MT Chapter 231


Chapter 231: Sword and flame

The fight was about to begin!


Chu Tian slowly drew out the Netherworld Sword and said with a relaxed expression, “The Heavenly Sword Young Master really recovered quickly.  Just a few weeks and you recovered your heroic bearings, this really makes others feel surprised.”

Chu Xinghe slowly opened his eyes and his deep, sharp eyes looked over.  “Keng, Keng, keng!”  The sound of swords whistling rang out and the several golden swords slowly spread out behind Chu Xinghe, creating a cold glowing barrier.


“Your style is pretty beautiful.”  Chu Tian shook his head, “But you are just decorating yourself in gold!”

Chu Xinghe did not bother bickering with Chu Tian.

With a kick.

That golden sword stabbed into the ground floated up and he grabbed it.  Pointing out with the blade, his blue robe danced even though there was no wind.  The swords behind him soared into the sky and an ear piercing cry like thousands of hawks filled the air.

The arena was filled with noise, but it instantly became silent.  The expressions on the crowd all froze.  They all swallowed their saliva while their eyes popped out, like they had just seen a ghost!

Chu Xinghe was like a general and the flying swords were like his soldiers.

The few dozen swords soared into the clouds and continuously split apart.  In the blink of an eye, they turned into several thousand swords.  The dense crowd of golden flying swords released a cold sword qi and they were all pointing down.  The light released a strong pressure that even cracked the ground underneath it.  This aura was strong enough to crush mountains and destroy rivers.

“Ten Thousand Sword Fall!”

Chu Xinghe’s ice cold voice resounded like a god’s voice.  It was like the countless swords received an order as they turned into golden light and rained down on Chu Tian.  The strong aura and the wails from the wind, it was hard to imagine just how fast it was.  It created a pressure like a torrent of rain, causing everyone to hold their breaths

Too fast!

Too strong!

Just based on this one violent storm like attack, everyone could tell that Chu Xinghe had broken through, reaching the 5th Awakened Soul Layer!

In the past, Chu Tian had beaten a 3rd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator at the 1st Awakened Soul Layer, but Chu Xinghe had beaten 5th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivators and could fight 6th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivators at the 4th Awakened Soul Layer!

Today, Chu Xinghe had reached the 5th Awakened Soul Layer!

It did not just end there!

Chu Xinghe’s sword art was even more violent and sharp, it was clear that the quality of his cultivation technique had also increased!

Chu Xinghe was basically invincible in the Illustrious Soul Realm, even the three family heads would not be a match for him!  Too strong!  He really was too strong!  If the other three young masters were compared to Chu Xinghe, they were nothing more than trash!

His Mind’s Lamp was lit.

Then his Divine Sense was fully released.

Chu Xinghe felt this vast Divine Sense, but he revealed a cold smile.  He really was stupid, this was no use.  His swords had no dead angle and could not be dodged.  His only choice was to be slaughtered by the ten thousand swords!

How could Chu Tian not see this?  This violent storm of swords was like a perfect net.  With the dense attacks, it had covered every possible dead angle.  Even the Divine Sense could not find a possible way to break through it.

Since there was no chance of avoiding it, then he wouldn’t try to dodge it!

The jet black ancient sword released a strong destructive might that increase Chu Tian’s aura by several times.  The black ancient sword source spirit was linked to destruction because when the Demon God’s Sword was released, a demon god’s aura filled the area and a wild strength was released that shattered everything.


Countless blades fell onto Chu Tian, but they were instantly affected by the wild power and were all shattered to pieces.  The fragments fell like rain around Chu Tian.  Even though one or two swords did reach him, they were turned into fragments by the starlight barrier.

The members of the three families revealed looks of panic.

Illustrious Soul Realm, this was the power of the Illustrious Soul Realm!

How did Chu Tian become this strong?

This was impossible!

Everyone could clearly see that Chu Tian had broken through to the 4th Awakened Soul Layer, and had become a true Illustrious Soul Realm Expert…..But even if he did reach the Illustrious Soul Realm and his source spirit was strengthened, he shouldn’t be this strong.  He used his source spirit sword to release a sword qi that created a strong pressure around him.  When the dense amounts of flying swords reached him, they had been shattered by the pressure alone!

Chu Tian calmly stood in the rain of swords.

Chu Xinghe looked at him without any expressions on his face.

That violent storm continued, but whether it was the attacker or the defender, neither of them seemed to care.  This attack that could easily destroy iron was regarded as nothing by both the attacker and the defender…..It clearly demonstrated just how strong the two of them were!

This felt strange!

The Chu Family members could not understand this at all!

How did Chu Tian suddenly breakthrough?  The three families worked together to block Miracle Commerce’s resource line, so Chu Tian couldn’t have possibly refined a Sacred Grade Pill!

Just the strength of his source spirit was enough to block this strong attack!

Why was Chu Tian’s source spirit this strong!

The jet black sword source spirit was comparable to a God Level Source Spirit, it was enough to make all the sword cultivators of the Chu Family feel shame.

“This sword array is giant, but the power is too scattered, so there isn’t enough strength behind it.”  There were shattered sword fragments all around Chu Tian, “If you want to kill me, then take out your true skills.”

“As you wish.”

Chu Xinghe was completely calm.  It did not matter if he broke through, if they had been at the same cultivation level, then he might be able to fight back.  Chu Tian’s cultivation was one level lower than Chu Xinghe’s, so Chu Xinghe did not think he would lose.”


A golden flood dragon came from Chu Shao Yang’s body and the broken sword fragments scattered across the ground gathered like it was drawn in by a magnet, reforming in the middle of the air.  The vast power of the source spirit erupted out with a dragon’s roar, transforming into five-six meter long flood dragons.

The sky filled with golden dragons became a beautiful sight, far surpassing the imaginations of the crowd.  The golden flood dragons released golden light, which was so dazzling that people could not stare directly at it.

“Three Hundred and Sixty Wandering Dragon Sword Array!”

With the three hundred and sixty flood dragons released, could the Demon God’s Sword stop it?

These three hundred and sixty golden flood dragons were like piranhas charging at prey.  Chu Tian tightly knit his brows and suddenly raised the sword in his hand, forcefully pointing it in the sky.  The surrounding ground formed cracks as strong blue flames began to fill the sky, forming hundreds of fireballs.  Each fireball quickly changed shapes, turning into a fire demon with two horns on its head.

The hundreds of fire demons charged forward to greet the golden dragons!

These were all doppelgangers of “Netherworld”.  While their individual strengths were not strong, they all had explosive might.  The several hundred fire demons collided with the several hundred golden dragons, creating explosions, filling the sky with flames and golden dragon fragments.

Chu Xinghe felt a bit angry.

Why does this fellow have so many skills?  He would not waste time, this one slash had to kill him!

“Man and sword as one!”

Chu Xinghe made his move and unparalleled killing intent filled the sky.  He raised his hand high up and the sword he pointed out released a giant sword qi that soared into the sky.

“Heaven Cutting Art!”

When faced with this heaven rending sword qi, the Netherworld Flames gathered on the sword’s blade, increasing the source spirit’s power.  Chu Tian wielded the flaming sword as he took a step forward, releasing an attack that could shake rivers and mountains.  This was the Netherworld Flame Sword’s third skill that abandoned speed and camouflage, but erupted with destructive might – the “Netherworld Ghost Slash!”

The dark blue sword qi and the golden sword qi clashed in the air, creating an intense collision that made the arena continue to tremble!

Finally, the golden sword qi won and slammed into Chu Tian’s body, shattering the starlight surrounding him.  However, the sword qi had been weakened and although it was very strong, it was not enough to kill Chu Tian, only being enough to cause some damage to him.

Blood flowed from the corner of Chu Tian’s mouth.  He laughed and said, “Your unique skill isn’t that effective against me.”

With these words.

Chu Tian’s Starlight Immortal Body quickly regenerated.

“Unique skill?  You’re wrong!”  Chu Xinghe’s eyes sparkled with a light.  Over a hundred flood dragons returned behind him and quickly intertwined with one another, “I’ll let you see a true unique skill!”


With a wild roar, the hundred flood dragons became a single ten meter long giant dragon.  Each scale could be clearly seen and each one was as sharp as a blade, releasing a sharp sword qi.

The wrath of a peerless beast quickly filled the arena.

Everyone felt a suffocating pressure come over them.  Whether it was the golden dragon’s shape or aura, it was just like a real flood dragon.

Something that shocked everyone then occurred.

This flood dragon moved to Chu Xinghe’s side, opening its mouth, it swallowed Chu Xinghe whole.  In that second, Chu Xinghe and the giant flood dragon fused.  The man became the dragon and the dragon became the man, two as one, sharing everything!


The giant flood dragon’s strength suddenly increased, becoming over a hundred meters long.  With a wave of its tail, a hole formed in the arena floor.  There was a large gully in the center of the hole, like it had been slashed with a giant sword.

The crowd turned silent.

What kind of magical power was this!

“This is really incredible!”  Even Boss Yu’s expression changed, “This strength is not something a person in the Illustrious Soul Realm should have, it is no different from someone at the True Soul Realm!”

When Chu Tian was faced with Chu Xinghe who had turned into this powerful golden flood dragon, his eyes suddenly became a little serious.

In the trial tower, the man and sword as one was Chu Xinghe’s highest realm, but now he could become one with the flood dragon.  This flood dragon was formed from sword qi and was as hard as steel, completely invulnerable.  Even if a normal Illustrious Soul Realm Cultivator made a move, he wouldn’t be able to break this flood dragon’s body, not to mention harming Chu Xinghe inside the dragon.

Chu Xinghe fusing with the flood dragon increased his strength several times.  His battle power could no longer be compared to the one he had in the trial tower!

The golden dragon released a golden sword qi from its mouth that had the power to split apart the earth, which instantly shot at Chu Tian.


Chu Tian’s starlight barrier shattered to pieces and he was sent flying to the side of the arena.

“What’s wrong?  Have you already lost most of your spirit energy?  Have you already used all your moves?”  The golden dragon’s hundred meter long body circled in the air, as a deep and terrifying voice filled the air, “As for me, I am just getting started!”

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