LXY Book 13: Chapter 12


Book 13: Chapter 12 – Attacking the Fortress

This fortress, over five thousand kilometers in height, trembled time after time.

“Reporting to the Sorcerer God: the first space pillar array has been broken,” various Demigods within the fortress anxiously shouted.

“Repair it! Quickly!” the Sorcerer God’s voice sent back. “The cost doesn’t matter; just repair the array. We have to maintain the pillars.”



The Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God both showed expressions riddled with anxiety within the fortress’ palace hall.

“Once all of the space pillar arrays are broken, they will no longer be able to stabilize space. This entire fortress…will then immediately be slapped away by Xue Ying’s spear!” the Sorcerer God muttered.

“Even the protective arrays outside the fortress can’t withstand his attacks?” the Great Demonic God worriedly asked. “You’re the one who personally constructed this fortress, Sorcerer God.”

“All of the arrays are operated using Deity crystals; just how mystical do you think they can be?” The Sorcerer God shook his head. “The more powerful arrays couldn’t possibly be activated with Deity crystals, while Dong Bo Xue Ying’s spear technique secret skill has already reached an extremely formidable realm. It might seem savage, but it already incorporates a knowledge of chaos holes. The fortress’s protective arrays can merely remove 30% of his strength.”

“How long can they last?” the Great Demonic God immediately asked.

“I’ve prepared a total of 3,000 space pillars for use in case of unforeseen circumstances,” the Sorcerer God responded. “My subordinates are also able to bring more treasures over through the spatial passage, so we should be able to hold on for a month or two.”

The Great Demonic God could not help but grit his teeth at the sound of those words. In that moment, the flames covering his body burned even brighter.

“Great Demonic God, it’s up to you now. The magnificent Abyss Sovereign…should be able to point out a direction for us to follow,” the Sorcerer God concluded.

“Mn.” The Great Demonic God nodded.

Back outside the fortress, Xue Ying also felt quite anxious. He could see more array seals forming on the surface of the fortress. Every time his spear attacked it, those arrays would light up and cause the fortress to faintly flicker. Clearly, a huge amount of energy was shaved off. Fortunately, the Laws and Profound Mysteries carried by his Chaotic Suppression secret skill were quite formidable, which meant that the arrays could only remove a minor part of the attack’s power.

Had he used some simple and foolish attack instead, most likely no more than 10% of the power would have made it in.

Peng peng peng! The spear lashed out wantonly! Time after time, it struck the external wall of that black fortress. Xue Ying would even switch positions, at times attacking from the top of the fortress nd at other times striking various other parts of the wall—all in search for some weakness.

It’s already been half an hour. This fortress has kept trembling, but why is it that it won’t break apart? Xue Ying began to feel the burden which the Blood-Drinking spear put on his soul.

In spite of his soul’s strength, he had still yet to condense a True Deity Heart.

As he unleashed the power of the Blood-Drinking Spear, the top-grade Deity rank blood-refined Deity warrior could also unleash a huge suppressive effect.

Let me rest for a moment. Xue Ying decided to temporarily stop his assault. I’ll try using the technique second disciple senior brother designed for use in sieges instead.

He had discussed with Senior Ge Bai and Senior Fei Yun about this tactic of recklessly attacking by himself, and they had determined that it should still be effective. However, the fortress seemed to depend on some space pillars or arrays that made it become one entity with the surrounding space. On top of that, there was a chance that the enemy would have large quantities of those space pillar. While he could destroy three to five of such pillars in his reckless attacks, the Sorcerer God could always just repair them over and over again. Such a process would consume his energy and would be ineffective unless he determined how ample were the preparations the Sorcerer God had done prior to the war.

There was also another point—the fortress might simply be too stable! It was possible that no matter what he did, it would not be slapped away by his spear.

With all of that in mind, Senior Ge Bai, as a World Deity who specialized in artificing, had personally designed an array to be used for sieging fortresses.

“Come out.”

Xue Ying looked toward the distant Star Pagoda belonging to his side.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

A large amount of unique Deity world battleship shuttles flew out of it. In total, there were fifteen ships, driven by Chao Qing, Si Kong Yang, Chi Qiu Bai, Yuan Qing, City Lady Bu, Chun Yuan, Gong Yu, Great Uncle Palace Head, Zang Nuo, and others. Each of them controlled a single one of those ships. The battleships were also powered using Deity crystals, which allowed their drivers to easily control them.

The fate of the entire Xia Clan now lay in their hands. Even the Bloodshed Tavern and the Palace of the Earth God had sent a total of five Demigods over to aid them, but their degree of trust was different. Xue Ying had prepared a total of fifteen unique Deity world battleships and he had naturally handed them over to Demigods of the Infernal Palace.

In order to prevent any complications arising from covert actions from spies, all of the Xia Clan Transcendents were acting independently from different regions, so that they could not harm any of the others.

“Deity world battleships?” Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God both frowned.

The higher one’s realm, the less reliant they would be on war weapons.

For instance, in the Deity world, even the Sorcerer God himself could easily destroy a large amount of these ships. In fact, were his true body present, the battleships would be nothing more than playthings in his eyes, as he could easily kill the people flying them. Even if one wanted to kill a stage one World Deity using huge amounts of war weapons, they would not find it an easy task to achieve. Usually, only a very large Deity army using unique war weapons could achieve such a feat.

“They’re not among the commonly manufactured battleships. They were most likely refined refined especially for this war.” Sorcerer God frowned.

“My spies hidden in the Xia Clan have reported that this should be a tactic used by the Xia Clan to siege fortresses,” said the Great Demonic God.

“They’re made for siege warfare? They’re actually especially refined battleships?” Sorcerer God tensed up even further. The current situation was becoming increasingly unfavorable for them.

One could only see the fifteen Deity world battleship shuttles dispersing after reaching the front of the fortress.


The battleship which Chao Qing flew was the first to unleash its power. A special spiral-shaped three-dimensional array began forming on the surface of the battleship, which then condensed into a special black millstone that released an aura of endless destruction. It seemed as if the Myriad Existences would be grinded into smithereens by its power! It began to slowly move out while sticking close to the external wall of the fortress. Very slowly, it moved in a spiral pattern, but a terrifying power transmitted out from within.

After that, the other fourteen battleships joined in and unleashed attacks. They were all the same sort of assault—the many terrifying black millstones were now sticking close to the fortress’ walls. Together, the fifteen millstones slowly drilled into the wall, each very close to the others, and sent a very terrifying power to reverberate throughout the fortress.

Xue Ying watched this happen from a distance with a grin.

The array had been refined by his second disciple senior brother specifically for destroying other arrays. Since it was fueled by Deity crystals, its strength was still limited; however, it was crafted with the grade two Millstone Deity Heart as a foundation. Despite seemingly moving slow, its might was endless. All of them shared a power at the peak of the Deity realm and were significantly more efficient than his secret skill when used for siege warfare.

All fifteen battleships unleashed the arrays at the same time.

Peng peng peng.

The many space pillar arrays started to collapse under the pressure.

“Three…no, six! Now nine…Sorcerer God, our space pillar arrays are collapsing one after another.”

At this point, the Sorcerer God broke out in a cold sweat.

At that rate, the fortress would no longer be able to hold on in just the time it took to brew a cup of tea. After that, it would be simply be bombarded away.

“You and I both have spies amongst the Xia Clan Transcendents,” the Great Demonic God began. “The Xia Clan was very vigilant to ask them all to disperse, which spoiled any chance of us managing to disrupt any of the others. But now, we couldn’t care less about that.”

“Mn. My Beast Clan might have begun infiltrating the Xia Clan later, but there is one amongst them who proved to be quite talented. His name is Yuan Qing. He has already become a Demigod. I was originally planning on revealing him during the most crucial of moments, but I just couldn’t seem to find the right opportunity. Whatever…at this point, I couldn’t care less about that matter,” the Sorcerer God said.

“Let them act.” The Great Demonic God nodded.

While the Great Demonic God avatar sent down his orders, at a certain level within the distant Dark Abyss, there was a beautiful fully-golden palace stretching across a total of five hundred thousand kilometers. Everything in the surroundings glittered gold and sent out gleaming rays of light. This truly was the most dazzling of places and was even more attractive than the indistinct sun hanging up in the sky.

Atop a certain mountain peak among the group of palaces, a figure fully plated in gold was, at the moment, casting his vision across the endless world.

The Great Demonic God, Da Er Hao, stood behind him in reverence.

“Your highness,” Da Er Hao respectfully said. “That is the situation we’re in. This subordinate sincerely hopes that your highness can point out a direction.”

“The power you can unleash in that mortal world is truly too weak and simply not enough to threaten that little doll known as Dong Bo Xue Ying,” the golden-armored Sovereign calmly spoke, still looking into the distance. “Perhaps you could invite an apex Transcendent who is powerful enough to directly defeat him…however, seeing how that Star Pagoda is already in place, it would be too hard to find a Transcendent able to defeat him…

“Your best alternative to that option…would be to trap him!” the gold-armored Sovereign continued with the placid tone.

“Your highness, what way is there for us to trap him?” the Great Demonic God, Da Er Hao, hurriedly asked. “If he’s in the mortal world, even battleships or Space Deity equipment could only temporarily trap him since he could destroy them from within. The impact of that would also cause the Space Deity equipment to fly in a certain direction—that is, into the Star Pagoda. Furthermore, with the help of the Blood Creeping Flower aiding him by sending those Space Deity items into Crimson Rock Mountain, those World Deities inside could easily help him escape the trap.”

“Of course there is a method, but its price is in no way low,” the gold-armored Sovereign explained. To him, this was just a minor matter, and had Da Er Hao not been his loyal subordinate, he would have been too lazy to even care about his words.


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