LXY Book 13: Chapter 22


Book 13: Chapter 22 – We Won!

“This… what’s going on? A disturbance this huge isn’t created even when someone becomes a Deity!” Palace Head Chen gazed at the distant Xue Ying, who was still trapped within the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia, from the Star Pagoda before shifting his gaze to the maelstrom that had encompassed an endless distance in the sky. The maelstrom had enveloped the heavens, which in turn had caused the entire world to dim.

Si Kong Yang was startled. “This maelstrom of World Energy is so large that the end of it can’t be seen with the naked eye! It must be at least a few hundred thousand kilometers wide, if not even more!

Due to the many historic records written in the annals of the Xia Clan, the Xia Clan were considered to be quite knowledgeable.

Despite this, they had never seen such an immense maelstrom of World Energy before!


“Xue Ying must’ve had some sort of breakthrough.” Excitement laced Mountain Lord He’s voice as he gazed at the black flower. “Maybe he’ll be able to break out.”


“He definitely will.”

Chao Qing, City Lady Bu, and the others nodded, full of expectation.

If the Xia Clan was anxious and expectant, then the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God were both currently panicking.

“He must certainly be cultivating some sort of World Deity ranked secret technique.” The Sorcerer God was beyond anxious as he spoke. “For him to cause such an enormous disturbance, he definitely has to be cultivating one that’s slightly stronger. This means trouble for us. Hopefully, the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia will be able to hold out a bit longer.”

World Deity ranked secret techniques were known as absolute trump cards in the hands of Deity experts!

Those at the same realm would see their combat power explosively increase once they began cultivating a World Deity ranked secret technique, easily enabling them to release the power of a peak-level Deity. As for those whose realms were even higher, and who had somehow managed to obtain a World Deity ranked secret technique that was also suitable to them…their combat power could even reach that of a half-step World Deity!

“That must be the case…. It has to be.” The Great Demonic God gazed toward the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia nervously.

If it hadn’t been for the obstruction from the Star Pagoda, they would’ve already begun building traps around the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia to further entrap Xue Ying! However, with the Star Pagoda illuminating the area, they weren’t able to construct anything. As such, all they could do was place their hopes on the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia.

Within the fifteen kilometer range of the black flower.

Xue Ying was currently sitting cross-legged quietly. As he sat there, the maelstrom of World Energy that had filled the sky dissipated, revealing the sunset behind it. The setting sun was red, and its warm rays shone comfortably onto one’s body.

Even though his eyes were closed, Xue Ying could hear countless undulations. He was even able to discern the undulations from the countless waves of sunlight shining on his body. It wasn’t limited to the vast sunlight either; the countless grit around him, every single grain of sand in the desert…all of them were emitting undulations. He had become much more sensitive toward the world.


Xue Ying stood up. He first saw the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God, who both appeared uneasy within their red leaf space, and then saw the group of Xia Clan transcendents in the distant Star Pagoda, who appeared to be anxiously expecting something.

“My Time Immemorial Body has reached the second level. This transformation was truly enormous.” Xue Ying could clearly feel power coursing through his entire body. He extended his hand, and the black Blood-Drinking Spear materialized as he muttered, “It’s been close to six years. I don’t believe that this black flower treasure will still be able to withstand my attacks.”

“Break for me!”

Xue Ying suddenly swung the Blood-Drinking Spear in his hand.

Hong hong hong!

When he did so, the vast World Energy of the Xia Clan world almost instantly began to activate. Now that he’d comprehended the Mirage Deity Heart, the concept of grasping the Mirage overlapped with that of grasping the entire Xia Clan world, thus allowing Xue Ying to be able to move a portion of the World Energy. Even though the effects of him doing so were a far cry from that of if he’d refined the Realm Heart, it still gave him endless might! At the same time, Xue Ying’s figure became more tyrannical, as the Chaotic True Force was also able to rouse the power of the Blood-Drinking Spear.

The moment that he displayed his spear technique, it was filled with enough strength to truly be termed as ‘Chaotic Suppression.’ Once he’d grasped the Star Deity Heart, his Chaotic Suppression had taken a qualitative leap in strength.

His spear immediately elongated to a total of five hundred kilometers in length the moment he swung.

The spear’s body was slightly bent as it arced through the sky. The spearhead then savagely slammed into the black towering petal.

“It must withstand it!” Both the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God watched nervously.

“It definitely has to break!” Palace Head Chen, Mountain Lord He, Jing Qiu, Chao Qing, Si Kong Yang, and the others all felt extremely anxious.

Pa pa pa! The Sacred Sorcerer Camellia’s internal structures immediately began emitting consecutive rupturing sounds..

The black petal that Xue Ying had struck began to distort; some cracks had even begun to appear on the link between itself and the other petals.

“Not good!” The expression on both the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God’s faces changed.

“Break for me, break!”

Xue Ying’s facial expression had become savage as continued to fiercely lash out at the petal..

It was like the heavens and earth were collapsing.

The rumbling sounds from his strikes unified. His enormous black Blood-Drinking Spear had practically formed mirror images as it struck eight times in the blink of an eye. When they struck the flexible yet enormous black flower, it immediately reverberated with an explosive sound. Many parts in between the petals crumbled apart and scattered in all directions. Within moments, over a hundred petals had been blown to pieces and sent flying!

“He’s out!” Everyone from the Xia Clan within the Star Pagoda felt ecstatic when they saw this. Even Jing Qiu had stopped and excitedly watched the scene from the Star Pagoda.

A huge amount of petal fragments from the enormous black flower flew through the air, including some of the components that the treasure itself was made of.

Xue Ying rushed out suddenly.

“Break, break, break!”

He shouted as he lashed out at the red leaf next to the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia. The red leaf was clearly not as resilient as the black flower, as a single struck was enough for it to start crumbling apart. As this was happening, the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God were trying to display certain Profound Mysteries in order to avoid Xue Ying’s terrifying attack despite their fury.

Despite their efforts, an endless torrent of power swept over the area. The expressions of both the Sorcerer God, whose body had become illusory, and the Great Demonic God,who was seemingly engulfed in darkness, rapidly changed when this force swept through the two of them.

“Is this the World Energy of the Xia Clan’s world?” The Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God didn’t have time to be shocked; this idea had only barely crossed their minds before their bodies began to crumble apart. With just the power of a peak Demigod, Xue Ying’s attack was capable of spelling their doom by just a slight touching.

Xue Ying could now reflect the entire Xia Clan world within his Mirage, thus allowing him to sense the Realm Heart. In turn, he could activate a small portion of the Xia Clan world’s World Energy.

However, it wasn’t the World Energy that the Star Pagoda’s ‘reflection’ forcibly controlled.

Instead, it was from the true core of the mortal world! It also carried the endlessly unfathomable strength that the territory Lord of a material world would have. Even though it was just a small portion, it was still enough to spread out and cover the entire area; neither the Great Demonic God nor Sorcerer God could possibly dodge this attack.

“They’re dead?” Xue Ying was slightly startled, but he quickly regained his wits. “The Xia Clan world’s World Energy truly is formidable. If I could completely refine, I’d truly dominate the entire mortal world.”


Xue Ying didn’t stop at destroying the avatars of the Great Demonic God and the Sorcerer God. He turned toward the distant castle.

“Break for me!” He shouted as he flew toward the hexagonal black castle that occupied an area of over five thousand kilometers in size. Of course, one of its sides had already been broken apart. Once he got close enough, Xue Ying immediately swung his Blood-Drinking Spear toward it. As his spear arced through the sky, it left behind a faint image of a black chaotic hole. The moment it struck the castle, the castle was instantly flung away with a peng.

The spatial arrays inside of it completely crumbled apart; the castle split into six different parts, the main castle and the other side-castles to be precise, while several other parts broke off and flew all over the place.

A single strike had caused it to fly away.

Peng, peng, peng. The originally stable spatial passage began to collapse after this strike of Xue Ying’s. The vibration of its collapse caused a ripple in space to appear, after which several cracks began to splinter outward.

Hong, hong, hong. Countless cracks in space began to form around the spatial passage. Once the spatial passage had finished crumbling, the cracks in space began to recover naturally.

The subordinates of the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God, who weren’t able to escape in time, were utterly annihilated beneath Xue Ying’s single strike.

Within the Star Pagoda.

Jing Qiu stopped operating the Star Pagoda, while Chao Ping, Palace Head Chen, Mountain Lord He, City Lady Bu, Si Kong Yang, and the others watched everything that happened: Xue Ying breaking out of the black flower, destroying the red leaf, and annihilating the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God’s avatars. Even that towering castle in the distance had been destroyed, which had in turn caused the collapse of the previously stable spatial passage.

This scene of destruction was one that made all of the Xia Clan’s members feel extremely excited.

This day marked the dawn of a new age for the Xia Clan, and it was also the most important day in their entire history!

“We won… The Xia Clan has won!” Chao Qing exclaimed. His voice had become hoarse, and tears had even formed in his eyes.

“We won.”

Many people couldn’t believe it.

They understood that it was time for a new volume to start in the Xia Clan’s history, and that the person who’d turned the tides was the most dazzling transcendent in the entire history of the Xia Clan—the one who was currently standing outside of the Star Pagoda.

“Xue Ying.” Palace Head Chen revealed a grin.

“Hahaha, he can be said to hail from my Water Daoist Faction!” Si Kong Yang laughed joyously.

“I was his teacher at one point too! Some contribution to his growth must’ve come from me as well!” Gong Yu laughed happily. Everyone present was truly happy right now. Many people had been concerned about this war. Even the Xia Clan’s Ancestors in the Deity World had been concerned, as it would determine the fate of the Xia Clan. However, they had won!


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