EDAH Chapter 92


Chapter 92: Falling wind town

Seeing the commercial being shown on the television, Ye Tian Xie’s expression could be described as wonderful.  He turned his head, thought about what to say and then said in a small voice, “Cough…..Young miss Su, there’s actually no need to be worried.  Medicine is very developed right now and there is no need to worry about being impotent……But still, I suggest you avoid getting an abortion. This……isn’t healthy for the body and the child…….After all, it is innocent.”

“You, what are you saying?  What abortion…..Ah!”  Su Fei Fei turned her head and saw the commercial on the television.  She was stunned for a moment and then felt like she wanted to die.

“It isn’t like this, I was……”

“Cough, cough, cough.  I understand, I understand, I completely understand.  You don’t need to say anything.”  Ye Tian Xie’s face was very serious, but also very tolerant as he nodded.  Then he pointed at the bathroom door, “You can go shower now…..Relax, I definitely won’t sneak a peek.”


“Dammit!”  Su Fei Fei picked up a pillow and forcefully threw it at the television.  Then she went to the bathroom while panting in indignation and slammed the bathroom door with a “kuang” sound.  Seeing the innocent television being implicated, Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help but sigh and think that women were really unreasonable creatures……How could the television provoke you?

“Kuang!”  The closed door suddenly opened from the inside and Su Fei Fei had a look of indignation as she said, “Let me tell you, this young lady is still pure.  I haven’t even dated anyone yet, humph!”

“Kuang”, the door slammed shut once again.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

After two minutes, the television returned to the sad parting between mother and daughter.  Ye Tian Xie instantly realized…….



“Ding…..You have reached level 12.  Your HP and MP have increased by ten and you have gained five free stat points.”

Falling Wind Plains, the small raccoons’ territory.  After slaughtering small raccoons for a whole morning, Ye Tian Xie finally heard this prompt ring in his ears.  Opening the level ranking, he saw that he, who didn’t even play last night had actually pushed those maniacs that grinded twenty four hours a day out of the top ten rankings.  In just a single morning, he had reached first place once again and had become the first player to reach level twelve in the entire Chinese server.

This kind of difference, when a person with twice or even thrice the amount of time couldn’t compare to a person using the normal amount of time, this was a very clear gap.

With no skills, no speed, and no intelligence, the small raccoons could be considered quite weak for monsters of their level.  The one advantage they had was the fact that they had more HP than other monsters of the same level.  After all, raccoons could be considered bears, and bears, they had thick skin.

That day, Ye Tian Xie killed small raccoons for a whole day.

The second day, Ye Tian Xie once again killed small raccoons for a whole day.

The third day, Ye Tian Xie was still killing small raccoons.  His eyes were already numb from staring at small raccoons.

The fourth day…..He was still on the same map and facing the same monsters.  Other than the small raccoons and the rare one star, two star, and even three star elites that had appeared, he was the only human here.  No one to talk to him and no one to steal mobs from him, there was no one that even passed through here.  That day, he had finally wanted to vomit after facing the small raccoons for that long.  Even the sweet and sorrowful sounds he heard became very painful to listen to.

So, on the fifth day, Ye Tian Xie finally went southward, on the path of completing the City Lord Palace’s Unique Quest.  He called out the Ferghana horse and headed south.

At this time, he was already level fourteen.  He was also the only level fourteen player on the level ranking.  He believed that even if he didn’t grind levels for a day, there would still be no one that could pass him.

It was worth mentioning that Su Fei Fei still had not reached the level needed to leave the Beginner Village in the Destiny world.  She had spent these couple of days taking care of her new home, as if she had already become the wife of the house.  After cleaning out the living room and kitchen, she had been cleaning all the empty rooms that haven’t been used in a while by herself these past few days.  She didn’t have much time left over to spend in the Destiny world.  But she did sometimes log on and play a bit before logging out.  To Ye Tian Xie who only cared about playing games and didn’t even care about helping or complaining…….Judging by how dirty his house was, she already knew that to convince someone like him to help was no different from ascending to the heavens.

The Falling Wind Plains was vast and there was a large variety of different monsters.  The levels ranged from level ten to level thirty.  Past the small raccoons’ territory, it was the territory of the level seventeen black sheep.  After the black sheep’s territory, it was the territory of the level twenty hungry wolves.  In the southernmost part of the Falling Wind Plains, there lied the territory of the level thirty fire foxes.

Ye Tian Xie never stopped and he rode the Ferghana Horse past each and every one of these monsters.  To reach the phoenix’s lair all the way to the south, he had to pass through several strong monsters’ territories.  With Ye Tian Xie’s current stats, as long as he was hit even just once by these monsters, it would be a one way trip back to Heavenly Stellar City.

There was no doubt that this Unique Quest would be difficult and even the quest’s starting area was difficult……It was hard to reach the starting area safely.  With the current average level of players, the quest’s starting area was in a place that one shouldn’t go to and didn’t have enough strength to go to.

To Ye Tian Xie, this wasn’t really anything special.  But it definitely wasn’t an easily accomplished matter either.

Along the way, he kept going around the territories of monsters.  After several hours, he finally left the Falling Wind Plains.  To the south of the Falling Wind Plains was a place named “Falling Wind” town.

Other than the Imperial City and the five Main Cities of the Lost Continent, there were also a lot of other large and small towns.  Although the scale of these towns could not compare to the main cities, but even though they were small, they were still fully equipped with all main facilities.  There would be no problem finding what one needed here.  Towns that were hard to reach for normal players would sometimes also sell special urban items.  Of course, there would also be many mysterious hidden NPCs waiting for players to find them.

As the first player to set foot in this Falling Wind town, Ye Tian Xie naturally wouldn’t forget to go around the village once.  After getting six-seven quests, he went to the south of the town.  At the south exit to the town, a young girl squatting and crying caught his attention.  Perhaps it was the sound of her sad weeping that Ye Tian Xie found hard to endure and he couldn’t help but stop.  He got off his mount and walked over to her.

“Little sister, why are you crying?  Are there people bullying you?”  Ye Tian Xie showed a kind smile that was rarely seen and gently asked the crying little girl.

“Wu, wu, wu…….Glass ball, my glass ball fell down……Wu, wu…….”

The little girl was still crying and Ye Tian Xie who walked closer noticed that there her was a hole that was ten centimeters in diameter and who knows how deep.  He immediately understood that the little girl was playing with her ball and it had fallen in.

The little girl turned her head and her teary eyes looked at Ye Tian Xie, “Big brother, my glass ball fell inside this hole.  Can you get it back for me?”

“Ding…..The little girl has asked you to retrieve her glass ball that fell into the hole.

Quest Grade: Random

Quest Time Limit: 5 minutes

Reward: Unknown

Quest Penalties: None

Do you wish to accept?”

Quest……This could be also considered a quest and it was considered a random quest.

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