EDAH Chapter 461


Chapter 461: Xing Li

“Did she save you?”  Nameless looked up as his voice softly rang out.


“All the people who save you, you’ll treat them all like this?”

“Not the same.”  Ye Tian Xie shook his head and said, “She already has no memories and because of me, she doesn’t even have the strength to protect herself.  Right now, I can be considered the only person she can rely on. If one day she finds her home again and she is willing to leave, I will naturally support her leaving.  But right now…..She has lost her power to because of me and the only person who can protect her is me. Before her power to protect herself comes back, I will not allow anyone to harm her.”  Ye Tian Xie’s voice was calm, but it was also firm.


Nameless looked down and the God Judgement Sword in his hand disappeared with a flash of black light.  He turned around and said in a melancholic voice, “Fine…..Since this is your choice. If anything happens because of her in the future, whether it is good or bad, it will implicate you.  You have to be aware of this, understood?”

Ye Tian Xie tightly held the young girl’s hand and said with a faint smile, “Her matters are my matters.  If she courts disaster, naturally I’ll block it for her.”

Nameless was silent and he slowly moved a few steps forward without any other words.  The blue wolf’s eyes swept over Ye Tian Xie and the young girl before it followed Nameless.  Nameless walked forward while saying, “You don’t want to ask me who she is?”

“No need.”  Ye Tian Xie directly shook his head while caressing the girl’s back, “No matter who she was before and what she had gone through, it isn’t related to me at all.  I just know it is something unnecessary that would complicate us being together. The current me only needs to know that she is a girl who is as weak as a baby who needs someone to take of her and this girl treats me like a family member.  For me, she was willing to send herself to death and used up all her power. Who she was in the past is not important to me at all, I also don’t want to know.”

Nameless stopped and his lips curled into a faint smile, “Have you noticed…..this is the change the seven sins baptism has brought you.  An evil heart, one that lies between wicked and good. You don’t need reasons to do anything, you ask no questions, and you don’t care if its good or wicked, you just care about your heart.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“I can feel that her strength has weakened and she doesn’t exhibit any change seeing my aura, clearly meaning she doesn’t remember me.  This also confirms that she has lost all her memory. Without any memories or power, if she can maintain this state forever, everything I feared should never happen…..I hope it’s like this…..If you haven’t given her a name yet, you can call her…..Xing Li.”

“Xing Li…..”  Ye Tian Xie softly repeated this name.  This was her previous name? Or…..if it wasn’t, was there a meaning behind him giving her this name?

“The Demon Spirit is strong, more so than the Claw Emperor.  The Claw Emperor has been destroyed three times, the Demon Spirit has never been destroyed before.  Legends say that it can freely control all seven elements and in its peak, each one of its elemental energy could surpass that element’s ruler…..The Azure Dragon, the Vermillion Bird, the White Tiger, the Black Tortoise, and even the Sacred Light Dragon and Dark Demon Dragon of the dragon clan.”

Turning around and taking one last look at Ye Tian Xie, blue light flashed all over Nameless, “Goodbye.  I don’t know when we’ll meet next time, so work hard.”

Nameless and the azure wolf disappeared.

Ye Tian Xie looked at where Nameless had been standing in a slight daze.  He hugged the girl in his embrace even closer.

He leaned over and picked the girl up before walking into the room and placing her on the bed.  He could vaguely feel that there was a new change in how the girl was looking at him. Everything he had said with Nameless had been heard by her.  This had clearly been a very strong mental attack for her.

“Alright, be good and sleep, don’t think anymore.  I won’t leave you. Even if I’m not here when you wake up, you can’t panic, understood?”  Ye Tian Xie stroked the girl’s head before putting the blanket over her. He had a smile as he spoke.

“Un……”  The girl softly replied before closing her eyes.

“You don’t remember your name, right?”  Feeling that the girl had put away all her mental burdens and entered a sleeping condition, Ye Tian Xie asked in a soft voice.

“Don’t…..remember……”  The young girl spoke in a very soft voice.

“Then you’ll be called Xing Li from now on, right?”  Ye Tian Xie said in an even softer voice.


He waited for the girl’s breathing to become even, only leaving after she fell into a deep sleep.  Ye Tian Xie finally turned around and chose to log off.


In an unknown region, Nameless stood on a mountain peak, facing the wind, not speaking for a long time.

Standing alone in the sea of mist on the high peak, everywhere was empty.  He looked at the horizon through the mist, but he couldn’t see his future and couldn’t see the one closely associated with him.  He closed his eyes and an unspeakable sensation filled his body. He found that…..everything she withstood was heavier than everything he had seen, felt, and thought of before.

“Xiao Tian, with this kind of beauty, you can die without any regrets.”  He closed his eyes as his chaotic thoughts intertwined with misty melancholy.

“The combination of the extreme light and extreme dark dragons, this is the truth?”  Behind him, the giant azure wolf finally spoke out. Its master’s figure filled with sorrow.  It could imagine just how confusing his emotions were after seeing the Demon Seal.

This was because the person with the Demon Seal……would one day become the world’s enemy one day.

Whether it was human, beast, immortals, or gods…..Even the most evil demons would become his enemy.

If he lived and wanted to survive, he had to walk one path……the path of defying the heavens.

Defying the heavens…..

The way she was guiding him on was not this path of defying the heavens…..

Even if one day he would become the world’s enemy, she would have no complaints or regrets.  She even would allow him to become the world’s enemy. When infatuated, he should laugh and cry for her.  It was no wonder she allowed him to come to this world……That’s right, other than him who already no longer had worries and feelings, who else could accept this kind of truth for him.

It was no wonder there was the slash that cut through the sky a hundred years ago.

“I, can I really help him?  Even if I can help him…..When we arrive at that step, can he really withstand all of this?  Even if he can withstand it, how long could he do so? The previous Claw Emperor was strong enough to be unparalleled, but he still couldn’t escape the fate of being destroyed.”  Nameless looked into the fog. He who was already lost was currently confused on why he would appear in this world. His appearance, his achievements, him being named the number one expert by the Lost Continent humans…..Only if that day comes, even a hundred him could not offer him any kind of help.

“Perhaps that day will not come.  Don’t forget, he has the Sacred Mark……Extreme good and wickedness appeared at the same time, it should create limited evil.  It won’t simply be wicked or good. As for what degree it will reach, no one can predict this because this situation has never appeared before even in the chaotic history.”  The Azure wolf replied.

“But…..The Demon Seal appeared.  This is already enough. As long as the Demon Seal’s strength explodes, even if he could exhibit peak kindness, he would still be destroyed by the people of the six realms.  After all, the Demon Seal had left too deep an impression on them. To them, as long as one has the Demon Seal, no matter who they are, they must be sealed in the deep depths of the nine hells.  They will never see the sun and vanish into ashes in the flames of hell, not even leaving a soul.” Nameless looked into the fog, speaking in a weak voice.

“Perhaps it will not reach that step.  After all, in his world and this world, people might recognize the Sacred Mark, but there aren’t many who recognize the Demon Seal.”  The Azure wolf said.

Nameless shook his head and said, “If it was truly like this, why would she have left back then.  The Demon Seal is a special existence, its strength is something many people can sense. Even if it is controlled, there will be a day when it is sensed.  At that time…..”

Azure wolf: “……”

“Perhaps the final hope is the taboo of the Moment of Destiny…..Only, where did that purple Heaven’s will go?”  Nameless looked up into the sky. All the time he spent in this world was to find the final and strongest Nucleus of Destiny…..Heaven’s Will.  This was because the other Nuclei of Destiny could be found through Ye Tian Xie’s experiences. By seeking them out with his own strength, he could incite his own potential……But the purple Nucleus of Destiny was basically impossible to obtain…..While he could easily find the other six Nuclei of Destiny, he couldn’t find the final purple Nucleus of Destiny even after all these years.

Even she couldn’t find it.

Three years ago when the Tower of Destiny released demonic qi and the Eight Demon Kings escaped, was it really because the Tower of Destiny couldn’t withstand the heavy load of demonic qi?

At that time, many people thought it was the case…..But he knew that things weren’t like this.  With how strong the Moment of Destiny was, how could it not seal this trivial demonic qi. The Moment of Destiny’s collapse was because of the sudden disappearance of the purple Nucleus of Destiny.  As the core of the Moment of Destiny, once the purple Nucleus of Destiny was lost, the power of the other six Nuclei of Destiny couldn’t be controlled. From then on, the six other Nuclei of Destiny escaped the seal and left the Moment of Destiny.  The Moment of Destiny without the Nuclei of Destiny, how could it seal the demonic qi in the Tower of Destiny. From this collapse, the demonic qi flowed out and the Eight Demon Kings escaped…..

The Moment of Destiny’s seventh core…..Heaven’s Will, where was it!?

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  1. The purple heaven’s will is most likely in human form. As for who it is… most likely one of the purple haired girls. But something tells me it is already in Xie Tian’s possession, and he doesn’t know it yet.

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