ll give you my shares in Miracle Commerce!”

Meng Qingwu’s body slightly trembled.

Chu Tian had a 70% share in Miracle Commerce.  He was willing to give out most of Miracle Commerce, but he wasn’t willing to give up Meng Qingwu?  It had to be known that Miracle Commerce could not compare to before!

The others all revealed looks of envy.

Chu Tian was basically giving Miracle Commerce to the Wang Family!

Chu Tian then added, “If I win, I want you to renounce the Heroic Martial Marquis title!”


Wang Tianlong agreed.

“You two are both pillars of the country, is there a need to fight over a small misunderstanding?”  The Calm Martial Ruler tried mediating, “It’s a joyous celebration, this ruler does not hope it will become a joke!”

Gu Qianqiu also said in a worried voice, “This old man thinks the Calm Martial Ruler’s words make sense!  Can something like this be casually gambled? Even if you don’t care, you still have to consider the effects!”

“Calm Martial Ruler, great scholar, what are you worried about?”  The Refined Ruler gave a few soft laughs, “Scholar Chu is fighting someone stronger, so he certainly has confidence, so why doesn’t everyone keep an open mind?  Even if he is defeated, he would leave behind a charming warrior’s story. This is an extraordinary gamble, but this ruler thinks there needs to be limits. As long as it doesn’t threaten their lives, this kind of battle suits the Southern Summer Country’s martial style!”

The Burning Sun Ruler tightly knit his brows.

He thought this matter was improper, but he didn’t know who to help.

Actually the Burning Sun Ruler was feeling a bit selfish.  If Chu Tian fell like this, wouldn’t Nangong Yun return to the family?  The Nangong Family had been in a slump for ten years and now that the most outstanding third generation Nangong Jian had troubles recovering, if Nangong Yun could return, they could rally the family together again!

The Southern Summer King considered it a bit, “The Refined Ruler does make sense, there does need to be limits.  No one is allowed to deliberately take the other side’s life. As for the bet, it can be changed in the future and nothing is certain.”

The Southern Summer King wished to achieve a balance.

He allowed Wang Tianlong to balance out the situation in Imperial City, letting Chu Tian act more restrained in the future.  Moreover, with Wang Tianlong suppressing Miracle Commerce, the royal family’s deal with Miracle Commerce would be much easier to discuss.  If Chu Tian was rash and he did lose Miracle Commerce, the Southern Summer King would be able to seize some bargains.

This was a fat lamb!

Chu Tian was going to fight Wang Tianlong?

This could only be treated as a joke!

Central State’s Divine Wind Marquis might not even be a match for the Heroic Martial Marquis!

Amongst the nine marquises, the Heroic Martial Marquis could be considered amongst the top three.  With the old royal family’s strong bloodline and inheritance, Wang Tianlong could look down on all geniuses of the same level.  A trivial cultivator of the 6th Awakened Soul Layer, even if he was a monstrous talent, he would not be able to surmount this gap.

Although it was not know where Chu Tian’s confidence came from.

There was certainly no suspense about this fight’s result!

Nangong Yun being able to defeat Nangong Jian was mainly because of her cultivation technique.  That cultivation technique negated all flames and allowed one to absorb an enemy’s attack for one’s use.  If she was matched against an ice attributed cultivator, it would be hard to tell who would win.

This match was surely Chu Tian’s defeat!

But whether it was Chu Tian or the Heroic Martial Marquis Wang Tianlong, they were both very important people.  The Southern Summer King could allow them to secretly compete, but he would not allow them to slaughter each other.  But there was the Calm Martial Ruler present, so there wouldn’t be any accidents.


The royal palace’s battle arena.

Wang Tianlong walked out holding a dark gold spear.  This spear was not a normal weapon, it was a weapon passed down by the old royal family named the “Dragon Aura Spear”!

The material for this spear was rumoured to have come from a giant dragon’s cave.

The giant dragon had lived in that cave for over a hundred years and the dragon aura had been bathed the wall endlessly.  The metal had been burnt and continuously refined before it became Dragon Aura Iron.

The Dragon Aura Iron was a precious level three material that the Great Summer royal family had obtained.  They had invited a famous foreign artisan and were finally able to forge a half step Soul Contracting Weapon, which was this Dragon Aura Spear.

This spear was not as strong a true Soul Contracting Weapon, but it was much better than any normal Soul Weapons.  It’s said that this spear contains the might of a dragon’s aura and any Awakened Soul Cultivator’s protective source energy would be easily destroyed by the flames of this spear.

Three years ago, Wang Tianlong has assassinated a War Hounds peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer expert with a single stab with a cultivation at the 9th Awakened Soul Layer.  Other than his own level skipping power, he had mainly relied on the power of this spear.

What did Chu Tian count for?

Under the Dragon Aura Spear, no armour could exist!

Chu Tian’s defeat was inevitable, so the only variable was whether the Calm Martial Ruler would be on time to save him.  The Calm Martial Ruler was the strongest in the Southern Summer Country, so trying to kill Chu Tian in his sights was a very difficult matter to achieve.  But there were various changes on the battlefield and if Chu Tian died from a single stab, Wang Tianlong did not believe the Southern Summer King would punish him for this.

“Why is Chu Tian not back yet?”

“He was the one that issue the challenge, he wouldn’t run in fear at the last second, right?”

While everyone was talking, Chu Tian walked out wearing a set top grade Soul Armour and holding his Netherworld Sword.  There was the white fox sitting on his shoulder and eighteen silent black clothed men walking behind him.

Wang Tu angrily said, “What is the meaning of this?  Could this duel also draw on external support!”

Chu Tian looked at Wang Tu in disdain, “I ask general Wang Tu, would you not fight with your mount in the past?”

Wang Tu’s eyes lit with flames when he heard the word mount, “This general’s mount has been with me for twenty years, we have already become one, becoming a perfect combination.  Soldiers all fight with mounts, so why can we not use them?”

Chu Tian rubbed the little fox’s head and said, “This spirit beast has grown up with me and has already established a spirit beast contract.  Our flesh and blood have been interlinked and it is a part of me.”

The little fox spat out.

Who is interlinked with you!

Chu Tian disregarded the little fox’s performance, “Is it wrong for me to bring it into battle?”

“Since you have established a spirit beast contract, then the spirit beast is a cultivator’s weapon and a part of the cultivator’s strength.  You bringing the spirit beast into battle is very reasonable.” The Southern Summer King sat on the observation stage and looked over the eighteen black clothed people behind Chu Tian, “Only, letting these people enter the battle would go against the rules of the duel.”

“I ask my king to have a look!”

Chu Tian shook his bell and the eighteen black clothed people took off their robes.  When people saw the real appearance of these black clothed people, they were all instantly stunned.

How were they people?

Their bodies were sculpted from muscles and they all seemed like experts.  Their skin were jet black like they had been keratinized and their eyes were hollowed out, only releasing a weak blood red glow.  On the body of each monster were large amounts of blood red lines that were very thin, like tattoos all over their body. If one looked very carefully at it, they would see glowing blood flowing through those veins.

“These are Yin Corpses guards that I have refined which have no independent thought and are all controlled by me.”  Chu Tian shook the bell and used his spiritual power to control the Yin Corpses. The Yin Corpses all took a step forward with movements that were synchronized, without a single flaw, that was as precise as a machine, “They are only tools!”

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