LXY Book 14: Chapter 21


Book 14: Chapter 21 – Within the Huge Ship

What exactly is here, within this Ice Iron Planet, and how can its aura be so terrifying? Xue Ying felt rather perplexed. His true body back in the Xia Clan world was already a true World Deity, yet this event still left him in terror; the existence represented by this aura was just that powerful.


“Save me! Somebody save me!”

“What is this thing underneath?”


If even Xue Ying was terrified, how could those guards within the fort or their commander not be left with wobbly legs? Those two beauties by his side had long since turned soft and were trembling lightly on the ground.

After all, fear was by far the most basic instinct of life! It did not matter how hard one tried to calm themselves, their knees would still fail them at such a sight.

“What the hell is that thing.” The purple-scaled man’s expression paled.


“Such an unbelievable aura…” All of the workers in the fort were crestfallen, and all they could do was stare into empty space. That aura left them trembling without control, yet, in their hearts, they could sense ripples gradually spreading that let them know that no matter what happened next, it could not be worse than this!

Mere moments later—

Hong long long~ Every last guard or worker felt the entire world crumbling apart. The sky had turned dark, the ground pitch-black. What was previously Ice Iron Planet now lay shattered into countless pieces. The workers turned to look at the guards who were standing on various pieces of the shattered planet; they were after all, Deities, and could still survive in the starry sky.

“Ice Iron Planet has shattered?” A daze spread all over the workers and guards who were watching the scene.

A planet like this, with a gravitational force so powerful, became even more stable as it approached the core. Yet after mining there for so many years, they had actually witnessed it being shattered before their eyes?

“What is…” Soon, the attention of those guards and workers turned to a certain enormous golden rat.

Indeed, there was a golden rat there.

Its body was covered in supple hair of matchless quality, and it was about 100 meters long in total. Its whiskers were fluttering about, and eventually its eyes slowly opened. It gave its surrounding a cursory look.


The space in an area of millions of kilometers in range was sealed tight.

Anything the golden rat looked at, even those pieces of shattered planet, was completely suspended from motion. The workers and guards froze in place, their terror clear from their eyes.

“What exactly is this creature?” The purple-scaled man and those other people were frightened beyond words.

They had been merely following the orders of the Black Bone Mountain Mountain Lord.

Yet if that same Black Bone Mountain Mountain Lord could display its most powerful ability, it would still be far surpassed by this golden rat in front of them.

Nothing could move inside that area of millions of kilometers. Not even Xue Ying, who was hiding in the distant starry sky, could as much as twitch a finger. He even watched as a planet about fifteen billion kilometers away from their position stopped revolving. Some other planets even farther away were frozen in motion.

Everything stopped in place.

The golden rat’s expression was cold and filled with a sense of superiority. It briefly glanced across everything currently frozen under its control for billions of kilometers.

So powerful. Xue Ying was well aware of the enormous gap between him and that creature. It was large enough to completely suppress him, something Xue Ying had never felt before. Naturally, he had met a powerful existence, Forefather Scarlet Flame, who had saved his wife, and knew that his combat power was surely so deep that it surpassed even his imagination. Even so, what he previously seen in the Xia Clan world was merely a World Projection sent down by the forefather.

As for his two senior disciple brothers, Ge Bai and He Fei Yun, both of them were at the stage two World Deity realm and were stronger than Xue Ying, but they did not leave him with that sense of absolute suppression. Even if they were to fight, Xue Ying could still hold on for a little while.

But if he were to face this creature in front of him…even his true body would be doomed in a single move!

Hua. Without warning, the golden rat’s visage turned into that of a plump man dressed in white robes. That slight roundness gave him a cute appearance. He had beady eyes and a thick moustache that angled upward at the ends.

The plump man’s vision swept across his surroundings before coldly asking, “Who is the commander?”

Shua shua shua.

Many of those guards turned to look at their commander, the purple-scaled man.

From the distance, the purple-scaled man was trembling in fear as he replied in a jittery voice, “It’s me.”

“What are you all doing here?” the white-robed plump man continued inquiring.

“Re…Reporting to senior,” the purple-scaled man said, his voice trembling. “I am the seventh commander under the Black Bone Mountain Mountain Lord, and I have received order to station here and oversee mining operations for Ice Iron on this planet. Today we were besieged by an invader—that’s him over there.” He pointed toward Xue Ying, who was gripping his spear not too far away.

Naturally, he was pointing toward the mirage body and not the real one.

“His combat power was too formidable for us to hold on any longer, so we were forced to activate the array,” the man continued. “After the explosion caused by the array, the Ice Iron Planet soon shattered in its entirety.”

The white-robed plump man turned to look Xue Ying’s mirage body and then toward his true body in the starry sky. Being stared at directly cause Xue Ying’s skin to crawl! His only option was to not open his mouth, seeing how the gap was truly too big; his life or death was now completely up to the other party. Unless the man let him, he had absolutely no way of escaping.

“He’s just a Deity, yet you all couldn’t even take him on?” The round man’s vision swept back toward an illusion that had just appeared in the distant starry sky. What it depicted was none other than the events from just before—the time flow had somehow reversed and the battle scene from before was being displayed right in front of him. It started with the events moments ago, when the array erupted, and then depicted Xue Ying’s battle with the silvery-white ice dragon, scenes of him sweeping his way through the corridors, and finally a view of him defeating the Tapir Beast.

Suddenly, the reversal of time ended, and the white-robed plump man waved his hand.


Xue Ying’s true body, which had been hiding in the starry sky, was involuntarily teleported over across tens of millions of kilometers before finally arriving next to the man.

“Greetings, senior,” Xue Ying quickly greeted. He could feel the pressure weighing down on him, but it was not to the extent that his legs would tremble.

On top of that, he had already determined that this person in front of him was not in the realm of powerful existences! The method previously used by the forefather to save his wife, or the recording left by the Sacred Master, Crimson Dust, of the Creation of Heaven and Earth, had given Xue Ying a modicum of understanding as to how powerful existences transcended beyond the laws of the world. This person in front of him might be powerful, but he had yet to take that step.

“You came here to save someone?” the plump man asked.

Xue Ying fell into a slight daze but then immediately nodded. ,“Yes.”

“Unfortunately, you’ve actually disrupted some of my business,” the man coldly continued. He waved his hand casually, and a splendorous, majestic golden-silver ship of titanic proportions appeared by his side. The white-robed man immediately entered it. He then waved his hand, and Xue Ying was also sent flying inside. At that point, Xue Ying could no longer sense his mirage body, since it had already completely dissipated.

Good, good. Very good. That violet-scaled male was inwardly celebrating at the sight of that. To think that he actually offended such a magnificent existence…this chap is basically doomed.

“As for everyone else—out of my sight!”

As soon as his words came out, all of the survivors fearfully fled in every direction. By this point, the purple-scaled man was so frightened that he did not spare his subordinates a second thought.

What’s going on? After a moment of flying, the purple-scaled man shook off that feeling of terror, and then turned around to take a look. He could see the guards of Black Bone Mountain fleeing in terror, but he could not detect a single one of those miners. Where are the miners? Why have they all disappeared?

In fact, it was not only the miners who disappeared; even that gigantic golden-silver ship had disappeared just the same. The sudden vanishing of that ship was enough to send the purple-scaled man into another fit of terror.

“Commander, what should we do now?” The group of subordinates came flying over.

The commander turned back to look at the flying debris left behind in place of the what used to be Ice Iron Planet before replying through gritted teeth, “Whatever can we do? We’ve no choice but to report to the Mountain Lord.”

Within the huge, extravagant ship.

The white-robed man was standing together with Xue Ying by the railings separating the inside of the ship, overlooking the huge hold below. That was actually where the many miners were currently located.

“Who amongst these is the one you want to save?” the man asked.

Xue Ying felt rather surprised. The mysterious expert had actually teleported all the miners over and had, in fact, not acted against him in any way. Either way, Xue Ying was not particularly scared of him, since even if the avatar was killed, his true body could still cultivate another back in the Xia Clan world. He was actually somewhat unconcerned.

“Senior, one of these miners is, indeed, my clansman,” Xue Ying explained while pointing toward Emperor Yun Hai. He was well aware that lying would be a very foolish action in front of such an expert.


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