MT Chapter 307


Chapter 307: Battle Dragon Army

The Nangong Family members were instantly frozen, as if they could not take this hit.  The faces of the Southern Summer King, the Calm Martial Ruler, the Refined Rulers and the others all changed, as they fully realized what this meant!

This was a cultivation technique and not a secret technique!

The two were completely different concepts!

A secret technique was based on a cultivation technique, a single move from it.  Because of this, it wasn’t very difficult to increase and it wouldn’t deviate a lot from one’s cultivation technique.  Also when one’s cultivation base increased, it would be much easier to use compared to before.


A cultivation base was different.  A main cultivation technique was the foundation of a cultivator.  If their cultivation technique was strong, their cultivation would be strong.  If their cultivation was strong, their cultivation technique was strong. A cultivation technique could increase one’s cultivation and at the same time, a cultivation technique bottleneck could also break through a bottleneck in cultivation.

A good cultivation technique had a profound effect on a cultivator’s growth.  The higher the level of the cultivation technique the higher the growth potential.  So to cultivators, it was very important to pick cultivation technique carefully and it would stay with a cultivator for their entire life.  It would only becoming stronger with one’s cultivation and would not become weaker.

Nangong Yun was only at the 6th Awakened Soul Layer and she could display this kind of destructive might.

If she was at the 9th Awakened Soul Layer or even at the True Spirit Realm, then how far would it reach?

What was even more suffocating was that Nangong Yun had only reached the threshold.  Just entering the threshold of the «Great Nirvana Scripture» was enough to defeat the peak of the «Burning the Heaven Art», was this really a human cultivation technique?  This was simply something that could compare to demon gods!

This «Great Nirvana Scripture» would even be considered a peak cultivation technique in the continent’s strongest empires.  This was not inferior to the cultivation technique of the empire’s royal family!

Actually Chu Tian was also very shocked.

This «Great Nirvana Scripture» was one of the cultivation techniques he had brought back with him.  Although it was a bit inferior to Chu Tian’s «Demon God Nine Changes», it was enough to move unparalleled in this world.  This cultivation technique was very difficult to train in and was not something that could be trained in in just a day.

Chu Tian had given this cultivation technique to Nangong Yun a long time ago, but he never thought that she would learn it.  According to Chu Tian’s estimates, if Nangong Yun wanted to cultivate it, she would have to reach the True Soul Realm first at least.  Moreover, it required a terrifying amount of materials and even if Miracle Commerce was emptied, they would not be able to support her.

When she fought Dongfang Haoran a few days ago, Nangong Yun had not even passed through the threshold.  In just a few days, she had actually comprehended it?

This was too miraculous!

Nangong Yun was only in the 6th Awakened Soul Layer and she did not have any external assistance to reach the threshold.  Although she still had not reached the Small Success Realm, she could already use a bit of the «Great Nirvana Scripture’s» power, this was already incredible to Chu Tian!

Was it easier to cultivate because she had a fire attributed God Level Source Spirit?

Impossible, it would just give an amplification effect like with normal fire attributed cultivation technique!

A God Level Source Spirit was only the basic requirement for the «Great Nirvana Scripture».  Even though Nangong Yun’s Fire Phoenix Source Spirit was a God Level Source Spirit, it was not consider strong and was low grade amongst God Level Source Spirits.  Even if it was a perfect combination with the cultivation technique, the cultivation speed should not be this fast.

It seems like there was a problem Nangong Yun’s family’s bloodline.

They called themselves the successor of the phoenix, so could it be that their ancestor left a strong energy that left this potential in the bloodline of their future generation?  Was Nangong Yun lucky enough to stimulate her bloodline, allowing her to grasp a bit of the power of the «Great Nirvana Scripture»?

Nangong Yun’s potential was even higher than he imagined!

Regardless of what the reason was, Nangong Yun had passed through the threshold and this was a fact that could not be changed.  Chu Tian was fully aware of the strength of the Great Nirvana Scripture and after Nangong Yun trained in this cultivation, she could control all the fire in this world.

Right now with Nangong Yun in the Awakened Soul Realm, she could already achieve flame immunity.

The energy Nangong Jian released could not possibly harm Nangong Yun, but rather it just increased Nangong Yun’s strength.

This was just the beginning.

If she could reach the Great Nirvana Scripture’s Large Success Realm.

Then Nangong Yun would be immune to all flames, no matter how hot or strong it was, it would be impossible to kill Nangong Yun with flames.  If Nangong Yun were to encounter an opportunity and could reach the Perfection Realm, then as long as there was a trace of energy in her body, Nangong Yun would have an undying body.

This was the reason why Chu Tian focused on Nangong Yun!

When he decided to teach this cultivation technique to Nangong Yun, Chu Tian had already decided to give this person focused training.  If she had the strength of this cultivation technique, she would be able to stand at the peak of the continent.

Nangong Yun had easily defeated Nangong Jian and she was filled with confidence, “The strongest person of our family’s younger generation is only so-so!  If the family could take out a cultivation technique as strong as the «Starlight Immortal Body» or the «Great Nirvana Scripture», then why would they stop me from practicing outside the family?”

The Nangong Family members were like deflated balloons.

They were depressed, deeply depressed.

The ancient Nangong Family’s cultivation of countless years, when they proudly compared it to this cultivation technique, it was simply trash!

The Burning Sun Ruler’s expression changed and he asked with a serious face, “Has this «Great Nirvana Scripture» really only passed through the threshold?”

“I urge the Burning Sun Ruler not to have any ideas towards this cultivation technique.”  Chu Tian walked in front of the Burning Sun Ruler and said, “I can give you this cultivation technique, but this «Great Nirvana Scripture’s» most basic requirement is that it requires the Fire Phoenix Source Spirit.  In the entire Nangong Family, other than Nangong Yun fulfilling this requirement, is there any use in giving you this cultivation technique? If such a strong cultivation technique were to fall to a small clan in a small country, it will bring disasters to you!”

Chu Tian spoke the truth.

The Burning Sun Ruler could already see this.

When Nangong Yun used the «Great Nirvana Scripture», the cultivation technique fused with the fire phoenix’s strength.  It could be said that one without a God Level Source Spirit could not cultivate this and it was better if they had a Fire Phoenix God Level Source Spirit.  Nangong Yun was a heaven given talent, it was no wonder Chu Tian focused on her training.

The Burning Sun Ruler had to admit that because of an error of the past, the Nangong Family had lost an outstanding talent.

Because of a mistake in the past, this outstanding talent had gone to the side of an absolute master.  Under this absolute master’s guidance, her future would be ten thousand times brighter, completely throwing away the so called Burning Sun Ruler.

One day.

The Undying Phoenix Family’s strength would awaken on her!

The Departing Flame Marquis’ ideas were completely different, he was filled with anger and resentment, “Ruler, the most outstanding person of the third generation has been destroyed, are we supposed to swallow this insult?”

“Shut up!  A lose is a lose!  The Nangong Family members can afford to lose!”  The Burning Sun Ruler angrily rebuked before feeling that he was much older.  After all, Nangong Jian was one of the grandsons he had a favourable view of. He looked at Nangong Yun, “I hope that you will remember your words!”

Nangong Yun nodded, “I will always be a successor of the phoenix!”

The Departing Flame Marquis saw this and clearly understand the Burning Sun Ruler’s thoughts.  Nangong Yun’s future was not simple and the Burning Sun Ruler could not bear to kill a talent like this.

“Humph, goodbye!”

The Departing Flame Marquis angrily flicked his sleeve and brought Nangong Jian away.

The Refined Ruler looked at the Burning Sun Ruler’s expression and gave a secret sigh.  That Nangong old man was really old. He then looked at Chu Tian and his mind filled with thoughts, feeling very confused.  How many secrets did this person have on them?

The Southern Summer King’s expression was very serious.

Although he had controlled the kingdom for over twenty years, this was an unprecedented situation.  Chu Tian, Nangong Yun, and Miracle Commerce, there were more and more factors he could not control and this made the Southern Summer King feel very uncomfortable.

“The performance of Nangong Yun has opened the eyes of everyone!”  The Southern Summer King did not display any anxiety. These complicated matters could be thought through later, now he had to give a normal display, “Such a rare talent, how could the kingdom not use you?  Someone, grant Nangong Yun an honorary royal knight title, ten Soul Items, ten Sacred Grade Pills, and ten boxes of valuable medicines. I hope that you will become stronger and contribute more to the Southern Summer Country!”

“My wise king!”

Everyone shouted out in a loud voice.

Free things would not be given up.

Nangong Yun very quickly thanked him.

Meng Yingying placed the cloak on Nangong Yun.  After all, after a battle, the top grade defense items on Nangong Yun’s body was almost destroyed and a spring scenery would be seen if this continued.

“Elder sister Nangong’s fight was too beautiful!”  Meng Yingying looked at her with a face of worship, “You are definitely stronger than that fellow Chu Tian now!”

“Ke!”  Chu Tian gave a cough, “You silly girl, don’t you know how to speak!”

Meng Yingying stuck out her tongue, “It’s the truth!”

The current Chu Tian was not too confident in beating Nangong Yun.

When this matter ended, everyone was relaxed when a whistle came from above their heads.  A large group of flying beasts dropped down from the sky as countless flower petals was scattered all around.

“They’re here?”  The Southern Summer King’s eyes lit up and he immediately waved his hand, “Prepare to welcome them!”

The two rows of the guards on the side began to play welcoming music.

A series of thumps came from the front.

Each one was like a heavy hammer on the ground, showing off a clearly powerful strength that made people’s hearts tremble.  Under everyone’s curious gaze, a group of jet black figures suddenly appeared. It was a group of cavalry units, but what they were riding were not normal warhorses, but rather Azure Storm Colts!

The head was a bulky person and his body was covered in a black scale armour made of demon beast scales.

Meng Yingying’s little face was covered in shock, “Isn’t that an Earth Dragon?  So many Earth Dragons!”

Meng Qingwu also felt it was unbelievable.  Earth Dragons were level two demon beasts that had the true bloodline of dragons.  The purer the bloodline was, the stronger they were. Some Earth Dragon’s with higher bloodlines could even easily become level three demon beasts.

This group of Earth Dragons’ bloodline was not high, but they were still level two demon beasts who were close to Void Soul Realm cultivators.  If it was only one or two, it wouldn’t be as impressive.

But now it was an entire team of cavalry riding Earth Dragons!

This was an unprecedented group of Earth Dragon cavalry!

Even in the future, Earth Dragons were demon beast mounts that were rarely trained.  With high defense, a brave nature, high endurance, and obedient to orders, they were very good battle mounts.  Whether it was field battles or specialized missions, these Earth Dragon cavalry could complete it perfectly.

How could the Southern Summer Country have such a strong Earth Dragon cavalry?

The Southern Summer’s Storm Cavalry were far from being able to compare and only the griffin team could fight against them, but the griffin squad was not big.  It was not as big as the Earth Dragon army.

The griffin army was the royal palace’s royal knights, they were responsible for protecting the Imperial City and royal palace.

Then what was this army used for?

Chu Tian could feel a bloody smell filling his nose from the distance.  Compared to the griffin squad, this Earth Dragon squad spent more time on the battlefield.  It was an army that fought the War Hounds Tribe on the front lines.

“Battle Dragon Army!”

“Battle Dragon Army!”

Everyone loudly shouted out.

After the Blazing Flame Army was destroyed, it was the Battle Dragon Army that substituted for them, being the first line of defense to the north.  Otherwise, with the War Hounds Tribe’s nomadic cavalry would have already killed their way into the Imperial Region.

Over ten years, the Battle Dragon Army had blocked the War Hounds Tribe.  They had many victories and earned a lot of merit. It was because of this that they had a high fame in the Southern Summer Country.

An Earth Dragon that was different slowly walked out.

An Earth Dragon’s bloodline was reflected by their outer appearance.  An Earth Dragon with the lowest grade bloodline had black scales, next was red scales, and finally there were gold scaled Earth Dragons.  In this group, almost all of them were black scaled Earth Dragons. These kinds of Earth Dragons had limited growth, it was impossible for them to become a level three demon beast.

Now, the lead Earth Dragon had dark red scales with a scatter of gold scales mixed in, giving it a noble and prestigious feel.  This was an Earth Dragon with a pure bloodline and if it was trained well, it was possible that it could become a level three demon beast in the future.

A heroic youth stood on the back of the Earth Dragon with a golden spear in his hand.  The dark gold armour he had sparkled and the golden cloak fluttered in the wind, like a bright flag.  With a light step, he jumped off the Earth Dragon. Like a golden meteor, he fell to the ground and raised a layer of dust.

“The Battle Dragon Army’s young commander Wang Tianlong greets your majesty!”

After the Departing Flame Army left.

Wang Tianlong arrived with his army?

This was a wave coming after another wave!

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