LXY Book 7: Chapter 2


Book 7: Chapter 2 – Relocating family

Although all the Transcendents were really anxious, they still waited patiently, because they knew that the Demigod overlords were trying their hardest to defend the various territories of the Xia Clan.

“I never would have thought that a demon invasion would happen in our era!” Yuan Qing couldn’t believe it, he felt confused and had mixed emotions regarding the situation .

“Since ancient times, our Xia Clan often had demon invasions,”explained Xue Ying. “The Dark Abyss is where darkness, destruction, and negativity gather. It can connect with numerous material planes and worlds. Occasionally, when there’s a spatial fluctuation, the Dark Abyss can establish a connection with our Xia Clan world for a short period of time. I don’t know how long this  fluctuation lasts, though.”

“Mn,” Cheng Ling Shu was also worried. “From the information we have received so far, the invasion this time is quite severe.”


Demon invasions also have  degrees in severity.

In Xia Clan’s history, the largest demon invasion involved 300 demon Demigods, not including  other lower ranked demons. The Xia Clan’s humankind and beasts faced extinction, leaving only a small number who took refuge in the Infernal Realm. Even the Infernal Realm was attacked by the demons while humankind could only fend for themselves.

The events of that time were really tragic!

As time passed by, some of the demons left whilst others gradually died due to old age, reducing their numbers. After all, it was really difficult for demons to multiply or have offspring in the human world. But humankind didn’t have that same difficulty, so gradually the situation reversed, enabling humankind to overcome the situation and go back to their hometowns. But that story was from 90,000 years ago.

Of course, in the long history of Xia Clan, this kind of severe demon invasion only happened twice. One time was the long battle from 90,000 years ago and the second time was 30,000 years ago.

As for the other demon invasions…

Most of these invasions were smaller in scale. Only a handful of demons were lucky enough to find and pass through inconspicuous space cracks and posed no threat to the Xia Clan.

“With what we know, in the short period of time since these demons have arrived, the prefecture city has already been attacked three times,” commented Yu Jing Jiu. “The invasion this time is quite large”

“Ai, so hateful!” Zong Tu couldn’t accept it. “Unfortunately my strength is too weak, otherwise I would have gone to kill those damned Dark Abyss demons!”

Xue Ying also felt anxious.

But the Infernal Realm had already been temporarily shut off from the mortal realm and Transcendents were currently prohibited from going there. The Transcendents could only wait for further instructions from the Infernal Palace whilst they stayed inside the Xia Capital.


The sky gradually darkened.

The cold air also become colder, but Xue Ying and the others could only wait. Actually, Xue Ying was really worried about his family since the demons were attacking without restraint. Were his parents and little brother still fine? But he had no way of rescuing them. He was only able to communicate with them by using the communication wristband, asking them to temporarily seek shelter in a remote area at the foot of the mountain.

“Mn?” Xue Ying suddenly let out a voice. Cheng Ling Shu, Yu Jing Qiu, Zong Tu, Yuan Qing and the others looked at their communication wristbands.

A message was sent to each of them.

This massage was from the Infernal Palace.

“Now is the time for war!

“As you already know, Dark Abyss demons have already invaded. We are unable to determine the exact scale of the invasion, but there are two things you Transcendents have to keep in mind!”

“One, people can only enter but not leave the Infernal Realm! All Demigods and below have to stay in the Infernal Realm, awaiting further commands.”

“Two, our Xia Clan Demigods can help relocate all the important family members of Transcendents into the Infernal Realm. All Transcendents, please inform us of their names within the next two hours. Remember, each Transcendent is only allowed to write a maximum of ten mortal’s names.”

The message was really simple.

But it caused some Transcendents to feel pressure.

It was really easy to relocate their families. One province usually only had ten Transcendents. It would be very easy  for a Demigod to make a trip and send the Transcendent’s family to the Infernal Realm.

Xue Ying and the others didn’t dare delay and immediately contacted their families.

Every Transcendent was only allowed to relocate ten people. The crux of this matter was that, for those Transcendents that had already lived for hundreds or even thousands of years, if they were not limited by a quota, then perhaps one Transcendent would relocate hundreds or even thousands of people.

“Father, mother, I will relocate both of you, along with brother, uncle Zong and uncle Tong. At most, I am allowed to bring ten people. If there’s still another person whom you are willing to bring, immediately inform me!” Xue Ying conveyed this message to his loved ones.

In a short time, a name list was arranged.

Xue Ying’s parents and uncle Zong had no requests, uncle Tong wished to bring his wife and child. His brother Qing Shi, who now stayed at Eternal Wind Academy, wished to bring three fellow students to the Infernal Realm, if there were still some slots left. Xue Ying didn’t have any opposition towards this request, as it perfectly made the headcount of ten people. He quickly sent this name list to the Infernal Palace.



This night definitely was not a peaceful night for the Xia Clan.

Transcendents were gathered at several places. All of them were anxious, but they could only wait. They clearly knew … it took only one elite Demigod with Deity Weapons to kill a Sky or even Saint Transcendent!

They couldn’t do anything to help, and even if they were not content with waiting, they could only obediently stay.

In times like this, it really showed that Demigods were the backbone of Xia Clan!

A powerful Demigod, not only was their strength great, they also could easily penetrate through space and travel to various places.

“They’re here.”

“Someone’s family member has arrived.”

As the first group of family members arrived, the Transcendents came to greet them. Some Transcendents even went to the Infernal Realm’s gate to welcome the newcomers.

Xue Ying, Yu Jing Qiu and the others floated in the sky, looking at Infernal Realm’s gate in the distant high mountain.

Slowly waiting.

Occasionally there were some arriving family members that came from the province that those Transcendents had come from.

“It’s people from the Tranquil Sun Province.” Xue Ying, Yu Jing Qiu, Yuan Jing, Cheng Ling Shu and others were now full of life.

Only then did they see a crowd of people passing through the realm’s gate.

“Mother.” Yu Jing Qiu flew immediately to meet her family.

Xue Ying’s eyes suddenly brightened. He saw his cherished family in the crowd — a robust man and a purple — robed married woman, a six armed devil serpent, and a family of lion-men by their side. On the other side was the extremely handsome Qing Shi and his fellow students — two females and one male.

“Brother!” Shouted Qing Shi.

“Xue Ying,” Mo Yang Yu, his mother, said while smiling. She was happy, not because they escaped from hardship, but because she was seeing her son. Because the Xia Clan world was so broad, it would be fairly rare for any of its inhabitants to encounter those demons. Moreover, the area where Mo Yang Yu and the others lived in was relatively remote. His brother Qing Shi also lived in the Eternal Wind Academy. They hadn’t been threatened by the demons.

It was Xue Ying that was the happiest when they arrived.

After all, it was already a long time since they had last met.

“Mn?” While he was really happy to meet his family, he saw that his little brother and one of his female companions had a close relationship.

Hu. Xue Ying quickly flew over to welcome his family.


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