LXY Book 11: Chapter 21


Book 11: Chapter 21 – Storming the Nest

Even though his True Meaning of Star and True Meaning of Mirage had both reached the peak stage two realm, he had gained quite a few inspirations from viewing the Creation of Heaven and Earth, making him feel like he might break through any moment. But this ‘any moment’ was not something he could control! Xue Ying did not dare to say that if he wished he could make a breakthrough, he would.

The Temporal Temple Reincarnators have all broken through while being along the boundary of life and death. Even though it’s cruel…under the pressure of life and death, it is indeed easier for them to break through. Xue Ying was also momentarily glad that previously, as he fell under a state of matchless anxiety and right as he was in front of death, the innermost life capability in him had unleashed its most carnal desire to live, reducing even the influence of pain the hex poison had on him. At that time, the comprehension of his True Meanings had improved tremendously. Even if he wasn’t under the influence of the hex poison, it usually would be impossible for his mind to reach such a fast state of deducing.

This situation forced him toward the boundary of life and death.

It is easy to break through under the pressure of death, but such matters should be avoided as much as I can. Xue Ying did not like that feeling of despondence.



His gravitational domain repulsed all of the eight-tentacled creatures. Under the gravitational repulsion, all their actions became sluggish, about two to three times slower than usual.


The spear in Xue Ying’s hand began revolving.


An aura of destruction exuded out. The maelstrom of gravity around the spear’s body became even stronger, and the gathering toward ‘a point’ became more natural! His speed became faster, and within a flash, the spearhead pierced through an azure tentacle.

Weng~ This spear, imbued with a terrifying Profound Mystery of destruction, immediately unleashed its power. Hu, such an immense eight-tentacled creature instantly turned into ashes before dissipating into nothingness.

Star Meteor Annihilation!

One shot kill!

Previously, Xue Ying had been thinking of refining his secret skill, yet he had been unsuccessful. Instead, after his True Meaning of Star and True Meaning of Extreme Piercing had both reached the stage three realm, the compatibility between them became smoother, and everything followed naturally thereafter. Even though it was not absolutely perfect, it was enough. This move…was significantly stronger than in the past and significantly more profound in terms of its comprehension of the Laws.

It could be said that amongst Lord You Lan, Chen Jiu, the Meishan Clan Master, and the others, Xue Ying’s spear techniques were the most terrifying amongst them, at least in terms of offense!

Hong. Hong. Hong.

The speed of Star Meteor Annihilation was becoming closer to that of Extreme Piercing. The eight-tentacled creatures became sluggish under the gravity, and every single time he thrust his spear, a creature would die. The eight-tentacled creature would dissipate into nothingness.

Xue Ying naturally became less pressured.

Hua hua hua.

The spear fluttered.

One after another, the eight-tentacled creatures surrounding him started dying, frightening the others so much that they fell into a daze.

“Run, run, run.” These eight-tentacled Mirage Creatures started to panic as they began fleeing.

“You want to run?”

Xue Ying immediately reversed his Gravity Domain at this moment, creating an intense attraction that reduced the fleeing speed of those creatures.

“Chen Jiu.” Xue Ying immediately ran over to the area where Chen Jiu was bound by those eight-tentacled Mirage Creatures. Seeing Xue Ying rushing over, those eight-tentacled creatures were quite intelligent and knew that this white-robed human was trying to save his companion; thus, they did not hesitate in releasing him. Chen Jiu, who had originally been bound by those creatures, was finally released.

Those eight-tentacled Mirage Creatures were fleeing in all directions.

Only upon Chen Jiu’s release did Xue Ying stop. He did not continue pursuing the creatures.

“What, what happened?” Chen Jiu looked around in a daze. He had already been forced out of the Mirage, returning to the real world. It was empty all around him. The central long vine was visibly located in the distance, and there stood Lord You Lan, who was similarly in a daze.


A white-robed figure came out of the Mirage. He was none other than Xue Ying.

“Dong Bo, it’s you?” Chen Jiu was slightly excited.

“Fortunately, I’ve broken through during a life and death situation. I was truly lucky.” Xue Ying felt quite joyous, as if he had a new lease on life after getting through the calamity.

“Hahaha, this is also my fortune.” Chen Jiu could hardly hide his excitement at this point. Previously, he was in total despair! He had believed he had failed the mission this time. Even if he had an armor on, when the deadline he had sworn to that World Deity existence had been reached, the oath would exact punishment and kill him, even if he was to hide in the deepest parts of the Dark Abyss—not to mention hiding in Crimson Rock Mountain.

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu both turned toward the distant central long vine, their gazes resting on Lord You Lan atop the long vine. Their eyes were filled with killing intent.

“You Lan!”

They had almost died!

And it wasn’t just their own lives; as they were depending on the duo, Flying Sword Mountain Manor and the Xia Clan would suffer from a huge loss as well.

“You Lan, die for me,” Xue Ying roared. He immediately turned into a stream of murderous light. Chen Jiu similarly followed.

“You both actually survived? They, they aren’t dead? They actually survived while being mobbed by 139 Mirage Creatures?” Lord You Lan did not dare believe what he was seeing. Chen Jiu had been forced out of the Mirage, and Xue Ying came walking out of it?

When Chen Jiu and Xue Ying looked toward him with killing intent, rushing over toward his direction…

Lord You Lan did not hesitate in flying up along the long vine! He ran toward the second vine leaf world.

Chen Jiu could not battle in the Mirage. It seems that it was Dong Bo Xue Ying who dealt with those Mirage Creatures? His combat power shouldn’t be enough…unless he broke through? Lord You Lan gritted his teeth. He clearly knew how hard it was for the others to break through, as the Deity Heart realm was truly a huge gulf away from the peak stage three realm. Amongst them, Xue Ying had the easiest time to break through.

Instead of killing him, I’ve actually allowed his combat power to rise. Lord You Lan was aggrieved. “Damn, damn, damn.”

Even though he was beyond infuriated, his flight speed had still reached his maximum.

At this moment, there were still golden threads surrounding Xue Ying and Chen Jiu. Even though its effects had been weakened, Lord You Lan had already run far away the moment they reached the central long vine. Furthermore, his speed was faster than both Xue Ying and Chen Jiu, so naturally, the distance between them would only increase.

“Whatever, we can’t chase up to him anymore,” Chen Jiu said.

“This calamity must be eliminated as soon as possible,” Xue Ying remarked.

“Mn, if we have the opportunity, we’ll certainly do so. Otherwise, he might plot behind our backs.” Chen Jiu nodded. “But rest assured, in the following vine leaf worlds, the further behind we are, the harder it is for him to plot behind our backs.”

The moment Xue Ying thought of the future trials, he could not help but nod.

“Come on, let’s go over to the nest of those eight-tentacled creatures and have a look.” Xue Ying’s eyes were filled with a strand of expectation as he pointed to the body of the low mountain six hundred fifty kilometers away. “Right there.”

“Hahaha, previously when we faced a single eight-tentacled creature, there had been two pieces of Deity equipment and a Deity warrior left for us. This time, the threat is much larger than last time, so the fortuitous treasures should be summarily increased.” Chen Jiu was also expectant. “But don’t be overly anxious. Wait until this restriction over us is fully dispelled before talking.”

“Mn.” Xue Ying nodded.

The golden threads were weakened further and further as their True Meanings weakened the threads.

“I’ll let my Mirage Avatar go ahead and scout first.” Xue Ying looked toward the nest’s direction. With a thought, a Mirage Avatar that looked identical to him appeared by the base of the mountain and started moving toward it.

Hong hong hong~ Those eight-tentacled creatures had originally fled back to their nest. Upon catching sight of the white-robed human walking toward them, they became frightened and immediately fled.

They rushed out of their nest through the Mirage.

There were actually a total of 155 Mirage creatures within this nest. Previously when they pursued other targets, they would leave some behind at their nest! And since all of them knew Xue Ying was formidable, they did not want to continue battling with him since they would die in a single hit. The immense life force they prided themselves with was useless at this moment.

“There are actually so many of them left.” Xue Ying was startled. “Counting them, there should be a total of two hundred Mirage creatures originally inhabiting this mountain.”

Very soon, the golden threads on them dissipated.

“Let’s go.”

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu went over, and soon, they reached the entrance to the mountain.

Xue Ying had still left behind three Mirage Avatars, all scattered around so as to keep a lookout.

The two of them then entered the mountain.

The interior of the mountain was very empty and spacious; it was about two-and-a-half to three square kilometers.

There were some vegetation growing within, with a river cutting through. In the corner, a huge crystal jade floated in midair.

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu’s vision landed on that floating crystal jade.

“I’m not going over.” Chen Jiu laughed. Even if his face was thick, he would certainly not go over and compete with Xue Ying since this time, his survival already thrilled him beyond measure. Naturally, if Xue Ying could not use it…and if Xue Ying took the initiative to pass it to him, he would be willing to accept the treasure.


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