LXY Book 12: Chapter 1


Book 12: Chapter 1 – Accepting a Master

Xue Ying looked back to see another figure sitting cross-legged on the vast vine leaf. It was the Meishan Clan Master, sitting there with a calm expression. The sight triggered a sigh of praise from Xue Ying. He knew that the Meishan Clan Master had experienced so much more than him. First, he had gone through countless life and death battles for the Temporal Temple before then doing all he could to regain control over himself from their grasp. He ultimately came to the Xia Clan world many years in advance just to prepare.

Just how powerful would the inner heart of such a person be?

Only the Meishan Clan Master got here? Xue Ying thought. I wonder what’s the situation like for Chen Jiu and Jian Huang. Chen Jiu is carrying the fate of his clan on his back. He was even able to come up with the eight arms techniques. His innate talent should be pretty good, so I hope he’ll be able to fulfil his wishes.

As of this moment, Xue Ying had succeeded. He was set to become an honorary disciple, so he could afford to be concerned for his comrades. He and Chen Jiu had been through many life-or-death encounters together.


Countless thoughts flashed through Xue Ying’s mind in that moment before he rushed up to the skies.

There was no use in thinking more about it. After all, Chen Jiu and Jian Huang both had to depend on themselves in the end! It was just the cruel way of the world.


After reaching the main branch of the Sky-Reaching Vine, he flew upward along its body. A space membrane was just above him.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying,” sounded the pleasant, gentle voice of Xi Wei as she floated out from the main branch.

“Senior Xi Wei.” Xue Ying immediately stopped and greeted her politely.

“I congratulate you for passing the trials set by the sacred master and becoming an honorary disciple.” Xi Wei smiled. “As an honorary disciple of Crimson Rock Mountain, you will naturally be granted many benefits. As for curing the Six Ghost Resentment of which you were previously worried, that is merely a minor matter.”

Xue Ying nodded.

He did not find that strange; the higher-leveled space even contained treasures which World Deities coveted. By comparison, an antidote for his ailment was much cheaper.

“Senior Xi Wei, may I ask what’s the situation with Chen Jiu and Jian Huang?” Xue Ying asked.

The green-haired woman, Xi Wei, casually replied, “Chen Jiu and Jian Huang, who have both entered Crimson Rock Mountain alongside you, have yet to pass the third vine leaf world. The other person, the Meishan Clan Master, got through that trial after his True Meaning of Space broke through to the Space Deity Heart realm. It gave him the ability to reach the fifth vine leaf world.”

“Space Deity Heart?” Xue Ying was inwardly startled. Having a grade two Deity Heart, according to rumors, represented that he could open up the Deity sea to become a Deity at any time.

“It’s nothing strange,” Xi Wei duly replied. “When Crimson Rock Mountain was still in the Deity world and was receiving disciples from the outside, Transcendents and Deities from countless Starfields rushed over in hopes of passing the many trials so as to become honorary disciples of Crimson Rock Mountain. How could someone who couldn’t even condense a grade two Deity Heart be qualified to become an honorary disciple?

“In the Deity world, Crimson Rock Mountain’s trials might even have been more difficult precisely because there were too many Transcendents coming,” she continued. “But now, after it fell into this mortal world, this difficulty is rather ordinary.”

Xue Ying was inwardly uneasy. The difficulty back in the Deity world was even higher?

That truly would be too powerful and intense!

But ever since the sacred mater died and Crimson Rock Mountain had fallen into the mortal world, the trials no longer had such intense requirements.

“Let’s go. I’ll send you up.” The green-haired Xi Wei smiled. Her attitude toward Xue Ying was clearly different from how she treated the other three. In her eyes, even if the Meishan Clan Master managed to become an honorary disciple, he would at most be considered a stranger who stumbled upon the gates and would merely remain as one of the disciples on the lowest level. On the other hand, Xue Ying’s innate talent was on another level, and, if properly groomed, he might even grasp one of the legendary grade one True Meanings!

Xi Wei even inwardly sighed in relief that such a talent had unexpectedly been sent here! After all, the price the Temporal Temple would ask to send such a person would be so utterly incredible that even World Deities would not be able to afford it! Fortunately, he was a Transcendent originally from the Xia Clan world.

After Crimson Rock Mountain fell into the material world, it became a true fortune for them that such a Transcendent would come over! In Xi Wei’s opinion, it would have been better if they had gotten rid of the trials, but they had been set down according to the rules of the sacred master, which any treasure spirit of Crimson Rock Mountain would absolutely follow to their end. Under no circumstances would they violate those orders.


The green-haired Xi Wei and Xue Ying flew up together.

Upon touching the space membrane, it began splitting apart.


They crossed through the membrane. Xue Ying could see colors changing before his eyes; countless rocks and boundless soil stretched all around him.

The Sky-Reaching Vine passed through all the rock and soil, growing further upward.

Xue Ying and Xi Wei continued flying up.

This layer of soil and rock was around five hundred thousand kilometers thick. Guided by Xi Wei, Xue Ying was currently flying upward at a casual pace of five thousand kilometers per second. Of course, that was only the case since she cared for Xue Ying and wanted to let him to observe everything around. Otherwise, with her combat power, she could easily move him directly to the destination.


They finally broke through that rocky stratum.

Alongside them, the Sky-Reaching Vine also broke through that same layer and grew even further upward!

Xue Ying observed his new surroundings. This new space was truly vast and populated by countless living organisms all around. There were even several powerful auras coming from the distance which made him tremble!

“This place covers an area of more than five hundred million kilometers in width. Countless life forms live here,” Xi Wei explained. “There are humans, insects, beasts, and countless other races. In fact, more than a hundred million Deities live here.”

Xue Ying was stunned.

For this space to stretch over five hundred million kilometers was one thing, but for more than a hundred million Deities to actually live here?

Were Deities even existences which could be expressed in terms of millions? After thinking through it more carefully, however, he realized that there were more than a trillion mortal worlds in the material world, and every single one of those worlds would have had many Deities emerge over their long histories. Even just those added up would represented a huge figure, needless to say all those cultivating in even better conditions in the Deity world and the Dark Abyss. That raised the number of Deities out there to truly exaggerated numbers.

A while ago, Chen Jiu told him that the difference between a Deity and a World Deity was akin to that between a mortal and a Transcendent! Once he considered the total number of mortals, he could estimate how many Deities there would be.

“There could have been even more, and it would still mean nothing. Under the suppression of the material world, they simply have no way of leaving Crimson Rock Mountain,” Xi Wei blurted out. “The status of any honorary disciple of Crimson Rock Mountain is much higher than any of those ordinary Deities, so they don’t live here, on the earth. Instead, their quarters are in the sky. Come with me.”

“In the sky?”

Xue Ying followed Xi Wei as they flew upward along the Sky-Reaching Vine.

After flying for more than five hundred million kilometers, they reached a dense layer of clouds. They then crossed that layer and reached yet another layer of clouds above.

Only after passing through a total of six of these layers did they finally reach a foggy sky where the true peak of the Sky-Reaching Vine could be seen.

“Look.” Xi Wei pointed at a place not too far away.

There, Xue Ying could see a beautiful island floating. On it were mountains, waterfalls, and spectacular, magnificent buildings. This island stretched over an area of no more than fifty thousand kilometers.

“That’s Crimson Dust Island. The island is where the honorary disciples with the lowest status reside, while the personal disciples of the sacred master live at the upper levels. They all cultivate here together,” Xi Wei explained. “Follow me.”

Hu hu.

The two flew together, shoulder to shoulder.

Very soon, they arrived at a beautiful floating island. The inner landscape of the island was truly gorgeous, but the island itself was entirely unpopulated.

“Ever since Crimson Rock Mountain fell to this mortal world, no outsiders have ever stopped by to visit this place. Crimson Dust Island also emptied out over time. Once the sacred master died, there was nobody left to guide the disciples in their cultivation, so they all left for the world below. With a countless number of humans, insects, beasts, and the hundred million Deities there, at least it wouldn’t be so boring for them.”

Xue Ying nodded.

Xi Wei led him to descend into an elegant pavilion out of where a handsome man walked. He displayed a dazzling smile, which had a strangely enchanting effect.

“This is Senior Crimson Rock,” Xi Wei introduced him.

“What’s this about me being a senior. I am a mere treasure spirit.” The handsome man laughed. “For the moment, nobody else lives on this Crimson Dust Island, so I’ll have to act as host for everything.”

Xue Ying immediately understood. This man was actually the treasure spirit of the terrifying Deity treasure that represented Crimson Rock Mountain. He respectfully greeted, “Dong Bo Xue Ying greets Senior Crimson Rock.”

The handsome man looked toward Xue Ying and nodded with a smile. “This entire five hundred million kilometers wide world could not spawn a single Transcendent who I find adequate. Who would have thought that it would instead be a mortal world to give rise to one. People like you are truly hard to come by.”

“Not even the Transcendents sent down by World Deities or from the Dark Abyss can hope to compare to Xue Ying,” Xi Wei added. “How hard would it be to find someone else as talented as him?”

Xue Ying understood from being invited twice by the Temporal Temple that his innate talent was quite good. But hearing Senior Xi Wei and Senior Crimson Rock praising him to his face, he could only stand there speechlessly as a feeling of warmth blossomed in his heart.

“You’ve been poisoned with Six Ghosts Resentment?” The man looked over to Xue Ying, still smiling. “That’s merely a minor matter. No need to rush; let’s get you over to pray to the sacred master first. Only after you do that will you become a true honorary disciple.”


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