Great Demon King


Great Demon King (大魔王 “Da Mo Wang”) by Ni Cang Tian

Synopsis (Courtesy of original translator etvolare!!)

Custom synopsis from etvolare:

If I don’t die… I swear I will act on all my evil thoughts.

Not exactly everyone’s typical thought when they’re about to die. What will a cowardly young man do when reincarnated with the evil powers to redefine his destiny? Can the natural kindness of human nature triumph over evil? Will he become the cold-blooded demon king of legend, or will he forge his own path and rain down another kind of terror?


Original synopsis:

A kind, cowardly young man received evil powers to redefine his destiny when he reincarnated. As he changed his fate, his personality began to shift as well. He started to become strong, cold and even bloodthirsty!

This is a continuation from the previous translator, etvolare who did an exceptional job on the first 380 chapters.

Do check out the previous chapters at volarenovels!

Current Schedule: 5 chapters per week, releasing every Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays @ 2am GMT+8

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Chapter 601: Blood Bathing the Dragon Valley

Chapter 602: Submission

Chapter 603: Shrieks at the snowland

Chapter 604: Whipping

Chapter 605: Prayer

Chapter 606: Consequences

Chapter 607: Tactics

Chapter 608: I dare not!

Chapter 609: Potential Threats

Chapter 610: How could you be so promiscuous?

Chapter 611: Bryan – Guardian of the Empire

Chapter 612: Are you Bryan?

Chapter 613: I’ll eat it no matter the side effects!

Chapter 614: Sunny Day


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  1. Thank you so much for picking up the novel. It is one of my favorites and I am certainly happy to see it keep going. If you have a Patreon account, I’ll definitely support you.

    Thanks again for the work.

    1. Hi Ahau, I was looking forward to the novel being continued too hence i picked it up. will probably put details to a Patreon account some time after i start.

      thanks for your support!

  2. Buenos días. Desde México un saludo a los traductores que retoman esta novela para deleite de sus lectores en todo el mundo.
    Pregunta: cuando comenzarán a subir episodios?

  3. Are the post times going to be regular? For example Monday and Friday..?
    Many thanks for picking this up. I really enjoyed Etvolares work on this.

  4. thanks for picking the novel, ill support you on patreon *sigh i just hope that its not just going to be 3x a there any possibility that the releases might go up in the future? just asking 😀

    1. Hi there, of course i won’t limit it to 3x a week if i’m able to maintain a rate higher than that. But at the moment, i’m still working towards that…

  5. Oh your right. I was just looking at the chapter index and it only has chapters 381 and 382 so I thought there were no updates. Sorry about that.

  6. Thank you for translating this novel. This is a fun novel which I lole very much, glad to have someone translating it.

    Also, can I ask you to change the index format so that it not only shows the chapter number, but also the chapter name?

    I tend to bulk read my novels alot (since I read over 100 novels) as you probably notice since I didnt even know the translators changed until now with me asking you this far into your tanslation.

    It just makes it easier for me to find the chapter I last read, sorry for asking for extra hassle.

  7. I feel sorry for the hard work of translators here….
    The translators’ hard work here are being translate from ENG to Thai by some shameless Thai novel translate groups. They get the material to translate for free from your web. Then, when translate to Thai, they create what call “secret group” for people to pay money if they want to read further for more chapters. You can google it for yourself to prove my words.

  8. I don’t want to be an asshole but I wish someone take this project or give you a hand because we can’t have a 1 chapter per week in a 1200 chapters novel.

    Ps: I just get the mail with chapter 400 when I was writing this lol

  9. Hi ed.l really support the work ur doing love GDK i was wondering to ask if u were translating the NSFW parts of the novel or leaving them out as emily and phoebe had theirs but not fanny i enjoy those parts as they bring a lot of life to novel hope u can answer me soon

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