LXY Book 4: Chapter 23


Book 4: Chapter 23 – The Saint Experts

Within Xue Ying’s senses, the breath of that man squatting on the big stone he ground his sword against, felt obscure. He could not determine this man’s true combat power.

Unlike previously when he probed the Head Manor Lord of Tranquil Sun Province Dragon Mountain Manor, ‘Yi Hong’, Xue Ying clearly determined his opponent’s aura of physical Qi and his aura of cultivation Qi then discerned he reached pseudo-Transcendent rank! But this half-shaven man… was someone whose power he could not examine, showing a clear distance between them. On the other hand, his opponent was able to clearly sense Xue Ying’s cultivation and the breath of Qi coming his body.

“Right. I’ve awoken my Primordial Bloodline.” Xue Ying did not try to hide the truth. To Transcendents, awakening their Primordial Bloodline when they were mortal was a small matter.

“I knew it. No wonder your body is so powerful despite your recent transcendence.” The corner of that half-shaven man’s mouth tilted up.


Body transcension would allow one’s body to have a fundamental transformation.

Like those ordinary Legend rankers, their bodies would be very weak and many of them depended on their cultivation Qi! However, once they successfully became a ‘pseudo-Transcendent’, their body transcension would occur. After that, their cultivation Qi would remain the same, but their physical strength could reach the top 500 within the Dragon Mountain Book!

As for Xue Ying, even before his breakthrough, his body strength under ordinary conditions could enter the top 200 within the Dragon Mountain Book. Thus, when he underwent body transcension, his physique changed qualitatively, allowing his physical strength to reach the middle stage of Sky Realm. Should he activate his Power Bloodline, he could even reach the peak of Sky Realm in terms of strength.

Sky Realm was divided into the early stage, the middle stage, and the peak stage!

“Which Bloodline?” The half-shaven man’s eyes brightened up, “Could it operate the World Energy? Or space, or maybe…”

“It’s just an ordinary power breakthrough.” Xue Ying shook his head.

“Such a pity, such a pity. If it could operate the World Energy, the space, or even the undead, your life ahead of this Transcendent’s road would be much simpler.” The half-shaven man lightly shook his head.

Xue Ying nodded.

He was quite clear about the limitations of his Primordial Bloodline.

The chances of a second awakening of Primordial Bloodline were too slim! Thus, his physical strength could be said to have reached its peak. Even after cultivating till the Saint Realm or the Demigod Realm, his physical strength would not have a huge transformation. At the most, he could just depend on resources to strengthen his physical strength by a bit. Forcibly raising his strength to the early stage of the Saint Realm would require so much it would even make a Demigod’s heart throb!

As for his cultivation Qi with regard to time, he could easily cultivate until the peak of Sky Realm! Adding on to the mystical breakthrough of cultivation Qi, he would acquire a strength far beyond his current level. Thus, the future he travelled was one where his cultivation Qi would leap ahead of his physical strength.

Amongst the many Primordial Bloodline users, some could use their awakened powers operate frost, and some could use their awakened powers to operate flame. Some could use their awakened powers to teleport, and some could use their awakened powers to control lightning…

Thus, after transcending, those who could control frost would have an even clearer understanding towards the power of frost, and an even easier time trying to comprehend the Profound Mystery behind Myriad Existences.

As for those who awakened a space-related bloodline, they would be even more heaven-defying! At the Sky Realm, they might even be able to teleport! This was something most Saint-Realm experts could not even achieve.

As for Xue Ying’s power breakthrough, it would provide no aid in comprehending the Profound Mystery behind Myriad Existences! In the future, it would also provide no aid to his combat power, and thus, was such a pity.

“I still thought that you awoke some special Primordial Bloodline, making you more of an genius. Such a pity…” The half-shaven male casually grinned, “Whatever. Receive some moves of mine.”


The half-shaven male suddenly moved.

Xue Ying did not think that his opponent would simply attack him after speaking. Thus, he retreated furiously, shouting out, “Stop.”

He did not want to fight.

That was because he still did not know the identity of his opponent. The six great Transcendents organisations were all orthodox and had been protecting the entire Xia Clan. Thus, they were more united with one another. Any conflicts would result in very few deaths. After all, with the Infernal World setting down the rules and regulations– Transcendents should not kill each other! If they were to kill another Transcendent, they would be investigated and punished accordingly! If it was serious, they might sentenced to death instantly!

Of course, this regulation was invalid in regards to the Demonic Faction, Sorcerer Palace and the aboriginals from Transcendent Worlds.

If the man before him was from the six great Transcendent organisations, he would not be placed in a dire situation. However, if he was from the Demonic Faction or Sorcerer Palace? They might simply kill him! But according to logic, even if there were spies from Sorcerer Palace and Demonic Faction, they would still react much slower than the six big Transcendent organisations!

“Do you think you can escape this?” The semi-bald man turned into an apparition, intercepting Xue Ying. Following that, a black-coloured streamer appeared.

“Such a fast sword.”

Xue Ying was retreating as fast as he could. Within his hands appeared the Flying Snow God Spear. He poured Transcendent Qi into it.


The spear struck the black-coloured streamer yet that black sword ray casually evaded Xue Ying’s strike with ease.

“Hua la~~~” The Flying Snow God Spear varied its attack. Fundamentally, this spear twisted in a simple arc, which allowed it to envelop a large area in front of it. Surrounding the spear was a maelstrom of water. There was no way the black sword ray could dodge it. ‘Chi’, the water attack struck Xue Ying’s spear. A strange force surged out, causing Xue Ying’s spear to pause momentarily. But this pause was enough to allow that sword to penetrate through the defense and enter close combat.

At that moment, Xue Ying’s expression changed.


Xue Ying immediately activated his Power Bloodline. The spear in his hand abruptly swept across his opponent. Blazing flame appeared as it swept with an extremely violent speed. Coupled with the long reach of the spear, that half-bald man could only retreat. Yet he retreated so easily as if he floated off the ground. The spearhead whizzed past in front of him, sweeping across everything within it.

“Hong long long~~~” Xue Ying’s spear swept across with the entirety of his strength, causing the air to release a shockwave, flying to the side with a resounding boom. Everywhere it went, the mountain rock would burst apart and the huge trees would collapse, causing everything to be damaged within a radius of twenty meters. This damage was caused simply by the aftermath of the shockwaves from that attack!

“Eh, you could actually block my attack. How interesting.” The half-bald man’s voice resounded in mid-air.


With a strange fluttering figure, Xue Ying could barely sense his opponent coming directly at him.

Xue Ying had no other choice but to rotate his spear, forming a gigantic water maelstrom in front of him as it became a huge shield to block off his enemy.

“Chi~~” similar to the previous attempt, as soon as the sword touched his spear, his spear would pause momentarily.

But this time… that sword actually stuck to the body of the spear, causing Xue Ying to have a hard time exerting his strength.


The sword stuck along the body of the spear and the blade went right at Xue Ying.

At this moment, Xue Ying could only let go of his Flying Snow God Spear as he rapidly turned his body in an effort to evade the attack. But at the moment he turned, several Fusiform darts shot out from his hands, Shua shua shua… these overwhelming darts shot out under the operation of Xue Ying’s Power Breakthrough. Due to the close distance, the half-bald man could only retreat helplessly, parrying the incoming darts with a rotation of his sword.

Utilising this opportunity, Xue Ying regained hold of his spear.

“Brat, you dare to throw darts at me?” The half-bald man felt helpless, “It seems that to defeat you while suppressing my strength is quite difficult. I’ll need to use eight to ten more moves.”

“Compared to senior, Dong Bo Xue Ying is still quite a distance away.”

Xue Ying said.

During the previous exchange, his opponent was not as physically strong as him. Other than the explosive speed he used to entangle Xue Ying, his speed during the other bouts were suppressed. Other than the strange technique that made his movements unpredictable, his opponent had a higher comprehension that made Xue Ying feel the distance between their skills.

“I’ve already cultivated for over 800 years and have already the peak of Saint Realm. If I were to be your equal, won’t I be ashamed of myself?” The half-bald man tilted the edge of his lips, “But who would have thought that you, brat, have not only comprehended the Profound Mystery behind the Fire of Myriad existences, but have also comprehended another Profound Mystery behind the Water of Myriad existences, with some interconnection between Water and Fire…”

Xue Ying felt startled.

This old guy’s vision was actually so acute.

“You are just 28 this year and yet your control of water and fire were complementary with each other. Who knows, in the future you might be able to control the True Meaning both Water and Fire!” The half-bald man turned over his hand, taking out a piece of paper before throwing it casually. That paper appeared like blade flying across the void. Xue Ying raised his hand to receive it.

“These are the conditions given by our Bloodshed Tavern. As long as you are willing to join us, everything within will be yours. Your comprehension is much better than what I expected, thus allowing me to make the decision myself! Everything on the paper will be increased by fifty percent!” The half-bald man said, “I’ll stay here in the Azure River County for ten days. Within ten days, if you choose to join our Bloodshed Tavern, just tear this piece of paper, and I will come.”

The half-bald man suddenly laughed, “Oh yes, I have not told you my name. I’m called Tu Liang!”

“Tu Liang?” Xue Ying became startled, recalling the information regarding Transcendents previously provided to him..

Saint ranking number ten: Dark Night Sword Devil ‘Tu Liang’, Bloodshed Tavern assassin. Comprehended the ‘True Meaning of Dark Night’.

When they exchanged moves previously, his opponent did not display his control of the Profound Mystery behind Myriad Existences, nor did he display his comprehension of the True meaning! The moment he decided to display it, there would be no way Xue Ying could defend himself against it. Just solely relying on the rotation behind his strange technique was enough to suppress Xue Ying.

“Little Water Mother~~ You’ve been watching at the sides for quite a while. Isn’t it time for you to appear?” the half-bald man mocked.

“You say Little Water Mother?” A roar could be heard from the darkness. A towering, robust figure suddenly appeared on the top of the hill. He was at least 2.5 meters tall, with a sturdy body, and wore a full-body bronze armour. There was even a stream of water surrounding his body. Such a mighty and fierce existence was actually called ‘Little Water Mother’, how could he not be angered by it?

“Hahaha, Little Water Mother is angry. Alright, time for me to go. If I were to continue talking, this Shrine Knight would become mad.” With a flash, the figure of the half-bald man fully assimilated into the darkness, disappearing into nothingness.

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