EDAH Chapter 453


Chapter 453: The knight from the abyss – Dragon Abyss (Part 3)

The sea water underneath him became restless.  When Ye Tian Xie was releasing white light, it was like countless bombs exploding at once, causing waves that were tens of meters tall and even giant waves of over a hundred meters.  The power was released in waves and the surrounding space began to distort, as if it would shatter at any moment. While the space was shaking, Ye Tian Xie was surrounded by the divine light only the Illusory God Change could have…..Whether it was Carlos Fernandez or Dragon Abyss, they had different attributes.  However, for a protection existence, the colour of their energy was a sacred white colour. In the white light, Ye Tian Xie’s equipment instantly disappeared as he became taller and bigger……

To the north of Heavenly Sun City, in the underground of the half destroyed Illusory Beast Ruin, in the first hall that Ye Tian Xie entered, the statue that was standing to the east suddenly lit up with a white light and it was like it awakened from a deep sleep.

Of the four sleeping god statutes, the southern Sacred Sword War God and the eastern Abyss Knight were currently releasing the same white light.  The western Asura of Annihilation and the northern Indigo Magic Emperor were still silent.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!  It appeared…..It appeared again!  Master will turn into that large and terrifying person again!”


Each time Ye Tian Xie transformed, it wouldn’t lack Guo Guo’s loud and excited little voice shouting out.  While she was shouting, Ye Tian Xie’s body kept growing until he was over five meters tall…..

The consciousness was still Ye Tian Xie’s, but the body no longer belonged to him.  From his present body, he could feel a kind of heaviness…..No, it should be a heavy force, the protection force!

He raised his hands and looked at his body.  His current body was covered in an ash grey armour which had a colour similar to aged steel.  From a first glance, it looked no different from any other kind of metal. The armour completely wrapped him up from top to bottom, not revealing a single point of ventilation.  The armour was incredibly heavy and its thickness was astonishing. Before now, he never knew that armour could be this thick. Especially the breastplate, it was at least thirty centimeters thick!

The armour on his wrists were relatively thin and they were much more flexible.  On his hand was a pair of incomparably thick gauntlet that covered his palms and fingers.  On his feet, there was a pair of heavy boots. On his head, there was a large helmet that covered his head up to his neck.  The helmet completely covered his head and there were only two small holes in front for his eyes…..Those two holes were the only place on his body not covered.  Other than that, every part of the Abyss Knight’s body was tightly covered.

The Abyss Knight did not have the ability to fly and right now, sitting on the Weeping Ice Feather Deer, he was floating in the air.  What was even more strange was that as Ye Tian Xie’s body quickly grew bigger, the Weeping Ice Feather Deer also became bigger. It reached a length of around seven meters, perfectly matching the five meter tall Abyss Knight on its back.  The heavy army did not cause it any discomfort.

The Azure Dragon and the young girl had stopped fighting, both looking at Ye Tian Xie…..This was because he was releasing power that the Azure Dragon feared!  This kind of power was – protection!

Ye Tian Xie raised his hands and pointed into the sky, instantly causing a black streak of lightning to flash in the sky.  The black lightning came out of nowhere and directly fell down into Ye Tian Xie’s hands. With an ear shattering crack, a giant black shield quickly condensed in Ye Tian Xie’s hand.

It was a square shield that was four meters tall and three meters wide.  Holding it up, it covered half his body. There was no special feature to the shield, it was just black coloured and square in shape, excessively simple.  The only special thing about it was that there was black lightning running across the surface of the shield.

Ye Tian Xie held the shield up as he looked at the Azure Dragon in the sky……

Dragon Abyss: The “Abyss Knight” of the Illusory Beast Clans four gods that protected the heaven’s orders.  He protected the Lost Continent’s east in the past and legends say that he once protected a city perfectly by himself.  It’s said that his protective power is comparable to the Sacred Beast’s Black Tortoise. Dragon Abyss’ father was a dragon that mated with a human.  Having a half human and half dragon body, he took the surname Dragon. His family’s pitiful death had turned his hair white in a single knight. He stepped into the abyss for the power to protect everything and after a baptism in hell, he return from the abyss and joined the Illusory Beast Clan to protect, becoming of the four Illusory Beast Clan’s gods.  Ten thousand years ago, in a tragic battle with the Demon God Li Xiao, he and his partner “Eternal End” became the eastern soul in the Leaving Heaven Array used to seal the Demon God.


Job: Abyss Knight.

HP: 2,800,000,000

MP: 400,000

Physical Attack: 10,000

Magical Attack: 10,000

Defense: 300,000

Accuracy: 15,00

Evasion: -3,000

Attack Speed: 50

Move Speed: 50


Protection Soul: Passive Skill.  Cancels out 60% of any physical attacks and 50% of any magical attacks.

Immovable Soul: Passive Skills.  When attacked, there is a 99% immunity to knockbacks, knock away, and knock down effects.

Absolute Defense: Burns the protection soul to increase the body’s defensive power to the limit.  Cancels out 90% of physical attacks and 75% of magical attacks. Can last for a minute. Costs 2000 MP to cast.  Ten minutes cooldown.

Ultimate Skills:

Grafting Flowers: Releases a protective light in the surrounding space.  In the next thirty minutes, all damage received by allies will be 100% transferred to the user.  The surrounding domain will reach 300 meters around the user. Costs 15000 MP. Can be used twenty times each day.


Eternal End: Two handed shield, Saint Extermination Weapon

Requirements: Soul attached, Abyss Knight exclusive.

Dragon Abyss brought this ultimate shield from the abyss which has a terrifying defense.  Its strength is not just in defense, the black lightning on its surface is a nightmare for enemies.

Stats: Defense +30000, Defense +70%, Vitality +800, Agility -500, Luck +10, and 30% of parrying attacks.  When being attacked, there is a chance of sending the enemy’s weapon flying. When faced with weaker enemies or lower grade weapons, the probability will increase.

Innate Stats:

Counterattack of Resentment: When receiving any attacks, 30% of the damage will be forcefully reflected and there will be a 5% chance of reflecting 100% of the damage.

Active Skills:

Ultimate Shield Bash: Uses both hands to smash the shield forward, creating a large shockwave.  All the targets hit with the shockwave have a large chance of being sent flying. If it lands on the target’s body, this probability will increase to 100%.  Covers a range of 50 x 100 meters and will deal a random damage between 50%-100% of normal attacks. Costs 800 MP. Has a five second cooldown.

Ultimate Shield Wall: Throwing out Eternal End, it can create a three thousand meter wide and three hundred meter tall black shield wall in front, blocking all attacks coming from in front.  The Ultimate Shield Wall can last for ten minutes and can be taken back at any moment. Has no MP cost. Can be used once every day.

Forbidden Saint Skills:

Heaven Defying Array: Releases all the protection energy in Eternal End to grant oneself and one’s allies with absolute defense, blocking all damage for a certain amount of time.  The Heaven Defying Array will be cast in a 100 meter area around the user and will last 100 seconds. Each second of use will cost 5000 MP and it will forcefully end when the user runs out of MP.  It can be used three times each day and can only be used with one hour breaks between each use.

Looking at his stats and skills, and tightly holding the incredibly heavy shield in his hand, the shock in Ye Tian Xie’s heart could be imagined.  Once again, he could experience the strength of the Saint Extermination level.

The Abyss Knight had more than double the Sacred Sword War God’s HP and his defense was several times higher, but his attack power was pitiful, not even capable of matching a small boss of the same level.  Moreover, the skills he had, not a single one was an attack skill. Even the only attack skill attached to the shield only dealt 50%-100% of a normal attack. However, the four skills that he owned……With just these four skills, who would doubt his protective power!!

Adding in the shield he owned…..Who couldn’t he protect in this world?

Grafting Flower and the Heaven Defying Array could allow the people being protected to take any attacks and not receive any damage.  His terrifying body could block most attacks. The Ultimate Shield Bash could send countless enemies flying, unable to take a step forward.  The Ultimate Shield Wall was an unbreakable defense……Defense oriented Jobs usually had an one handed shield and an one handed sword, but the Abyss Knight’s Eternal End was a dual handed shield Ye Tian Xie had never seen in the gaming world.  A dual handed shield, this meant that it was impossible to attack, but could the Abyss Knight really only defend and not attack?

No…..Not only did he have a counterattack, it was a forced counterattack!  The black lightning on the Eternal End was the source of the Counterattack of Resentment.  If could forcefully reflect 30% of the damage of any attacks and his counterattack was for any attacks aimed at him.  If someone hit him for ten thousand damage, then he would be able to force reflect three thousand damage.

“Yao Yao, come out!”

“Grafting Flowers!!”

His transformation time was only three minutes, so how could he delay.  With a summon from him, Yao Yao appeared in front of him. Even though he was transformed, he could summon his pets.  With this, he gave a low roar as his body released beams of rainbow light. They quickly spread out and formed a three hundred meter radius around him.  The rainbow light touched Yao Yao and the young girl’s bodies, creating an extra layer of rainbow light around them…..As long as this light did not disappear, any damage Yao Yao and the young girl suffered would be transferred to Ye Tian Xie.

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