LXY Book 13: Chapter 23


Book 13: Chapter 23 – Honorable Defeat

There was a world amongst the billion of material worlds where, instead of humans, beast lifeforms roamed.

Countless beasts reproduced and thrived here. On this world, there was a sacred ground, where the grandest, most magnificent existence worshipped by the countless beats resided. That eternal existence, who remained unparalleled, was none other than the Sorcerer God!

Countless beasts were multiplying and living here, and amongst them there was a sacred ground. It was rumored that the biggest magnificent existence whom the countless beasts believed in, was living there–that eternal existence and one that was unparalleled–the Sorcerer God!

Ai. Misty-eyed, the Sorcerer God stood at the mountain peak.


As the eternal existence worshipped by the beasts, his status was extremely high and, indeed, rather exaggerated! But as the territory Lord of a material world, he would be able to live for a long time, as long as he did not offend any powerful existences. Even the stage four World Deities, whose existences stood high above the others, could not kill him. Some material world territory Lords died due to the burden of a long life, caused by a festering self-doubt that sends the cultivator into a crazed state. Some died because their True Deity Heart crumbled to dust, while others had sealed their memories before starting a new life via reincarnation.

Naturally, the Sorcerer God was still quite young amongst the many World Deities, so he still had a long, undetermined future.

“I was actually defeated—and to such a state as well.” The Sorcerer God lightly sighed. “I have spent so much effort over the many years, but it all has come to naught! I was actually defeated by an apex Transcendent. It was an honorable defeat.”

Although he had previously been anxious and infuriated, after truly tasting defeat, the Sorcerer God accepted the outcome fairly quick.

The losses may have been large, but as a territory Lord, there would be opportunities to rise again.

“This Dong Bo Xue Ying is truly outstanding.” The Sorcerer God mumbled to himself, “Taking into account his lifespan up until the war began, and excluding the time acceleration within Crimson Rock Mountain, he has spent only two hundred years or so cultivating. Just a mere two hundred or so years…yet he has grasped hold of three different grade two Deity Hearts and even a full set of secret skills. Such an apex Transcendent is truly, incredibly rare.”

It was truly difficult to create a personal secret skill, but Xue Ying had three Deity Hearts as well as an entire set of secret skills despite having a very short cultivation period!

“Who would have thought…

“I had stalled any unforeseen circumstances that may have arose and had even defended against that stage three World Deity from the Temple of the Earth God…but in the end, I met an apex Transcendent in this little mortal world with a talent rarely seen even in the Deity world.” The Sorcerer God sighed. “His cultivation period is short. If we gave him a little more time, would he be able to grasp hold of a grade one True Meaning…?”

Truly too formidable!

Elder You Ping was the personal disciple of the Qi Lan Monarch, yet he had merely grasped hold of two grade two Deity Hearts and one self-created secret skill! Furthermore, he had cultivated for over two thousand years! Elder You Ping was already quite a dazzling existence and was also stronger than the Meishan Clan Master, Chen Jiu and the others.

But compared to Xue Ying?

In any and every aspect, he was entirely crushed by Xue Ying! This was a qualitative gap. Such an apex Transcendent, in the Sorcerer God’s opinion, would certainly have hopes of grasping a grade one True Meaning if someone were to spend a little more effort grooming him and if he was blessed with more miraculous encounters.

“Did he actually utilize part of the World Energy during the final attack of his, when he killed my avatar alongside the Great Demonic God’s?” The Sorcerer God nodded. “Right, he grasped hold of the Mirage Deity Heart, which is indeed able to reflect the entire Xia Clan world. Furthermore, the Mirage world and the real world are the same, only from different angles of perspective. With this foundation, he should most likely be able to refine the Realm Heart after a little improvement. With his talent, Dong Bo Xue Ying should be able to succeed within a hundred years. Even at his slowest, it will only take him a thousand years.”

The Sorcerer God shook his head.

A territory Lord of a material world was about to emerge!

One who had stepped on both him and the Great Demonic God.

“This Dong Bo Xue Ying is truly too formidable.” The Sorcerer God recalled how the events had developed before subconsciously shaking his head. “Those hundred years where he had been tortured by the hex poison had most likely trained his will. With the grooming provided by Crimson Rock Mountain…this led to an apex Transcendent truly shooting up to the sky.

“This truly was an honorable defeat.

“After all, who would have thought that we would meet such an apex Transcendent. This minute chance has actually been given to both me and the Great Demonic God.” The Sorcerer God shook his head.

At this moment, if the Sorcerer God was relatively calm, then far away in the Dark Abyss, the Great Demonic God, Da Er Hao, was truly furious!

“Damn, damn, ah ah ah, damn!” Accompanied his furious roar, an invisible black undulation spread outward. Several guards had already been turned into smithereens from a mere brush by this wave, and the subordinates further away from the epicenter had truly been frightened, to the point of trembling.

Within the palace hall.

The Great Demonic God walked over, a pair of enormous horns on his head and a savage look on his face.

“I was actually defeated, defeated? After preparing for such a long time, I was actually defeated? Sorcerer God, that fool, isn’t he very confident of himself? And that Dong Bo Xue Ying, how could an apex Transcendent appear so suddenly. Even in the Dark Abyss, such a Transcendent is rarely met. Countless demons have emerged in this territory of mine, yet never has there been a demon who is so formidable.

“Such Transcendent actually appear on a mortal world? And I’ve actually met him so coincidentally?

“Ah ah ah, damnit!”

The Great Demonic God furiously roared out.

He hated this.

He hated meeting Xue Ying, that apex Transcendent. This Transcendent, if placed in the Deity world, could easily be accepted by powerful existences if they were not that picky; he could easily become a personal disciple of some powerful existence. If he was guided specifically by the powerful existence, he might even possibly comprehend a grade one True Meaning.

He had actually run into such a heaven-shattering Transcendent?

“The Deity Crystals I had gathered over a long period of time have actually been nearly depleted. Ah ah ah, damnit.” The Great Demonic God cursed and snarled. His losses this time was indeed immense. He was different from the Sorcerer God. The Sorcerer God could leave his true body in the material world while allowing his avatar to adventure in the Deity World, thus giving him a chance to recover. It was significantly more dangerous in the Dark Abyss, though. He, as a Great Demonic God, could not hide in the material world.

Was it easy to accumulate so many Deity crystals? All of them were consumed in but a moment!

“Chi Qiu Bai, that traitor, that traitor!” The Great Demonic God growled, “If he had acted, instigating chaos within the Star Pagoda, he could have reduced the amount of time the Star Pagoda was kept active even if he couldn’t destroy it! The Star Pagoda membrane would have crumbled sooner… The Sorcerer God and I would have been able to begin a large-scale construction. With Dong Bo Xue Ying still trapped, we would have won by then.”

“Traitor, traitor, Chi Qiu Bai, don’t you want to be a hero?” The Great Demonic God’s eyes flared with fury. He had struggled to survive amongst countless demons ever since he was born. The Great Demonic God was so angry he wanted to vent his anger, and naturally, he would vent by torturing Chi Qiu Bai savagely, making said victim beg for a death that would never come.

The war ended. Xue Ying was also too lazy to care about what the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God thought. At this moment, he was most concerned about his own wife.


He transformed into a stream of light and flew directly into the Star Pagoda. The endless light previously emitted by the pagoda had ceased at this moment. Because victory was theirs, the pagoda naturally no longer needed to be maintained.

“Xue Ying.”

“Xue Ying.”

Palace Head Chen, Si Kong Yang, Mountain Lord He, and the other Transcendents of Xia Clan, including the Deity Chao Qing, were all elated. Their fervor had yet to end.

Xue Ying smiled. “That spatial passage has been destroyed. The avatars of both the Great Demonic God and Sorcerer God have also been destroyed! They have lost, and we have won!”

“This is all due to you, Xue Ying.” Palace Head Chen sighed. “Prior to this war, the Great Demonic God and Sorcerer God would have most likely not treated us Xia Clan as opponents. They were actually right, since we had no way of obstructing them back then. Fortunately…during this generation, our Xia Clan gave birth to the strongest Transcendent in our entire history! Xue Ying, you are truly formidable. I’ve seen through countless of articles and records regarding the Deity world, and we determined that you can even be considered to be one of the most dazzling Transcendents in the Deity world.”

“Hahaha, fellow gentlemen, let’s leave the words of praise for the celebratory feast later on.” Xue Ying laughed. “Everyone should also go put things in order; I’ll go accompany Jing Qiu.”

“Go, go.”

“Hurry and go accompany Jing Qiu. This time, her contribution is massive. If not for her, the Star Pagoda would not have been able to last until now,” Mountain Lord He added. Mountain Lord He had also tried his best to control the Star Pagoda during the later stages, so his soul was slightly affected too—just to an extremely lesser extent. Because the moment his soul accrued damage, he would feel an immense pain, causing his efficiency in operating the Star Pagoda to drop.

Within the single palace in the Star Pagoda, Xue Ying and Jing Qiu smiled at each other.

“Jing Qiu, it has been hard on you.” Xue Ying held onto his wife’s hands.

“No worries.” Jing Qiu’s smile was vibrant. “Actually, you contributed the most to give us the chance to defeat the Great Demonic God and Sorcerer God. The other Transcendents have not actually done much, and I’ve only helped a little by operating the Star Pagoda.”

“How’s your soul?” Xue Ying hurriedly asked.

“It’s still fine. The war has ended. I can at least let it recover now, so it’s fine.” Jing Qiu’s current expression was one filled with happiness and comfort.


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