EDAH Chapter 475


Chapter 475: Dragon Soul Rend, Dragon Soul Roar (Part 2)

With the prompt, that short pause allowed Ye Tian Xie be stabbed by a fang from behind.  He turned around and then sent out a “Dragon Soul Rend Slash”……



The first Brutal Fang Beast hit by the Dragon Rend Strike was knocked down and right now, the Brutal Fang Beast closest to him behind him was the first to be sent flying by the “Dragon Soul Rend Slash”.  The full HP bar was emptied with a single strike and a strange roar.


A level thirty One Star Elite was…..instantly killed!

Without any preparation, a pleasant surprise of a new skill had appeared.  Although it was the advanced version of the Dragon Rend Slash, the increase of its power was actually a high 50%.  The Dragon Rend Slash was Ye Tian Xie’s most used basic skill and now that this skill had advanced, it was equal to increasing his damage output by 50%.

When the Brutal Fang Beast fell, there was a system prompt that rang in his ears.

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Qiu Qiu’ has reached level 1.  HP +1, MP +20, Magic Attack + 2.”

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Qiu Qiu’ has reached level 2…..”

A first grade ornamental pet was pitiful…..Qiu Qiu gained a level and he only gained one point of HP, but his magical abilities increased significantly.

Ye Tian Xie did not have time to be excited, as several dozen Brutal Fang Beast was already quickly approaching.  He looked around and stepped off, moving towards the left, dodging through two Brutal Fang Wolves. When he evaded all their attacks, the Moment of Destiny swept out backwards and the black arc swept across three Brutal Fang Wolves……

-1598, -1580, -1560!

These three numbers took off a third of these three Brutal Fang Wolves’ HPs.  When Ye Tian Xie was about to reverse the Moment of Destiny, there was another prompt in his ears.

“Ding…..Your Dragon Soul Power has awakened by another step.  You have activated the skill ’Dragon Soul Rend’.”

Dragon Soul Rend: Uses the Dragon Soul Power into one’s hands and weapons, instantly releasing it, sending a small shockwave through a small area.  All targets in the attack range will receive 150% of normal damage. There is a 20% chance to knock down and 10% chance to cause a 3-4 second stun. It can be used with one’s hands or it can be used with various weapons.  When used with a close ranged weapons, the attack range will be three meters+weapon length. When used with a long range weapon, the attack range will be three meters around the impact point. Consumes 30 MP and there is no cooldown.

Ye Tian Xie’s movement did not stop at all and the black Moment of Destiny swept out from left to right.  At the same time, an invisible projectile came from the tip of the Moment of Destiny, giving off sounds of explosions……The center of the explosions were the Brutal Fang Beast’s bodies.  The Dragon Soul Power was released from the Moment of Destiny, covering the six Brutal Fang Beasts in front. Each on that was touched gave an ear piercing rend sound.

Peng!  Peng! Peng!  Peng! Peng! Peng…..

-2402, -2399, -2485……

The six Brutal Fang Beasts lost most of their HP at once.  At the same time, the Dragon Soul Rend’s force made them all stop moving and there were some that were sent back, with even one of them being stunned.  Ye Tian Xie quickly came forward and used the Dragon Soul Rend again, making the rending sound appear again. Six more Brutal Fang Beasts were thrown to the ground again.

Ye Tian Xie curled his lips and revealed a clear excitement.

What he always resented was his lack of a large area group attack skill.

Today, this kind of skill had appeared on his without any preparation…..Moreover, it was such a strong group attack.  The damage increase was this high and there were knockbacks and stun effects……Its attack range was three meters and the length of the weapon.  The Moment of Destiny was two meters long which also meant that once this skill was released, it would reach an entire five meters in front!

If it was a coincidence the Dragon Rend Slash advanced, then was the appearance of a new skill also a coincidence?

The Dragon Soul Power had awakened another step…..Could it be the effect of the seven sins baptism?  Nameless said that he would find out immediately…..Could it be referring to this?

Without thinking about it anymore, he released another Dragon Soul Rend.  He had been carefully counting it at first…..The attack range of five meters was equal to the sprint distance of the Dragon Shadow Slash.  This was not just a group attack, it could even be considered a long range attack.

“Yao Yao, Xiao Bei, Kaka, let’s go!”

Two pets and a mount were summoned at the same time.  As for Qiu Qiu…..forget it. Kaka turned into the Weeping Ice Feather Deer and Yao Yao directly jumped onto its head…..As for the fastest Xiao Bei, it directly charged forward.  Ye Tian Xie commanded the Weeping Ice Feather Deer, charging at the Brutal Fang Beasts in front. Before he even approached a Dragon Soul Rend swept through them and four Brutal Fang Beasts fell to the ground.  The Weeping Ice Feather Deer took a step forward and a second Dragon Soul Rend came out, turning the Brutal Fang Beasts that didn’t have a chance to engage in close combat into corpses.

With the rending sound, he did not stop.  Ye Tian Xie who had obtained the skill he always wanted brandished the Moment of Destiny.  These wild One Star Elites where even one would have to be carefully dealt with for normal players were no threat to him at all.  If it wasn’t for the Dragon Soul Rend, he could only take care of them one by one. If his speed of killing the Brutal Fang Beast couldn’t keep up to their respawn time, it would be very easy for him to be surrounded, which meant he would have to act discrete.  However, it was different having the Dragon Soul Rend. A range of five meters, death in two hits, and a high chance of knocking them over, not giving them the chance to approach before dying.


Peng!  Peng! Peng!  Peng……

The peaceful twenty first floor of the Tower of Destiny was filled with continuous ripping sounds and the strange roar of beast before their death.

With the Dragon Soul Rend, Ye Tian Xie killed these Brutal Fang Beasts countless times faster.  Not long passed before all the Brutal Fang Beast charging were all turned corpses and the ground was covered in dropped potions and gold coins.  Ye Tian Xie revealed a proud smile and looked behind him, but his smile froze…..

Xiao Bei was very casually licking its paw.  Behind it, there was also a large pile of Brutal Fang Beasts and it had killed them faster than he did.

Although Xiao Bei’s base attack power was inferior to Ye Tian Xie’s, the Meow Meow Fist was just too strong.  Ye Tian Xie’s newly obtain Dragon Soul Rend Slash was hard to face and even against One Star Elites, it was also a single hit kill.  Adding in the Rend · Light, it could kill three every second, six every two seconds. As well with Rend · Light’s dazzling speed making the Brutal Fang Beasts dizzy, it was hard for them to touch it.  Yao Yao completely restored all the HP it consumed using its skills and with them working together, their speed of killing Brutal Fang Beasts completely surpassed Ye Tian Xie’s.

Ye Tian Xie slightly curled his lips in an unresigned manner.  In the distance, there was a large group of Brutal Fang Beasts.  They had an aggro range of thirty meters and as long as they approached, a large group would be pulled in.  However, this time Ye Tian Xie did not have any scruples as he directly charged in…..One Star Elites, in a normal map, it was hard to find even with half a day, but they were appearing in large amounts here.  One Star Elites were strong, so the experience they gave were double or even triple of normal monsters at the same level. This also meant that…..with all these One Star Elites to fight, the door to level twenty two was nearby and he wasn’t willing to let it go.

When Ye Tian Xie was about to charge, there was a white light that suddenly flashed as a clear sound entered his ears, “Ah, ha, ha……I, Xing Bao Er am back!!  Ya…..Why is it this place again!”

Ye Tian Xie put down the Moment of Destiny and looked at the girl he “hadn’t seen in a while”.  Xing Bao Er was looking at him and then her mouth opened wide as she shouted in shock, “Wa!! So handsome!!”

That expression and that praise, Ye Tian Xie touched his face…..Un, the Headband of Bravery had not been taken off.  Could it be that his face had reached the point where only half of it being revealed could collapse a country?

“Wa oh!  Too handsome…..Boss, where did you get this mount from?  It’s simply too eye catching, it’s too beautiful….I want to ride, I also want to ride!”  Xing Bao Er ran over and reached her hand out to Ye Tian Xie, wanting him to pull her on.

Ye Tian Xie: ⊙﹏⊙b…… (So she was talking about the Weeping Ice Feather Dear)

“It’s best if girls don’t ride it.”  Ye Tian Xie said with a serious expression.

“Why?  Why can’t girls ride it?”

“This….”  Ye Tian Xie revealed an evil smile as his eyes swept over her tightly closed legs and said, “When riding horses, your legs have to be spread.  If it’s a girl, especially one that hasn’t grown up riding horses, their legs will open by habit. Not long after, their legs can’t close whether it is walking or standing, making the look bad.  Moreover…..Un, when riding an intense horse, if it’s a pure girl, perhaps the proof of a pure maiden will be ripped.”

Xing Bao Er blinked before covering her ears and calling out in shock, “Ah, ah, ah, ah!  Boss!! How could you be like this…..You’re too bad! How can you talk to pure young girl with such crude words!  I…..I’m not riding!”

“……Alright, Xiao Bao Er, do you need me for something?  Have you had fun playing these past few days?” Ye Tian Xie tapped his nose as he spoke.

“Humph…..It’s already the eleventh day, I haven’t broken the agreement…..I was thinking about the boss a bit over these past few days and when the tenth day came, I logged on at noon, but boss wasn’t here.  When I logged on, I immediately came to boss…..See how good I am to you, you’re actually bullying me…..I’m ignoring you, I’m looking for small monsters to play with.”

Xing Bao Er angrily turned her head and ran at the Brutal Fang Beasts in the distance.  When Ye Tian Xie wanted to stop her, he thought about the medicine that made beasts not attack her, he didn’t call out to her and just followed slowly behind her.

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