EDAH Chapter 81


Chapter 81: Tian Mo Xie on the level rankings

“Alright, young miss Su, go back and eat your lunch.  This is a man’s room, you shouldn’t enter this casually from now on.”  Ye Tian Xie picked up the lunch box.

“Alright.”  Su Fei Fei didn’t keep pestering him.  She gave a complying grin and said, “A person like you who doesn’t like to go out and only likes to stay in his house all day to play games……Un, then I won’t bother you anymore.  I’ll quickly get to level ten then.”

Su Fei Fei raised her little fist and stood up to leave.

“As long as you don’t leave this place, even an atomic bomb wouldn’t be able to hurt you.  So you can be relaxed while eating your meals and sleeping.”  Ye Tian Xie lowered his head and quietly said.


Su Fei Fei’s footsteps stopped and she turned around to look at Ye Tian Xie.  She secretly smiled and then left.

The lunch Ye Tian Xie had received from Su Fei Fei was the most delicious thing he had eaten in awhile.  Having no desire to eat anything, this was the kind of feeling that he had lived with for quite a while.  It had also been a while since he had the satisfied feeling after eating a meal.  After dealing with his stomach, he painstakingly coaxed Guo Guo who was concentrated on eating the lollipop to go to sleep.  Without caring about what young miss Su, who had just left, was doing, he lied on the bed and closed his eyes to enter the «Destiny» world.

As soon as he entered the world, a familiar female voice was heard giving prompts in his ear.  And this prompt caused quite a big stir in the Chinese server.

“Ding……Currently in the Chinese server, there are over a million players that have already changed jobs.  The area level rankings and prestige rankings are now open.”

“Ding……You have obtained first place on the prestige rankings.  If you wish to protect your privacy, you can choose to hide your name.  Will you hide your name?”

Almost every single game would have some kind of ranking list, and these lists did not list simple things like common rankings.  Especially in the Chinese server, to be able to enter the list out of several tens of millions of players.  Whether it was levels, prestige, or the future gold coin ranking, those that were able to enter these rankings were definitely experts above experts.  Where they stood, it was a place ordinary players could only look up at.

“Don’t ask this kind of silly question again……There would be something wrong with my brain if I hid my name.”  Ye Tian Xie scoffed.  His prestige being ranked first, this wasn’t an accident.  It was incredibly difficult to acquire prestige in the beginning phases of the game, so any player that could obtain over ten prestige was already considered quite good.  And Ye Tian Xie, he was far ahead of the others.  With the one hundred prestige from the Badge of Bravery and the one hundred prestige reward from the Abyss Level Trial, he was far ahead of all the other players.

The system prompt did not reply…….

Ye Tian Xie was quiet for two seconds, but he still didn’t hear another system prompt.  His face suddenly twitched and he raised his head to ask, “…….Could it be that I don’t have a level ranking?”

The system prompt clearly only mentioned the number one ranking in the prestige list, it didn’t mention anything about the level ranking.

The Heavenly Stellar City main plaza was filled with players.  Although China had a huge population, the one million players that had changed their jobs was only a small part of the whole.  And this figure did not mean that only one million players had reached level ten…….There were many players that were level ten, but they chose to stay in the Beginner Village to challenge higher level trials, so they could have a better start than most people.

At this time, not far from the Heavenly Stellar City’s main plaza’s resurrection point, there were two giant magical screens erected.  This was the Chinese server’s level and prestige rankings.  The lists showed the players ranked first to tenth and at the same time, players could use their thoughts to summon the rankings for up to the thousandth place…….But, one shouldn’t underestimate these thousand people.  To be able to enter the top thousand, they were still experts above experts.  It was a level that ordinary people could not dream of achieving.  But to be able to appear on the top ten places on the plaza screens, it was undoubtedly a symbol of great strength and glory.

Prestige ranking: First place: Xie Tian

Prestige: 220.

The name Xie Tian on the prestige ranking, behind was was a very shocking “220”……Because this was the list of the Chinese players with the most prestige, only behind his name was a very shocking number……three digits!

Ye Tian Xie quickly glanced over the prestige ranking, then he looked over at the levels ranking.  When he saw the name in first place, his brows fiercely wrinkled.

Level ranking: First place: Tian Mo Xie

Level: 11

Job: Shooter.

Tian Mo Xie!?

An evil feeling began to boil in Ye Tian Xie’s chest.  He stared right at that name……The name that used to belong to him.  The corners of his mouth slowly rose into a sinister look…….Things, seemed more interesting than I imagined.  The person who dared to use this name, it seemed like he had some skills.

Was this a provocation towards me?


First rank on the levels ranking…….Ah, as long as I’m in this world, as long as I’m not willing, no one can think of being number one!

The anger he felt towards the imposter only lasted for a minute, then, it was replaced with a ruthless desire to trample the imposter.  As he had said before, he was someone who had never been defeated……At the same time, arrogant blood that people could not understand flowed through his bones.  Even the slightest provocation was already going past his bottom line.

Once his mood settled, he had a cold smile as he looked down at the second name on the levels ranking.  His eyebrows fell once again.

Tian Mo Xie, this name was known by all players.  No one was a stranger to the name of the person that had once stood at the peak of China, even the peak of the world.  Because this was a myth in China, a myth that had never been defeated.  His name had finally appeared for the first time in the «Destiny» world, but his name appearing as first place in the levels ranking was something that was natural in the eyes of the players.

But other than Ye Tian Xie and the current “Tian Mo Xie”, no one else knew that the current “Tian Mo Xie” was not the Tian Mo Xie of the past that was all powerful and respected wherever he went.  Rather, it was a counterfeit who was quite strong himself.

The level ranking may not have been an accurate measure of strength, but it did reflect strength to a certain extent.  But in «Lift up the Heavens» and «Murder God», the top ranks in the levels rankings were always occupied by the peak powerhouses of the Chinese server.  It was hard for a new name to be powerful enough to break through……But it was also in these two games that the levels ranking’s top three spots were always occupied by the same three people and have never been changed – Tian Mo Xie, Eternal Slaughter, and Xue Yao Yue.

Before «Destiny» had opened, many players had thought that the myth of these three people would be continued.

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