MT Chapter 270


Chapter 270: Submachine gun

Calm Martial Ruler!

The Calm Martial Ruler of the Three Rulers!

The Rulers of the Southern Summer Country had no land and this was a title that wasn’t granted land.  The Ruler title was purely a title and the Calm Martial Ruler calmed all fights in the world.

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying never thought that a person that could move the world like the Calm Martial Ruler would actually appear in Miracle Commerce research institute and that he would be arguing with the great scholar!


The two of them were both people with extreme positions in the Southern Summer Country.  Forgetting about the great scholar since as a scholar, he was used to being scolded, but what about a person like the Calm Martial Ruler?  The head of the Three Rulers and the military god of the kingdom. For this kind of person to appear here, it was too cheap to his title.

The Calm Martial Ruler was very anxious.  This was not the time to want face, “These people added together cannot compare to this ruler.  You capturing the Western Marquis this time is an insult to the Shangguan Family and capturing the Southern State army is enough to create a large stir in the kingdom.  Only this ruler can help you solve this problem in the Southern Summer Country, so think carefully about this!”

“Calm Martial Ruler!”  The great scholar angrily said, “Are you looking down on this old man?”

“The great scholar’s words are too severe, this ruler did not mean that.”  The Calm Martial Ruler said this, but he had a look of disdain on his face.  He gently said, “The great scholar has grown up studying and this matter cannot be solved with just glib lips!  To be blunt, you are just a scholar with empty prestige and no real power!”

Gu Qianqiu’s beard almost pointed at the sky.

“The two of you, calm down.”  Chu Tian stood up to make peace, “Although it was a misunderstanding with the Calm Martial Ruler, the matter has already passed.  People can’t break their word and the deal has already been made, so there is no need to break this promise! I ask the Calm Martial Ruler for forgiveness!”

Chu Tian believed the Calm Martial Ruler did not lose interest in him.

Otherwise, why would the Calm Martial Ruler personally come to Central State with the Divine Wind Marquis?

However, seeing the Calm Martial Ruler’s pale expression, Chu Tian couldn’t help secretly feeling satisfied.

Everyone knew that the Calm Martial Ruler was strong, but even if you, Dongfang Gan are arrogant, can you really not admit defeat?

The great scholar could not beat the Calm Martial Ruler.  The great scholar did not have any actual power, but he had a strange status in the Southern Summer Country.  Even if the Calm Martial Ruler was angry, he didn’t dare move against him.

Gu Qianqiu could spark the condemnation of the kingdom’s scholars, this might was not a joke.

“But you found this ruler first and this ruler did come!”  The Calm Martial Ruler gave a snort, “As for the letter, this ruler wrote it to protect you, but I don’t know who’s bold enough to tamper with it.  I will investigate this after returning and tear them to ten thousand pieces! As for working together, the others do not matter, it can only belong to this ruler!”

The great scholar was filled with rage as he said, “Is the Calm Martial Ruler bullying others?  I, Gu Qianqiu do not agree!”

“Can you not speak a bit less!  This ruler has already said it isn’t related to me!”

Gu Qianqiu was a scholar and once the temper of a scholar exploded, they never recognized anyone.  No matter how good his relation was with the Calm Martial Ruler before, his patience with the Calm Martial Ruler was coming to a limit.

The great scholar quickly tore off his face with the Calm Martial Ruler.

With this much noise, if the Calm Martial Ruler really made a move, that would be bad.  So Chu Tian came out and said, “Relating to the matter of cooperation, we can still talk about a solution that will satisfy both sides.”

“Good, very good.”  The Calm Martial Ruler looked over Chu Tian for a few minutes, “You’re even younger than I thought and even more wild.  Of course, you are also even more outstanding! So I believe you will not disappoint this ruler.”

He said this and paused.

He looked at Chu Tian and said, “If this kind of weapon is to be developed, the first thing that must be done is keeping it a secret.  If the technology is revealed, then the consequences will be unimaginable, do you understand?”

Chu Tian raised his brows, “This little one has invited the Calm Martial Ruler to Central State City to talk about a cooperation, not to have the Calm Martial Ruler teach me.”

This brat!

Did he not know how terrifying the Calm Martial Ruler was?

The Calm Martial Ruler was choking up with rage, but he suppressed it.

“If you are confident there will be no negative impact, then that is another matter.”  The Calm Martial Ruler clenched his teeth and first recognized this, but then he immediately asked, “This ruler will first listen to how to plan to cooperate!  I hope you will satisfy this ruler! After all, if you want to do things in the Southern Summer Country and do not have this ruler’s consent, you will not take a single step forward.”

The Calm Martial Ruler’s voice was calm, but it also had a trace of threat in it.

The implication behind this was, if you don’t give this ruler a suitable cooperation plan, this marquis will not want a part of this soup and you shouldn’t think of having it either.

“What are you anxious for?”  Chu Tian saw the Calm Martial Ruler’s attitude, but he didn’t mention it, “The weapon tests aren’t finished yet.  We’ll continue the weapon tests first!”

“What are you still testing?  Didn’t you just test it?”

Chu Tian revealed a faint disdain, but ignored the Calm Martial Ruler.  He just waved his hand at Meng Yingying, “Yingying, come over!”

The Calm Martial Ruler’s face turned dark.  For the first time, he felt that his reputation was not easy to use.

This was a person even stronger than the Divine Wind Marquis.  If he was angered, then it would be a disaster! However, with Chu Tian’s support, Meng Yingying also had no fear.  She immediately ran in front of Chu Tian and said, “What is it?”

Chu Tian took out another box for her, “Take this weapon and try it.”

“There’s another new weapon?”  Meng Yingying was surprised as she opened the box and took out an even more complicated Source Energy Gun.  Even she was surprised by it, “This gun seems quite different!”

Everyone looked at it with curious gazes.

This gun was three times larger than the pistol and it was even more complicated.  The magazine was also separated and not only did it look larger, the array system was even more complex.

“This is a new kind of rapid fire gun.”  Chu Tian walked in front of Meng Yingying and placed the special magazine inside, “Compared to the pistol, it has twice the capacity and with the separate magazine, there is a threefold increase in the energy.  Although the bullets will be weakened by 20%, it will shoot two-three times faster. Just this magazine alone will be able to shoot twenty-thirty bullets.”

Everyone was shocked hearing this.

Comparing this gun to the pistol, the power was weaker, but the bullet and fire rate was much higher.  There was no doubt that this firepower was stronger, being especially suitable to being used on the battlefield.  Although the power was weaker than the pistol, it was still very lethal. With the rate of fire and bullet capacity, it was actually superior to the pistol.

The Calm Martial Ruler revealed a look of excitement, “Then give it a try!”

Meng Yingying looked at Chu Tian.

Chu Tian nodded, “Go ahead!”

“Alright!”  Meng Yingying raised the gun at the firing range, aiming at the target in front, “You guys move back a bit, I’m about to shoot!”

When Meng Yingying pulled the trigger, a light came from the magazine which quickly spread across the entire gun, making all the runes and arrays activate.

Pa, pa, pa, pa!

A series of dense bullets shot forward like raindrops.  The giant iron pole in front was torn apart like paper by the terrifying force in the bullets!

It was actually continuous shooting!

A good rate of fire and an intense attack!

When everyone saw the power of this weapon, they all trembled at its might.

There was no need for a lot of these weapons, an army of ten thousand only needed a hundred of these.  When the enemies came close, a direct attack could instantly drop the enemy’s power!

Although the energy balls were weaker, they could still pass through a Void Soul Realm Cultivator’s defenses.  With this increase in fire rate and the dense amount of attacks, even if it was an Awakened Soul Cultivator, they would not be able to dodge them!

Meng Yingying fired the gun while excitedly shouting, “Using this gun is so satisfying!”

After half the magazine had been consumed.

“Alright!”  Chu Tian found that the gun barrel was turning more red as if it was about to melt and he quickly shouted, “Stop, stop, stop!”

Meng Yingying did not react.


The barrel suddenly exploded.

Meng Yingying was sent flying by the force.

Meng Qingwu’s face fell, “Yingying, are you alright!”

“I’m fine, I’m fine.  I have the Starlight Immortal Body, this won’t hurt me!”

Meng Yingying sat up.  Her clothes were a little scorched, but her body was fine.  When she lifted the gun, the barrel had been melted and was completely deformed.  The explosion just now was the high temperatures melting the runes, causing the energy to lose control.

“Why did the gun burn out again!”

“The runes are not perfect and most of the energy is retained as heat.  Other than that, the gun’s material is not good enough. We need to look for a cheaper and more thermostable material.”

Although the experiment had failed.

This still displayed the strength of the new Source Energy Gun.

Meng Qingwu asked Chu Tian, “This gun’s lethality is much higher than the pistol.  Should we come up with a name for it?”

“You guys can go ahead!”

“Let me!”  Meng Yingying waved the burnt gun in her hand as she spoke, “This gun is a little larger than the pistol, but it is still quite light to carry.  Moreover, it fires very quickly, so it is very suited to breaking through enemy lines. We should just call it a submachine gun!”

[TL Note: Literal translation means charging edge gun, but that can also become submachine gun.]

“Submachine gun?  Alright, we’ll call it that!”  Chu Tian found that Meng Yingying wasn’t too dumb at times.  This name was indeed the most appropriate one, “Young miss, take the waste and let the research facility study it.  How much energy is still left in the magazine and how many shots were fired before the meltdown…..record all this data.”

Meng Qingwu nodded, “No problem!”

Chu Tian walked in front of the completely stunned Calm Martial Ruler.

“Calm Martial Ruler!”

“Calm Martial Ruler!”

Chu Tian called out twice before the Calm Martial Ruler reacted.

“What does the Calm Martial Ruler think of this weapon?  Please give us your appraisal.”

The Calm Martial Ruler did not know how to describe it, “Good, very good!”

“Since the Calm Martial Ruler is satisfied, then I can be more assured.”  Chu Tian gave a laugh, “Then let’s properly talk about the matter of our cooperation!”

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