MT Chapter 306


Chapter 306: Rising From the Ashes

What?  A single move!  Are you kidding me!

Chu Tian did not know how strong Nangong Jian was, but he wouldn’t be too weak.  If Chu Tian did not use the “Flame Demon Transformation”, he was not certain in beating him.  Even if he used the “Flame Demon Transformation”, he was not confident in ending the fight in two-three moves.

Nangong Yun was strong, but this was extravagant boasting.  Only a single move?

When did this little girl become even more arrogant than father?


These words were heard by the other side and the faces of the crowd became very strange, especially the Nangong Family.  They didn’t know whether they should be angry or if they should laugh.

Nangong Yun was over confident.  Without seeing the world, how could she know how strong a true genius was?

Nangong Jian’s talent was not inferior to Chu Xinghe’s.  Although Chu Xinghe had an ancient sword cultivation technique, the Nangong Family’s inheritance was not inferior.  After all, the Nangong Family itself was an ancient cultivation family. Although they had declined a bit, most of their secret treasures still remained.

The «Burning the Heaven Art» that Nangong Yun cultivated was the mandatory cultivation technique of the Nangong Family, but for a family like the Nangong Family, the powerful secret techniques would not be passed onto a branch family.

Nangong Jian was different from Nangong Yun who was sent into exile when she was nine.  Which part of the Nangong Family’s ancient inheritance did he not have access to? If they were of the same level, he would not lose to Dongfang Haoran.

“Stop wasting words.”  The Departing Flame Marquis coldly said, “Do it!”

Nangong Jian laughed a few times with a sinister face and his red hair suddenly spiked up.  A terrifying temperature filled the air as a incomparable tall fire giant appeared behind him, which was Nangong Jian’s source spirit.

“Great Heaven Burning Palm!”

An incomparably giant palm came down, but Nangong Yun did not flinch.  She gave a cold snort and suddenly her body was covered in starlight as she actually welcomed it without dodging.

Everyone revealed a look of shock, “Is she crazy?”

When that giant palm hit Nangong Yun, it was bounced back by that layer of starlight.  The entire palm shattered to pieces and exploded into flames that fell down from the sky like rain made of fire.

The Burning Sun Ruler and the Departing Flame Marquis’ faces fell!

The attack Nangong Jian had just released was not his full strength.  Nangong Jian probably did not plan on killing Nangong Yun and was even considering having this girl serve him.  So he wanted to merely cripple her and did not have any plans to use any killing moves.

Even though it was like this.

This palm had the strength of the True Soul Realm!

Nangong Yun had blocked it without being injured!

A defensive cultivation technique that could defend perfectly against a higher level cultivator was definitely an incredible defense cultivation technique!  The Three Rulers and the Southern Summer King were especially shocked because they could clearly see that Nangong Yun’s cultivation technique had not reached its peak yet.

This cultivation technique still had room to grow!

With the defense that it already had at this stage, how terrifying would its defenses be when it was in its peak?

Nangong Yun said with a laugh, “Too weak!  Depending on this strength, you want to destroy this old lady’s «Starlight Immortal Body»?  In your dreams!”

This mouth watering defensive cultivation technique was the «Starlight Immortal Body»?

Many people here had collected information on Miracle Commerce and Chu Tian’s «Starlight Immortal Body» was not a secret.  Almost all of the high grade Miracle Commerce members all practiced this cultivation technique.

This cultivation technique was even stronger than what they imagined!

This cultivation technique could even become the inherited cultivation technique of a sect!

Nangong Jian was angered from this shame.  He wanted to show mercy, letting her keep her hot body so she could serve him in the future.  He never thought that she would have some skills and actually block an attack from a True Soul Realm expert!

Since it was like this!

Then he’ll let her see the Nangong Family’s true skills!

Nangong Jian’s hands formed a seal and vigorous spirit energy was released, with his entire body releasing hot air like a volcano.  He flew into the air and large amounts of complex seals appeared above his head, that seemed to contain the destructive might of rivers of lava.

“The Nangong Family’s ‘Heaven Burning Divine Flame Seal’?”

The Southern Summer King’s expression slightly changed.  This move was a secret technique not passed down in the Nangong Family and even amongst the direct descendants, few were qualified to learn this move.  This move was incredibly strong and coordinating with the Burning the Heaven Art, it was enough to jump levels to defeat enemies.

This move was incredibly hard to practice!

One first had to reach the perfection realm of the «Burning the Heaven Art»!

The Nangong Family’s inherited «Burning the Heaven Art» was more complicated than the Dongfang Family’s «Grand Spirit Art» or the Shangguan Family’s «Life or Death Sentence».  The number of people that reached the perfection realm within the Nangong Family could be counted, they never thought that Nangong Jian who was not even twenty years old could also do this!

“Divine Flames of the nine heavens, hear my summons and burn everything to ashes!”

The seals that surrounded Nangong Jian was all collected into his palm and was compressed into a dazzling ball of energy that was like a small sun.

Meng Qingwu was very worried, “Chen Bingyu, if anything happens, you have to take action.”

Chen Bingyu’s expression became a bit serious and large amounts of snowflakes had already condensed around her.

Chu Tian’s expression did not change.  His jet black eyes looked at Nangong Yun and a trace of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Everyone else was stunned.  They never thought that this matter would develop this far.

“Nangong Yun, I’m giving you one chance!”  Nangong Jian held onto the fire ball filled with energy and looked at Nangong Yun with eyes filled with victory, “Either become my female slave, or you can be burned to ashes by this Divine Flame!”

Nangong Yun closed her eyes and a red light filled the skies.  A fire phoenix’s cry sounded through the air and a profound imprint appeared on Nangong Yun’s forehead.

There was no answer.

But Nangong Yun’s actions was the answer.

Nangong Jian shouted with a fierce expression, “Then die!”

That fire ball turned into a beam of light.  Even if iron came into contact with the beam, it would also be instantly vaporized.  This all powerful beam of energy shot right at Nangong Yun.

Nangong Yun suddenly opened her eyes and like an undying phoenix, she charged right into the path of the light.

“She’s seeking death!”

“Nangong Jian’s power is enough to even kill a cultivator of the 8th Awakened Soul Layer!”

When Nangong Yun came in contact with the light, the starlight shattered to pieces and her body showed signs of being burnt…..No, this energy was too strong, the Starlight Immortal Body could not block it!

Chen Bingyu was about to make a move.


A head reached out and stopped Chen Bingyu.

Chu Tian revealed a strange look in his eyes, “Don’t be anxious, something is happening!”

Chen Bingyu looked at Chu Tian with a confused look.  Could he not see that Nangong Yun could not block this at all?  This energy was considered too strong for her!

In a short period of time.

Nangong Yun’s body had passed through the flames!

Everyone sighed with regret.  Being this seriously injured, this girl was surely dead.  What a pitiful talent!

“Turn to ashes!”

Nangong Jian wildly roared out.

Who would have thought that a phoenix’s cry would sound out from the flames at this time.  That pillar of flames suddenly exploded like fireworks and the flames gathered together to form a giant phoenix.

The Southern Summer King and the Three Rulers were shocked at the same time.

“What is this!”

Nangong Yun was standing in the middle of the phoenix with her body seeming burnt, but there was a golden flame being released by her that made her look like an elemental being.  That golden flame quickly condensed and turned into soft skin that was not injured at all. Even bathing in temperatures that could melt iron, Nangong Yun was not injured at all.

“Rising From the Ashes!”  The Burning Sun Ruler’s voice was trembling, “Undying…..Undying Phoenix!”

The Nangong Family all felt an urge to bow down.

Undying Phoenix!

Isn’t this the legendary Undying Phoenix?

It was like Nangong Yun had flame immunity as those flame came into contact with Nangong Yun, they could not hurt her at all.  Rather they were all absorbed by Nangong Yun and turned into her own strength!

Nangong Jian was completely speechless.

When had he ever seen this kind of cultivation technique?

“Now it’s my turn!”

“Falling Phoenix Strike!”

That giant fire phoenix flew from Nangong Yun’s body and quickly fell down onto Nangong Jian.

“This is bad!”

The Nangong Family members were all shocked.  Not only did this attack contain all of Nangong Yun’s strength, it even included all the power Nangong Jian released.  Not to mention a cultivator at the 8th Awakened Soul Layer, even one at the 9th Awakened Soul Layer could not block this!


Too fast!

The Divine Phoenix flapped its wings and instantly flew out!

The Departing Flame Marquis did not even have time to save his own son.  When Nangong Jian was about to be burned to ashes, a tall and strong figure suddenly appeared and grabbed the fire phoenix’s neck.

The fire phoenix was knocked back by this irresistible force.  It gave an angry crying and spat out Divine Flames. It passed through the Burning Sun Ruler and landed onto Nangong Jian.


With a pitiful cry.

Nangong Jian was burnt to a crisp and fell from the sky, just like a burnt crow.


The Departing Flame Marquis caught Nangong Jian and immediately took out some precious medicine to place in his mouth.  When he inspected his meridians, the Departing Flame Marquis’ body turned cold. Almost all of Nangong Jian’s meridians had been destroyed.

“Such a ruthless fellow, I’ll kill you!”

When the Departing Flame Marquis was about to explode with rage, two figures suddenly came out to block the Departing Flame Marquis.  They were Gu Qianqiu and Chen Bingyu. Even if the Departing Flame Marquis’ cultivation was shocking, faced with two experts both in the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer, he could not get past them.

At this time, the Calm Martial Ruler could not remain sitting.  He lightly flicked a finger and a giant red sword fell from the skies.  It landed right between both sides, stopping them from taking a step forward.

“Accept your lose.”  The Calm Martial Ruler coldly said, “Using one’s strength to suppress the weak, this brings dishonour to our military pride!”

Everyone was shocked by that giant red sword that fell from the sky.

This sword was made from nothing, but it made the great scholar, Chen Bingyu, and the Departing Flame Marquis unable to act.  It was like they were being grasped by an invisible hand.

Too strong.

The Calm Martial Ruler’s strength was immeasurably deep.

“Burning Sun Ruler, do you want to take revenge for your grandson?”

The Burning Sun Ruler’s eyes were very complicated.  Like a defeated lion, he looked at Nangong Yun, “Can you tell me what secret technique you used?”

Chu Tian gave her a slight nod.

“It wasn’t a secret technique, it was a cultivation technique!”  Nangong Yun loudly said, “This is the super cultivation technique, the «Great Nirvana Scripture» that boss gave me.  I have only passed through the threshold!”

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