Volume 3: Chapter 32


Volume 3: Chapter 32 – Arriving at Dalu

I lead them straight towards  the border of Xiuda and Aixia. At the beginning they thought I had walked in the opposite direction. It was only after I explained that I had to go find someone that they understood

I promised Big Brother Zhan Hu that after my business in Xiuda was over, I would first find him and tell him about the circumstances of his family. Although we had to travel a farther distance, they didn’t say anything.

On the journey, I felt that they only came to sightsee. Although  Xing Ao and Gao De were each nearly thirty years old, both acted like children. And whenever Dong Ri found something new, he immediately talked about it with others. Likewise the always earnest Xiu Si had relaxed very much.

After an unceasing trudge, we finally arrived at our destination. Just as we entered the mountain, we encountered some trouble. Twenty or so people jumped down from the trees and surrounded us. Their boss yelled, “Halt! Is this somewhere you guys should be going ? Carefully hand over your money and afterwards turn back. Otherwise you can’t blame uncle for killing you.”


It seems that we’ve run into Big Brother’s subordinates. I walked in front to take a look. Isn’t this the guy that was at Big Brother’s side from last time? I didn’t know if he still recognized me. Without waiting for me to say anything, he loudly said, “Ah! Is that Second Boss?”

Shocked I violently fell and said, “When did I become the Second Boss?”

That bandit said, “Ah, It really is you, Second Boss.” Calling me this, when I looked at everyone, they suspiciously glanced at me; I quickly grew faint. Please don’t think of me as some bandit leader.  

“Don’t call me the Second Boss. Is big brother Zhan Hu well?”

“You’re the sworn brother of our Boss , so of course you’re the Second Boss. The Boss  talks about you often daily. You’ve returned now so hurry up and go. Brothers, open up a path for the Second Boss.”

What happened afterwards is unclear. We just followed the twenty or so people into the mountain while I explained to everyone the events through which I came to know Zhan Hu. They all wanted to quickly meet this Heaven Knight who could match my martial arts.

Just as we arrived into the village, Zhan Hu came out and welcomed us. It seems that his scouts reported truly fast. I quickly rushed up and stopped to embrace him. I emotionally said, “Big Brother, I’ve returned.”

“Good, good, good. It’s good that you’ve returned. Go. We’ll talk at home.”


After returning to Zhan Hu’s thatched cottage, I introduced everyone to him. Big brother was extremely happy to meet others from his hometown so he brought out a scrumptious feast in our honour.

At the wine table, seeing Big Brother’s impatient expression, I knew what he wanted to ask. I smiled and said, “Big brother, your house is in good condition. After we finished eating, we’ll talk in detail.” Zhan Hu immediately calmed down.

During this meal, everyone was in very high spirits. Everyone called Zhan Hu, Big Brother. Today Zhan Hu intentionally drank less. I also only tasted it.

Night time. Everyone had already entered into the land of pleasant dreams. Zhan Hu and I went to a small hill. On top of the hill I began explaining the events that happened in the short period of time I had been away. He was extraordinarily happy when he heard that his second brother already reached the rank of a Radiant Knight and he was very anxious when he heard I received a serious injury.

“Big Brother, Big Brother Shan Yun said they really miss you. All along they haven’t blamed you. Will you return home earlier? He promised for the time being that he won’t speak of you to His Majesty the Prince. I feel like you should return. It has already been many years.

Zhan Hu sighed and said, “I really should go back and take a look. Father is so old now. This unfilial son mustn’t let that old man grieve any longer. Once you’ve obtained the Holy Sword, I’ll go back.”

“Ah? Big Brother, you want to go too? You don’t need to. You should immediately return to Xiuda.”

“Foolish brat, is the Holy Sword really that easy to obtain? You are certain to come across danger after danger. If I don’t accompany you, how would I feel at ease? You don’t need to urge me, as I intend to.”

“Big brother……..” I emotionally embraced his thick and broad shoulders speechlessly.


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