EDAH Chapter 468


Chapter 468: Who shows who (Part 2)

Hearing the commotion outside, Ye Tian Xie whispered “this fast” before he walked outside.

There definitely would be quite a few security guards inside a jewelry store.  To be able to be one of the top three jewelry stores in the capital city, not only were there eight security guards, they were all high level security guards.  These security guards could scared normal people, but when they met real guns and a platoon at the door, not a single one dared to move forward to question them…..What a joke!  The cold light from the barrel sparkled and the heavy feeling that it brought showed that they weren’t fakes. These people all had sharp eyes and their fingers were lightly placed on the trigger.  Even an idiot could tell with a single glance that these people were professionals and if they shouted at them, perhaps a gunshot would answer back. Those that worked in security all took this seriously, who dared make a joke.

The fatty manager ran out from inside and calmed himself.  He forced a smile on his face as he came forward and said, “Sirs…..Have you come to the wrong place?  This is Ran Ke Ya’s jewelry store, this is not a financial institution…..I wonder what you are all here for……”

The eight fully armed men ignored him.  At this time, Ye Tian Xie came out and two of them walked over to him, as they said, “Mister Ye, according to your orders, the things you’ve wanted are here.  Where should we place them.”


The two of them knew Ye Tian Xie and Ye Tian Xie knew them.  In the past, Zuo Po Jun had sent them to send Ye Tian Xie and Chen Xue to the airport for their flight to America.

The fatty manager’s eyes had already popped wide open.  Ye Tian Xie looked over the four trucks and slowly nodded as he said, “Bring it all inside…..”

The two gave sounds of acknowledgement as they cleanly went back and opened the doors to the truck.  Ye Tian Xie had a faint sliver of a smile as he said to the fatty manager with a head covered in cold sweat, “The cash you wanted is here, there isn’t a single cent missing.  You have to carefully count through this money, thirty nine million, three hundred and fourteen thousand, if you charge me a cent less, it’s looking down on me. I have money, you don’t need to treat this young master as a beggar, otherwise I will be very unhappy.  However, if you dare charge me a single cent extra…..Humph! Daring to take a small advantage from me, do you believe I won’t smash your entire shop!”

While Ye Tian Xie was speaking, the eight people have already carried a large pile of money from the money truck.  Immediately the surrounding crowd broke out in an uproar and the fatty manager was already stunned. The cold sweat on his forehead was already pouring down.

The money in their hands were actually…..stacks of banknotes!!

The eight security guards were all stunned before they looked at the sweating fatty manager with doubtful gazes.  The person in front was blocked by the security guards and his eye focused as he shouted, “Move!”

Without waiting for them to move, he already pushed through them.  The two security guards in front were large men and they could fight many masters, but the moment they made contact, it felt they hit an iron plate, staggering back several steps.  One gained his balance and one fell to the ground, but the half a meter tall stack of money in that person’s hand did not shake at all. Although they came with the money trucks, they were personally picked by Zuo Po Jun, so how could they be simple people.  The eight of them, every single one of them was an elite from the military’s secret forces…..elite among elites. Whether it was ability or aura, it was not something the security guards could compare to at all.

Piles of ten cent banknotes one after another was placed inside the jewelry store and each pile had a hundred stacks and each stack was a hundred bills.  This looked like a shocking amount of money, but they added up to a total of a thousand dollars. Ye Tian Xie looked over them and suddenly said, “We’re here to deliver money, what are those pieces of paper for……Cut them and take them away!”

The paper he was talking about was white paper holding each stack of hundred together.  Ye Tian Xie’s words made them understand something as they quickly tore them apart, before directly throwing them down.  Instantly, the sky was filled with ten cent banknotes that fell to the ground. Without the paper holding them together, it could be imagined how troublesome it was to count them with this quantity.

Soldiers would never hesitate in their actions and would never ask questions.  After directly throwing them down, they immediately went out and carried another stack in…..A single banknote was 0.09 millimeters, a hundred notes were 0.9 centimeters, ten thousand were 0.9 meters, which was close to a meter,  ten million became one thousand meters, and as for over thirty nine million…..A total of three hundred and ninety thousand banknotes…..If piled up, eliminating all other factors, it would reach a height of thirty five thousand meters!

Currently, the surface area of a single dollar was 0.004 square centimeters.  So like this over three hundred and ninety million bills coming together would take up a surface area of… hundred and forty cubic meters!

[TL Note: I don’t know why he went from two dimensions to three dimensions either….]

So in order to move these banknotes, they used money trucks that had a volume of thirty cubic meters and used a total of five trucks…..They also came over from those relatively far banks at full speed.

Piles of money were moved from the truck.  After they were brought over, they were all ripped apart and thrown to the ground without missing a single one.  With their quick actions, the bills soon formed a large pile. The fatty manager was already covered in cold sweat…..It was fine if this was just a young master with money…..but who were these people that sent the money over?  They were all carrying real guns and those money trucks…..They were all official trucks, they wouldn’t be used to send money to a person. To be able to call these kind of people and trucks, even if he was an idiot, he would know he kicked a hard iron plate.

“Ye…..Mister Ye, this is…..”  The fatty manager came forward and his feet and hands were ice cold as he spoke.  These people called Ye Tian Xie this, so he knew Ye Tian Xie was surnamed Ye. Ye Tian Xie did not wait for him to finish as he directly waved his hand and said, “Oh, what are you still doing here?  Aren’t you going to have people count the money for me…..You wanted cash, so I had people send cash over. Could it be you want me to count the money? Move a bit quickly, I don’t have time to waste on you…..Also, I don’t really like speaking with people whose breath stink, so stay at least five meters away from me, humph.”

Ye Tian Xie was too lazy to look at him.  He walked over to the rest area and sat down on the sofa.  He hugged the docile Xiao Xi in one hand and took a magazine from the tea table, as he crossed his legs.

The fatty manager wiped the sweat on his head and quickly moved to the corner.  Taking out his phone, as soon as he wanted to call a number, the phone began to ring.  He saw the number and quickly picked it up, speaking in a trembling voice, “Young master, did you see it?  What should we do now…..This person is definitely a difficult person to deal with.”

“…..Take care of it yourself, don’t create conflict with him.  No matter what method you use, deal with it.” There was a cold voice that came from the phone.

The fatty manager’s hand trembled and he almost dropped the cell phone, “This….This…..”

“From the investigations, we can tell the blue clothed girl is Su Group, Su Luo’s only daughter…..We can’t offend her.”  The voice from the other side spoke.

“What?”  This time, the fatty’s body trembled.

Su Group’s Su Luo’s daughter!?

The fatty’s heart almost exploded.  He couldn’t offend anyone else, he had to kick a hard iron plate like the Su Group.  Who was Su Luo? His claws expanded to almost every business in China and every region.  Just a single step from him would be enough to make the Chinese business world shake. Just a single word from him would be enough to make the Chinese market fall into turmoil.  Just a few sentences were enough to make countless people rich in a single night and also make some people bankrupt.

“Young…..Young master, that man clearly is not a man who will give up and I’m a small character…..Young master, you should come over.  With your appearance, even if it is Su Luo, he has to give you some face.” His voice trembled as he spoke. He now began to understand how troublesome of a matter he had created.  Even the other side’s young master had said “not to cause conflict with him” and was prepared to not appear, showing that he was afraid. What could a small character like him count for.

The other side was silent for a while before saying, “That man wasted the Li Group’s young master, Li Tian Peng’s limbs and he is in the hospital even now.  The Li Group’s young miss was so scared that she went crazy…..The Li Group does not even dare fart after this. I’ve heard that he has an extraordinarily close relationship with young master Zuo……No matter what the method, deal with it for me.  If you dare mention me, take care of your little dog life.”

“Pa!”  The call was cut off and the fatty manager’s cell from fell to the ground.

The instigator of the incident where the Li Family’s young master’s limbs were crippled that spread through the capital city’s families, that person was him……

Even the Li Family’s young master was crippled and it was incredibly ruthless…..As for the Li Family, they didn’t even dare fart.  Crippling him was as easy as crushing an ant. This time, the fatty manager did not just break out in a cold sweat, his legs were trembling so much they almost couldn’t move.

There were more and more money, forming a small mountain.  If these were hundred dollar bills or even one dollar bills, it would be much smaller and easier to count…..because of the automatic counting machine.

However, the minimum value the automatic counting machine took was the one dollar bill, they couldn’t take these ten cent bills at all.  This also meant that to count the bills, the only method was to manually count them.

If one truly counted manually……With a rate of three bills per second, counting without pausing to eat or sleep, it would take a total of over one hundred million and four thousand seconds.  If this was converted to days, it would be one thousand, five hundred and four days…..This was also over four years.

Seeing more and more ten cent bills being brought in, the fatty manager wished a meteor would fall down and knock him out.

There was the sound of truck approaching again as more money trucks appeared outside.  The fatty’s eyes turned white and he almost fainted on the spot.

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