MT Chapter 265


Chapter 265: City assault battle!

Whether it was the Central State army or the Southern State army, they were all stunned.  In front of the hundred thousand soldiers of the Southern State army, the great scholar was scolding the Western Marquis.  This scene was something that no one had expected.

The Eight Marquises were the pillars supporting the Southern Summer Country.

Gu Qianqiu was the rally point of the Southern Summer scholars.

These two people were peak influences in the Southern Summer Country and now that they were facing each other, the great scholar was not giving the Western Marquis any face.  He was even calling the Western Marquis an idiot like this?!


This time, the Southern Summer Country would shake!

The Western Marquis was not a normal marquis, but was a marquis from the Shangguan Family.

Gu Qianqiu was not a normal scholar.  Although he had no title or royal blood, he was the great scholar of the Southern Summer Country, the first minister of the Dongfang Clan, and the number one scholar in the Southern Summer Country.  He was a mountain among scholars and even if he had no real power, he had a strong influence that no nobles could look down on.

Gu Qianqiu had no title, but he could match the Eight Marquises!

If Gu Qianqiu were to publicly praise a person, that person would become famous across the nation.  They would be guests of countless nobles and be swallowed by the countless hungry scholars. If he were to publicly denounce someone, all the scholars in the world denounce him, finding it hard to survive in the end.

This was the influence of the great scholar!

Scolding the Western Marquis in front of all these people, if this matter was spread, the Western Marquis would never be able to raise his head again.

This leader in intellect did not follow the world’s customs.

His words could win against a giant army of a hundred thousand.  Even the Three Great Clans had to give him respect.

“Good, good, good!”  The Western Marquis, Shangguan Hong had never received this kind of treatment before and naturally was filled with rage, “This marquis has regarded you as the great scholar in vain and that’s why I gave you face.  You’re actually going against the great scholar title and using the honor of the head scholar in the Southern Summer Country to rebel against the Southern Summer King, the royal orders, and to harbour rebels? Do you think no one would dare move against you since you’re the great scholar?!”

“The Western Marquis only has the royal token and misinterprets the royal orders, sending forces into Central State, disregarding the several million lives in Central State.  You are discrediting the royal clan, shaming the Three Great Clans, and disappointing the people of the Southern Summer Country! If Central State City is broken and the citizens suffer, then public rage will be invoked and Central State will fall into chaos!  Will you take responsibility for throwing the country into chaos? You are only holding the royal order token, but even if I was faced with the Southern Summer King, this old man would fight to the end!”

“How would apprehending a rebel throw the country into chaos?  The great scholar’s words are too serious!”

“Saying rebel again and again.  You claim Chu Tian has committed treason, but do you have any evidence?”

“He looked down on the royal clan and heavily injured the special envoy, what other evidence do you need!”

“There is no evidence and only your personal grudge, as well as bringing a large army like this, are you not ashamed of your actions?”  Gu Qianqiu was foaming with rage as he angrily roared out, “The soldiers of my Southern Summer Country can bleed on the battlefield and can sacrifice themselves to fight against foreign threats.  This is not the War Hound Plains nor is it the southern border, this is Central State. It is the rich Central State filled with millions of citizens and soldiers of our Southern Summer Country are stationed here!”

These words were very powerful.

Chu Tian looked very pleased watching from the city walls.

The great scholar and Western Marquis were slapping each other’s faces, this was a rarely seen sight.

Meng Qingwu was very surprised deep down.  She did not know why the famous great scholar was helping Chu Tian like this.

Meng Yingying said with a smile, “This old grandpa is so good at arguing!”

“Gu Qianqiu is the most famous scholar in our Southern Summer Country.”  Yun Tianhe stroked his beard and said with a laugh, “This art of slapping other’s faces could be considered the most basic skill a scholar has.”

The great scholar continued scolding him, continuously slapping the Western Marquis’ face.  The Western Marquis almost went crazy with his rage.

“Absurd!  Chu Tian is the one throwing the country into chaos!”

“I only know that after Central State had Chu Tian, the poor could make a livelihood and the merchants all benefited.  The citizens can live a rich and prosperous life and the rich can live an even better life. After the Western Marquis came to Central State, you threw everything into chaos, disturbing the peace, even bringing a disaster filled with blood.”  The great scholar did not even think about his words, with his words being like knives, “Just tell me who the one throwing the country into chaos is!”

The Western Marquis had already lost his patience.  He knew that he couldn’t compete with the great scholar in terms of quibbling, so he finally roared, “For a Chu Tian, the great scholar is willing to go against the Shangguan Family?”

“A single hair from Chu Tian is ten thousand times more precious compared to this empty marquis!”

Gu Qianqiu’s manner was very firm.

There was no room for discussion.

This was performed for Chu Tian!

Gu Qianqiu finally understood Miracle Commerce’s strength.  Just this company alone could change the kingdom and even influence the continent.  Just this point alone meant that Miracle Commerce could not be exterminated!

What surprised Gu Qianqiu even more was that Miracle Commerce’s founder, Chu Tian was the person that solved the beast crisis of Qing State.  He obtained even more news telling him that not only did Chu Tian solve Qing State’s problem, he even solved Thunder State’s problem!

This person’s worth could not be estimated!

The knowledge this person had was enough to change the entire continent!

This idiotic Western Marquis, constantly calling him rebel.  Did he not know how dangerous this was?

If Chu Tian really rebelled, what would the Southern Summer Country gain?

Kill him?

Not only did they need to pay a large price, the world would lose a heavenly talent.  The Southern Summer Country would lose a true master!

Not killing him?

If Chu Tian had a grudge against the Southern Summer Country, there would be disastrous consequences.  From the opinion the Central State citizens had of Miracle Commerce, Chu Tian had the ability to incite a rebellion from Central State.  Even if Central State did not succeed, Chu Tian had the ability to escape. In just a few years, he would be able to destroy the Southern Summer Country!

In order to avoid this situation, Gu Qianqiu broke off relations with the Western Marquis without any hesitation.

Gu Qianqiu was the great scholar of the kingdom.  Although he didn’t have any real positions, he could still represent the Southern Summer Country.  The least he could do was make sure Chu Tian wasn’t angered!

“This marquis does not have time to quibble with you, the royal order is here!”  The Western Marquis, Shangguan Hong raised the token high up, “Listen to my orders, begin to attack the city!  Kill the rebel Chu Tian and anyone who blocks us is guilty of rebelling!”

Shangguan Hong was ready to fight it out.

Wasn’t it just offending the great scholar?

Insulting the Shangguan Family like this, he would have grudges formed with the Shangguan Family.  If they retreated out of fear of the great scholar, where would the Shangguan Family’s face go? Since it had reached this point, he could only brace himself!

“Attack the city!”

“Attack the city!”

Shangguan Hong waved the command flag.

The drums began to beat around them as the bugles rang out, like the roar of a giant beast.

The heavy infantry of the Southern State formed into two lines that were prepared to charge into Central State City like giant shields.

“Good!”  Gu Qianqiu jumped high into the air and held the foot of a griffin as he returned to Central State City, “Then let’s fight it out!  Hear my orders Griffin Knights, defend the kingdom’s city to death!”

Li Hu’s expression became a bit ugly, “Leader, this…..”

The royal knights all hesitated.  One side was the Western Marquis with the Refined Ruler’s backing, the other was the Southern Summer’s great scholar, Gu Qianqiu.  Neither of them could be offended!

“Did you not hear the order?”  Cao Bao clenched his fists, “Go and protect Central State City!”

Being able to become one of the royal knight’s leaders, Cao Bao was not an ordinary person.  He lived in the Imperial City, so he knew what kind of person the great scholar was. The great scholar had a reason to act in this strange manner and although Cao Bao didn’t know why, the great scholar was willing to offend the Shangguan Family without any hesitation, so what could Cao Bao do?

First, the royal proclamation ordered the royal knights to follow Gu Qianqiu.

Second, Gu Qianqiu’s backing was the Dongfang Family.  Not only was he the great scholar of the Southern Summer Country, he was also the first minister of the Shangguan Family.  The royal knights all pledged their loyalty to the royal family, which was the Shangguan Family.

Could Cao Bao help the Shangguan Family go against the first minister?

Gu Qianqiu had a high status in the Dongfang Family and if he was chased off in anger, the one who loses the most would be the Dongfang Family!  The Three Great Clans competed with one another, so this would make the Shangguan Family and the Nangong Family happy.

If they lost Gu Qianqiu, how could the Southern Summer King forgive them?

Since they had to offend someone and they had to pick one, they would choose to offend the Western Marquis!

The countless number of heavy infantry moved forward with incomparably heavy steps, advancing towards the Central State City gates.  This was a troop formed from the barbarian tribes and were all barbarian warriors with strength that surpassed normal warriors, so the gates could not block them for long!


A hundred Griffin Knights entered the air and let out a piercing long cry that shook the world.

“Griffin Knights?!”  The Western Marquis forcefully waved the command flag, “Divine Arrow Battalion, shoot!”

The sound of bow strings releasing came from the Southern State army, creating sharp whistling sounds, as a large mass of spirit energy infused arrows flew out.

It was like a swarm of locusts.

It was like a dark cloud rising.

This created a magnificent scene.

“Quickly send my orders!”  Chu Tian’s expression slightly changed, “Make the citizens go home and hide in their basements.  Before the battle ends, they can’t come out!”

This war was inevitably beginning!  

The Southern State army was too strong.  Although they had the Griffin Knights led by the great scholar, this was going to be a bloody battle!


“Protect Central State City!”

Cao Bao’s griffin charged down and the other royal knights followed behind him, charging right into the dense mass of arrows.

The griffin gave a long cry.

Its wings created a gust of wind that formed a protective layer, deflecting most of the arrows.  The royal knights charged through the rain of arrows without a single injury, charging at the dense crowd of heavy infantry.

“I want to see how many waves you can block!”  The Western Marquis gave a cold snort, “Continue shooting!  Second battalion and third battalion, go around the sides and cover the assault team!”

The battle drums rang louder.

The Southern State army was about to show their true strength!  This was an elite team of a hundred thousand troops!

There was no danger around Central State, so there weren’t many troops to begin with.  The Southern State troops had attacked Central State City too suddenly, so Central State City could not bring in other troops for reinforcements.

This was destined to be a hard fought battle!

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