EDAH Chapter 85


Chapter 85: Everything is fake

“Although that blood red phoenix had the same shape and sound of a normal phoenix, it was completely different from a normal phoenix.  A real phoenix would only provide blessings for humans, but this blood coloured phoenix began to wildly attack after it appeared……A normal phoenix is very strong, and this blood coloured phoenix was also very strong.  After fighting it for a while, we the people of Tianchen City was finally able to drive it away and prevented a disaster from occurring.  However, that was not the end of it.  The blood coloured phoenix continued to appear near Heavenly Stellar City.  With every appearance, it committed countless acts of destruction.  In these three years, it would appear every few months.  We only have the ability to chase it away and we have no way of killing it.

The Heavenly Stellar City Lord let out a long sigh, “If we had the power of those experts guarding the Lost City, this wouldn’t be a problem.  Just last month, the blood phoenix appeared once again.  It was once again expelled again by us.  But to stop this from continuing, we would not be able to have peace in Heavenly Stellar City.  So, before it left, I formed a small team of the most elite guards from Heavenly Stellar City to follow the blood coloured phoenix in the direction it fled in.  Their mission was to find its layer and determine why it was attacking Heavenly Stellar City…..If there was a chance, they would secretly exterminate it.  Ai…..Now, more than a month has passed and we’ve received no word from the team.  Other than the few messages we received in the first few days they chased the blood coloured phoenix, we no longer received any news.  Many people believe that they’ve suffered a mishap at the hands of the blood coloured phoenix……I do not believe it and do not wish to believe.  Brave otherworlder, can you follow their trail south and find where they went?”

“Ding……The Heavenly Stellar City Lord has asked you to find the missing city guards.

Requirement: 200 prestige


Quest Grade: Unique

Quest Time Limit: One month

Quest Reward: Unknown, awarded depending on degree of completion.

Do you accept.”


“Thank you, young man.  You have the ability to obtain the Badge of Bravery, you are definitely someone strong.  To have someone like you take this dangerous quest, I feel much more relieved.”  The Heavenly Stellar City Lord nodded his head and gave a relieved smile.

“Where is the blood coloured phoenix’s lair?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

“The blood coloured phoenix’s lair’s location was sent back to us by the brave team on the fourth day…….And it was on that day that we lost contact.  Come, take this.  This is a map and marked on it is the location of the blood coloured phoenix’s lair.  You should be able to find their whereabouts if you search around that location……But, young man, although you are definitely powerful, with your current strength, you definitely still cannot approach the blood coloured phoenix’s lair.  Its strength is something the current you cannot fight against.

The Heavenly Stellar City Lord placed a map in Ye Tian Xie’s hands.  Ye Tian Xie opened the map and quickly glanced over it a few times.  His eyes rested on the location of the blood coloured phoenix’s lair for a second and then he raised his head as he closed the map.

“Alright, I understand.  I will try to complete this quest as fast as possible.”  Ye Tian Xie did not retreat or show embarrassment as he nodded.

This was without a doubt a highly difficult quest filled with dangers…..But if this quest wasn’t difficult, it wouldn’t have been classified as a Unique Quest.

“I’ll anticipate your quick and safe return.  I hope you bring back good news.”  The Heavenly Stellar City Lord smiled as he said.

Ye Tian Xie was very low key as he walked out of the City Lord’s Palace. In the center of the Heavenly Stellar City’s business district, he turned in a small circle and memorized the location of all the main buildings.  Then he bought twenty Heavenly Stellar City Return Scrolls from the item shop and three high level HP potions from the pharmacy.  Then he walked to the mount shop with a purpose.

From the map the Heavenly Stellar City Lord had given him, if he walked to where the blood phoenix’s lair was located, it would take him around three days time.  The Lost Continent was very big, so the distance travelled in these three days could still be considered a short distance.  Before the currency exchange opened, there was still a shortage of gold coins.  For low level players, they could not waste money buying a mount for activities around the city.  But for long trips, it was necessary to buy a mount.

The mount shop owner looked to be an old man around seventy-eighty years old (Why is it another old man?).  He was half lying in his chair with a content sleeping expression on his face…….The other shops were all being filled with players to the extreme, but there was no one in this mount store.  It was hard for him to even be a little crazy.  He only gave a slight glance at Ye Tian Xie when he entered the store.  He thought that he was like everyone else, who would just look for a bit and then immediately leave.

The mount shop sold four kinds of mounts:

Ordinary Horse: Move Speed + 30.  Costs 70 gold coins.  A very ordinary red horse.

Big Tall Horse: Move Speed + 40.  Costs 300 gold coins.  A type of horse that is stronger than ordinary horses, its ability to run is much stronger.

White Dragon Horse: Move Speed + 50.  Costs 2000 gold coins.  Legendary horse of a god, once given to a monk on his journey to the west for enlightenment and performing extinguished services.  But since the phrase “everything is fake” was released, the price of the White Dragon Horse began to drop…..

Ferghana Horse: Move Speed + 60.  Costs 30000 gold coins.  One of the oldest horse species on the Lost Continent.  With a wide body and long neck, it has a nice toned body.  It has great strength, endurance, and speed.  One of the kings of mounts since ancient times.  Currently only a few Ferghana Horses exist so it is priceless.

“Hello boss, give me a good Big Tall Horse.”  Ye Tian Xie called out as he took out three hundred gold coins……These were the gold coins that he had extorted from the five fat Red Leaves lambs.  At the same time, he intentionally moved the Badge of Bravery on the left side of his chest forward.

Hearing that someone wanted to buy a horse, the mount shop owner opened his eyes.  With the first glance, he saw Ye Tian Xie.  With the second glance, he saw the Badge of Bravery.

“That is…..The Badge of Bravery!!”

This reaction was just like the one Ye Tian Xie expected.  The mount shop owner lost all trace of sleepiness as his face and voice both became excited.

“Yes, this is indeed the Badge of Bravery that I accidentally picked up.”  Ye Tian Xie humbly and slowly replied.

The mount store owner stared seriously at Ye Tian Xie for a while and then said, “I never thought that I would see someone else appear with the Badge of Bravery, I am truly too excited.  Brave otherworlder, take back your gold coins.  To be able to help you is something I’m happy to do.  This Big Tall Horse is free……Oh, no, for someone that can obtain the Badge of Bravery, I feel like you deserve a better mount……The……”  The mount shop boss paused for second and grinded his teeth for a bit.  Then as if he had decided on something, “Our Lost Continent needs a hero.  We long for the emergence of a hero, but we also hope that we can be of help to him…….I’ll give you this Ferghana Horse.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Fuck…..Ferghana Horse……For free……Did he hear wrong!?

Ye Tian Xie had originally only expected the mount shop boss to give him a free Big Tall Horse, but now he wondered if there was a problem with his ears.  Ferghana Horse, that was something worth thirty thousand gold coins!

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  1. Thanks for translating. Shoot, in Shura’s Wrath when it came to this near exact same scene he only got the horse on a lone! I wonder if the author will have this MC be even luckier in order to compensate for not being able to have a profession for a while.

    1. if it about SW than there too has been pheonix at starting point, u know..and he too used poor str build…have ridiculous damage…and strong in both real and virtual… oh…and npc from game world in real….

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