MT Chapter 216


Chapter 216: Abyss Demon Soldiers

In the next morning, the Thunder State troops assembled.

Thunder State had assembled an army of forty thousand who would charge into the captured villages, stabilizing the region and containing the demonized life forms.  The three marquises would lead the most elite Storm Cavalry, taking only a single day’s worth of supplies to charge into the center area like a sharp knife.

Quickly finishing the battle!

Destroying the demon stone in one fell swoop!


Countless people of Thunder State City came out to send the troops off.

This rare hundred year disaster had made Thunder State lose too much.  The people of Thunder State placed all their hopes on the three marquises.  They hoped that the strength of the three marquises would solve this disaster, bringing peace back to Thunder State.

The Golden Arrow Marquis calmed his people, “Everyone, there is no need to worry.  The strong support of Central State and Southern State are here, we will be able to defeat the demon stone and save the demonized area of Thunder State!”

“Long live!”

“Long live!”

Countless citizens shouted out.

Many people shed bitter tears on the spot.

Not only had this disaster made them lose their possessions, it had also chased them from their homes and made them lose their families.

Now there was finally no need to be worried or afraid!

The Southern Summer Eight Marquis were the top experts of the Southern Summer Country!

They were considered as strong as Spiritual Gods in the mind of normal people.  Now that there were three marquis mobilized, what problem couldn’t they solve?

“Yi, how strange.”  The Divine Wind sat atop a Storm Colt and looked around.  Then he asked Chu Tian near him, “Where did Chen Bingyu go?”

The Divine Wind Marquis had not seen Chen Bingyu since yesterday.

Chu Tian revealed a mysterious smile, “I had her make some preparations ahead of time, just in case there is a mishap.”

The Divine Wind Marquis helplessly nodded.  Chen Bingyu was his friend, so he was very clear on her personality.  Even the Divine Wind Marquis had no way of ordering her, but no one expected Chen Bingyu to follow Chu Tian’s orders.  It really takes a monster to subdue a monster!

But then again.

What was this boy planning?

“We ask everyone to return to the city and await our success!”

“Everyone, set out!”

The Golden Arrow Marquis roared.

The war horn sounded and the three armies set off.

The strongest cavalry of the Southern Summer Country was the Storm Cavalry.  Thunder State had sent out two thousand, and Central State and Southern State had both sent out one thousand and five hundred!  With an army of five thousand they charged forth into the center of the disaster zone!

In this world, it was very dark and gloomy, as if it was covered in a strong evil aura.

The closer they came to the disaster zone, the more wilted the plants around them appeared to be.

The planar crack formed for a very short period of time.

Because once the crack formed, the space and time laws would immediately repair it.

If the crack had not been repaired, the abyss world would have forcefully charged through, breaking into this plane.  It would be the powers of the abyss world charging into their plane with the Abyss Demon.

The more powerful the demon invaders, the worse the impact would be.

The land had been completely eroded by the abyss aura, which meant that this invading demon was very strong!

So, when the demon invaded Thunder State, the majority of the citizens died and a portion of the cultivators were turned into Abyss Demon Soldiers.

On the land polluted by the abyss aura, there will be a long term effect on the animals and plants that live there.  Humans with their quick reproduction will gain a new power from their adaptability, but it will come with a cost.  Their natures will become bloodthirsty and their body weights will increase due to deformities.

After three hours.

The five thousand cavalry lined up by a hill.

The flag flapped in the wind, with a seriousness filling the camp.  It was the calm before the fight.

“Everyone look!”  The Golden Arrow Marquis held the reins in one hand and a golden bow in the other, “In front of us is the affected White Jade City.  The demon stone fell from the sky into the center of White Jade City, eliminating everyone living there.  80% of the citizens were normal people who were killed and the other 20% were cultivators who were turned into monsters.”

A burnt black city was in front of them.  There was a giant hole in the center of White Jade City that looked like it had been hit by a meteorite.  The one strange thing was that in the center of the hole, there were green flames burning.

Everyone could clearly feel a strong consciousness and might coming from the center of the giant meteorite crater.

It was very strong!

Just like a volcano.

One that could erupt at any moment!

The Storm Colt felt restless from this aura.  This kind of power was very strong and only highly demon beast mounts could resist it.  If they had brought ordinary mounts with them, they would have been scared off before a fight could even occur.

“The demonized beings around this area is even more dense than we imagined.”  The Divine Wind Marquis looked around the area and found many Demon Abyss Soldiers surrounding White Jade City, “If the three of us fight our way in, we’ll use up all our spirit energy beforehand.”

The Golden Arrow Marquis nodded, “We must delay the demonized beings while the three of us destroy the demon.”

It wouldn’t be hard for the three Marquises to fight their way in with their cultivation bases.

The problem was, what happened if they were surrounded?

Even if the three Marquises were strong, they would quickly exhaust their spirit energy.  When a cultivator lost their spirit energy, then they had no battle strength.

“I suggest we break off in three groups.”  The Western Marquis gave a suggestion, “One thousand to the left and right, and three thousand down the middle.  The two groups to the left and right will slaughter their way around the city, clearing the blockade while drawing the attention of most of the Demon Abyss Soldiers.  We will charge down the middle to the crater and kill that demon stone releasing this evil energy!”

“I think that’s possible.”  The Golden Arrow Marquis said, “To kill the demons, the best method is to use the mobility of our cavalry and the layout of White Jade City to contain them, killing them off in one strike!”

The Divine Wind Marquis did not have any objections.

“The strategy has been decided, it’s time to move.”  The Golden Arrow Marquis Jiang Xiong announced, “Killing demons today will be the same as killing enemies on the battlefield, with the highest contributor being reported to the Calm Martial Ruler.  Do your best and don’t miss this chance.”

“Feichen!”  The Western Marquis suddenly shouted, “Our Southern State only has a single person left, so you’ll go with the Central State talents to the left.”

Letting Shangguan Feichen go to the left, wasn’t that causing trouble for Chu Tian?

The Divine Wind Marquis commented, “The two successors can change places, that’ll minimize problems with the team.”

“Humph, with Feichen there, will it cause problems with the team?  What logic is this!”  The Western Marquis Shangguan Hong was not giving the Divine Wind Marquis any face, “The Golden Arrow Marquis’ successor, Lian Pojun, and Lian Changge have been a team for a long time, forming a tacit understanding.  If we break them up now, wouldn’t that decrease our battle strength?”

“There is no danger in Central State and the youth of Central State do not have battle experience.  Even if Feichen hasn’t been in any life or death situations, he has fought the southern barbarians for many years, breaking through the enemy lines many times.  Although he can’t command an army, it is more than enough for him to command a small team.”  Shangguan Hong said this and then arrogantly looked over at Chu Tian’s group, “Of course, that is on the premise that no one purposefully impedes him.”

Shangguan Hong’s words were not without reason.

The Divine Wind Marquis did not see it like this.  The Shangguan Family had picked two fights yesterday, losing both and causing both geniuses to be heavily injured.  These two were the left and right hand of Shangguan Feichen, so how could he accept this?  He would cause trouble for Chu Tian on the battlefield!

“We’re facing a common enemy, there’s no time for personal grudges.”  Before the Divine Wind Marquis spoke, Chu Tian took the initiative to agree, “Then we’ll just let the Shangguan successor lead us.”

Chu Tian was not afraid of being overwhelmed!

If Shangguan Feichen caused trouble, Chu Tian would have Nangong Yun cripple him!

They didn’t know how strong Shangguan Feichen was, but Nangong Yun could already fight against a cultivator at the 5th Awakened Soul Layer.  Feng Caidie’s strength was not that much weaker compared to Nangong Yun, and there was also Yun Yao with a Soul Contracting Weapon.

The most important thing was.

There was the super bodyguard Chen Bingyu secretly guarding them!

If Shangguan Feichen was honest, then everyone would be perfectly safe.  Otherwise, the one in for a bad time was himself.

The Divine Wind Marquis understood what he was thinking, so he did not say anything.

They were divided into three teams.  The left was being led by Shangguan Feichen, the right was being led by Jiang Shan, and the three thousand soldiers in the middle were led by the three Marquises.

Before leaving, Chu Tian said to the Divine Wind Marquis, “The Abyss Demon is stronger than I thought.  If the Marquises cannot handle it, then I suggest you break through to the east and run as fast as possible.”

The Divine Wind Marquis was stunned, “What do you mean?  Do you think that we cannot beat it?”

“From the current situation…..”  Chu Tian knit his brows as he looked at the crater, “It’s hard to say!”

Could the strength of three Marquises not deal with this other world demon?

If even the three Marquises could not deal with it, then what could Chu Tian do with his power?

Chu Tian said to the Divine Wind Marquis in a serious voice, “I ask the Marquis to remember my words.  If you can’t win, draw it to the east.”

“All troops, prepare to attack!”

Shangguan Feichen was riding in the front as the others charged forward with their Storm Colts.  A thousand horses charging together was like an angry wave, charging down the hill side.

“Everyone, charge with me!”

Jiang Shan led a cavalry, charging at the right side of White Jade City from the hill side.  On the withered yellow ground, two explosive cavalry forces charged forward, immediately attacking the demon beings around White Jade City.

There were thousands of Abyss Demon Soldiers around the city.

These Abyss Demon Soldiers had once been the citizens of the city.

They had been burnt black by the flames and their eyes were completely hollow.  From their open mouths, there were green flames coming from within them.  They had already lost their consciousness and only moved on killing intent.

When the cavalry charged forward like a flood, the ground trembled.  The Abyss Demon Soldiers gave a beast like roar as the moved with a speed that a normal person could not imagine.  Falling from the sky like green flaming stars, they came from all directions, colliding with the azure stream of horses.

When they were around fifty-eighty meters of the cavalry.

The azure horses collected their strength and formed an azure wind blade that was the colour of the sea, instantly passing through the demon beings.  The ground was riddled with gashes as countless Abyss Demon Soldiers were sliced to pieces.

The soldiers on the backs wielded their lances.

The horse hooves was like wave!

With a thousand lances sticking out!

The cavalry soldiers increased their speed to four hundred kilometers per hour.  These were elite cavalry soldiers, having quite strong cultivation bases.  With this kind of high speed, even if it was a low grade Awakened Soul Cultivators protective spirit energy, it would be slowly chiseled away.

These citizens enhanced and corroded by the abyss energy, even if they weren’t weaker than the cavalry soldiers, they were still instantly swept away.

The iron charge passed through flesh and blood.

The wave of cavalry passed through, spilling dark blood everywhere, and covering the ground with black limbs.  After a single charge, the dense crowd of Abyss Demon Soldiers had been mostly scattered and the ground was turned black by demonic blood.

The strongest cavalry in the Southern Summer Country was truly strong, turning this into a completely one sided slaughter!

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