MT Chapter 308


Chapter 308: Heroic Martial Marquis

This youth was very bright.  Although he was not very old, he was very mature, with an aggressiveness that surrounded his body like a killing sharp sword that could be sheathed at any moment.  It was also like he was surrounded in a golden cover that made him impregnable from head to toe, with not a single flaw that could be found.

Behind the Battle Dragon Army’s young commander Wang Tianlong, there were four-five people in the 9th Awakened Soul Layer, including that Wang Tu that had been embarrassed by Chu Tian.

Enemies met on a narrow path.

Enemies met on a narrow path, ah.


Chu Tian’s group of people were all feeling depressed.

“Our main character is finally here, ha, ha, ha!”  The Southern Summer King threw the previous matter into the back of his head and gave a refreshed laugh, “General, please rise.  It has been a long journey for you.”

Everyone’s hearts were filled with whispers.

This large ceremony was all for this Wang Tianlong?

Wang Tianlong cupped his hands, “This subordinate has done nothing, I do not dare accept such a large greeting.”

Chu Tian secretly said in his heart, what are you pretending for?  You brought a group of Earth Dragon conspicuously through the city, isn’t this telling the entire city that you’re back?  Now you’re pretending to be modest?

“General has talent and modesty, truly a pillar of our Southern Summer!”  The Southern Summer King had a faint smile on his face as he helped him up, “Fighting the War Hounds to the north and defeating all their troops, earning countless merits in battle.  The hardest part to believe is that you’re only thirty one years old! You have boundless prospects, boundless prospects indeed!”

Wang Tianlong calmly said, “Guarding Southern Summer is our responsibility!”

The Southern Summer King asked, “This king wonders, how far has general’s cultivation progressed?”

Wang Tianlong replied, “I was blessed with luck and this subordinate has broken through!”

The ministers were all shocked.  Broken through? Wang Tianlong was in the 9th Awakened Soul Layer the entire time, so if he broke through, he would be in the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer.  The Southern Summer Country had another expert! This was truly worthy of a large celebration!

Wang Tianlong was skilled in scholastics and martial arts.  He could become a pillar that kept the peace and could become a general that rode across the battlefield.

“Good!  Good! Good!”  The Southern Summer King called out three times, “General has not betrayed this king’s expectations.  Refined Ruler, bring this king’s royal proclamation!”


The Refined Ruler took the royal proclamation from two ceremony officers and walked onto the stage, holding up the golden glowing royal proclamation.  When the people saw this scene, their eyes opened wide. For the Refined Ruler of the Three Rulers to personally read a royal proclamation, this clearly meant it was very important!

“The young commander of the Battle Dragon Army, Wang Tianlong, has fought the War Hounds for ten years, fighting in over ninety small and large campaigns, killing over eight hundred thousand War Hounds.  You have performed many distinguished merits for the Southern Summer Country and are a model for the Southern Summer younger generation. This king bestows upon Wang Tianlong the rank of a second grade military marquis and the title of Heroic Martial Marquis.  An eight thousand mile area from the Imperial Region, Cang State, and the War Hounds Plain, with a total of forty two cities and a population of forty million people, will be renamed Martial State and will be governed by the Heroic Martial Marquis!”


The celebration music began to play!

Everyone broke out in cheers!

There really was a reason for such a magnificent lineup.  After many years, the Southern Summer Country finally had a new marquis!

The Heroic Martial Marquis Wang Tianlong was just over thirty.  After being named a marquis by the Southern Summer King, he reached the peak of power, which was incredibly rare in the Southern Summer Country.  But there were no ministers, generals, or citizens that rejected the Southern Summer King’s decision.

Wang Tianlong was a general with true power!

He had entered the battlefield when he was twenty years old and had achieved many merits over ten years.  He was already strong enough to become a marquis and it was just a ceremony now for him to be named a marquis.

“Many thanks for the king’s grace!”

Wang Tu’s group of vice generals already knew this result.  When they saw their young master being named a marquis, they still excited kneeled down.

The Wang Family’s third generation had become a marquis and they took another bright step forward.

The Heroic Martial Marquis was just thirty years old and he had another seventy years.  It was enough time for him to bring splendor to the Wang Family, letting them become the number one family beneath the Three Great Clans.

Wang Tianlong slightly bowed to receive the royal proclamation and then gave a respectful kneel to the Three Rulers and the Southern Summer King.  From beginning to end, his expression did not change, like an old man that had seen through fame and fortune.

The Southern Summer King had announced a ceremony to add a new marquis.

There was now another marquis added to the Southern Summer Eight Marquises.

There was now another state added to the Eight States.

Wang Tianlong had received his marquis title in front of gazes of admiration and envy.  He was the kingdom’s ninth marquis and he had directly become a second grade military marquis, being a grade higher than Central State’s Divine Wind Marquis and Qing State’s Green Wood Marquis.

“With the Heroic Martial Marquis being instated, the entire nation rejoices!”

“To the eternal prosperity of the Southern Summer Country!”

The royal banquet was for instating the Heroic Martial Marquis, so the Heroic Martial Marquis became the main character.  The young marquis with such a high profile commanding a large army, fighting on the frontlines, who didn’t want a husband like this?  Everyone congratulated the Heroic Martial Marquis, with all the ministers acting courteous to him. Even the scholars on Chu Tian’s side had to act courteously to Wang Tianlong.

These mad dog like scholars did this for the matter, not the person.

Wang Tianlong had made very clear contributions to the Southern Summer Country, protecting the frontlines since he was young.  With various merits, everyone looked up to him. With him becoming a respected marquis, naturally his status quickly rose.


The Calm Martial Ruler said that the Wang Family was the biggest problem for Chu Tian.

This fellow was simply impregnable.  With the background of the previous royal family,talent that was comparable to Dongfang Haoran, and military tactics comparable to the Calm Martial Ruler.  With his various merits and his reputation, he had now become the Heroic Martial Marquis.

This person was very calm and doesn’t show off like Chu Xinghe.  He was not as arrogant as normal geniuses, so this was a very difficult enemy to deal with.

Meng Yingying was very happy before, but now she felt very anxious.

Meng Qingwu felt even more restless.

The reason why the citizens insulted the Wang Family was mainly because Wang Tianlong was not in Imperial City.  The current situation was different. Not only had Wang Tianlong returned, he had been titled the Heroic Martial Marquis.  The Wang Family were filled with energy and all the negative rumours about them disappeared with this marquis title.

In the future.

The Heroic Martial Marquis Wang Tianlong would be the treasure of Imperial City and Chu Tian’s spotlight will surely die down.

Meng Qingwu thought of this and her dark brows suddenly knit.  She felt that everything had been arranged. The Southern Summer King had deliberately promoted the Heroic Martial Marquis in order to suppress Chu Tian’s sky high arrogance and to give Chu Tian a giant amount of pressure.

Chu Tian’s Miracle Commerce was just a company.

The Heroic Martial Marquis’ Battle Dragon Army was the pillar of the Southern Summer Country.

If the Heroic Martial Marquis were to fight with Chu Tian, it would be hard to say which side the citizens would stand on.

Although Meng Qingwu suspected the Southern Summer King of going against Chu Tian, she could not find anything suspicious.  Whether it was Wang Tianlong’s strength, prestige, merit, or qualifications, it was justified giving him the marquis title and there was no flaws.

The royal banquet had gone on for a while.

The Southern Summer King raised his glass to propose a toast, “Now that the Heroic Martial Marquis has been instated and your new territory has been set, if you have any requests, feel free to say them.  As long as this king can fulfill them, then I will fulfill them for you!”

“As long as this subordinate can lead the troops, there is no need for territory.”  Wang Tianlong gave the Southern Summer King a deep bow, “There are two small matters that I hope your majesty can help with!”

“Oh?  What is it?”

“The first matter is, recently rumours have spread across Imperial City and the Wang Family’s name has been smeared.  This subordinate ask for the chance to wash away this insult.”

The Southern Summer King’s expression slightly changed, “Heroic Martial Marquis, you…..”

“The second matter is, this subordinate is out on the battlefield all year round and has no time to care about family matters, so this disturbance occurred.  The family elders have discussed with this subordinate, hoping this subordinate will take a wife. So, I hope your majesty will marry Miracle Commerce’s chairman Meng Qingwu to this subordinate.”

Meng Qingwu suddenly gripped her fists.  She never thought that Wang Tianlong would give this kind of request.

Meng Yingying flew into a rage, but Chu Tian pulled her back and looked at her, “Keep eating, it’s fine.  I’ll go take care of it.”

Meng Yingying had no status and if she jumped out, she would be inviting trouble.

The Southern Summer King would never agree to this request, or he would be cutting ties with Chu Tian.  With Chu Tian’s personality, he could even go against the Southern Summer Country. The Calm Martial Ruler and the great scholar would also never agree.

The Southern Summer King revealed an awkward expression, “As for clearing the Wang Family’s name, this king can send out a royal proclamation, but the second matter…..”

“The royal proclamation represents the king, how could it be casually sent out?”  Wang Tianlong said, “My family’s shame will be taken back by us. Wang Tu!”

Wang Tu walked out cupping his hands and arrogantly said to Chu Tian, “Miracle Commerce has slandered me for a long time, causing the Wang Family to suffer large losses.  My request is not high, I just want you to kneel in apology and then accept my Wang Family’s proposal. Then this matter will be forgotten.”

Chu Tian held a cup of amber wine and his hand swung a few times, “If I don’t agree?”

Wang Tu said with a cold smile, “Then I’ll use the warrior’s method to take back my prestige!”

Chu Tian put down the cup, “What do you want?”

Wang Tu looked right at Chu Tian, “I want to challenge you!”

Everyone broke out in an uproar.

Gu Qianqiu angrily said, “General Wang Tu is a respected expert of the 9th Awakened Soul Layer, this is clearly bullying the weak and you call this the warrior’s way?  This isn’t getting your reputation back, no matter the result, you will become a laughingstock to the people of the world!”

The Calm Martial Ruler softly said, “Wang Tu’s using the strong to bully the weak, you really disappoint the prestige of a general.”

Wang Tu’s face turned blue and white.

If the Calm Martial Ruler spoke, could he not give him face?

But the grudge of his mount being killed, the hate of being defamed, if he couldn’t get it back, how could he be satisfied!  It didn’t matter if he didn’t get back his fame, the most important thing was teaching Chu Tian a lesson and even personally crippling him, that would let him vent his anger!

“You want to challenge Miracle Commerce?”  A mysterious black robed woman came out. She had a graceful figure and perfect curves, this was a woman with a mature body.  Under the dark gauze, a cold voice came out, “I’ll fight with you!”

This was the first time people paid attention to this mysterious black masked woman.

Chen Bingyu had been low-key the entire time.

Chen Bingyu had been wearing completely black clothes like a ghost, just sitting there in her spot.  Chen Bingyu had been by Chu Tian’s side the entire time, not eating or drinking anything, not even saying a word.  She was just like a statue of ice.

Now that Chen Bingyu appeared, an ice cold aura filled the entire hall, making people’s hearts freeze.

Such a cold current!

Such a strong aura!

This person’s cultivation base was incredibly deep!

The Burning Sun Ruler said in a surprised voice, “You are Chen Bingyu?!”

Even the Burning Sun Ruler was not too clear on this girl’s origins.

She was an outsider that had wandered to Southern Summer’s Imperial City.  Because of her shocking talent, she had been recruited early by the Nangong Family.  She had been a guest official the entire time and had been promoted to a minister, having the same rank as a senior elder.

Only the Nangong Family had fire attributed source spirits and Chen Bingyu had both ice attributed source spirit and cultivation technique.

Chen Bingyu never received any guidance from the Nangong Family and only finished tasks for cultivation resources, practicing by herself the entire time.  Even like this, she still reached the True Soul Realm. Her innate cultivation talent was not inferior to the twin prides of Imperial City!

When Chen Bingyu entered the True Soul Realm, a cultivation bottleneck finally appeared.  In order to find a way to break through, she separated herself from the Nangong Family.

The Burning Sun Ruler always felt that Chen Bingyu was a talent and had a large room for growth, so he agreed the Chen Bingyu’s request.  He never would have thought that after Chen Bingyu left Imperial City for all those years, when she returned she would actually be Chu Tian’s bodyguard.

From the strength of this aura……could it be the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer?

The Burning Sun Ruler revealed an astonished expression.  Her growth rate was just too fast!

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