EDAH Chapter 483


Chapter 483: Yuan Ya’s tears

Ye Tian Xie was directly sent back to Heavenly Stellar City by Yaya.  He looked over his friends list and found that Su Fei Fei, Chen Xin, and Chen Xue weren’t on.  Thinking about it, Ye Tian Xie headed to the appraiser shop.

Yuan Ya’s shop was always the most carefree shop in Heavenly Stellar City.  When Ye Tian Xie came in, he saw the old man on the chair with half closed eyes like before, that was called a comfortable life.  In front of the appraiser shop, there were groups of player appraisers surrounding it. When normal players wanted something appraised, they would normally find a friend with the appraiser Job or an appraiser from their guild.  If they couldn’t find one, they could find a large group of appraisers outside the appraiser shop. It was incredibly hard for Yuan Ya to have any kind of business. For current players to have high level equipment and items that couldn’t be appraised was harder to find than absolute beauties.

Hearing the sounds of footsteps, Yuan Ya opened his eyes a seam.  Seeing Ye Tian Xie, a helpless voice came from his mouth, “Brat, it’s you again…..What high level equipment do you have this time?  Oh?”

His eyes suddenly opened as he looked at Ye Tian Xie’s neck, staring right at the Rainbow Dusk.  His body jumped out of the seat and he said in a low voice with a frown, “Rainbow Dusk.”


“Big brother Ya, you recognize it?”  Although his voice was low, Ye Tian Xie had heard it and asked this question.

“Nonsense!  Of course I recognize it…..Wait a minute!  Isn’t this the city protection Divine Weapon the Xi Yao Goddess gave Heavenly Sun City?  Why is it on you…..” Yuan Ya’s eyes first became sharp before they had a strange look, “Tell me, how did you obtain it?  The significance of the Heavenly Sun City protective Divine Weapon is not small, it can’t fall into an outsider’s hand, unless that Heavenly Sun City’s little old man doesn’t want to live anymore.”

Ye Tian Xie’s heart skipped a beat, but his face didn’t change as he said, “You’re right, for this kind of important thing, how could it belong to me?  I’m also only temporarily holding it because of a special quest…..Big brother Ya, this time I have something special for you to appraise.”

Yuan Ya looked at Ye Tian Xie with doubtful eyes and he didn’t ask about the Rainbow Dusk’s origin anymore.  Since he decided to start an appraisal shop, he didn’t care about the matters of the world, the outside world was not related to him.  He reached out his old hand and said with an expressionless face, “What do you want to appraise, take it out.”

Ye Tian Xie took out the Rainbow Ribbon and placed it in Yuan Ya’s hand.

When the unique weak rainbow aura appeared, Yuan Ya’s turbid old eyes suddenly became much more brilliant.  His head slowly turned over and he moved slowly like an old man at the end of his life…..His stunned eyes turned over to look at his own hands…..Looking at the long Rainbow Ribbon in them.

His reaction had surprised Ye Tian Xie…..Shock, excitement, disbelief, and something that he couldn’t understand……

Even when he took out the Azure Dragon’s Ring and the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage, his reaction was not as intense as it was now…..Seeing the Azure Dragon’s Ring and the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage, he only displayed an intense shock.  But now, his expression far surpassed shock……

He recognized this ribbon and he must have some kind of deep relation to this ribbon.  This was the first thing Ye Tian Xie thought because although this Rainbow Ribbon should be as strong as the Rainbow Bracelet, it definitely would not surpass that of the Azure Dragon’s Ring or the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage.  If there was no special reason, he wouldn’t display this kind of reaction.

Yuan Ya pulled his hand back and his hands tightly gripped it.  He did not say a word as his old eyes fell into a daze for a while.  Finally, he slowly closed his eyes and Ye Tian Xie could clearly see that his hands were trembling…..Trembling with such intensity.

“This Rainbow Ribbon…..Where did you get it.”  He did not turn around and his eyes were still closed as he asked this in a low trembling voice.

Yuan Ya’s reaction made Ye Tian Xie more and more stunned.  He directly replied, “It was a girl who picked it up and I bought it from her.”

Yuan Ya did not make a sound as his hands gripped the Rainbow Ribbon.  It unconsciously became tighter as if he was afraid that if he let go of it even slightly, it would leave his hand.

After a minute.

After two minutes…..

Yuan Ya did not make a sound and Ye Tian Xie did not speak to disturb him…..However from Yuan Ya’s face, he saw a strong look of struggle…..


What was he struggling with?

Ye Tian Xie’s heart suddenly skipped a beat……This old man wouldn’t be struggling over whether he should give the Rainbow Ribbon back to him or not, right?

With this thought, Ye Tian Xie was more and more certain from his fluctuating expression.  When he wanted to speak, Yuan Ya who hadn’t moved in a while suddenly gave a long breath and opened his eyes.  He looked at Ye Tian Xie with a complicated look, “Brat, this is a special equipment. Only girls with the priest Job can use it, are you prepared to…..”

“I know.”  Ye Tian Xie cleanly replied, “So I was prepared to give it to a priest.”

“Is it someone you like?”  Yuan Ya asked.

“……Yes.”  This question had caught Ye Tian Xie off guard and after a short pause, he replied.

Yuan Ya’s tight hands released and he looked at Ye Tian Xie with a complicated gaze.  He raised his right hand and used his appraise skill.

The appraise skill’s light flashed over the Rainbow Ribbon.  Yuan Ya took a final look at the Rainbow Ribbon before giving it back to Ye Tian Xie without any nostalgia, “Since you obtained it, it means it has fate with you…..If you want to give it to the person you love, give it to her.  However, since it is the person you love, you have to protect her, protect her safety and everything…..Even if you give up your life, you have to protect her. Don’t forget, you are a man and she ias a woman, if you don’t have the ability to protect her, don’t tell her you love her…..”

From Yuan Ya’s voice, Ye Tian Xie could hear a deep sadness.  Ye Tian Xie carefully considered Yuan Ya’s words before nodding with a faint smile, “You’re right.  If a man doesn’t have the ability to protect his woman, he does not have the qualification to be with her.”

Yuan Ya looked at him and softly said, “But with all the things that have appeared in front of you…..The future you definitely won’t have a tranquil life.  Although I know that you won’t listen, I have some advice for you…..” Yuan Ya paused before saying, “A person in life will seek for things like money, influence, power, and prestige…..Some have arrogance, some have ambition, some have intelligence, but innately weak people can only be cowards…..But as life changes, when I’ve lost everything, I can only feel regret…..Why couldn’t the previous me be a coward……Why did I need to care about those things that clearly didn’t matter to me…..Involving myself in a storm that I could avoid…..”

Ye Tian Xie looked at Yuan Ya in a daze before saying with a faint smile, “Big brother Ya, I understand your meaning.  Perhaps when I am at the same age as you, I will also have the same thoughts, but I can’t do that now. I have too many reasons why I can’t have a tranquil life……Even if I didn’t have these reasons, with the blood flowing in my body, a peaceful and low key life is painful torture for me.”

“Go.”  Yuan Ya weakly waved his hand, “No matter what happens to you in the future, I hope that you can remember that the most important thing is the safety of the people by your side…..As for other things, even if the entire continent is destroyed, as long as people are alive, there is still hope.  But when people die…..The dead will become emptiness and you will hate all life, everything cannot return to before.”

“Un, I understand.  Everything you said, I will remember.”  Ye Tian Xie said with a smile before looking at the Rainbow Ribbon’s stats.

Rainbow Ribbon: Special Unique Item, no grade.

Requirement: Female and having the Priest Job.

“Out of the twelve sages that kept the order and power balance of the Lost Continent, there was a Holy Word Sage that had the power of a divine saint.  She was beautiful and noble, being the secret guardian that the other eleven sages relied on. A hundred years ago in the Demon Sealing Battle, the Holy Word Sage had fallen at the hands of the Eight Demon Kings.  Before her soul could be destroyed, the Rainbow Bracelet on her hand, the Rainbow Ribbon on her waist, the Rainbow Soft Jade on her neck, the Rainbow Hairpin in her hair, and the Rainbow Staff that had accompanied her for a lifetime had been spread to the corners of the Lost Continent with her remaining power, keeping them from being destroyed by the Eight Demon Kings.  It’s said that if the Rainbow Bracelet, Rainbow Ribbon, Rainbow Soft Jade, Rainbow Hairpin, and Rainbow Staff could be gathered by a single person, something unbelievable would occur.”

Stats: Increases the range distance of healing and support skills by 100%.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

The description of the Rainbow Ribbon was the exactly the same as that of the Rainbow Bracelet, it directly related its origin, the dead Holy Word Sage of the twelve sages, as well as the Rainbow equipment she had.  The stats that this Rainbow Ribbon had had not disappointed Ye Tian Xie. The Rainbow Bracelet increased the effects of all healing and support spells by 100% and the Rainbow Ribbon increased the range distance of all spells by 100%!

That’s right!  It was range distance and not just simple range…..This meant that an AoE spell that could reach five meters around the user could now reach ten meters around the user.  The effect distance would be doubled. As for the range it covered, it basically quadrupled!

The Holy Word Sage did not have any attack abilities and become one of the twelve sages based on her healing and support spells, so it could be imagined how strong they were.  As for the items that belonged to her, they could not be separated from her strength.

As for this Rainbow Ribbon, naturally it would go to Su Fei Fei.

Ye Tian Xie did not leave immediately and after a bit of hesitation, he took out the Azure Dragon Ring…..When he was in the southern sea, Xing Li and he who had transformed into the Abyss Knight had fought a battle with the Azure Dragon.  Xing Li had cut apart the Azure Dragon and the Azure Dragon had died, causing Qiu Qiu who transformed into the Azure Dragon and the Azure Dragon’s Ring to fall from the sky. The Azure Dragon’s death had deeply injured Qiu Qiu and although it didn’t die, its stats had reached its lowest state.  As for the Azure Dragon’s Ring, it had completely lost its glow.

“Big brother Ya…..Can you help me look at the current condition of the Azure Dragon’s Ring?”  Ye Tian Xie placed the Azure Dragon’s Ring in front of him and spoke.

“Oh?”  Yuan Ya suspiciously looked at the Azure Dragon’s Ring that had lost its glow of power.  Putting it in his hand and looking it over, his face instantly revealed a look of shock.

It lost all its power?

Was this a mistake?

The Azure Dragon’s Ring had existed for tens of thousands of years, it had gone through many different storms and its power had never been lost…..What kind of power could make the Azure Dragon’s Ring lose all its power like this…..There wasn’t a trace left!

Throwing the Azure Dragon’s Ring back to Ye Tian Xie, Yuan Ya did not ask what happened to the Azure Dragon’s Ring as he directly said, “It lost all its powers, it doesn’t have any stats.”

This answer did not surprise Ye Tian Xie at all.  He put away the Azure Dragon’s Ring and asked, “Could it be restored?”

“This question, you should ask Old Iron next door.  The source of the Azure Dragon’s Ring is the inherited power of the Azure Dragon who died ten thousand years ago…..Theoretically speaking, it’s impossible to restore.”  Yuan Ya said.

“Alright, goodbye.”  Ye Tian Xie gave him a nod and left the appraisal shop.

After Ye Tian Xie left, Yuan Ya turned around.  In an instant, his old eyes were filled with tears.

“……The Twelve Sages who maintained the Lost Continent’s order and balance, what a glorious title that was in the past.  It was respected and worshipped by many people…..What kind of glorious scene and what kind of honour the twelve of us had back then.  However…..In a hundred years, six have passed, the Xi Yao Goddess has disappeared, and it’s unknown what the other six are doing. With the Lost Continent close to disaster, who still remembers the mission from the past….That’s right, we’re all tired now…..”

“…..In the past, why did I choose to be a sage instead of walking this world unfettered with you.  What does the Demon God have to do with me, what does the continent’s disaster have to do with me. All I cared about should have been you…..But when I understood all of this, it was all too late…..”

The old tears fell and Yuan Ya was choked with tears.  His old hand slowly opened and in his hand, there was a bracelet releasing a dim rainbow light…..

“My life was exchanged for the destruction of your body, I can’t let you die as easily as giving your life for a life, otherwise I would have followed you a hundred years ago…..Why wasn’t the one who died back then me…..The current you……Where are you…………….My wife……”

The old man’s sad voice rang through the air, turning the air even more desolate.

The name of the rainbow coloured bracelet in his hand was: Rainbow Bracelet (Left).

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