LXY Book 5: Chapter 4


Book 5: Chapter 4 – Magic Dragon Force

Even as the sky darkened, the Water Daoist Faction remained brightly lit..

Within the Secret Technique Pavilion.

Since the first floor was filled with ‘low-grade secret techniques’, the second floor with ‘middle-grade secret techniques’, and the third floor with ‘high-grade Transcendent secret techniques’, Xue Ying went directly to the third floor.

Even though there was an even higher tier of secret techniques, the ‘Deity Rank secret technique’, only the Temple of Earth God, Bloodshed Tavern and Demonic Faction had such manuals!


“Secret techniques are extremely important.” As Xue Ying flipped through a few manuals, he became increasingly aware of the gravity of his choice.

A Qi cultivation method would only allow him to cultivate his Qi.

On the other hand, secret techniques were methods on how to apply Qi!

An analogy would be to use a piece of paper as a rope after rolling it up. At its limit, it could only lift an object weighing a few kilograms. A heavier weight would simply tear the paper rope, rendering it useless.

However, slicing the paper into hundreds of strips and braiding it together would allow it to lift much heavier objects, even with a weight exceeding ten kilograms.

Just modifying how the material was applied to the task at hand could create such a stark difference in its lifting capability!

“Secret techniques allow for the exquisite integration between a person and their Qi.” Xue Ying took up a secret technique manual, reading the brief overview written within, “Some secret techniques would allow the Qi to have a compound effect when defending. Some would markedly increase a person’s attacking power. There were even techniques that could increase a person’s flexibility in his movements. Utilising the same amount of Qi would lead to a great increase in combat power after an exquisite integration of the Qi.”

Transcendents could cultivate several secret techniques simultaneously.

Utilizing multiple techniques during battle could vastly improve one’s versatility!


Seeing the countless rows of secret technique manuals stored within the pavilion made Xue Ying’s heart feel an intense longing.

“It’s not early anymore.” Xue Ying looked at the colour of the sky. Even though many places within the Water Daoist Faction were still lit up, he reckoned that it was already late into the night. He really had become totally engrossed in reading all those secret technique overviews. Finding the right secret technique differed from finding the right weapon where he could just feel for its suitability through experimenting with a few moves. Instead… reading these technique introductions made him totally lose track of time.

“Oh yes, the Vice Temple Head said to visit the innermost bookshelves within the third floor.” Xue Ying immediately went into the aforementioned location before starting to flip open the manuals, “The Vice Temple Head could see that I had awakened my primordial bloodline with a single look. I wonder if there might be books related to bloodlines here?”


Suddenly, Xue Ying was startled. He picked up a gold coloured manual called ‘Volume of Light’. Looking at the brief introduction, he realised, “This is actually a manual for cultivating one’s physique?”

“Who would have thought that there is a cultivation method within the Water Daoist Faction specialised in cultivating one’s physique.” Xue Ying continued with his thorough search before finding another similar physique cultivation method called ‘Magic Dragon Art’.

“‘Volume of Light’ and ‘Magic Dragon Art’ are actually manuals that the founder of the Water Daoist Faction, Patriarch ‘Water Emperor’, sent back from the Deity world?” Xue Ying was brimming with wonder as he read through the introductions. The Water Emperor was actually the creator of the Water Daoist Faction, and an ancestor from the Xia Clan who became a Deity over eight million years ago. After becoming a Deity and entering the Deity world, he still held onto his homeworld deep inside his heart.

There were several Qi cultivation secret techniques and body cultivation methods that he tried sending back to his homeworld! Actually, there were many Transcendent secret techniques which were brought back by many Xia ancestors from the Deity world. After all, no Transcendents were capable of creating such formidable secret techniques.

As for Deity secret techniques?

Within the history of Xia Clan, even though many ancestors had entered the Deity world, none had been able to send back a Deity secret technique back.

It was due to the frightening existences supporting the Temple of Earth God, Bloodshed Tavern and Demonic Faction that gave them the opportunity to obtain Deity secret techniques.

“These are actually body cultivation methods.” Xue Ying felt excited.

Compared to Qi cultivation method, the amount of body cultivation methods were few and far between.

Under the heavens, the most famous body cultivation methods belonged to just two organizations – Demonic Faction and the Temple of Earth God!

“The hope of awakening of my primordial bloodline lies within these cultivation methods.” Xue Ying flipped  through the two manuals.

It was really difficult for one to awaken his primordial bloodline the second time.

There were two methods for awakening.

The first method was through body cultivation. Absorbing the World Energy relentlessly to strengthen one’s body would increase the chances of a second awakening. According to the records left behind within the history of Xia Clan, those primordial bloodline awakeners who were able to cultivate their physique until the peak of the Saint realm would certainly encounter a second awakening! Of course, just by cultivating the physique to the middle stage of Saint realm would already greatly increase the chances of a second awakening.

As for the second method, it was entirely dependent on luck. Who knows, maybe one could awaken his primordial bloodline a second time during a life and death battle.

Those were the two methods.

The chances of a secondary awakening through the second method were too low. Not a single person had undergone that in the entire history of Xia Clan! Instead, it was someone from the magic beast clan who experienced such fortune.

“Depending on one’s luck instead of a manual.”

‘There is greater hope in a body cultivating method.’ Xue Ying reflected.

Body cultivation and Qi cultivation were greatly different.

Every increase in the realm of a physique required an exponentially greater amount of World Energy to break through! Compared to Qi cultivation, the energy requirement was enormous!

Primordial bloodline awakeners would see their fleshly body improving to the middle stage of the Sky realm immediately upon becoming a Transcendent.

To reach the peak stage of the Sky realm through body cultivation, one would require 500 kilograms of Origin Stone! This was even greater than the amount required to cultivate Qi from middle stage of the Sky realm all the way till the initial stage of the Saint realm! This time around, to invite a monstrously genius talent like Xue Ying, the Water Daoist Faction had decided to give him 300 kilograms of Origin Stone.

Yet for the body to break through from the Sky realm peak stage to Saint realm initial stage, one would require 25,000 kilograms of Origin Stone! This was a greater expense than cultivating Qi all the way till the Demigod realm.

From the Saint realm initial stage till the middle stage, the amount required was approximately one million Origin Stone! Such number would make a Demigod’s heart tremble. After all, most of them could never obtain such a large amount in their entire life!

To reach peak stage of the Saint realm from the middle stage… the amount required was just unimaginable! According to the words passed down by someone from the Deity World, even if every single Origin Stone from the Transcendent worlds within a material world were dug up, it still would not be enough!

That was why the moment the fleshly body reached the peak stage of the Saint realm, the cultivator would definitely undergo the second awakening of their primordial bloodline!

‘The stronger the fleshly body, the greater the hope of undergoing a second awakening. As of today, I have many Origin Stones in my possession. Taking out 500 kilograms of it for cultivating my body till the peak stage of the Sky realm is still worth the effort.’ Xue Ying thought. In the future, when his combat power becomes stronger and he possessed more Origin Stones, he would take out another 25,000 kilograms of it to improve his body till Saint realm initial stage! With that, his chances of a secondary awakening would be much greater.

As for reaching the middle stage of the Saint realm? Well, it was still too far away!


“Which should I choose, ‘Volume of Light’ or ‘Magic Dragon Art’?” Xue Ying looked towards the two body cultivating methods.

A few Qi secret techniques could be cultivated simultaneously.

But it was not the same for body cultivation.

Each body cultivation method would have a corresponding secret technique that must be cultivated together!

The supporting secret technique of ‘The Magic Dragon Art’ was the ‘Magic Dragon Force’.

‘Magic Dragon Force’ was a secret technique that minutely transforms one’s inner musculoskeletal structure!

This was quite similar to the birth of mortals.

Some were born weak, while others were born with great innate talent. Some even had huge innate physical strength the moment they were born. All of these were caused by the differences in the musculoskeletal structure during birth.

The same could be said for beasts of the sixth rank. Some were fast while others had huge power.

‘Magic Dragon Force’ was a secret technique discovered through investigating the fleshly body of an enormous dragon within the Deity World. Pairing it with the ‘Magic Dragon Art’ was extremely appropriate – they could empower the tenacity of muscles and bones, increasing the amount of explosive power one could exert.

‘Magic Dragon Force’ was split into five different heavens.

The First Heaven increased one’s power by twenty percent. Any Transcendent experts could reach this level through self-realization.

The Second Heaven increased the power by a total of fifty percent. In order to reach this stage, one needed a high comprehension level.

The Third Heaven actually multiplied one’s power by a factor of two! Those who could cultivate until this stage were rarely seen, even amongst experts at the Saint realm.

The Fourth Heaven, multiplied power by a factor of three! Demigod body cultivators of this technique were usually at this stage.

The Fifth Heaven was an increase of six times of one’s original power! The grand completion! Extreme difficulty!

‘This secret technique is extremely formidable.’ Xue Ying felt a great yearning as he gazed at it, ‘Reaching the stage of grand completion only allowed his strength to multiply by six! This could only be a Transcendent secret technique at most.’

Regardless, what did the notion of six times his strength represent?

Activating his Power Bloodline merely doubled his strength at the expense of a large amount of stamina! Yet this Magic Dragon Force represented the idea of transforming the body’s fine structure such that one could have six times their original strength even at the normal consumption rate of his stamina! How miraculous was this? Of course, being a newly promoted Transcendent, it was already quite impressive for Xue Ying to start on the secret technique of ‘Magic Dragon Force’.


The Magic Dragon Art’s matching secret technique was the ‘Magic Dragon Force’. After cultivating it, one’s increase in strength would be clearly seen.

‘Volume of Light’s matching  secret technique was ‘Light Glass Body’. After cultivating it, one’s speed would increase! The subsequent increase in speed could only be described as terrifying.

One must know that primordial bloodline awakeners had a quick physical restoration rate. The more one cultivated, the more their body would grow towards the state of ‘undying’. This was also the reason why many Demigods continued with body cultivation despite knowing that their chances of secondary awakening were unimaginably small. There were even many cultivators who still trained in their body despite not awakening their primordial bloodlines.

‘It’s the ‘Magic Dragon Force’ that I’ll choose then.’ Xue Ying made his decision after some contemplation.

As to why he chose the ‘Magic Dragon Force’, firstly, it was because hidden within the secret technique ‘Magic Dragon Force’ were many Profound Mysteries behind Fire. As for the other ‘Light Glass Body’ technique, it was entirely comprised of the Profound Mystery of Light. Having comprehended both the Fire and Water of Myriad existences, naturally, Xue Ying would choose the one more appropriate for him.

The second reason was because he wanted to increase his physical strength! This coupled with his innate ‘Power Burst’ would be more appropriate.

The third reason was because his own primordial bloodline was none other than the Power Bloodline! Of course, choosing the route of strength would definitely increase his chances of a secondary awakening.

“Ancestor Dragon, Ancestor Sparrow, I have decided to choose this ‘Magic Dragon Force’ method.” Xue Ying said.

“Not choosing a Qi cultivation method?” Ancestor Dragon’s vigorous voice sounded.

“For now, I’ll not be choosing it.” Xue Ying laughed.

The Magic Dragon Force could usually be exchanged via two separate sections. However, seeing that he had the opportunity to freely select any single manual, Xue Ying would naturally take the entire manual!

As for a Qi secret technique?

His current Qi was only at the initial stage of the Sky realm. Even if he spent a long time studying it, his physical strength would temporarily not increase at all! Furthermore, he had a limited amount of mental energy. Thus, it would not be too late for him to cultivate after his Qi reached the cultivation of his body. After all, a ‘secret technique’… would become easier the higher one’s comprehension of the realms becomes.


“Everything is finally completed.”

“Qi cultivation method, weapons and secret techniques are all acquired.” Xue Ying walked out of the Secret Technique Pavilion. Right now, the skies were still dark. There was even a crescent moon shining amidst the skies. “It’s time for me to enter the Infernal World!”

All new Transcendents had to visit the Infernal World as soon as possible.

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