EDAH Chapter 486


Chapter 486: Prelude

“Wa!  Big brother Xie Tian, you’re so aggressive…..”  Situ Luo Yu was looking right at him with eyes that looked like little stars.

“Second brother, you wouldn’t really…..destroy the Red Leaves Guild, right?”  Zuo Po Jun came forward with a look of doubt as he asked this question. He was very clear on Ye Tian Xie’s strength and because he was clear about it, he asked this question with a deep meaning.  To completely destroy a guild was relatively hard. With the Red Leaves Guild’s strength, it was easy for the Wings of Shrouded Heaven or the Gods Realm Guild with their million members to defeat them, but to hit them at their core and destroy the Red Leaves Guild was not an ordinary kind of hard.  Even if they pay a large price, it would be hard to accomplish.

Destroying the Red Leaves Guild was not impossible, but it was not something that a single person could do, even if it was Ye Tian Xie.  Not to mention a single one of him, it was impossible even with a hundred of him.

“Humph!  My big brother Xie Tian says he could, so of course he can.  It’s just a small Red Leaves Guild, with how strong my big brother Xie Tian is, he can easily destroy it.”  Situ Luo Yu held Ye Tian Xie’s arm, pursing her lips as she spoke with a proud look.


Zuo Po Jun: “…..”

“Ke, ke, after being with second brother for all these years, as long as second brother says something seriously, there has never been anything impossible.  Un…..Only second brother, ke, ke, can you really destroy the Red Leaves Guild? Could it be you’re using a way to draw in the Wings of Shrouded Heaven or the Gods Realm’s power?”  Murong Qiu Shui came over and asked in a calm voice. It was clear that even he did not believe that Ye Tian Xie could destroy the Red Leaves Guild alone. This was because this was even more difficult than killing everyone in the Red Leaves Guild.

“It’s just a Red Leaves Guild, a single person is enough.”  Ye Tian Xie’s lips curled as he spoke.

“This…..Second brother, are you serious?”  Zuo Po Jun carefully asked.

“Ke, ke, this matter, I have to say a few words.”  Situ Chana came forward and gave two coughs before saying, “Great commander, you are the strongest solo player and should disdain joining any kind of guild, so…..I think that you don’t understand too much about how to create and destroy guilds in the «Destiny» world.  Guilds aren’t hard to create, one is qualified as long as they have enough prestige, but it is hard in terms of gold coins……This is because to create a guild, one has to have territory first and this territory is bought with money. After buying it, a guild’s influence can truly develop.  To destroy a guild, it’s actually also very simple which is to destroy the guild sign. For a large guild like the Red Leaves Guild, their defenses are very strong. If you rush in, you have to break down at least five layers of defenses and while you’re doing that, all the Red Leaves Guild players can rush back.  Think about the number of players the Red Leaves Guild has…..If you stand there without moving attacking their defenses, the sky filled with attacks…’s too terrifying. If you engage in hit and run tactics……the defenses will automatically recover and there will be craftsmen players going to repair them……So, normally speaking, to truly destroy a guild, it requires attack power that surpasses the gathered attack power of the other side and it comes with a large price and sacrifice.  Guilds need large amounts of fund to establish and requires a lot of manpower and investment to develop, so naturally the system made it very hard to destroy. Otherwise, who would dare invest in things like guilds……”

Situ Chana spoke for a while, clearly giving an introduction.  However, his meaning was that he didn’t believe Ye Tian Xie could destroy a guild alone and he was explaining how to destroy a guild to him instead.

Murong Qiu Shui finally couldn’t watch him embarrass himself any longer and used his bow to poke him, “Poker face, second brother has already rushed into the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  This kind of basic knowledge, he is more clear on it than you.”

Situ Chana instantly closed his mouth.

“Second brother, do you need help?”  Murong Qiu shui said. Although he couldn’t think of what way Ye Tian Xie would use to destroy the Red Leaves Guild, he understood Ye Tian Xie’s disposition very well.  Since he had said it, he would do it…..Not to mention that the other side had provoked him with such harsh words. The more calm Ye Tian Xie’s reaction was, the more drastic his following actions were.

“No need, just wait for the Red Leaves Guild to disappear, or you can keep leveling.  Hei…..” Ye Tian Xie looked forward and suddenly broke out in a laugh, revealing a trace of a smile on his lips.  It made the four of them suddenly shiver as if an ice cold chill had suddenly blew across them.

This expression told them that he was serious!  His reaction was calm, but how angry was he deep down.

After this, there was a flash of white light on Ye Tian Xie’s body as he disappeared to an unknown place.

“Big brother Xie Tian…..”  Situ Luo Yu softly called.

“Can I ask a question?”  When Situ Chana reacted, he asked, “Alright, I believe that the commander is an all powerful god, but…..Would he really exterminate the Red Leaves Guild over such a small matter?”

“Of course not.  The reason is very simple…..”  Murong Qiu Shui tapped his chin, “Two words….a girl.”

The Red Leaves Guild Master was the Ran Family’s Ran Ling Feng.  That day Chen Xin couldn’t bear to speak…..Just based on what he did to Chen Xin before, it was already enough for Ye Tian Xie to condemn him to a hundred deaths…..But if he let him died that simply, he would not be Ye Tian Xie.  Ran Ling Feng’s fate had already been decided on by him and at the same time, he had to take back what belonged to Ran Chen Xin and Ran Chen Xue.

“A girl?”  Situ Chana blinked and then looked at Situ Luo Yu.  After two seconds, his eyes suddenly became much brighter, “Commander really is a good man.  If little sister can be with the commander, we as big brothers can be completely assured…..Sour face, don’t you think so?”

Situ Wu Qing: “……”

Murong Qiu Shui rolled his eyes.  He was too lazy to explain, so he allowed him to misunderstand.

“It is really for me?”  Thinking of how she had said to Ye Tian Xie with an aggrieved expression, “They wanted to bring me back for their guildmaster to play with”…..Could it be because of this……He actually cared about her this much, not hesitating to promise to destroy one of the top ten guilds of the Chinese Server for her……Situ Luo Yu wished she could find Ye Tian Xie to throw herself into his arms.  She stood there in a daze as her eyes looked like stars filled with happiness.

At the same time, a video and a piece of news began to wildly spread across the net.

Xie Tian rarely showed himself, so as long as there was news related to him, it would immediately attract everyone’s attention…..The news this time made countless people speechless and stunned, but it also made countless people laugh at him.

Xie Tian said he would destroy the Red Leaves Guild…..In the video, the Red Leaves Guild people had forced Xie Tian to destroy the Red Leaves Guild today, otherwise…..

The time right now was 9:40 at night.

There was less than two and a half hours left today.

A single person would destroyed the Red Leaves Guild in two hours!?

No one denied that Xie Tian was very strong………..But did he think he was a god?

There should be a limit to one’s arrogance, right?

Although it was late at night, this video still created a large stir.  The speed of information transfer on the internet was terrifying, but the speed this piece of news couldn’t be simply described by the word “wild”.  Xie Tian against the Red Leaves Guild, no matter the result, this would be a peerless major battle……

Only, there wasn’t a single person……Not even Tian Mo Xie’s most diehard fan that believe he could really destroy the Red Leaves Guild alone.  That’s right, not a single person.

Xie Tian…..What should he do?  Or perhaps it was better to ask how would this end?

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