EDAH Chapter 440


Chapter 440: Flames of passion

The attic of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce.

This was a room specially used by Liu Qi Yue and only a few people were allowed in normally, as well only girls were allowed to enter.  Liu Qi Yue never treated herself unfairly and although this place was not too big, it was decorated extravagantly like an ancient empress’ room.  Once a person entered, they would smell a magnificent and beautiful scent.

This is Ye Tian Xie’s first time coming here and accurately speaking, after the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was established, he was the first man who had entered this room.

“Oh, la, la, such a beautiful room!  Master, Guo Guo also wants to have a room as beautiful as this.”  Guo Guo excitedly flew around, wanting to go into every corner and occasionally sniffing her little nose to smell the intoxicating fragrance in the air.  That scent made Ye Tian Xie think of Liu Qi Yue’s rich and graceful body, causing a burning sensation that was hard to control to spread all over his body……


He was shocked, but once his desire was awakened, he could not control it at all.  Because of the matter with Su Fei Fei earlier, his focus was completely diverted by his heartache.  Now that he had calmed down and adding the stimulating fragrance, the pacified desire he had was once again awakened.

He gritted his teeth and forcefully shook his head to suppress the flames stirring once again……Before there was nothing stopping him as he threw himself onto Situ Luo Yu…..But now, there was only Liu Qi Yue by his side.  No matter what, he was not willing to violate her and hurt her.

“Little brother, look at how pretty elder sister’s room is…..Un?  Where do you feel discomfort?” Liu Qi Yue felt his breathing become faster, so she moved closer and spoke in a gentle voice as she looked at his face.  Her words seemed concerned, but there was a trace of an elegant smile on the corners of her lips.

Ye Tian Xie took a deep breath and said, “Eldest sister, what was the method you mentioned before?  Right now, I’m……”

“You really need it now?”  Liu Qi Yue took another step forward and there was only half a step of space between them.  The scent that could only belong to her entered Ye Tian Xie’s nose and maliciously attacked his mind.  That endlessly charming voice made his body become weak and that libido that he forcefully endured instantly exploded, almost making him charge out……Only, Liu Qi Yue standing in front of him……She was the only girl who he respected and he willingly called “eldest sister”, she had appeared in his dreams countless times.  She was that perfect and should have a perfect life. So…..Because he cared about her so much, he could not do anything that would hurt her. He lightly bit his tongue and said with difficulty, “Eldest sister, this time is as intense as the gluttony from yesterday, I can’t control it…..Is there really a way?”

Liu Qi Yue revealed a faint smile and that beautiful face made Ye Tian Xie stunned when he saw it.  Her slightly open cherry released a fragrance that smelled of orchids onto Ye Tian Xie’s face. Then she moved past him and walked to the wall, where there was a wide and long landscape painting.

Ye Tian Xie turned around and doubtfully looked at the painting.

Liu Qi Yue stopped in front of the painting and used his jade like fingers to draw back the painting.  The landscape painting was drawn up……This was actually a curtain and behind it was a hidden door.

Liu Qi Yue looked back and revealed a bewitching smile, “Little brother, come in.  The method is inside here.”

After saying this, Liu Qi Yue elegantly walked in.  When the curtain fell and stopped, it became a landscape painting once again.

Ye Tian Xie’s heart suddenly sped up and even his breathing suddenly became faster.  Liu Qi Yue’s voice, eyes, and also seemingly unintentional movements all made him vaguely feel something.  He stood there and didn’t move for a long time. In his body, there was a group of flame wildly dancing within him, even as if…..

Finally, in a state of suffering, he raised his foot and walked over.

Lifting the curtain, a richer fragrance wafted out.  This place was very dim and the ground was covered in a thick rug.  The space was as large as the outside, but it was much more simple. The most visible thing was the bed in the center….A very large bed that was almost three meters long.  He could see that Liu Qi Yue was already lying on the bed, revealing a beautiful back to him.

Ye Tian Xie’s breathing in that moment stopped.

In this dim room, Liu Qi Yue was wearing a snow white robe that she had changed into.  The contrast it created brought an intense visual impact to Ye Tian Xie. the curves that Liu Qi Yue’s body had, when she was lying down, the curves of her body was like mountain and rivers.  At this time, her back was currently pointed at him. Under that slender waist that wasn’t large enough, there were a pair of full buttocks that with the rich breasts made her waist seem even more slender.  It made Ye Tian Xie’s eyes stuck on her and he could not move it away no matter how hard he tried. His heartbeat was beating at a crazy rate.

Hearing the sound of Ye Tian Xie walk in, Liu Qi Yue’s body slightly moved, turning around with an incomparably graceful movement, making Ye Tian Xie’s heart beat faster again.  The beauty that Liu Qi Yue was a kind of beauty that was enchanting. When she stood there, the curves of her chest were enough to make eyes pop out and under that were vast waves.  Moreover, the curves of her butt were very rich and clearly outlined. After Ye Tian Xie was stunned for a while, he finally realized that the snow white robe Liu Qi Yue was currently wearing was made of translucent silk.  The curves of her beautiful legs in the snow white dress was clearly seen by Ye Tian Xie.

This was his first time seeing Liu Qi Yue lying down and this fairy like appearance was deeply imprinted in his mind…..Very, very deep.

“Elder sister thought that you wouldn’t dare enter.”  Liu Qi Yue stood up from the bed and pursed her lips into a smile.  A beauty on a bed would always seem like an illusion and as she stood up, her dual peaks and her butt made waves that filled any man with desire.  Ye Tian Xie felt like his mind was being swallowed by the waves of his desire.

“Eldest sister, you…..”  His breath became incomparably hot.  As he looked at the approaching Liu Qi Yue, his body couldn’t move like it had been nailed down.

With the distance closing, Ye Tian Xie how transparent the white gauze covering the jade body was.  Under the white gauze, there was nothing at all. The snow white soft skin was partly visible and it was many times more enticing than just directly revealed skin.  Her chest was shaking up and down with her steps and the two pink buds were clearly highlighted under the white gauze. They slowly began to inflate from the friction, soon standing upright.  She had a charming smile that could take a man’s soul and there was a pink blush to that incomparably charming jade skin.

Seeing Ye Tian Xie’s expression and hearing the sounds of breathing coming from his mouth, Liu Qi Yue smiled.  Finally arriving in front of Ye Tian Xie, her body was almost touching his as she softly asked, “Little brother, is elder sister…..pretty?”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”.  He could not reply. He was afraid that once he spoke, his stubborn will would collapse and he would crudely throw himself onto Liu Qi Yue……Only, he also couldn’t turn away.  The charm that Liu Qi Yue was releasing was just too strong, attracting everything that he had. Even if his mind was ten times stronger, it was almost impossible for him to move his eyes and mind from her.

“Look, is elder sister pretty……Little brother, do you want to touch elder sister’s chest?”  Liu Qi Yue’s eyes were covered in a layer of faint mist. She spoke while taking Ye Tian Xie’s hand with her hands, moving them towards her chest.  Breasts were the most beautiful part of a girl’s body and everyone that saw Liu Qi Yue, whether seeing her actual body or a picture of her, they would be shocked and mesmerized over the fact that such a magnificent person could exist in this world.  Not only did she have an absolutely beautiful face, her chest, whether it was shape, richness, or height, it was a heavenly thing that many young men could not dream of and it entered the fantasies of many young men. Only, there has never been a man that had ever seen this kind of perfect sight before and there wasn’t a single man that had ever touched it before.  At this time, Liu Qi Yue had taken the initiative to grab a man’s hand to allow it to touch the fantasy that countless men did not even dream off……

When he was about to touch the pink trembling tip, Ye Tian Xie’s hand froze there…..It was as if he was using all his strength as he said with great difficulty, “Elder sister, I……I can’t.”

Even without being held with both hands, Liu Qi Yue still suddenly came forward a step, directly placing her tall and beautiful breasts into his hands.  Instantly, that feeling that was softer than jade came from his hand and reached Ye Tian Xie’s heart like a bolt of lightning. In his ear, there was Liu Qi Yue’s charming voice, “Good little brother, be assured……This is only the game world, you won’t directly hurt elder sister and you won’t really defile elder sister’s body…..This is the game world, you don’t need to take responsibility for me.  A thing that is hard for little brother to solve, naturally elder sister will use my body to help you. Moreover, over the next few days, you don’t need to think anymore…..Little brother, play with elder sister all you want. Vent everything you want to vent onto elder sister’s body…..”

That charming and attractive voice that seemed to be magic made Ye Tian Xie’s last string of logic snap and those glowing eyes filled with chaos instantly became the flaming eyes of a beast.  Those two hands on Liu Qi Yue’s breast began to tighten, with an incredibly charming moan from Liu Qi Yue. The soft, jade flesh came out of the seams of his fingers. His lust exploded several folds after suppressing it, making him use almost all his strength those large, snow white breasts that caused the creator to put in a lot of effort to make.  One hand directly went down and went between her two wide hips, poking and pinching…..

It had just began and Ye Tian Xie was wildly attacking her forbidden place.  Liu Qi Yue’s body went weak and moans came from her mouth, but she didn’t reject it and rather went forward.  Her tongue wildly licked and her mouth wildly bit Ye Tian Xie’s face. She also reached her hands between his legs, forcefully grabbing and rubbing…..Once the flames of passion were lit, it burned as hot as magma.

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