MT Chapter 217


Chapter 217: Demon Flame Soldier

The Abyss Demon Soldiers were ordinary cultivators turned into demons.  Although that had been strengthened by the demonization, there was still a limit to that.  The strongest cavalry of Southern Summer tore through them like paper!

The thousand cavalry soldiers charged through the Abyss Demon Soldiers and ran several miles past it, before slowly decelerating.

“Turn around!”

“Continue crashing through them!”


Shangguan Feichen brandished a long pen that had a sharp head to it.  It was covered in black demon blood which the battle horses were also covered in.

When the Storm Cavalry turned around.

Countless Abyss Demon Soldiers gathered in front of them, looking like a swarm of bloodthirsty ants.  They condensed into a wild wave and began to charge at their prey.

There was a portion of even stronger Demon Soldiers within the wave.

The black burnt skin of these soldiers were thicker like a layer of natural formed armour.  Their elbows seemed mutated and their entire forearms turned into dark blades.  Whether it was their speed or aggressiveness, they all surpassed the normal Demon Soldiers.

The countless Demon Soldiers were like monkeys, quickly scaling down the collapsed city walls.

Cruel, bloodthirsty, and wild, this made people feel fear.

The suppression of the Storm Cavalry could not stop them.

It caused them to become even more fierce!

These demonized beings were not different from undead, having no sense of fear at all.  Not to mention trivial human cavalry, even if there was a giant dragon in front of them, they would still dutifully charge forward!

“Kill, kill, kill!”

“Kill them all for me!”

Shangguan Feichen initiated another charge.

The blue wave crashed into the black lake as flesh and metal collided once again.

The Azure Storm Colts released a wind blade once again, destroying the strongest Demon Soldiers, dropping the attack power of the Demon Soldiers.  The following elite cavalry came forth, showing off their strong battle strength.

Pointing their lances forward, the Demon Soldiers were torn apart once again.

The brave Azure Storm Colts ran over them and the Demon Soldiers became mud, being trampled into the ground.

The second charge was another success.  Although the Demon Soldiers numbers continued to increase, the morale of the cavalry continued to increase.  This was because the two charges had cleanly killed the Demon Soldiers, but the cavalry soldiers did not suffer any losses.

These fellows only looked scary on the outside.

They did not have any intelligence or tactics, they were just a motley crowd gathering together!

“Charge again!”

“Kill again!”

“We have to attract the attentions of these monsters to allow the three Marquises to take out the demon stone!”

Taking advantage of the plains, Shangguan Feichen led the cavalry soldiers to charge out of the encirclement before turning around at the Demon Soldiers once again.  They spread out in a battle formation as they exploded at the dense crowd of Demon Soldiers once again.

The third charge was beginning!

This time something strange happened.  When they had killed around a half of the enemies, from the group of countless Demon Soldiers, a Demon Soldier that was not the same as the others charged out.  Its body was taller than a normal Demon Soldier and it was very fat.  Its burnt black body had cracks on them that contained green flames that released an eye catching glow.

A strong, flowing power that seemed like it would burst from its weak skin suddenly burst out from its body!


A cavalry soldier charged over and and pierced the Demon Soldier with his lance, instantly bringing it several dozen meters away.  The cavalry soldier was about to flick his lance and send the impaled Demon Soldier flying away.


Two hands covered in cracks suddenly gripped the spear handle.

This cavalry soldier had a bad feeling, “What is going on?”  He did not even have time to think before he was enveloped by a green light.

The Demon Soldier suddenly erupted, shattering to pieces.

Green flames burst forth and instantly swallowed up several cavalry soldiers, sending them flying with their horses.  Only black pieces fell to the ground, not leaving behind an intact corpse.

Everyone was shocked…..There had been a casualty!

There was a Demon Soldier that could self explode!

Glowing figures came out from the city walls.  Each one was a big person that were covered in cracks with flames flowing beneath it.  There were over a thousand of these Demon Soldiers that could self explode!

This is bad!

How would they fight them?

These demon soldiers would explode from being touched!

This was a difficult enemy for the cavalry soldiers!

Other than the exploding Demon Soldiers, there was another kind of Demon Soldiers that had not been seen before.

If the Demon Soldiers from before seemed like humans, these new Demon Soldiers seemed like they had been turned into demons.  They no longer had skins and were completely green, being covered in flames.  They had two horns on their head and revealed a cruel glow in their eyes.


The demons shot out flaming javelins.  The cavalry soldiers did not even have a chance to block before they were stabbed by the javelins, falling from the horses to the ground, being crushed by the horses following behind them.

Now there were continuous long range attacks as well?

If it was like this, it was impossible for a thousand cavalry soldiers to stop them.  The glowing exploding Demon Soldiers were already enough to stop them, so what should they do now?

“There are more enemies coming!  We have already been surrounded and the cavalry have lost their superiority in terms of speed.  We will be in danger here and must find a way to break through!”  Shangguan Feichen loudly shouted before pointing the exploding soldiers in front of him, “We can’t touch those fellows!  Chu Tian, I’m ordering you to lead them away!”

Everyone had already experienced the might of the self exploding Demon Soldiers.

An initial Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator could not block it at all.  Even an intermediate Awakened Soul Cultivator would be destroyed if they suffered enough of those Demon Flame Soldiers’ explosions.

This group of Demon Flame Soldiers had at least a thousand members and the quantity continued to grow.  Even if it was a True Soul Expert like Chen Bingyu, she would still be surrounded and waiting for death.

Shangguan Feichen had ordered Chu Tian to lead them away.

Wasn’t this telling Chu Tian to kill himself?

Nangong Yun was the first one to argue back, “Why don’t you lead them away yourself!”

“You clearly know just how dangerous these exploding demons are!”  Yun Yao was very angry with Shangguan Feichen’s orders, “Actually telling people to go die, what are you planning!”

Shangguan Feichen angrily said, “I am the leader of this cavalry troop and you are disobeying my orders.  I can cut you down right now just based on that!”

“Fuck, you want to cut me down?”  Nangong Yun angrily charged over on her horse, “Since we’re all dead, then I’ll just crush you with my hammer first!”

Nangong Yun was a fiery powder keg, not accepting anyone except for Chu Tian.  Now this stinky Western Marquis’ successor had continuously picked a fight with Chu Tian, but Chu Tian had continued to ignore him.  Now he wanted Chu Tian to go die?  God, if he even endured this, wouldn’t Central State be considered a soft egg?


He didn’t even get to say dare.

Nangong Yun appeared in front of Shangguan Feichen and her giant hammer was covered in red runes.  It released an iron melting energy as it pounded down on Shangguan Feichen while glowing.

Nangong Yun was in the Illustrious Soul Realm and had a great strength.  If she really hit Shangguan Feichen, even if he was not killed, he would still be knocked off the horse, being killed by the surrounding demons.

Everyone was stunned.

Was this woman crazy?

She actually angrily attacked the Western Marquis’ successor with her hammer!

The Western Marquis’ successor was not weak.  Shangguan Feichen was as strong as Shangguan Ming.  A brush appeared in the air, drawing a few strange runes that formed a net of runes.

It instantly formed a shield of runes that was thin as a cicada’s wing, but it was very bright that made others feel like it was very firm.


A hammer directly crushed it.

Shangguan Feichen’s face fell, “This woman is quite strong!”

The burning giant hammer continued to fall and Shangguan Feichen used his brush as a spear.  It was a good thing that the shield had weakened the might of the giant hammer, which allowed him to deflect it.


The pen released several drops of black energy, but that wasn’t black ink.  Using the Shangguan Family’s special technique, spirit energy could be condensed into dense drops.  Each drop could pierce through metal ores, so even if it was the protective spirit energy of an Awakened Soul Cultivator, it would be broken through!

Peng, peng, peng!

Several deep sounds resounded!

The drops bounced off of Nangong Yun’s protective starlight layer.  It formed giant cracks in the barrier, but it did not shatter.

Shangguan Feichen’s face fell again.  This defensive cultivation technique was……Did all the people by Chu Tian’s side all learn this one technique?

Nangong Yun gave a laugh of disdain, “The Western Marquis’ successor is only this strong.  Watch my hammer!”

She attacked with her hammer once again.

Shangguan Feichen was enraged, “You think I won’t dare to kill you?  Die!”

“Nangong, stop!”  Chu Tian shouted.  Now was not the time to fight.  There were Demon Flame Soldiers all around them and the thousand cavalry were surrounded, this was no time to fight, “Let’s first break through the blockade!”

“Disobeying your leader, your crime is execution!”  Shangguan Feichen’s face turned green, “The only way to make up for your crime is to perform merits, which is to lead away the exploding demons!”

Shangguan Feichen had only exchanged moves with Nangong Yun for a bit, but he could feel how strong the opponent was.  Even if he could beat her, he would have to pay quite a high price.


A branch member of the Nangong Family had this kind of strength!

There were more and more Demon Flame Soldiers in front of them, weakening the charge of the cavalry, letting the Demon Flame Soldiers catch up from behind.  The current situation was critical.  Once the Demon Flame Soldiers caught up, then they would face a disaster.

“Giving such a good merit earning opportunity to me, how could I not appreciate it?!”   Chu Tian shouted to Nangong and the others, “You guys follow me, we’re drawing the Demon Flame Soldiers away!”

Agreeing so easily.

Shangguan Feichen couldn’t ask for anything else!

It would be best if they all died while being surrounded by Demon Flame Soldiers!

Chu Tian raised his Netherworld Sword high up, “There is a great merit in front of us, let’s not miss it!  Charge with me!”  He left the group after saying this, charging into the dense group of Demon Flame Soldiers.

Nangong Yun, Feng Caidie, and Yun Yao were all stunned.  This was simply suicidal, but they believed in Chu Tian and the three of them followed behind him without any hesitation.

Who cares how many there are!

Let’s charge in!

They turned their horses around as they charged into the dense crowd of Demon Flame Soldiers!

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