EDAH Chapter 446


Chapter 446: Purple glow under the deep sea (Part 1)

After the Azure Dragon spat out the block of ice, it did not immediately launch a second attack, but he still felt signs of danger.  When the block of ice hit the magma, it did not disappear, rather it exploded apart. Countless icicles flew out from the center of the explosion and flew out in all directions, going left, right, and up……

The coldness of the icicles had an aura of death around them, making Ye Tian Xie feel like he had entered an ice cave.  With a thought from him, Kaka quickly rushed into the air, avoiding the ice of death below……But the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s flight altitude was limited, only reaching as high as twenty meters.  It could not go any higher as the ice from below chased after it.


The blue light disappeared as a grey light appeared.  The Weeping Ice Feather Deer turned into the Undying Monster Dragon.  Before the lights of transformation disappeared, the ten meter long dragon soared with Ye Tian Xie into the sky…..Although the Undying Monster Dragon was not as fast as the Weeping Ice Feather Deer, it could fly much higher in comparison.  That grey body was like a grey phantom as it charged up to the fifty meter mark. It wasn’t as if the icicle attacks had no limit on range, when they was around three meters away from Ye Tian Xie, they finally disappeared.


However, this kind of attack to the Azure Dragon was as simple as moving its pinky.  When Ye Tian Xie finally stabilized himself, a wild wind came from the far north…..A large azure figure without end was coming closer and closer to him……

It was the Azure Dragon’s tail coming from a kilometer away…..It was only a tail, but it was as big as a mountain.  That pressure felt like a mountain where the top could not be seen! Ye Tian Xie could only look forward in a daze. The Azure Dragon’s tail covered an incomparably large attack range and its tail’s speed was a hundred times his move speed, it was impossible to dodge.  Guo Guo was shouting out in shock in his ears and soon even Guo Guo’s voice was swallowed by the air current the tail brought. Ye Tian Xie did not move, allowing that azure mountain to move towards him……

What did a human count for in front of a Saint Extermination Beast?

It was like the difference between a person and an ant.  They could destroy a city in an instant. Their power was enough to destroy the continent.

When the southern sky had changed from the scarlet red colour to this dark colour, Heavenly Sun City had already fallen into chaos.  Almost everyone ran out of their houses and stared in a daze to the south. Although Heavenly Sun City wasn’t as hot as it was now in the past, since they were born, the southern sky had always been red because of the Lava Prison that was several thousand miles wide.  The flowing lava inside there released a heat that people could not approach at all. The sky there was always scarlet red from the clouds reflecting the flames and had never gone dark before.

With this, when the dragon roar sounded and the giant Azure Dragon form appeared in the sky, there were countless people whose eyes almost popped out.  Their mouths were wide open, but they couldn’t make a sound and many people dropped the things in their hands unknowingly.

The Lava Prison was over a hundred miles away from Heavenly Sky City, but even with this distance, they could clearly see the Azure Dragon’s form and they could feel the terrifying pressure.

The temperature was quickly dropping and their hearts were wildly trembling……

This was Ye Tian Xie’s first time seeing the Azure Dragon, but of the people of the Lost Continent, which one didn’t know the tales of the Azure Dragon.  The five Sacred Beasts were exterminated ten thousand years ago, but every corner of the Lost Continent was filled with large and small statues of them. They were the previous protector beasts of the Lost Continent and were the Lost Continent’s protective charm.  The statues that protected doors were mainly made in their forms…..That giant body, that azure colour, and the ice cold pressure….

It was like the Azure Dragon of tales…..It was exactly the same!

In this world, there weren’t any other dragons with the Azure Dragon form because although the Azure Dragon was a “dragon”, it was not a true dragon.  It was not born from the dragon clan and did not breed with dragons. It’s said that it was broke out of the Lost Continent’s eastern sea when it was born, but it was unknown how it was born.  At the same time, the dragon clan could only be light or dark attributed and it was however water attributed. Even if it had to be considered a dragon, it could only be a mutant among dragons.

Heavenly Sun City was in complete chaos and this chaos quickly spread.  The Azure Dragon’s appearance was enough to shake the entire Lost Continent.

Ye Tian Xie did not doubt that this tail was enough to cause a disaster for even a city and it was enough to kill him thousands of times over.  He did not dodge and couldn’t dodge at all. He could only look forward, as if he was waiting for it to hit him……


Finally he shouted out.  The Undying Monster Dragon beneath him transformed again and returned to being the blue Weeping Ice Feather Deer.  At the same time, a deep blue barrier appeared around him…..

Water Mirror!

This was not Ye Tian Xie’s Water Mirror, but the Weeping Ice Feather Deer’s Water Mirror!

It had the same effect and cooldown, the only difference was that it had a much higher MP consumption than the one cast by Ye Tian Xie with the Azure Dragon’s Ring.  A single Water Mirror was enough to use all of Kaka’s MP.


It this tail had hit a mountain, it would bring a world shaking loud boom.  But this giant dragon tail fell onto an incomparably small human body. All that was heard was the sound of wind blowing and a clear cracking sound.

It was the sound of the Water Mirror being destroyed.

Ye Tian Xie did not die when faced with this casual tail wave of the Azure Dragon.  The Water Mirror had completed its mission…..The Azure Dragon’s attack had been rebounded, but it was only a casual attack so the rebound force only made its body sway slightly.  As for Ye Tian Xie……Although the Water Mirror reflected all the damage, it couldn’t stop the incomparable momentum of the attack. His body flew out like a bullet, flying out with an alarming speed, instantly disappearing into the distance.

This was also his only method of escaping!

Ye Tian Xie was unable to predict how far he would go with this one attack.  His body flew out with the wild wind and he passed the Lava Prison, as well as crossing the desolate mountains…..When he finally opened his eyes, beneath him was a deep blue ocean with an aquamarine surface.

This was the Southern Sea on the south side of the Lost Continent!

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