EDAH Chapter 509


Chapter 509: Scene under the moon

The moon was in the sky and the gentle light was all around.  It was moonlight and the lights.

The autumn leaves were already turning light brown, but they were beautiful to behold.  The calm water reflected the gentle light and occasionally had gentle ripples from the cool breeze.  Ye Tian Xie and Su Fei Fei sat on the stone bench beside the lotus pool, it was already close to midnight, but neither of them were sleepy at all.  The cool and pure breeze in the middle of the night made them even less willing to leave.

Walking around the main parts of the Su Family manor only took around an hour.  The manor had all purpose vehicles, but they chose to walk instead. Finally they arrived here and sat down on the stone bench.  In their eyes, there were only the two of them.

Another cool breeze blew over them and the lotus pond sparkled.  This moving scene did not attract Ye Tian Xie’s attention, his eyes were always on Su Fei Fei’s face, silently appreciating it.  It went from looking gentle to having a slight aggressiveness. Su Fei Fei’s bright as jade face was even more snow white under the moonlight.  She kept pretending to appreciate the lotuses under the moonlight, but she could clearly feel the eyes watching her, causing her two cheeks to be covered in a faint blush, looking beautiful.  She enjoyed his gaze and her heartbeat kept becoming faster.


“It’s already been ten years…..In these ten years, this is the first time I came here.”  Su Fei Fei looked at the surface of the water as she spoke in a soft voice.

Ye Tian Xie didn’t speak as he silently watched her.

“When I was small, I didn’t know how to swim, but I liked the water and liked being here.  When it was summer, I liked to kick the water here to play, but I accidentally fell in one time.  After that, every time I came here, my mom always came with me. This is the place with the most memories of my mother…..That stormy night ten years ago, when I was ten years old, I insisted on sleeping with mother.  That night, the sounds of guns rang out as father called mother to run towards the back mountain with me…..Mother carried me as she ran out of the room, running in the rain, running and running…..Running until we were here…..The thunder that night was especially terrifying.  Mother and I were both soaked and we never thought that the nightmare would arrive, with some people chasing us to here…..Mother used her body to protect me and was hit with four bullets straight. When father rushed over and those people were taken care of, mother’s body had already turned very cold.  She didn’t even have time to say her final words…..Even when mother left, she still hugged me very tightly…..

There were tears that appeared in Su Fei Fei’s eyes, just like dew on a lotus.

“That night, father hugged mother’s body as he cried in the rain.  He hit himself very hard and even pulled his hair…..That was the first time and also the only time I had ever seen father cry.  But no matter how he cries, mother will never come back. I didn’t hate father and from that day forth, I never came here again.  I was afraid that if I came here, I would think of that terrifying night……After that day, the thing I’m most afraid of is thunder.  No matter how good a room was at insulating sound, no matter how tightly a window was closed, I would be too afraid to sleep…..Since I was ten, I always dreamed of someone who could protect me, making it so I would never feel afraid again, someone I could depend on my entire life.  If this person appeared, I can give up everything for him…..”

Under the moonlight, Su Fei Fei’s eyes was slowly covered in a faint layer of mist.

Ye Tian Xie’s heart felt pain as he reached out to softly hold her shoulder.  His fingers stroked her long hair covered in a layer of cool dew, as he said in a gentle voice, “Fei Fei, it isn’t good to hide these things in your heart.  Don’t think about it and there’s no need to feel hurt or afraid because no matter where you are in the future, no matter what time it is, I will be with you.  You will never be afraid again…..Believe in my promise. I hope that auntie in heaven can also hear my voice.”

Su Fei Fei’s heart felt warm and that misted over eyes filled lit up.  She leaned against Ye Tian Xie and said with a faint smile, “Tian Xie, I found today that you are quite good at coaxing girls….Humph, I don’t know how many little sisters will be tricked by a large pervert like you.”

“I’m being wronged…..Alright, I can promise to auntie in heaven that I will only say these words to you alone.”  Ye Tian Xie said in a helpless voice.

“Really…..Humph!  I don’t believe you.”  Su Fei Fei said she didn’t believe, but she couldn’t help revealing her happiness on her face.  She pursed her lips and her finger went in a circle on Ye Tian Xie’s chest as she suddenly looked up to ask, “Tian Xie, do you still remember the first time we met?  That time, you actually…..Actually…..Tell me, before and now, do you still do that kind of stuff!”

The first time they met, a man who she had seen for the first time had grabbed her chest and then ran away…..This kind of meeting, she would never forget it in her life.  Thinking of it now, she wanted to pinch him very hard. This is because this is clearly something a shameless hoodlum would do.

“Actually that day…..I really didn’t do it on purpose.”  Ye Tian Xie’s lips moved, “I accidentally hit you when I went around the corner.  I was raising the gaming equipment on my hand before I saw a beauty appear in front of me, so my hand touched…..Alright, I promise to auntie in heaven again that it was definitely mu first time.  Un…..Fei Fei, don’t you feel that it is a wonderful and beautiful moment of fate?”

Indeed it was a wonderful moment of fate…..This is because if Ye Tian Xie didn’t accidentally molest her, when he saw her being kidnapped at night, he would not care about it and nothing else would have happened…..This is a strange moment of destiny.  A single thought, even if it was casual or unconscious, it could change one’s life.

“It would be strange if it was fate!  You were just filled with desire, so you assaulted a girl on the street…..Humph!  It can’t be blamed on you, you live alone for that long, so you can be forgiven if you can’t hold it in, hee, hee…..”  Su Fei Fei softly laughed and leaned against him even tighter. She never knew that night could be this intoxicating and beautiful, she was already feeling drunk.  Although the night wind was cold, it carried a trace of happiness.

“Un…..Speaking of that day.”  Ye Tian Xie raised his right hand and stretched his fingers, making a grabbing gesture.  He revealed a bad smile, “The feeling was really hard to forget…..”

“You….”  Su Fei Fei was filled with shyness and went to him with her fist.  When she raised her hand, it was grabbed by Ye Tian Xie and his gentle eyes looked into her.  His other hand held her even tighter as he slowly lifted her up towards him.

Looking at each other, Su Fei Fei’s heart was beating fast, as her grasped heart turned soft.  Looking in Ye Tian Xie’s eyes, her face turned a visible pink colour and her lips slightly opened.  There was an intoxicating feeling that filled her heart with chaos. Slowly she closed her eyes and her chest slightly raised…..waiting for Ye Tian Xie’s touch……

One second…..Two seconds……Five seconds…..

After waiting a long time, but there wasn’t the moment she was waiting for.  Su Fei Fei opened her eyes and found that Ye Tian Xie was still watching her like before.  Seeing her open her eyes, he winked at her and asked in a curious voice, “Fei Fei, what did you close your eyes for?”

Su Fei Fei was filled with embarrassment and raised her fist to hit him.  Ye Tian Xie revealed a bad smile as his hand suddenly held her waist and drew her against him.  Su Fei Fei did not even react as a flame passed through her lips and a male’s scent filled her nose.  Su Fei Fei made a “ying” sound as she felt her body melt under Ye Tian Xie’s warm kiss, slowly falling down.  The feeling from her lip and the smell in her nose made her heart beat fast like a little deer running.

The contact of their lips made her instantly forget everything.  No matter what words were used, it could not describe the feeling in her heart.  Her body suddenly froze and she didn’t dare move, as her eyes tightly closed together…..

This was her…..Accurately speaking, this was her second time kissing Ye Tian Xie.  the first time was when she went window shopping with Ye Tian Xie and she had kissed Ye Tian Xie in a moment of passion in the Li Family’s underground casino.  That action had made her face turn red and her heart beat fast for several days after.

That time was only a faint touch.  This time was this long…..Neither of them were willing to move apart.

At first it was just contact of their lips, but after a while, Ye Tian Xie finally couldn’t take it anymore.  He began to greedily suck at her flower petal like lips, feeling so smooth and soft. This aggressive action made Su Fei Fei’s breathing become faster and her heart beat much faster.

Ye Tian Xie reached his tongue out and skillfully opened Su Fei Fei’s tightly closed jade teeth, searching for that tender little tongue.  It was a gentle touch at first before he began to gently suck at it. Su Fei Fei who had no experience with kissing other than tapping Ye Tian Xie that day, how could she withstand this kind of stimulation on her tongue.  Her whole body trembled like it was struck with lightning as her sweet saliva was sucked in by Ye Tian Xie. That taste was unexpectedly sweet that made Ye Tian Xie unable to not want more. His hands tightly held her waist as he invaded every corner of her mouth.  That slightly sweet saliva kept flowing into Ye Tian Xie’s mouth and some even leaked out of the corner of her lips, forming a silver line in the moonlight……

Su Fei Fei made a faint “wu” sound.  With Ye Tian Xie’s attack that kept becoming stronger, her slender neck raised high up.  She unconsciously moved back and when she retreated, her hot breath fell onto Ye Tian Xie’s face.  Her body became hotter and she gradually forgot the shyness of a young girl. Her delicate hands tightly held Ye Tian Xie, as she lost herself in the happiness between men and women.  That kiss between them made them both think of when they met, as that memory that only belonged to them appeared in their mind and fading into a warm feeling the echoed in their hearts for a long time……

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