LXY Book 13: Chapter 15


Book 13: Chapter 15 – Sealing Dong Bo Xue Ying

“There’s a disturbance.”

“Quick, look.”

Chao Qing, Mountain Lord He, Si Kong Yang, Chi Qiu Bai, City Lady Bu, and the others currently resting in the Star Pagoda gazed at that spectacle. The Great Demonic God had appeared and was currently confronting Xue Ying. Following that, the region over there became enshrouded by pitch black darkness.

And then, a terrifying sound screeched into existence, as the surrounding desert turned into particles…


“What happened? How is the battle proceeding?”

“The Great Demonic God should not be able to defeat Xue Ying, right? Xue Ying has previously said that the Great Demonic God and Sorcerer God cannot threaten him.”

“Approaching Xue Ying without any support, is the Great Demonic God sending himself to his death?”

Everyone present at the scene felt really anxious, yet they could not see the battle itself.

Xue Ying held onto the Blood-Drinking Spear single-handedly. His left hand slightly rested against his chest as he frowned at the Great Demonic God, who currently blazed within the pitch-blackness.

“You actually parried the attack?” The Great Demonic God chuckled, as many identical avatars began materializing around him. In a moment, thousands—probably ten thousand—avatars existed, each bathed in blood-red flames and similarly equipped. Their auras were not weak either; such a scene caused Xue Ying’s expression to change minutely.

Unable to discern the real Great Demonic God amongst the fakes, Xue Ying drew support from the suppression granted by the Star Pagoda world, yet he could not annihilate those illusions even then. This technique was exceedingly more formidable than his own Mirage technique!

“Receive more of my moves.”

Xiu xiu xiu xiu xiu xiu!

Thousands of Great Demonic God avatars rushed forward, but Xue Ying paid that no mind as he danced about with the Blood-Drinking Spear in hand. Elongating the Blood-Drinking Spear to five hundred kilometers in length, he swept it across with vast might—to an extent where mountains would crumble to smithereens and tsunamis would manifest from a single touch of his spear. Although some of the Great Demonic God avatars collapsed from the aftershock, the majority of them remained completely unruffled.

They brandished their claws, stabbing right at Xue Ying!

Their claws seemed to be garbed in a protective layer and were as sharp as blades; they wilfully clawed their way deeper into Xue Ying’s body, delivering sinister curses internally.

“Great Demonic God, it is futile. You will not be able to even slightly harm me by merely relying on the curse imbued within the Deity armor.” Despite being clawed repeatedly, Xue Ying did not stop retaliating. His spear swept forth, destroying the heavens and annihilating the earth; an enormous black star revolved slowly as he executed the Chaotic Suppression time after time, suppressing everything nearby. The Great Demonic God avatars dissipated the moment the attack reached them.

“The armor I had specially prepared is truly useless.” The Great Demonic God cackled, though. “Killing you in the mortal world is indeed difficult. Dong Bo Xue Ying, do you know what exactly is World Energy?”

“World Energy?” Xue Ying was startled.

“World Energy is a force of energy.” The Great Demonic God elaborated, “The Star Pagoda world can reveal the entire region by manipulating World Energy! This little world has been established because of the Star Pagoda’s peak-control of World Energy. However…I can break that.”

The Great Demonic God raised his right hand slightly before declaring, “Seal!”


The Great Demonic God disappeared.

Xue Ying became besieged by darkness in all directions; he could not see anything at all.

At this moment, Xue Ying’s expression changed greatly. He tried to extend his senses using the Mirage World Domain, the Star Gravitational Domain, and the Extreme Piercing Domain; he even attempted to scan his surroundings by manipulating World Energy through the Star Pagoda, but nothing within an area of five thousand kilometers could be reflected in his mind.

The two World Deity senior brothers had previously explained to him how the Star Pagoda would be able to reflect and form an isolated world. Only one at the World Deity realm….would truly be capable of evading the surveillance the Star Pagoda maintained through the manipulation of World Energy. Otherwise, similar to how Xue Ying had previously fought against the Sorcerer God despite being suppressed completely in terms of realm comprehension, he could rely on the Star Pagoda to possibly discover traces of the enemy.

When confronting this Great Demonic God, however—regardless of whether it was the true body or the countless illusions—the enemy had disappeared completely.

He could neither find the enemy nor sense his surroundings.

“Break for me!” Xue Ying could only forcibly attack, brandishing the Blood-Drinking Spear in his hand.


The Blood-Drinking Spear suddenly smashed against a flexible object, and all of its terrifying force was actually absorbed completely.

At the same time, the surrounding pitch-blackness vanished, revealing the true scene.

At the same time, the surrounding pitch-blackness disappeared, causing the true settings to appear.


Xue Ying looked around in a daze.

“What is happening?”

“That, what is that flower?”

“Xue Ying, what happened to Xue Ying…”

All the Xia Clan Transcendents within the Star Pagoda were shocked. Even Jing Qiu ,who was currently controlling the entire Star Pagoda, was startled as she split part of her mind to watch this scene.

Under the illumination of the night sky…

Far into the distance, a ginormous black flower grew in the desert gorge there. Two red leaves bracketed a cluster of innumerable petals that completely enshrouded the core of the flower. Within that core was none other than Xue Ying with his Blood-Drinking Spear.

The flower covered an area of about a thousand five hundred kilometers! Its petals were translucent, with countless Deity seals glimmering on its surface.

“Xue Ying—he, why is he in a flower?” Palace Head Chen’s voice shook.

“Xue Ying is trapped, trapped within that flower and unable to escape.” Si Kong Yang began becoming anxious. They all stared at that black flower and caught sight of Xue Ying trapped within and executing his spear techniques to try to bombard and break out of the flower. Yet despite his attempts, the flower would only sway mildly from side to side, easily dissipating his force.

“We have to save Xue Ying; we must.” Jing Qiu’s projection also appeared within the palace hall, extremely anxious as well.

“How…how are we going to save him? Does anyone have any ideas?”

“Quick, let’s fly the battleships over. We’ll try using the battleships to destroy that black flower.” City Lady Bu was the first to suggest an idea.


All of them panicked and immediately drove each of their special battleships out.

Xue Ying was currently trapped within the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia, but he could still the outside world through the translucent petals.

The Great Demonic God hovered in the air outside, coldly glaring at the trapped Xue Ying.

“Damn, damn!”

His spear swept out horizontally, wantonly surging forward.

He lashed time after time at the petals, yet the revolving Deity seals easily dissipated the force of impact. Others might describe this trap was a flower, but in reality, it was an extremely refined treasure, one more exquisite than even the Star Pagoda. It could easily ward off the force of Xue Ying’s attacks.

“Mn?” The Great Demonic God suddenly turned around. He could see thirteen battleships fly out from the Star Pagoda.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, it seems your Xia Clan kinsmen are here to save you.” The Great Demonic God strode forward and entered one of the red leaves of the Sacred Sorcerer Camellia. This red leaf occupied an area of a few thousand kilometers and contained an inner space which the Great Demonic God entered.

Hong hong hong hong hong hong…

Many black millstones attacked that black flower, yet the flower petals only rippled faintly. With the Deity seals revolving on the surface of the petals, all the forces impacting them were absorbed.

“What now; attacking seems to be futile,” Si Kong Yang anxiously inquired from within his battleship.

“We can’t destroy it at all. This flower easily absorbs all our attacks, and it does not seem even slightly damaged.” Chao Qing was also extremely anxious. They all desired to save Xue Ying.

Xue Ying was also trying his utmost to force his way out.

He frantically attacked, coordinating with the people outside! Yet, this flower seemed to be incredible at absorbing force as it warded off all attacks directed its way.

“Hmph, this flower is significantly stabler than the fortress we created!” The Great Demonic God looked toward the distant flower trapping the currently struggling Xue Ying. “Dong Bo Xue Ying, if not for you, occupying the entire Xia Clan would not have required us to pay such a price. This single sacred flower…is way beyond the price required to build the spatial passage, to refine a Deity Avatar, and to build the fortress, as well as other preparations! Prior to asking his majesty, I didn’t even know of the existence of such a treasure. The Sorcerer God and I have paid such a high price; you should be proud to die like this.”


Xue Ying roared out from within the flower.

He continued to frantically attack the petals, coordinating with his comrades outside.

“It’s futile, Palace Head Chen, Old Chao; this flower is much more stable than the fortress. This is futile.” Xue Ying transmitted the message to everyone through the Star Pagoda. “You all should return to the Star Pagoda first. Follow my plans.”


Chao Qing and the others, who had been trying their best to help after seeing Xue Ying trapped within the black flower, all suppressed their anxiety as they flew back within their battleships to the Star Pagoda.


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