LXY Book 13: Chapter 9


Book 13: Chapter 9 – Nine Snakes

That stream of particles was actually a very unique battleship from the Deity world. It had a total of nine snakeheads right at the front, with the centermost head being the biggest of the bunch.

Nine snakes? Xue Ying looked to the distant ship. Is the Sorcerer God himself coming out?

The one known as the Sorcerer God was actually a member of one of the rarest and most unique beast races in existence, the Nine-Headed Snake. Xue Ying had previously encountered the Spider Queen who had a terrifying innate talent; the Nine-Headed Snake was quite similar in that regard! This race of snakes were famous for their venom, while the Sorcerer God himself had become a Deity in a short period of time and then rapidly improved in terms of his usage of hex poisons. He had succeeded in refining a Realm Heart within 10,000 years, thus becoming the territory Lord of a mortal world, and was then given the name of Sorcerer God in the Deity world.

Still, as a realm lord, his battleship was not one of the mass-produced battleships and was instead made especially for him. Its bow was usually adorned with nine snakes.


Upon seeing the appearance of the battleship, Xue Ying could vaguely guess that it might be controlled by the Sorcerer God’s avatar!

His avatar is personally driving the ship? Xue Ying could not help himself from getting nervous. He would not dare act in reckless abandon, seeing how the Sorcerer God’s avatar had a much higher comprehension than him.

“Are you the Sorcerer God?” Xue Ying voiced.


Only upon receiving those words did the nine-headed snake battleship stop. It had flown for over a hundred thousand kilometers already. A voice reverberated from within. “You were actually able to guess it was me?”

“I’ve long ago learned that you, Sorcerer God, are a Nine-Headed Snake.” Xue Ying smiled. “Once I saw a battleship with that mark flying over, of course I could guess it would be you inside. Who else would dare drive such a battleship?”

“For you to know about my true form…it would seem your Xia Clan’s information network is better than I imagined,” Sorcerer God coldly replied with a frown.

Xue Ying did not bother explaining that he had actually received this bit of information from his two seniors within Crimson Rock Mountain.

“Sorcerer God, you’re quite a smart one; you’re aware that your power is being suppressed by the Laws of the material world, so you instead chose to drive a battleship, didn’t you?” Xue Ying held his Blood-Drinking Spear in a single hand as he stood in mid-air and looked toward the nearby Nine-Headed Serpent Battleship. “It’s a pity that you won’t be able to solve anything just by relying on that battleship.”

Xue Ying’s mouth was spouting big words, but his heart remained vigilant. He was using his domain to sense his surroundings, and the Star Pagoda world allowed him to thoroughly investigate any undulations coming from that battleship. The one driving the battleship was, after all, the Sorcerer God’s avatar—an existence who grasped hold of a grade one Deity Heart.

“Brat, this battleship of mine is very formidable. You’ll soon find out in what way.” The distant Nine-Headed Serpent Battleship disappeared the very next moment.


The battleship was much faster even than Elder You Ping’s from a while ago. Within moments, it had already reached the front line. The Nine-Headed Serpent Battleship began being enveloped by a huge, complex array which then let out a terrifying, destructive power.

Hu hu hu~

Countless grayish blades formed what seemed like a gale which swept across in every direction. Every one of those blades cleaved and slashed anything in its path as it passed through the thousands of kilometers ahead. Xue Ying was the very first obstacle in their path. Such an attack had a huge area of effect and was so fast that he had no way of evading it. He could only turn his body illusory and hide in the Mirage before taking the attack head-on.

The blades which entered the Mirage only had seventy to eighty percent of their original power when they directly slashed at Xue Ying.

The surface of Xue Ying’s body was protected by his True Meanings and secret techniques. The incoming blades were first met by that protective surface and then also had to cut into the Deity armor he was wearing. Even though the gale-like force cutting him had been dampened by his armor, the impact was still transmitted into Xue Ying’s body and formed countless small grayish wind blades to wreak havoc inside. Even so, their power was clearly much weaker than before.

His Time Immemorial body had easily resisted the attack without sustaining any injuries. With the small exception of a faint numbness in his body, he was actually rather comfortable.

The gale soon dissipated, and Xue Ying’s body recondensed. That battleship’s attack was still within a range he could easily withstand. With the help of his domain, he was able to discern the approximate strength of the attack and find out beforehand that it would not pose any threat. He was still quite calm and collected; knowing he could not be injured, what was there to be afraid of?

This Dong Bo Xue Ying’s body is actually sturdy enough to withstand that attack head-on? Inside the battleship, the golden-robed Sorcerer God’s expression slightly changed.

This battleship had been specially crafted for this war.

It was created for use in unforeseen circumstances…so that he would be able to personally fight. However, it only had a total of two different offensive arrays—one meant for targeting groups, while the other had its focus on one single target!

Sou sou sou!

Without warning, the other snake heads by the sides of the central shot out all at once—a total of eight little snake heads launched forward like a ray of particles, disappearing into nothingness as soon as they began moving.

Xue Ying was originally quite calm and collected, but as soon as those snake heads launched forward, his heart tightened; he could his hair stand on end!


It was quite taxing for him to to maintain his domain as to investigate the attack, but with the help of the Star Pagoda world, he could easily sense those eight snake heads shooting out. They were moving along the undulations of space, each of them accompanied by a destructive force that could tear through anything in its path. Xue Ying could sense the threat of those eight pike-length snakes and could easily understand that the consequences of getting hit by them would be dire.

“Break for me.” Xue Ying no longer dared to hold back on his combat power. The Great Chaotic True Force began covering his entire body and was then transmitted into the Blood-Drinking Spear. He employed one of his spear techniques to parry the incoming attack.


The black spear swept along those pike-like snake heads, and when they clashed, the pikes were immediately sent flying backward.

In spite of warding off that attack, Xue Ying could still feel a few strands of a sinister energy tunnel into his body. But together with his protective True Meaning and his armor, the Time Immemorial body could safely disregard those attacks.

Peng peng peng! Each of those pikes had a power at the peak of the Deity realm. Xue Ying’s spear was unpredictable as he deflected all the incoming snake heads from mid-flight!

One could only see those eight pike-like snake heads flipping about in mid-air for a bit before soon returning to the distant battleship.

Damn. Inside the battleship, the gold-robed Sorcerer God was gritting his teeth. He’s truly vigilant.

These had been the only two offensive methods of the battleship.

One was good against groups, while the other targeted a single person.

Naturally, he had much more confidence in the pike attack. His strategy had been to to first sweep out wantonly, so as to lower Xue Ying’s vigilance before following up with the snake pike attack! If Xue Ying had dared use his body to directly block those attacks, he would have surely lost.

Unfortunately, Xue Ying had been researching the Chaotic Suppression inside Crimson Dust Island under a time acceleration of a hundred times normal precisely because he considered it his biggest chance to gain a victory! It was only natural that he would pour all of his mental energy on this secret skill. That was why Xue Ying’s current strongest attacks from were the Star Meteor Annihilation and the Chaotic Suppression, two of his spear technique secret skills.

While the Star Meteor Annihilation was a secret skill formed from the fusion of two True Meanings, Chaotic Suppression was instead part of the Profound Mysteries which Xue Ying had comprehended after learning the Great Chaotic True Force. He had improved it into a killing move focused on absolute offensive power after a few hundred years of research.

Having spent such a long of time researching this aspect, Xue Ying could sense that snake pike attack was quite similar in feeling to the chaos hole.

Without that knowledge, he might not have been able to discern the true threat of that attack.

But he clearly understood one point…this move was sinister!

It’s fortunate that the attack of that battleship was quite simple. Those snake heads did not transform after flying out, which left me time to parry them. Xue Ying sighed inwardly. Had they been in close quarters, the attack might have underwent a greater amount of changes which would have, in turn, made it much harder to block. Even though the power released by that battleship’s attack was incredible, everything had to go according to the original parameters of the array, so it was much easier for him to deflect it.

The gold-robed Sorcerer God was quite unreconciled, but there was nothing he could do.

With a grade one Deity Heart, his realm was indeed high!

But the two offensive arrays of the battleship were too simple. At the same time, they could have been a hundred times more complex, and he could still easily control them. However, the more complicated the array, the more energy it needed for the activation. This battleship used Deity crystals for operation, and an array that was any stronger would most likely require the energy of a World Deity to operate. As a mere avatar, he had absolutely no way of tapping into his World Deity energy.

If the Xia Clan Transcendents felt the Deity world battleship arrays were too complex…the Sorcerer God, as a World Deity, instead found them to be too simple and lacking in power.


Looking over the ship carefully, Xue Ying was able to observe a gold-robed man walk out through the cabin door. The figure who looked quite tyrannical, though his eyes were faintly filled with killing intent. With a wave of his hand, he stored the Nine-Headed Serpent Battleship away.

This gold-robed man stared Xue Ying down. “I had a feeling it might be tough to kill you using those fixed arrays of the battleship. It would seem I’ll have to personally act in the end.”

“Sorcerer God.” Xue Ying smiled on the outside, but the killing intent in his heart gushed out.

This person before him was precisely the Sorcerer God, the one whose hex poison caused him to suffer for a hundred long years. Not only that, he had now come to threaten the entire Xia Clan with extinction! Of course, it was merely his descended Deity avatar there on that day!

“You should be quite proud of having made me spend so much energy just to kill you.” The gold-robed Sorcerer God casually hovered in the air. His figure was somewhat blurry, as if he existed in this dimension of space but at the same time not.

“You? Alone?” Xue Ying sneered.

“Right. Just me.” The gold-robed Sorcerer God nodded.


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