EDAH Chapter 457


Chapter 457: Breaking the Azure Dragon

That was not true darkness, but rather a space where a powerful strength had driven out all elemental energy.  In that space, there was no light, no darkness, no air…..All the elements were chased away or destroyed. From another angle, this was a true void with a different significance and level.

Without light or darkness, Ye Tian Xie’s Evil Dragon’s Eyes couldn’t see what was happening around him.

While the Heavenly Sun City citizens were stunned, after the purple mark had appeared for two seconds, that strange darkness that appeared out of nowhere began to scatter.  It slowly disappeared like black fog. With this darkness disappearing, the Azure Dragon’s figure appeared in the southern skies again. As for that purple mark that was around the same size as the Azure Dragon’s body, it remained in the sky without disappearing or becoming lighter……

The darkness completely scattered and the light came back.  Everyone could clearly see that the purple mark was actually on the Azure Dragon’s body.  The Azure Dragon was curled up and the purple mark had cut several times across its body. After a short period of time, the purple mark suddenly exploded and disappeared…..


After a short silence, there were sounds of incomparable shock and fear that came from Heavenly Sun City……

The Azure Dragon began to split apart with the purple mark and that giant body turned into several dozen pieces.  It then began to slowly fall from the sky.

Pairs of eyes looked on in shock and it was unknown how many people thought they were in a joke of a dream.  The Azure Dragon of legends had appeared, this was a large matter that could already shock the entire Lost Continent.  However, the powerful Saint Extermination Beast, Azure Dragon had actually been cut into several dozen pieces by a streak of purple light…..This scene was countless times more shocking than the appearance of the Azure Dragon.

On the southern ocean, a white light flashed on Ye Tian Xie’s body as the three minutes Illusory God Change disappeared.  He returned to his original condition and his equipment automatically switched back, also causing the “Ultimate Shield Wall” formed by the Eternal End to disappear.  The Weeping Ice Feather Deer charged down and caught Ye Tian Xie.

But even when the Illusory God Change disappeared and Kaka caught him, Ye Tian Xie kept looking in the sky in a daze, not looking away for even a second.

In the sky was the several pieces of the Azure Dragon’s body falling down.  Because this scene was too shocking, the speed it fell at was incomparably slow in his eyes……

The Azure Dragon had died.

That unparalleled Azure Dragon that had guarded the continent’s east in the past, the Azure Dragon that had only been defeated by Demon God Li Xiao’s hands had actually died!

It had died in front of his eyes!  Moreover, it had been cut into dozens of pieces!

That girl that he met under the sea, the only that looked incredibly delicate that couldn’t even speak in full sentences, she actually…..killed the Azure Dragon!

Killed the Azure Dragon…..If these four words were said, it would attract the laughter of countless people.  As the recorded Sacred Beast of protection, killing the Azure Dragon was just like a myth. Other than Li Xiao who had already disappeared, there was no one else who could do it…..But she had done it!

All she used was a single slash.

It was a purple mark that even cracked the sky.

The body of the Azure Dragon did not fall into the ocean, but rather it became lighter as it fell before disappearing into mist.  First it was the dragon’s tail, then the dragon’s claw, and the dragon’s body…..Finally it was the mountain like dragon’s head.

A purple figure fell from the sky and waking Ye Tian Xie from a dream, he quickly ordered the Weeping Ice Feather Deer to charge up, catching the falling girl in his embrace.  The instant his hand made contact, he felt that the girl’s body was strangely ice cold, just like it was covered in a layer of ice.

Her face was a frightening pale colour and the purple crystal clothes on her body had visibly dimmed.  Ye Tian Xie looked at her face and unexpectedly couldn’t feel her gaze.

Being held in Ye Tian Xie’s embrace, the young girl raised her right hand with great difficulty to touch him.  When she touched Ye Tian Xie’s chest, Ye Tian Xie suddenly noticed that the purple crystal gauntlet on her hand had disappeared.

Ye Tian Xie held her ice cold hand.  It was this girl…..she had killed the Azure Dragon!!

At this time, a crisp prompt sounded in Ye Tian Xie’s ears.

“Ding…..Your partner ‘????’ has had all their stats reduced to one for a period of time for an unknown reason.  Currently she is in a weakened state, please protect her.”

Ye Tian Xie: “!!”

After transforming into the Abyss Knight, in order to use the Grafting Flowers on her, he added the young girl as a party member.  The girl’s dangerous condition had caused the system to send a prompt to Ye Tian Xie.

All her stats became one.

This also meant that she only had one HP and one MP right now.  All her stats were one…..Even if she equipped the best equipment, all her stats would still be one.

“A period of time”, just how long was that!?

For the current her, even a level one little monsters could easily take her life.  It had to be known, she wasn’t a player, but rather an NPC with only one life. With such a fragile HP, any damage would be enough to kill her.

The energy gathered for two minutes had been suddenly released, breaking the Azure Dragon in one attack…..It was clear that when she began, she knew that this would be the consequence, but she still did it.

It was for his safety and her trust towards him.  She believed that Ye Tian Xie would protect her, whether it was when she was gathering her power or when she lost all her power.

Gently stroking the girl’s face, Ye Tian Xie revealed a faint smile as he said in a soft voice, “Close your eyes and rest up…..You killed the Azure Dragon for me without caring about life or death, so even if I die thousands of times, I won’t let anyone harm you…..”

The corners of the young girl’s lips moved and although it was faint, it formed a smile filled with joy.  Then she slowly closed her eyes that were not focused. The current her needed rest the most. The strength to break the Azure Dragon in one attack, it could be imagined how much energy that would consume.  Even this kind of brutal penalty was not excessive.

Only, although the Azure Dragon had the strength of the Azure Dragon, it wasn’t the real Azure Dragon.  Although it had been killed, it would not give any experience points or drop any items. This Azure Dragon was the transformed furball and it was related to his Azure Dragon’s Ring.  Now that the Azure Dragon had been broken, where was that furball? Did it also die because of this? Where was the Azure Dragon’s Ring? Did it also disappear…..

“Hu……”  Letting out a breath, stretched his aching body.  The shock from using the Abyss Knight’s body to block the Azure Dragon’s body was still there.  Thinking of what happened before, all of this was caused by that furball……And in the end, not only could he not subdue it, he also lost the Azure Dragon’s Ring and many Mineral Waters.

However, looking at the girl resting in his embrace, he still revealed a faint smile.  The Azure Dragon’s Ring was strong, but it was an inanimate object. He had met a sweet girl that was willing to die for him because of this, this was a treasure that could never be exchanged for.

After this feeling of melancholy, he carefully adjusted his position to allow the young girl to feel more comfortable before preparing to return to the city.  Suddenly, there was the black mark that appeared on the back of his right hand.

“Ah ya!  Master, look up, quickly look up!  It’s the furball!”

With Guo Guo’s shocked cry, Ye Tian Xie suddenly looked up.  In the sky, around several dozen meters up, there was a white and round little ball currently falling down.  Beside it, there was a blue light that was falling with it…..

That blue light……

The Azure Dragon’s Ring!!

Ye Tian Xie quickly flew up and prepared to catch the Azure Dragon’s Ring.  When he came close, he could clearly tell that the white furry object was actually that incomparably terrifying furball.

When his eyes fell onto its body, Ye Tian Xie was suddenly stunned.

????: Level 0

HP: 10

Unknown lifeform, unknown origin.  Almost has no skills.


“Master, quickly use that black thing on your right hand to grab the furball!  It doesn’t have any strength right now, you can catch it right away.” When Ye Tian Xie was shocked, Guo Guo pointed at the furball.

Ye Tian Xie’s body finally came close and reaching out his left hand, he grabbed the Azure Dragon’s Ring.  Reaching out his right hand, following what Guo Guo said, the black sun on the back of his hand touched the furball.  At this time, faced with the black sun, it who always ran did not have any reaction like it had already fainted.

The black mark touched the furball’s body and instantly black light exploded in front of Ye Tian Xie’s eyes.  Immediately after that, the black light disappeared without a trace. With it, the furball also disappeared.

Taking off his Demonic Dragon’s Fang, there was an extra black sun mark on the back of his hand.  Only, this mark was no longer releasing the black light from before.

“Ding…..’????” has been subdued by you and has become your special pet.  Its soul and body is attached to you, so it will never betray you.”

“Ding…..Because of an unknown reason, you have been forcefully changed into the Dark Attributed Job, Abyssal Claw Emperor.  HP +600, MP +600, Strength +60, Vitality +60, Agility +60, and Intelligence +60. With each level up, you will receive 20 HP, 20 MP, 2 Strength, 2 Vitality, 2 Agility, and 2 Intelligence.”

“Ding…..You have obtained the ‘Abyssal Claw Emperor’s’ innate skills: ‘Claw Emperor’s Privilege’ and ‘Claw Emperor’s Resentment’.  You have obtained the Job Skill: ‘Flames of Catastrophe’.”

On his right hand, that mark that had been quiet for a few seconds suddenly released an incredibly intense black light that instantly spread across Ye Tian Xie, covering his entire body.  Ye Tian Xie was first surprised, but then there was a wild mood filling his heart…..Resentment, bloodthirst, jealousy, and rage…..Various kinds of negative emotions wildly filled his chest…..However, when Ye Tian Xie raised his guard, the negative emotions suddenly disappeared without a trace just like black fog.

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