EDAH Chapter 438


Chapter 438: Change of heart (Part 2)

Thinking of separating from Ye Tian Xie, not being able to be with him every day, and the none being with him would be another girl, her heart filled with a deep pain that was even stronger than when she heard the words Situ Luo Yu said.  Her fear also increased, it was so strong that it didn’t lose to the fear she felt when she lost her mother. Her eyes filled with tears and she tightly grabbed Liu Qi Yue’s clothes. She who was filled with fear needed comfort and dependence very much in this moment.

Her response made Liu Qi Yue smile.  She softly patted the back of her hand and said with a faint smile, “Little sister, elder sister was just speaking hypotheticals, it is not real.  Moreover, even if you really wanted to separate from Tian Xie, he would not allow it. Did you not see? When you ran away crying, he was filled with worry and heartache……To be able to make him reveal that kind of expression…..Little sister, do you know?  You are the second one among all the people I know. The first was Li Xian Er.”

Su Fei Fei was stunned hearing this.  She thought about that nervous and stiff expression he revealed……That’s right, the normal him, even when faced with over ten thousand Wings of Shrouded Heaven members would not reveal any emotions, not a trace of fear.  Today, it was her first time seeing him reveal such a nervous expression…..Could it be that he cared about her that much?

Thinking of this, that intense pain and nervousness, as well as the resentment from before slowly began to fade.  In her heart, there was a warm feeling slowly increasing……


“Little sister, if Li Xian Er comes back one day, what kind of decision do you think Tian Xie will make?  Do you want him to give you up or give up Li Xian Er, or……give you both up?” Liu Qi Yue spoke with a faint smile, implying something.

“I……”  Su Fei Fei’s heart fell into chaos again.

Give up Li Xian Er……

Give her up……

Give up……

“If he must give someone up, who do you think Tian Xie will give up?”  Liu Qi Yue spoke again. To Su Fei Fei, this was a very cruel question.

“……”  Su Fei Fei did not reply as her heartbeat instantly increased several times.

“If he must give up one…..Fei Fei, he will definitely give you up.  This is because Li Xian Er for him is just too important. However, this matter will never happen because Tian Xie is not that fickle of a person.  Since he has accepted you, he will never let you go. As for Li Xian Er…..Even if Tian Xie really wanted to give her up, the first one to disagree will be her.”

Su Fei Fei looked up and said in a surprised voice, “Why?”

Which girl didn’t want to have their most loved person to themselves?  The thing they hated seeing the most was that person being affiliated with other girls.  Even if he only took an extra glance at beautiful girls, there would be dissatisfaction and jealousy breeding in the heart…..But she said that Li Xian Er would reject him giving her up and loving her alone, why…..She could not understand.

“It’s very simple……It’s because she loves him too much.  She is not willing to see him be hurt in the slightest or feel any discomfort.  If letting you go will make Tian Xie feel bad, she will definitely not allow this to happy, rather she was warmly and affectionately accept you.  She would not urge Tian Xie, but rather you to not let anything between you two to cause trouble for Tian Xie. Not to mention you alone…..Even if there was an added Situ Luo Yu or even more people, she would do the same.  Little sister, can you understand? She is also a woman, also wants the person she loves to herself, and also would get jealous, but as long as Tian Xie is happy and feel no sadness, she can ignore everything…..This is Li Xian Er’s love for Tian Xie.  In the past, it was this kind nonsense spoiling love that filled me with despair, this love that made it impossible for me to find a single opening……Even if I could have truly succeeded at that time, it would feel like a greatly cruel act and a large sin.”

Su Fei Fei was stunned once again.  Her mind went over every word Liu Qi Yue said and it took her awhile to come back to her senses.

Can you understand……can you?

This was a kind of unreasonable love…..but this kind of unreasonable showed just how deeply the feelings Li Xian Er had to Ye Tian Xie were.  The depth of these emotions perhaps had already surpassed her cognition. She even could not believe that there would be this kind of emotions in this world.

Where did this kind of emotion come from?  What kind of bitter experiences, what kind of troubles would create this kind of emotion?  Experiencing life and death? Experiencing bitterness and happiness…..No that definitely wasn’t enough.  Perhaps only the beautiful illusion of entering reincarnation together of legends would be able to do it.

“Li Xian Er also frequently said to Tian Xie in the past that a real man could not easily abandon a woman that belonged to him.  Most of Tian Xie’s personality came from her. Little sister, the matter with Tian Xie and Situ Luo Yu today, do you wish that Tian Xie to turn back on a person and not take responsibility after eating someone?”  Liu Qi Yue looked at the stunned Su Fei Fei and asked with a faint smile.

Su Fei Fei shook her head as her heart was filled with chaos.  She lowered her head and timidly said, “Only…..Only, why does he need to be like that with other girls…..If he really wants to…..He, he can…..He can find me.  Why does he need to…..need to find other girls…..Is it because her body is better than mine?”

Liu Qi Yue’s crescent brows slightly knit.  She shook her head and said while patting Su Fei Fei’s shoulder, “Of course not.  That is because you are a person Tian Xie cares about in his heart, he does not want to hurt you……”


“Do you know what kind of situation Tian Xie is right now?”  Liu Qi Yue cut her off. Her cicada wing like brows slightly trembled as her beautiful eyes had a strange light glowing in it.

Su Fei Fei looked up at her with a stunned expression.

“The seven sins baptism……He received a special quest in the game and to complete this quest, he needs to undergo a baptism of seven different sins.  From arrogance, to sloth, to envy, to wrath, to greed, to gluttony……and finally to lust. Little sister, don’t be surprised. This is a game that is made with technology surpassing that of the earth’s by several hundred years, it isn’t strange for any kind of incredible things to happen in it.  The game affects a person’s mind, so this kind of psychological effect coming into the real world isn’t all that unbelievable. During this time, did you really not notice the changes with Tian Xie……For example, did he wildly begin to eat things as soon as he woke up?” Liu Qi Yue explained in detail.

“Those things…..Could they be true?”  Su Fei Fei muttered. Before undergoing the seven sins baptism, Ye Tian Xie had written a note to her, naming the seven sins and describing their behaviours……Only, she had treated it as an “evil prank” used to harass them sisters.  After all, the so called “seven sins baptism” sounded too mysterious.

“Although it sounds incredible, Tian Xie wouldn’t use something like this to prank someone.  Even if he was kidding, he wouldn’t use something that normal people would not believe. Tian Xie’s mood changes have also proved that all of this is real……After yesterday’s sin of gluttony, today is obviously the arrival of the sin of lust.  Under the effects of lust, his libido will become wild and he won’t be able to control his desires…….So, something happened between him and Situ Luo Yu today……Actually, it’s his first time meeting Situ Luo Yu today. Do you really think that the normal Tian Xie would throw himself onto a beauty whenever he saw one?  As far as I know…..” Liu Qi Yue’s eyes curled and she revealed a look of jealousy and regret, “He was still a virgin before, even Li Xian Er never……Ai, it’s really convenient for that girl.”

Su Fei Fei: “……”

Liu Qi Yue continued to say, “Do you understand now?  Tian Xie knew that he would lose control once the sin of lust was released……So, he logged on so early today…..This is because he wouldn’t be able to resist running into your room in the real world……He didn’t want to hurt you, so he entered the game and then met Situ Luo Yu……To be honest, little sister Luo Yu’s body even makes this elder sister praise it.  Just based on outer appearance, she is worthy of being Tian Xie’s little bed warming concubine. Her body should have been too stimulating for Tian Xie and Tian Xie saw Luo Yu for the first time, so he didn’t have any scruples towards her…..So, that’s why everything by the lake happened……”

Si Fei Fei silently listened and thinking of him and a girl taking off their clothes to do that thing, her heart was filled with an aching feeling…..Only, the resentment, anger, and heartache unknowingly began to disappear……

“Little sister, do you understand why elder sister is saying all of this”  Liu Qi Yue lightly pursed her lips into a smile as gentle as a breeze.


“You are only a girl.  Although you have a family background that countless girls are jealous of, in terms of feelings, you are the same as any other girl.  After all, elder sister was also a pure girl once. Elder sister telling you all this, you must be unable to accept all of it, right?”

Su Fei Fei was silent for a bit before giving a weak nod.

Liu Qi Yue’s smile became more gentle and there was a trace of mysteriousness in that gentle smile, “Then, little sister can properly think this over in the next few days, alright?  Tian Xie’s lust baptism will last many days, so leave Tian Xie to elder sister over these few days, alright? Since elder sister was able to control his gluttony yesterday, naturally elder sister can also control his impulses……Over these few days, little sister can peacefully and honestly think this over, alright?  Also remember to give Tian Xie the nourishment paste every day. In order to not hurt you all, he will not log off. I expect that when Tian Xie returns to normal, little sister can give him a pleasant surprise……alright?”

Su Fei Fei’s brain was filled with her and Ye Tian Xie’s past and possible future, she did not have attention span to carefully think of Liu Qi Yue’s words.  This talk had silently pulled the distance between them closer, eliminating her alertness and her barriers. With her consolation, her aura, and her sincerity, as well as her direct way of confessing her feelings for Ye Tian Xie, it had subdued her heart……After wiping away the final tear in her eye, she gave a slight nod.

“As for Luo Yu, I will go talk to her.”  Liu Qi Yue stood up, patting Su Fei Fei’s beautiful cheeks like a big sister, “Big sister will leave first, otherwise your Tian Xie might break from the anxiety of his heartache.”

With a soft smile, Liu Qi Yue slowly walked away.  The corners of her lips raised and a smile that no one could understand appeared.

“……How much Li Xian Er loved him, I can do the same.  No matter who you are, no matter how good you are, even if everything about me is inferior, my love for him will not be inferior to yours.”  Su Fei Fei softly bit her lips and spoke to herself in a very soft voice. Then she pulled up her blankets and covered her head. She really needed peace……to think, to accept, and to prepare herself for what she needed to do……As long as she could be with him forever.

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