EDAH Chapter 485


Chapter 485: Large conflict

Zuo Po Jun had already encountered this same matter more than once.

Zuo Po Jun had a Hidden Job, so whether it was equipment, base stats, or skills, it all surpassed normal knights.  For same level monsters, he could pull in seven or eight of them without a problem. Murong Qiu Shui and Situ Chana could hit critical hits with their arrows without missing.  Although Situ Wu Qing rarely spoke, his attacks were even more fierce. He moved like a ghost, attacking at a speed that stunned people.

Adding in the stat increase from the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries, the four of them working together had a very high rate of killing monsters.  Even a group of over ten people would find it hard to match them. The four of them swept over a large area feeling no pressure at all. The Chinese Server had the most players, but the Chinese Server was not the biggest in the world.  The area of a server was not equal to its population, but rather the size of the country. It was because of this that the fights over leveling area and bosses happened most frequently in the Chinese Server. The four of them had occupied such a large area, it would be strange if people weren’t jealous.

If they belonged to a powerful guild, no one would come forward to steal it.  However, there were no markings on them at all, so they were most likely players that weren’t in a power at all.  There was no pressure bullying this kind of players at all.


But this group of people had clearly found the wrong people.  If Zuo Po Jun’s group of four showed their Heavenly Soul Mercenaries name, they wouldn’t have dared offend them even if they had twice the balls.

Situ Chana’s sloppy words made this group of people seem completely helpless and his disdainful words made them feel like a group of grasshoppers that didn’t matter at all.  It made the faces of these people who normally relied on the powerful guild behind them to run wild, acting arrogantly, and putting no one in their eyes turn black. If Xie Tian wasn’t here, they would have charged forward already.  Ye Tian Xie looked over them and his eyes stopped on the pattern printed on their chest. He suddenly gave a cold laugh, “So, you were Red Leaves Guild people…..He, you can scram.”

The Red Leaves Guild people were stunned, as if they didn’t dare believe that with Xie Tian’s style, he would let them leave like this.  But immediately, in their shock, there was a feeling of incomparable shame and grievance filled their chest…..That cold laugh, that disdainful voice, as well as that voice filled with limitless contempt, this manner seemed like he disdained from taking another look at them……

If they had left before, it was because they feared Xie Tian.  Retreating because they know they can’t win, that was the most intelligent choice…..However, this Xie Tian looked at them like he was looking at ants.  Even if they were ants, they still had their pride. How could there be a man that could accept this kind of disdain, even if it was Xie Tian!

If they left now, even they couldn’t look at themselves anymore.

The person in charge was called Red Leaves Freeze, one of the thirty seven hallmasters of the Red Leaves Guild.  The players he had under him was over two thousand players. Other than in front of the guildmaster, he always got what he wanted.  If he went to any place and he revealed the Red Leaves Guild hallmaster mark, the other players would all carefully leave…..When had he ever been disdained by someone like this.

A flame of rage burned and this flame suppressed the fear from before…..He didn’t leave and gritted his teeth.  If he really left, what difference was there between him and a dog that was scared away by a single word from Xie Tian.

“Oh, beloved second brother, I think there is something wrong with my ears…..You just said to let them leave?”  Murong Qiu Shui revealed an exaggerated expression and even tapped his ears, as if he really thought there was a problem with his ears.

“You didn’t hear wrong.”  Situ Chana immediately followed and revealed a look of pity, “Our commander is a good person and a person with principle.  Even if he does meet villains, are they worthy of him personally making a move? Even I disdain making a move for these little fish, how could they be qualified to ask our commander to make a move…..Un, it’s better to let them scram, they are really obstructing our view.”

Situ Chana’s words of disdain was like oil poured onto the flames of rage of the Red Leaves members, as their flames of rage soared up.  Each person revealed an aura of anger like that of a wild beast and with this rage, even their fear towards Xie Tian was suppressed……Now, even if they were begged to leave, they would not be willing to leave.

Red Leaves Freeze’s weapon was pulled out and he pointed it at Ye Tian Xie.  His eyes seemed to be shooting out flames, “Xie Tian!! Others might fear you, but father doesn’t!  I admit that you are indeed very powerful, but my Red Leaves Guild is not a coward! Even if we all die in your hands today, my Red Leaves Guild still have hundreds of thousands of brothers!  Do you think our Red Leaves Guild fears a single Xie Tian? Our countless brothers could kill you hundreds of times if all my brothers spit at you. I urge you to act more low key!!”

Zuo Po Jun looked at him with a look of pity.

Situ Chana and Murong Qiu Shui revealed a helpless expression at the same time, even Situ Wu Qing’s face twitched a few times.

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven that could be considered the strongest power in China was at least ten times bigger than the Red Leaves Guild, but Xie Tian had charged in alone without being injured and even grabbed the leader Son of Heaven…..After this, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven was devastated again and again.  How Ye Tian Xie had suddenly obtained four billion, others might not know, but they were very clear on it. After all this time, not to mention revenge, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven did not dare make a sound. Why? Because they had personally experienced how terrifying Xie Tian is. Although he couldn’t fight thousands of people by himself, as long as he finds a target, it didn’t matter how many people there were.

So when this Red Leaves Guild hallmaster said this, it was something that a complete idiot would say.

When Red Leaves Freeze’s voice fell, the people behind him all took out their weapons.  They looked like even if they died, they wouldn’t retreat. Ye Tian Xie looked at then and gave a smile, “He, Red Leaves Guild?  From now on, it’s better if you stop acting arrogantly with the Red Leaves Guild name because soon it will be a name synonymous to shame…..Red Leaves Guild will soon…..disappear from the Destiny world!”


The surrounding area became silent.  The Red Leaves Guild people were stunned and even Zuo Po Jun’s group of four was stunned.

“This…..Is boss serious?”  Zuo Po Jun said in a small voice.

“Do you think second brother is someone who would make jokes?”  Murong Qiu Shui looked over him.

“But…..Even if it is second brother…..”

The tip of Murong Qiu Shui’s nose moved, but he said nothing.

If Ye Tian Xie said he could eliminate their guildmaster under the protection of the guild, they would believe him, but to say that he would destroy a guild alone…..Which was also the large Red Leaves Guild…..

This was not something a single person could do!  Even if it was the strongest Wings of Shrouded Heaven or the Gods Realm with a million people, it is impossible.  Ye Tian Xie didn’t have any power in his hands, he actually wanted to…..

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……”  After a period of silence, not only was Red Leaves Freeze not scared, he began to laugh like he had heard a good joke, “Everyone says that Xie Tian is wild, but today I’ve personally experienced it……How is this wild, you’re just crazy that you can’t even remember your name…..You want to exterminate our Red Leaves Guild?  Alright, eliminate our Red Leaves Guild today if you have the skills!! If you can eliminate Red Leaves Guild today, I’ll call you grandfather. If you can’t eliminate it, hei…..Xie Tian, you will be our Red Leaves Guild’s grandson who doesn’t know the height of the heavens and depth of the earth!”

A killing intent hit Red Leaves Freeze that made his body unable to stop shaking.  That killing intent did not come from Ye Tian Xie, rather it came from Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui.

Ye Tian Xie was not angry.  Instead his lips slightly curled as he slowly said, “I don’t have a grandson like you.”

“Ha, ha, what, you don’t dare?  Hei…..Xie Tian, if you don’t have the skills, do be so arrogant.  I am only just one of the Red Leaves Guild’s little brothers, it doesn’t matter if there is me or not.  What skills do you have if you kill me!” Red Leaves Freeze gave a cold laugh while raising his communication device.  With a sinister laugh, he said, “I’ve already recorded everything just now, I will immediately put it on the web. Xie Tian, if you have the skills, eliminate my Red Leaves Guild today, otherwise the entire world will know that you are my Red Leaves Guild’s grandson.  Ha, ha, ha, ha……”

After being despised before, Red Leaves Freeze took this chance to viciously vent the anger and indignation he had suppressed before, wildly wenting it out.  He knew that the words he said would guarantee that Xie Tian would kill him. Knowing that he would die, he was not afraid, but rather he began to taunt him without stop……

Ye Tian Xie however was not angry and instead had a playful expression, like watching Red Leaves Freeze screaming was just a performance for him.  When he finished, he half turned around and let out a breath as he said, “He, you’re serious? Very good…..Now, go and put the recording on the web, the faster the better.  Go…..Also tell Red Leaves Strong Gale to quickly log off and turn off his communication device, otherwise he won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

Ye Tian Xie’s words made Red Leaves Freeze’s breath stop and there was a clear choking sensation.  He force out a cold laugh as he said, “Hei, Xie Tian, if you have skills, come to our Red Leaves Guild…..Hei, hei, we’re leaving!”

When he said this he quickly took out a City Return Scroll.  Seeing him leave, the people behind him also quickly left. From beginning to end, Ye Tian Xie did not make a move to stop them.

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