EDAH Chapter 456


Chapter 456: Cracking the sky with a single slash (Part 3)

This attack from the Azure Dragon raised all the water in the sea to a depth of ten thousand meters, not missing a single drop.  As the supreme ruler of water that could not be surpassed, the strength of its water energy was already enough to affect the sea to this degree……Seeing the curtain of water flying into the sky around him without end, Ye Tian Xie revealed a deep shock on his face…..Looking around, other than the dark blue sky above him, for a thousand meters around…..from front to back to left to right, it was all water.  That water curtain soaring into the sky had completely surrounded him.

Underneath his feet, there was an intense and wild clashing sound.  Only, no matter how wild it was, it still couldn’t destroy the defenses of the Ultimate Shield Wall.

The girl had been floating above the water, but currently her feet was almost touching the enlarged Eternal End.  Under the defense of the giant “Ultimate Shield Wall”, the water that should have soared up was completely suppressed, as if not a single drop could break the Ultimate Shield Wall’s defenses.  The girl just stood there with the purple light that had already reached three meters, not being affected at all.

If Ye Tian Xie had been slow by even a second, the large spout of water would have taken the two of them into an unknown altitude in the sky.


The Ultimate Shield Wall could last for ten minutes, so Ye Tian Xie let out a sigh of relief.  Turning around, he faced Azure Dragon whose aura was about to explode……A true Saint Extermination beast would look lightly on life and death, looking over everything with a calm heart.  This Azure Dragon was not the real Azure Dragon, so when its attack was resisted again and again, and when it felt a great threat, it would go wild. It would fight and use every bit of its strength to break through…..

There was the Ultimate Shield Wall protecting them from below, it couldn’t use the seawater to attack anymore.  As for the elemental attacks it used before, they had all been blocked by Ye Tian Xie……Its body began to fall down.  This time, it wasn’t using its tail or its claws to attack…..Rather its body began to fall down. With a dragon roar that shook the heavens, with the trembling of space itself, that several thousand meter long body fell down at Ye Tian Xie from the sky…..

Looking at it from a distance, it was like a giant train hitting a little bug that couldn’t even be seen.

Regardless of the Azure Dragon’s overwhelming might or its Saint Extermination power…..Just the weight of its body alone was enough to flatten most of the living beings on the Lost Continent.

At this time, Ye Tian Xie didn’t have a shield anymore.  However when faced with the attack from the Azure Dragon’s body, he didn’t panic at all.  He tightly knit his brows as he tensed his body, gathering all the energy he had…..”

“Absolute Defense!!”

Light in the form of a giant shield surrounded his body and Ye Tian Xie’s defenses were increased to its peak.  He looked at the girl beneath him and was worried that the collision between him and the Azure Dragon would affect her.  With a roar, the Weeping Ice Feather Deer under him turned into the Undying Monster Dragon who with a curse filled dragon roared soared into the sky, charging at the Azure Dragon!!


Ye Tian Xie rising body and the Azure Dragon’s falling body collided, causing all the air in the surrounding space to flow away, creating a super large true vacuum.  Looking at it in the distance, the Azure Dragon’s falling body suddenly stopped, as if something was holding it…..

What was holding it was a human so small that the naked eye couldn’t even see him……

The moment he collided with the Azure Dragon, Ye Tian Xie’s consciousness turned blank.  His skeleton broke inch by inch and his inner visceras were almost shocked out of his chest, but…..even he couldn’t imagine that he would obtain a terrifying willpower that allowed him to hold on.  Holding the Azure Dragon’s body with his own, his body trembled violently, but did not fall down. Instead, the Azure Dragon’s body could not move a single inch downwards…..

The Azure Dragon’s body also trembled.  The point of impact gave it such a painful feeling that it began to roar out in pain.  The faint azure light around its body lit up as it wildly released its power, using it to propel itself downwards…..Ye Tian Xie used his body to hold up the Azure Dragon’s body and with the wild release of the Azure Dragon’s power, the pressure on him became stronger.  Ye Tian Xie’s body trembled as he withstood the feeling equal to that of the sky cracking and the heavens falling onto him.

Ye Tian Xie almost shattered his teeth from gritting and in his ears, there were came the sound of bone cracking.  His body began to slowly move down and this downward movement slowly increased in speed…..Turning around, he looked at the girl surrounded in purple light and there was Xiao Xi’s figure that appeared in his mind……

If he was pressed down like this, she would surely be injured…..That would mean that even he who had obtained the strongest protective power couldn’t protect her.

No…..He definitely couldn’t let this happen!  Xian’er had already left, meaning she was certainly bearing something very heavy.  If he was strong enough, why would she leave…..

If this girl died in front of him…..Impossible!  Even if I die a hundred times, a thousand times, I will definitely not let something like this happen.

If I am a dragon, then…..this is…..the pride of a dragon!!

It was as if there was a flame burning inside him, burning his body, mind, and soul…..His tightly gritted teeth relaxed as he looked up.  In his eyes, there were two strong flames burning…..

“He……Ah, ah, ah, ah!!!!”

This roar from him even blocked out the Azure Dragon’s roar.  This shocking roar was like the roar of an angry god. An incomparably wild strength filled his arms as he pushed upwards…..


This was a dragon roar of pain and rage.  A scene that no one dared believe occurred on the southern ocean.  It was unknown where this power erupted from within Ye Tian Xie, but the Azure Dragon’s body soared into the sky like it had been sent flying by a large explosion.  It went up a hundred meters, several hundred meters…..even reaching one thousand meters……

As for Ye Tian Xie, he fell down from the incredible reflected power, slamming down onto the Ultimate Shield Wall formed by the Eternal End.  That giant force caused the Ultimate Shield Wall that didn’t even move from the force of the sea tremble. Ye Tian Xie became dizzy from this and it took him a while to recover.  Above his head, a “-7000000” damage figure slowly formed.

With the Abyss Knight’s defense, even if it was the Azure Dragon, it would not have the ability to cause a large amount of damage to him at once.

The Abyss Knight’s power was focused on defense and he was incomparably weak in terms of attack.  This power shouldn’t belong to the Abyss Knight. Ye Tian Xie could vaguely feel that it was most likely a power that had suddenly erupted from his body.

His body was as weak as cotton, almost not even having the strength to lift his pinky…..At this time, the girl who had closed her eyes the entire time suddenly opened the.  She slowly looked up at the Azure Dragon that was still being thrown up. He body covered in the three meter wide ball of purple light slowly floated into the air. With the purple light blocking her off, Ye Tian Xie couldn’t see her body.  All he saw was the ball of light that was like a purple sun move upwards.

When the Azure Dragon’s body finally stopped in the air, the purple ball of light also stopped moving up.  With this, the ball of purple light became smaller, going from three meters to two meters, to one meter, to half a meter……Finally it became as small as a basketball.

The purple light gathered around her right hand and the girl’s body was revealed.  Her emotionless eyes looked into the sky and there wasn’t any blood in her face at all.  Slowly, she raised her right hand. Ye Tian Xie looked at the purple light on her right hand and he had never seen such a deep purple colour before.  The feeling this colour gave him surpassed any other kind of purple, or even any kind of colour, it was so deep that it was almost substantial.

As she raised her right hand, a beam of purple light soared into the sky from her hand, instantly cutting apart the heavens.  The young girl’s eyes kept staring at the giant Azure Dragon in the sky as he hand slowly tilted. The purple beam of light from her hand tilted with it, cutting down at a slow speed……

Ye Tian Xie watched the girl’s movement in a daze.  Unknowingly, he felt that it was harder to breath and soon, he began feel asphyxiated, as if there was no air around him.  With this, he suddenly realized that there was actually no sound in his ears. The sound of the water soaring into the sky, the movement of the wind, the Azure Dragon’s roars, and even the sound of his panting, it couldn’t be heard at all…..It was as if he had lost all his hearing in this moment.  The next second, the sky suddenly dimmed, becoming darker and darker until it was jet back, not containing a single trace of light……

His Evil Dragon’s Eyes could penetrate through darkness, but at this time, he found that no matter how wide his eyes were, he couldn’t see in front of him or to the sides…..It was as if his surroundings became dark, but rather he lost his sight…..

That’s wrong!  If he lost his sight, how could he still see the purple light!

In the darkness, the purple light was so dazzling that he didn’t dare look directly at it.

The purple light slowly moved before it suddenly stopped.

In the silence, a streak of purple lightning flashed in his eyes.


Heavenly Sun City was in complete chaos, the sounds of discussions was completely deafening.

The appearance of the Azure Dragon had made all the people in the city run out and at this time, they found that the Azure Dragon had disappeared…..This was because the sky to the south had turned jet black, not having a trace of light.  The Azure Dragon was completely swallowed by this darkness, disappearing from their line of sight.

They were discussing the origin of this darkness, afraid that something had happened.  Suddenly, there was a flash in front of their eyes…..That purple lightning released a dazzling light.

With shocked cries, people looked to the south again.  They suddenly found that the southern sky swallowed by darkness had an extra purple slash just from that single moment…..

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