EDAH Chapter 450


Chapter 450: Broken shark

The young girl put down her hands and looked at Ye Tian Xie.  Although he couldn’t see her eyes, Ye Tian Xie could vaguely feel her hope…..She wanted to leave this place and although she couldn’t feel the water, she was still surrounded by water.

Her eyes that were not casual……She did not leave by herself and looked at Ye Tian Xie with eyes of hope, which was a kind of subconscious dependence.  The first person she saw after opening her eyes, the only person she could rely on in her period of fear… well as the person that expelled her fear. Any one of these conditions would be enough for a helpless girl that woke up in an unfamiliar world to create a deep dependence, forever leaving his image in her heart.

The wish of a young girl was always hard to reject and naturally Ye Tian Xie couldn’t stay in the deep sea forever.  If he stayed for long, he would use up all his Mineral Waters. Looking up, there wasn’t any sound or a sense of danger that came from above for a while, so perhaps the Azure Dragon had already left.

“Un, we can leave here.”  Ye Tian Xie nodded at the young girl.  After being together for a short while, Ye Tian Xie was already seeing Xiao Xi’s figure from this young girl…..The same purple colour, the same youth, the same silence, and even the same feeling of dependence.  So, Ye Tian Xie naturally would feel the same protective feelings for her as with Xiao Xi.


His hands came together and he picked up the young girl, riding the Weeping Ice Feather Deer together.  The Weeping Ice Feather Deer opened his wings and began to move upwards.

This was Ye Tian Xie’s first time riding the Weeping Ice Feather Deer with someone else…..Of course that little girl Guo Guo was an exception.

The young girl leaned against Ye Tian Xie and closed her eyes, not moving at all.  It was unknown if she didn’t want to see the water around her, or if she just wanted to enjoy the feeling of leaning against someone.  In her blank world, this was the first time she had this feeling. Slowly, the final bit of fear she felt for the water around her slowly began to disappear.

“What is your name?”  Ye Tian Xie looked down at the girl and asked her this question.  Meeting in the deep sea, this was truly an inconceivable fate. The NPC found in this kind of environment definitely had a very special origin, for example, there might be a shocking hidden quest on her.  The strange thing about her was not just where she had been, but also her clothes…..If he led her away now, where would he put her…..Could it be that he could keep this game world NPC by his side? Otherwise, where would she go?  After all, she was just a child.

Faced with Ye Tian Xie’s question, the young girl opened her mouth, but couldn’t say a single world.  If her eyes could be seen, one would be able to see her eyes being flooded with emptiness and confusion…..


She weakly shook her head.  It was like she had thought about it with all her might and said these three word with difficulty.  Her ability to say words was even weaker than Xiao Xi.

Don’t know?

She didn’t know her own name?

“Then you…..What do you remember?”  Ye Tian Xie asked with a frown.

After a long silence, the young girl gave a confuse shake of her head.

She couldn’t remember anything, her mind was pure blank and she couldn’t recall even the slightest picture.  Even she didn’t know if her fear of water was natural or developed and she didn’t know why she was afraid of water, she was just instinctively afraid.

Couldn’t remember a thing?

Could it be amnesia?  Or…..It has been too long that she can’t remember anything?

Ye Tian Xie wanted to keep asking when suddenly something happened in the water Kaka was passing through.  The calm water suddenly began to stir as a giant black figure passed through the corner of his eye. Ye Tian Xie quickly turned around and where he looked, there was a small mountain like figure that was quickly approaching……That giant body had that shocking speed and the water ripples it released was extraordinary big.

Orca Shark: Level 50 Lord Level Boss

HP: 180000

A medium sized shark that was born in the depths of the sea, will occasionally appear in the shallow parts of the sea.  Has a giant body and bloodthirsty personality. Has a very strong body impact power and its teeth is sharp enough to easily shatter rocks.

Innate Skill: Will recover 800 HP per second in water.

Skills: Spiral Charge, Large Wave.

Weakness: Earth, Earth Resistance – 50%.  If it leaves water, it will lose 800 HP per second until it dies.

A level fifty Lord Level Boss!!

Ye Tian Xie took a cold breath.  If it was a normal situation, he would not fear it at all and could escape even if he couldn’t defeat it.  However, in the deep sea, his body seemed to weigh several thousand pounds and it was incredibly hard to move.  Even if he could move, just to attack…..Even if his attack power was cut in half, he could at least land one hit every second on land, but in this environment, he couldn’t land two attacks every ten seconds.

“Kaka, go!”

Ye Tian Xie shouted out, wisely choosing to escape for now.  If he was just by himself, he would go all out against this level fifty deep sea Lord Level Boss.  Unless he met an enemy he absolutely couldn’t go against, he would not choose to escape, but…..there was currently a weak and gentle girl who couldn’t speak in complete words.  He could risk his life, but he couldn’t cause danger for her.

Kaka’s speed increased by a bit and the Orca Shark followed behind them, creating a vortex like water current behind it.  Although the shark was big, its ability to move was very terrifying. In just the blink of an eye, it had already caught up to Kaka.  There was soon a giant shark mouth open behind Ye Tian Xie, revealing a row of teeth that were like sharp knives. Anyone that saw it would have their hearts filled with fear.

A huge tearing force came from behind and the water quickly flowed backwards, entering the mouth of the Orca Shark…..Kaka forward movement was stopped.  Ye Tian Xie held the young girl in one hand as he suddenly turned around and raised Moment of Destiny with his other hand, as his eyes instantly turned ice cold.

The more disadvantageous a situation was for a person, the more it tested that person’s true abilities.

Experts were always tempered in brutal environments.  Even if his body weighed a thousand times the normal weight and even if the other side was a level fifty Lord Level Boss…..He would not be afraid!  If he couldn’t dodge it, then…..he would let it die!!

Only, even if he was on land, challenging a Lord Level Boss that was twenty levels higher than him was already a large challenge.  Not to mention that in this brutal environment, it can be imagined how difficult this was.

The Orca Shark’s mouth came closer and although it was incredibly hard for Ye Tian Xie to move, he could perfectly control the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s movements with his thoughts.  However, when he was about to make a move, the crystal like young girl in his embrace suddenly disappeared without a trace……

Ye Tian Xie was stunned, but he suddenly noticed that the young girl had appeared three meters away, getting very close to the giant shark’s mouth.

Ye Tian Xie wanted to shout out, but suddenly a strong purple light flashed in his eyes.

This was a blinding purple light beam and this beam was being released from the young girl’s right hand.  The beam of light did not grow endlessly, only reaching over a meter before it stopped growing……At first glance, it seemed like there was a sword in her hand, a sword of purple light.  The length of the sword was very suited to the young girl’s small body.

The light sword moved and like a flash of lightning, it created an ice cold purple streak in front of Ye Tian Xie’s eyes.

The young girl moved from in front of the Orca Shark to appearing behind it.  The purple light faded and the light sword in her hand disappeared as quickly as it appeared, leaving no traces at all.  There was a long purple mark on the Orca Shark’s body, splitting the Orca Shark’s body in half, cleanly cutting it.

With this, the purple mark suddenly exploded and the giant body of the Orca Shark went along with the purple mark… split in half.


Ye Tian Xie suddenly froze as his eyes popped wide open, staring right at the giant damage figure above the Orca Shark’s head.

This number was black in colour.

The black damage number did not represent the strength of the attack, but rather…..It was the resulting damage figure of activating the “instant death” effect.

Instant death, it was the most difficult added effect to obtain and also the most terrifying because once instant death was triggered, no matter how much HP the target had, they would instantly die.  Simply speaking, instant death meant a fatal attack. Once it was activated, even if one’s attack power was one and the other side had ten thousand HP, they would still die from this attack.

The “180000” damage figure above the Orca Shark’s head was an instant death damage figure.  The instant death effect the young girl used was not the normal instant death, but rather it was a unique form of instant death, “Breaking”!

Breaking the body!

Even the body was split apart.  Was there a second result that wasn’t death?

But breaking was an even harder to obtain effect than normal instant death.  If destruction and instant death are considered rare effects, then breaking could be considered a legendary effect.  Instant death could be blocked and to powerful bosses, their instant death resistance was higher than normal monsters.  Other than players that had high luck stats, they couldn’t activate the instant death effect on a boss and there were even some bosses that had immunity to it.

But breaking was different……This was because breaking affected the body, ignoring potential, instant death resistance, and other resistances.  As long as the body’s tenacity was weaker than the attack, it would be enough for the breaking effect to occur. It would end with the body being cut in half and die without doubt.  Breaking would not just occur on living beings, it could also affect weapons, equipment, and various kinds of items. This was because the premise for triggering breaking was having strong destructive abilities.

This legendary level attribute that was basically impossible to appear……actually appeared on the body of this weak girl who seemed like she could be blown over by the wind!!

The Orca Shark’s body split apart and the two halves of its corpse, as well as the items and equipments it dropped were carried off by the water.  Ye Tian Xie looked at the silent young girl who acted like she had just done something insignificant in a daze for a while. In his shock, he had even forgotten to go pick up the silver glowing pieces of equipment.

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