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GDK 431 – My name is Han Hao

As Emily listened to the gasping sounds coming from within the room, her body had unconsciously become hotter and weaker. She had also started to breathe irregularly.

With Han Shuo’s stimulation, Phoebe reached the peak of pleasure extremely quickly, her body was weak and she felt as though she was floating. In a despondent state, she was in a shameful position for a long time, her moans gradually growing louder.

Just like Emily, Fanny who was a distance away in her own room could hear the faintest gasp. This caused her heart to be in sixes and sevens, scenes of her intimate moments with Han Shuo constantly appearing in her mind. When Fanny thought of what Phoebe and Han Shuo were currently doing, she felt pained and jealous.


This feeling interwoven with an indescribable feeling of anticipation caused her heart to be in utter chaos. She had no idea what was happening and was unable to calm down, her body and face becoming boiling hot.

The moaning continued for a while, with a loud moan coming to an end together with a grunting sound. Emily, whose legs were weak as she pressed her ear against the door, suddenly bumped into the door as her body relaxed. The door was unexpectedly not tightly locked and the staggering Emily ended up landing on her butt within the room.

Emily’s face was very red, her erect twin peaks swayed as she gasped for breath. Her eyes were filled with expectation for amorous feelings. Emily was in a daze as she looked at Han Shuo’s naked, imposing and devilish figure.

At that moment, Han Shuo had just laid down a limp and unconscious Phoebe. His lustful eyes landed on Emily who suddenly broke into the room. Han Shuo had detected her movement long ago and knew that Emily had been eavesdropping for a long time.

Han Shuo, who had yet to fully release his pent-up lust, suddenly growled and charged toward Emily like a bolt of lightning, lifting the limp Emily and pressing her against the wall, his hands impatiently ripped apart Emily’s clothes. Emily who was already unable to hold back her desires gasped as she cooperated with Han Shuo, hastily taking off her ripped clothes. When Fanny heard Emily’s moan, she began to curse all three of them, shocked by their behavior.

After a long while, Han Shuo draped a long robe over his shoulders and walked over to Fanny’s room. The blushing Fanny had been secretly listening to the activities from afar. When she heard the heavy footsteps gradually approaching, her heart became extremely flustered, her heart beating so quickly she could even feel it clearly.

When Han Shuo finally reached her room, Fanny suddenly lost her head and stood up hastily. Her face was red as she looked at Han Shuo as she stammered, “What, what, what are you doing?”

“What do you think?” Han Shuo smiled gently as he gazed at Fanny as he walked toward her.

When Fanny saw Han Shuo approaching her, she retreated in fear. When she had no more space to retreat, she pushed Han Shuo away, pinching her nose and said, “You, you bastard. You didn’t even clean yourself up before coming to find me. I will not let you have your way today. Who asked you to still have someone else’s scent on your body. There’s no way I can stand that.”

Fanny, who had never experienced such a situation, naturally wouldn’t be as open as Emily or Phoebe who had been nourished by Han Shuo for a long time. She clearly couldn’t accept Han Shuo being intimate with herself after just making love with other women.

As Han Shuo looked at the somewhat frenetic Fanny, he knew that Fanny really couldn’t accept it. After thinking of a while, Han Shuo had no choice but to drop his original intentions. Fanny helped him wash off all the sweat and nasty filth on his body in her bath. He then embraced Fanny tenderly, speaking words of love for a long time. He didn’t forcefully violate Fanny in spite of her feelings.

After spending a night, Han Shuo left the castle of the northern city district alone without even bidding the ladies farewell and headed toward the transportation array in Ossen City.

As a long time had passed, the transportation arrays that were sealed by space sacred magus Sabakas had once again operated as per normal.

After the previous civil strife, Han Shuo’s status in the Lancelot Empire was raised even further. If not for Han Shuo training and absorbing energy for the last few days, Lawrence would have already bestowed a higher title to Han Shuo.

However, even though Han Shuo had disappeared for a few days, many bigwigs in Ossen City had learned of Han Shuo’s astonishing actions during the civil strife through various means. In particular, the news of him single-handedly forcing two sacred rank experts to retreat, and even seriously injured sacred knight Blount, had spread across the entire Lancelot Empire.

Han Shuo’s name has unwittingly resonated throughout the Lancelot Empire and had even faintly surpassed that of sacred swordmaster Karel and space sacred magus Sabakas, becoming the number one expert of the Lancelot Empire.

Thus, when Han Shuo arrived at the transportation array, the gazes of the guards were filled with admiration and excited when they saw Han Shuo appear.

“Marquis Bryan! It’s Lord Marquis Bryan!”

“Ah! It really is Lord Marquis! Ha, I met Lord Marquis!”

“Lord, are you here to use the transportation array?”

The soldiers that guarded the transportation array were all incredibly passionate as they respectfully asked Han Shuo. When some merchants who had come from afar, heard the guards’ surprise, they suddenly became ineffably excited and also began to rush over, wanting to catch a glimpse of Han Shuo.

When he saw the crowd rushing toward him like the tide, Han Shuo hastily replied, “I’d like to use the transportation array to head to Seamist City. Please make the adjustments for me.”

“No problem, this way please my lord. I will immediately assist you in operating the array.” The head guard replied respectfully, bowing as he earnestly requested for Han Shuo to enter the transportation array.

Han Shuo suddenly realized that since the battle a few days ago, his status within the Lancelot Empire had reached new heights. Just from the gazes of these soldiers and merchants, Han Shuo could tell how much they revered him. He didn’t dare to stay a moment longer, hurriedly standing on the transportation array. Under the head guard’s activation, the transportation array began to gather the energy within the magic crystals. With a flash of light, Han Shuo had already appeared in Seamist City.

As soon as he entered Seamist City, Han Shuo immediately established a link with an aura. Han Shuo instantly realized that the elite metal zombie has been successfully refined.

Awesome, the five element zombies have finally been assembled! Han Shuo was pleasantly surprised, no longer dallying in Seamist City and instead went to a remote corner and immediately used the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens to fly, streaking across the vast sky like a bolt of lightning and flew rapidly toward Brettel City.

It has been a few months since he had visited Mount Silk. Han Shuo discovered that the scale of the armaments workshop was five to six times larger than the previous time he was here. The armaments workshop occupied more than half of Mount Silk, with thousands of weaponsmiths in a frenzy as they forged armors.

The area around Brettel City was rich in ores. Originally, no one was willing to stay here because Brettel City was constantly at war. That was why there weren’t any armaments workshops or processing workshops being established. Even the armaments used by the city guard had to be acquired from other cities.

The current Brettel City has experienced a few large and small battles, becoming an iron bastion-like stronghold. Anyone who wanted to attacked Brettel City had to think twice about whether they had the ability. Once safety was ensured, as Brettel City was rich in resources and manpower, the establishments of armament workshops would follow naturally. After landing on Mount Silk, Han Shuo scanned the mountain through his mystical demons, viewing the scale of operations of the armament workshop on Mount Silk. He nodded inwardly, knowing that with this armament workshop, the soldiers in Brettel City no longer had to worry about armor.

Without informing Adleman, Han Shuo entered the mine alone, casually strolling straight into the depths of the mine. When he reached the area where he previously met the stone men, he saw that a few large wooden signs were erected, with the words “No one is allowed to penetrate deeper to mine” written in large font.

It seems like Adleman and the others had remembered Han Shuo’s instructions by heart. They had forbidden anyone to disturb the area surrounding the place of extreme metal and instead send people every once in a while to collect the ore placed by the stone men as Han Shuo instructed. This way, it didn’t harm the harmonious relationship and benefitted both sides.

When Han Shuo entered the place of extreme metal, the first thing that entered his eyes was the golden rays of light from the sparking golden pillar. The elite metal zombie constantly transmitted messages to Han Shuo while some of the spirits which were training within the place of extreme metal fluttered around Han Shuo, narrating the situation during the time he was away.

“Alright, I got it. No one will come here and touch this place. You can still train here in the future but you still got to do some things for me.” Han Shuo said to those spirits.

“We are very willing to serve you!” the spirits replied Han Shuo.

Without replying further, Han Shuo directly went to the area where the elite metal zombie was. Same as the previous occasions, Han Shuo removed the array that was converging the metal essence energy and released the elite metal zombie.

As dazzling golden light filled the area, the elite metal zombie who wore a golden armor appeared. The elite metal zombie who was set free suddenly arrived before the huge golden pillar, pressing both hands onto the golden pillar. Two sources of energy of common origin suddenly converged together.

As Han Shuo watched attentively, the golden pillar that extended to the sky began to shrink bit by bit until it became a short golden rod which the elite metal zombie caught and started to brandish.

Han Shuo was stunned. Only now was he certain that the metal attribute treasure that has been nurtured for countless millions of years was indeed the same as the weapon of a mystical character in his world. It was a golden cudgel that could change size at will and had the weight of a mountain.

The elite metal zombie held the golden cudgel in its hand. As the elite metal zombie was refined with pure metal essence energy, the energy in its body made it compatible to control the golden cudgel. Apart from the elite metal zombie, even the current Han Shuo would find it extremely strenuous to wield the golden cudgel and simply be unable to display the true might of the cudgel.

As the elite metal zombie wielded the metal attribute treasure effortlessly, it was filled with excitement. As it had just evolved into the elite metal zombie, it didn’t have a very high intelligence. It could only express his joy of being reborn repetitively to Han Shuo.

“Alright, stop playing around. You can only grow faster if you go to that place!” Han Shuo chuckled as he remarked, chanting an incantation to summon the little skeleton from the netherworld.

When little skeleton appeared from the other dimension and saw the glistening elite metal zombie, his Purple Demon Eye sparkled. He sent Han Shuo a message, “Thank you, father! We now have another brother!”

“Hehe, bring him back with you.” Han Shuo said with a smile.

“Father, why does Little Metal and Little Fire both have weapons but Little Earth, Little Wood, and Little Water doesn’t?” The little skeleton didn’t leave immediately as Han Shuo intended, and instead looked at the golden cudgel on the elite metal zombie’s hand and inquired.

Little Earth, Little Wood, Little Water, Little Metal, and Little Fire? Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment but regained his senses shortly after. “It seemed that the little skeleton had given them names. Not bad. Since they possess intelligence, they were no longer simply undead creatures and should have their own names.” Han Shuo thought in his heart.

“The places of extreme fire and extreme metal have existed for way longer than the other three places of extreme elements. After millions of years, they naturally nurtured fire and metal attribute treasures. The other three places of extreme elements have only existed for ten thousand years, hence they have yet to reach the conditions to nurture treasures.” Han Shuo explained to the little skeleton.

“In that case, couldn’t there be other places that could nurture such weapons? I can sense that the weapons Little Fire and Little Metal have seemed as though they were forged specifically for them and their strength is greatly increased by those weapons. I want to find such weapons for Little Water, Little Earth, and Little Wood!” The little skeleton transmitted.

Han Shuo trembled when he heard what the little skeleton said and he immediately came to his senses. That’s right, the Profound Continent is so huge. There might be other places of the five elements. Perhaps those places might be able to nurture earth, water, and wood attribute treasures! Han Shou thought inwardly, becoming more optimistic after he was reminded by the little skeleton.

“Thanks for the reminder, I will keep that in mind!” Han Shuo smiled as he said to the little skeleton. He then began chanting an incantation, preparing to send the little skeleton and the elite metal zombie back to the netherworld.

Just as the little skeleton and earth elite zombie were about to disappear, the little skeleton transmitted a message, “Father, I chose a name for myself. My name is Han Hao!”

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