EDAH Chapter 474


Chapter 474: Dragon Soul Rend, Dragon Soul Roar (Part 1)

In the Seven Moon Restaurant’s most peaceful vip private room.

Xing Li was indeed very hungry and once she stepped in, her little nose kept sniffing around, taking strong sniffs of the scent here.  When the first appetizer came, she swallowed several mouthfuls of saliva. Ye Tian Xie moved a plate of pastries in front of her and smiled at her, signalling her to eat.  She picked up the plate and began swallowing it down. Before the second plate even came, she had already cleaned the first plate.

“Slow down, there is more.”  Ye Tian Xie was first stunned before patting her back and speaking.  It seemed like after sleeping for a day, she was indeed hungry.

“Big brother…..still…..want more…..”  Xing Li grabbed Ye Tian Xie’s hand, speaking like a baby that had just learned to speak.  Because Xiao Xi called him big brother, she also learned to call Ye Tian Xie big brother.


“There will be more later.  Xing Li can eat as much as you want to eat.”

Not long after,, the four entrees Ye Tian Xie ordered were all sent in.  Xiao Xi did not eat and she wasn’t hungry. Ye Tian Xie gave Xing Li a plate and she immediately took it, scarfing it down.  She didn’t look weak at all. Ye Tian Xie took a cake to place in his mouth, but he was stunned by Xing Li’s eating manners that he forgot to place it in his mouth.

After a little while, another plate was completely cleaned.  Xing Li licked her lips and her eyes fell onto another two plates in front of Ye Tian Xie.

“You’re still not full….There is more here.”  Ye Tian Xie’s expression froze. He put down the cake in his hand and pushed the plate in front of him over.

After ten seconds…..It was completely eaten.

After another ten seconds, the four plates were completely cleaned.

Looking at the four empty plates, Xing Li felt a bit embarrassed as she revealed an awkward smile.  Ye Tian Xie tried asking, “Do you still want to eat?”

“Un!”  Xing Li forcefully nodded.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

After two hours, Ye Tian Xie left the Seven Moons Restaurant with the two girls.  Xiao Xi holding his left hand, there was no doubt that she was a little monster. The incredible things she had on her far surpassed the human realm.  Xing Li holding his right hand…..She was even more of a little monster. Even the Azure Dragon was cut down by her hands. Moreover, just by herself…..She ate enough for twenty people.

That tall stack of plates, Ye Tian Xie’s heart trembled thinking about it.

Xing Li occasionally gave burps, the burps of a cute girl would be enjoyable to people who heard it.  Moreover, there wasn’t any bulge to her stomach at all, it was unknown where everything she ate went.

Comparing the size and age of the two girls, it felt like Xiao Xi was a bit bigger than Xing Li.  There were many things alike between them…..things that filled people with wonder. Their mysterious origins, their powerful strength, their dependence on him and also…..their lack in ability to communicate.  Xiao Xi said “big brother” the most and said nothing else. Xing Li could say anything she wanted, but she spoke very slowly. She spoke word for word and sometimes spent a long time thinking of words. This kind of language skill was close to that of a two-three year old baby.

“Xiao Xi, can you help big brother with something?”  When they returned home, Ye Tian Xie looked at Xiao Xi and said this.

Xiao Xi raised her head.  Her expression told Ye Tian Xie. that… long as it was him, no matter what it was, she would definitely listen.

Ye Tian Xie leaned over and said to Xiao Xi, “Xing Li is very weak right now and can’t remember her past, she doesn’t even have the ability to protect herself.  No matter if Xiao Xi knew Xing Li in the past and what Xing Li did…..Xing Li saved big brother and Xiao Xi is Xing Li’s big sister, so you need to protect and care for her…..In the future, help big brother protect Xing Li, alright?”

Xiao Xi nodded without a single bit of hesitation.

Even if she used all her strength to try and kill her in the past…..

Even if she was that terrifying that she had tried to take her life to keep her big brother safe in this world…..

She thought that she had died, being sent to the far southern sea by her and Nameless’ combined strength……That power was enough for her to die several times.  When they rushed over the southern sea, they indeed did not sense her aura.

However, she was still alive and was standing right in front of her, but she didn’t have any strength at all.

However, none of this was important.

Since big brother wanted to protect her, she would choose to forget everything and protect her, not letting anyone cause any harm to her.  As long as he was alive, she would listen to him. This was her way of loving her big brother, there was no reason.

“Un, Xiao Xi…..”  He rubbed Xiao Xi head and softly called her name.  Since that night they were together under the sin of lust, their relationship could never be broken.

“Xing Li, you also need to listen to your big sister.  If you go out, you have to go with me or your big sister, do you understand?  There is danger outside.” Ye Tian Xie said to Xing Li.

Xing Li gave an obedient nod.

“Xiao Xi, go take Xing Li and play.”  Ye Tian Xie stood up and spoke with a faint smile.

Xiao Xi came over and took Xing Li’s little hand.  Without the purple crystal gauntlet, Xing Li’s hand was simply white as jade.  She led her out to the backyard. She knew much more than Ye Tian Xie, so she clearly knew what Ye Tian Xie needed…..So, although she couldn’t bear to think about staying away from him, she couldn’t bear affecting him.  Of course she also wouldn’t let others affect him.

The real world had too few killings and battles and in this world, whether it was with players, NPCs, or monsters, he could have countless battles everyday…..This was the quickest way to stimulate the Dragon Soul Power’s awakening.  Especially against powerful enemies, it would stimulate the greatest amount of potential power.

Xiao Xi softly pulled Xing Li, but she couldn’t move.  Xing Li was grabbing Ye Tian Xie’s clothes, not willing to part, “I…..want……to……..with…..big brother……”

Ye Tian Xie revealed a faint smile and said, “Xing Li, there is too much danger for you outside right now.  When you’re better, I’ll take you wherever you want to go, but right now, I need to go to some relatively dangerous places and can’t bring Xing Li along.  Xing Li needs to be good and stay here, alright?”

Finally, Xing Li compromised as she was pulled away by Xiao Xi to play.  As for how Xiao Xi will take care of Xing Li and what they would play, Ye Tian Xie had no way of knowing.  He just instinctively felt that the two of them were around the same age and their personalities were similar, so perhaps it would be easy for them to become close.

Ye Tian Xie took out the Illusory Bead and arrived at the twentieth floor of the Tower of Destiny.

After not fighting for too long, there seemed to be something boiling in his blood, compelling him to come here.  The Undying Monster Dragon was killed by him here and other than the Undying Monster Dragon, there was no other monsters on the twentieth floor.

The entrance to the twenty first floor was clearly right in front, the place where the Undying Monster Dragon had blocked off with its body.

Entering the entrance, he walked up a very long staircase.  The twenty first floor of the Tower of Destiny appeared in front of him, looking very foggy, like it was covered in a gray mist.  When he appeared, there were countless blood red eyes that appeared in the gray mist.

Without the Undying Monster Dragon, the twentieth floor was empty, but the twenty first floor was the complete opposite…..There were large amounts of monsters on this floor, surpassing any other previous floor.  Looking at it, in front, to the left, to the right, and behind…..They were all filled with monster eyes.

Brutal Fang Beast: Level 30 One Star Elites

HP: 4000

A cruel beast that can stand like humans with the body of a beast.  There are two fangs on its face that can easily pierce through the body of any living being.  Because of their cruel disposition, their entire race was sealed in the Tower of Destiny seventy years ago.

Innate Talent:

Wild Fang: When using one’s fangs to attack, there is a 30% chance of inflicting double damage.


Phantom: Support Skill

After being used, the user’s attack speed and move speed will increase by 30% and the chance to deal double damage will increase by 10%.

Weakness: Fire.  Fire Resistance -30%.

“Ding…..You have entered the twenty first floor of the Tower of Destiny.  Kill ten thousand Brutal Fang Beasts and the pathway to the twenty second floor will appear.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

This exaggerated number and they were all One Star Elite little bosses!

The prompt that had sounded just now, it had indicated…..kill ten thousand of them!?

He did not even have time to think when an incomparably wild aura had already surrounded him.  With the sounds of chaotic footsteps, an uncountable number of Brutal Fang Beasts were already charging at him from all directions.  The long fangs in the darkness displayed a cold glow that chilled one’s hearts.

They really were beasts that were sealed in the Tower of Destiny for being too violent, their aggro range was actually this big.  Not only the ones near him, even the Brutal Fang Beasts thirty meters away also ran at him.

Faced with this many One Star Bosses, Ye Tian Xie felt a bit of pressure.  However, this pressure not only did not make him feel fear, instead it filled him with excitement.

He took a light breath and then welcomed the Brutal Fang Beasts.  He sent a “Dragon Rend Slash” at the closest one…..With the heavy hit, it was directly slammed down by him.  When Ye Tian Xie was about to charge forward with an attack, there was suddenly a prompt that sounded in his ear……

“Ding…..Your Dragon Soul Power has awakened another step.  The ‘Dragon Rend Strike’ has evolved into ‘Dragon Soul Rend Strike’.”

Dragon Soul Rend Strike: Collects one’s Dragon Soul Power into one’s hands, attacking the enemy in front with the wild dragon power in one’s hands or one’s weapon.  It will deal 300% the normal attack damage to a single target and has a 35% chance to push back, 10% chance to knock down, and a 5% chance to stun target for 3-4 seconds.  Costs 25 MP and has no cooldown. It can be used with one’s fists or it can be used with various weapons. With a cutting class weapon, the “Dragon Soul Rend Strike” will become the “Dragon Soul Rend Slash”.  With a dagger weapon, it will become the “Dragon Soul Rend Stab”. With a bow weapon, it will become the “Dragon Soul Rend Arrow”.

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