EDAH Chapter 477


Chapter 477: Curse Stone

Burning 99.9% of his HP, that meant that the surrounding Brutal Fang Beasts all took forced damage equal to 99.9% of Ye Tian Xie’s HP.  As well, after he fell below 1%, the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny was forcefully activated. At the same time, 99.9% HP also represented a 9.99 second forced stun.

A close to ten second stun!  Moreover it was a wide area stun with damage added on.  The first time using it had already deeply shocked Ye Tian Xie on how strong this skill was.  It could even be said that its greatest strength couldn’t be described with words.

A close to ten second stun……Who could still be safe after a ten second forced stun?

If Ye Tian Xie was hit by this move, in that ten seconds, a normal player could still easily force him to death.


In the past, when Ye Tian Xie activated the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny and wanted its strongest effect, he needed to use fine damage calculations.  If even a tiny mistake appeared, it would be enough to threaten his life. After activating it, being at that low 1% would mean that he would be in an extreme state of danger.  But now, with this Dragon Soul Roar, he could instantly activate the strongest Blood Sacrifice of Destiny state, wildly increasing his attack power. The more terrifying thing was that the wide range Dragon Soul Roar made all living targets around him stunned…..This also meant that before the stunned effect disappeared and unless new monsters spawned, Ye Tian Xie in the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny condition would not be in any danger!  He did not need to fear being suddenly attacked by a fierce enemy with terrifying attack power while he was in a low HP state.

And this kind of skill…..Only had a cooldown of a hundred seconds!

Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile which was a smile filled with satisfaction.  He looked over the stunned Brutal Fang Beasts and gave another roar, “Berserk Fighting Will!!”

In the blood light glow, there was another wild aura that appeared.  When Xing Bao Er looked up, she just saw a quick blood red figure charging through the surrounding group of unmoving beasts.  Ye Tian Xie’s current attack was enough to instantly kill the Brutal Fang Beasts, so his use of the Berserk Fighting Will was not for attack power, but rather for move speed.

Peng!  Peng! Peng……

With Ye Tian Xie in front and Xiao Bei in the back, wherever the “Dragon Soul Rend” was released, large amounts of corpses fell down.  At the same time, Kaka underneath him released a mid ranged Snow Storm, killing off a large group of Brutal Fang Beasts with only a sliver of health.  With Ye Tian Xie and Kaka working together, in just a few short seconds, the Brutal Fang Beasts that were thirty meters ahead were all killed. This time, Xiao Bei’s speed was much slower.  When he took care of everything in front, Ye Tian Xie and Kaka quickly turned around and cleaned up the group of beasts behind with Xiao Bei.

After taking a normal potion and recovering six hundred HP, the effect of the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny disappeared, but the Berserk Fighting Will was still there.  Ye Tian Xie took a light breath before walking beside the stunned Xing Bao Er. He helped her up, “Xiao Bao Er, this is your fate for disobeying your boss. I want to see if you still dare next time.”

Xing Bao Er looked at him and then looked at all the beast corpses on the ground, as her eyes lit up, “Boss, you’re truly too powerful.  I, Xing Bao Er admire you more and more…..Wu, I was almost scared to death now.”

Ye Tian Xie patted her little shoulder and helplessly said, “If you know fear, then leave this place quickly.  This place is this dangerous and I might not be able to protect you next time.”

“Who…..Who says I’m afraid!”  When Xing Bao Er heard this, not only did she not leave, she shouted in an unconvinced voice.  She angrily stomped her foot and raised the Star Bomb in her hand, “These hateful and ugly monsters, I’ll bully them a hundred times back…..Watch me!!  Ah, no, they scared me, Xing Bao Er that much, having them die in an instant is too cheap for them…..Ah, ah, ah! You hateful fellows, I’ll let you see how strong I, Xing Bao Er am!!”

With a sharp cry, she raised a little fist and took out an unknown thing, running at a group of monsters in the distance.

“Hey!”  Ye Tian Xie couldn’t grab her, so he could only follow behind her.  When the approached, the Brutal Fang Beasts in the distance were alerted as they charged over while roaring.  Ye Tian Xie quickly charged forward and when he was about to use the Dragon Soul Rend, he heard Xing Bao Er shout beside him in a clear voice, “Ha…..Turn into cockroaches for me!”

A round and green glass like ball was thrown out, hitting the ground in front of the four Brutal Fang Beasts charging at them.  Instantly, a green light was released and in the center of the green light, the four Brutal Fang Beasts disappeared at the same time with a “shua” sound.

When the green light disappeared, there were four cockroaches on the ground scurrying around!

Xing Bao Er charged forward and stomped onto those cockroaches, “Stomp you to death, stomp you to death…..Since you scared me, I’ll stomp you to death…..Humph, humph, now you know the power of me, Xing Bao Er, let’s see if you still dare attack me next time…..”

Ye Tian Xie looked at Xing Bao Er stomping on the cockroaches in a daze, returning to his senses after a long time.

Xing Bao Er had countless strange things on her, stunning him again and again…..This time, he didn’t dare believe his eyes once again.

Four level thirty One Star Elite little bosses……They were actually instantly turned into cockroaches by this unknown thing!

What kind of terrifying item was it this time?

“Bao’er…..That thing just now, what is it?”  Ye Tian Xie came forward and confirmed again that there were four cockroaches on the ground before he tentatively asked this.

“Hee…..This is a Curse Bomb!  It’s very powerful.” Xing Bao Er revealed a smile as she spoke.

“…..What effects does it have?”

“Ya!  It has a very powerful effect.  As long as it’s thrown out and it hits a person or monster, they can turn into a small creature that is easy to bully.  They can become a frog, a snail, cockroach, turtle, chicken…..anything.”

Ye Tian Xie felt dizzy hearing this.  He was feeling more and more that the items on Xing Bao Er weren’t normal…..It already far surpassed the normal categorization of items in the gaming world.  Turning a human or a monster into a little creature, this seemed like a wicked idea from fairy tale.

“Not only are the Curse Bombs very powerful, they are also very easy to make.  Only the most important material, the Curse Stone is especially hard to find. The people in that place only gave me three small pieces to make three Curse Bombs.  I’ve heard that this kind of stone only exist in a place with a terrifying curse on it.” She reached her hand out and a dark green glass bead appeared in the center of her white palm, “Look, this is the Curse Bomb and the last one I have.”

Ye Tian Xie looked at the green bead and raised his head to say, “This Curse Bomb can have effect on any monster?  Is there an effect limit time?”

“There are some limits, it can only have effect on people or monsters with strength beneath the Spiritual Level…..Of course there is a limit time, it seems to be around a minute.”  Xing Bao Er replied.

“Does it work against players?”

Xing Bao Er blinked as she seriously considered it and said, “I don’t know, I’ve never tried it…..Boss, do you want to try it on you?  Wa oh…..Turning boss into a frog, it must be very fun!”

Ye Tian Xie quickly took two steps back and a rare look of panic appeared on his face, “Xiao Bao Er…..Don’t play around with me, otherwise…..See if I would hit your butt or not.”

“Hee, hee.”  Xing Bao Er gave a sly laugh as she placed her hand in front of Ye Tian Xie, “Boss, this is for you!”

After saying this, she placed the final Curse Bomb in front of Ye Tian Xie.

“For me?”  Ye Tian Xie repeated.

“It’s only five hundred thousand.”  Xing Bao Er reached out her other hand.

Ye Tian Xie: ╭(╯^╰)╮ (I knew it……)

“Hee…..Just kidding!  This is a gift for boss.  When I tried to sell it before, I told them that it could turn people into a little creature, but those Wings of Shrouded Heaven people said that I was a little liar.  They are truly hateful…..Boss, you’re this powerful, you probably need this to deal with a small monster. But you can use it on person that you hate, it would definitely be very interesting.”  Xing Bao Er said with a smile.

Ye Tian Xie put away the Curse Bomb and rubbed his nose as he helplessly said, “Taking something from you for free, I’m never used to this…..Are you certain you don’t want money?”

Xing Bao Er said, “…..Boss!  You are too hateful! Am I that greedy of a person!  You have hurt a pure young girl’s innocent heart…..I’m ignoring you!  I’m really leaving…..”

After saying this, she really took out an Illusory Bead.  She curled her lips at Ye Tian Xie and disappeared to an unknown place in front of him.

Ye Tian Xie was speechless, but immediately he raised his head and revealed a warm smile.

After not seeing each other for ten days, Xing Bao Er had the same temperament and seemed like she hadn’t change on the surface…..However, the smile on her face and the depths of her eyes, there was an extra thing, something beautiful.

The surrounding Brutal Fang Beasts began to respawn and Ye Tian Xie’s attention fell onto them…..This place was a good training place without a doubt.  As for killing ten thousand Brutal Fang Beasts to reach the next level, other than wasting a bit of time, it wasn’t hard or annoying to him.

“Berserk Fighting Will!”

The wild aura exploded.  When that burning aura that filled his body suddenly exploded, that burning feeling was actually several times stronger compared to before.

“Ding…..Because of your high comprehension, the skill ‘Berserk Fighting Will’ has advanced into ‘Unyielding Fighting Will’.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Unyielding Fighting Will: Skill advanced from “Berserk Fighting Will”.

Can be activated when under 20% max HP.  After being activated, the user’s attack power, magic attack power, and move speed will all increase by 50% and critical chance will increase by 10%.  The user’s defense will fall by 70%. Costs 70 MP to use and has a cooldown of 30 seconds. When a certain condition is met, this skill will advance into a stronger berserk skill, Yellow Spring Fighting Will.

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