EDAH Chapter 437


Chapter 437: Change of heart (Part 1)

In the attic of Guo Guo’s Little Cabin, in Su Fei Fei’s room.  Su Fei Fei did not log off and unconsciously rushed in, throwing herself onto the bed and silently weeping.

The door was not closed, but Liu Qi Yue knocked on the door before casually walking in.  She sat down beside Su Fei Fei and with a faint smile, she said, “Little sister, don’t cry first.  How about having a talk with big sister first?”

Su Fei Fei did not reply and covered her head with the blanket, as her shoulders could not help trembling.

“Little sister, the Tian Xie that you like, is he a passionate and devoted person?”  Liu Qi Yue put her right hand on Su Fei Fei’s shoulder. Her eyes were blurred as she spoke in a soft voice.  After saying this, she slightly looked up and gave a very soft sigh.


“Yes……You must love that he’s a devoted person.  Which girl wouldn’t want the person they love to be devoted to them for their entire life, not having any affairs with other girls, not letting their heart be moved by other girls…..Only, I had always hoped that he was a passionate person, one that was overflowing with it.”

She revealed a faint smile that was also bitter.  In her misted over eyes, there as the journey she had taken over the years playing in her mind.

Su Fei Fei’s shoulder was no longer trembling and she laid on the bed without moving.  Her body was rolled up into a charming curved shape and it was clear she was listening to what Liu Qi Yue was saying.  The current her’s feelings were like a small boat in an ocean, she didn’t know what she should…….She did not understand why Liu Qi Yue would say that she wished he was a person overflowing with passion.

Liu Qi Yue reached a hand out and helped Su Fei Fei up from the bed.  Although her actions were gentle, there was an irresistible strength to the gentleness that made Su Fei Fei unable to resist as she was supported up.  Liu Qi Yue after all wasn’t an ordinary girl, growing up in that kind of environment, she not only possessed an excellent disposition and skills…..Only Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui knew that Liu Qi Yue’s skills were not inferior to either of theirs.

Su Fei Fei’s head hung down and her eyes were red.  Although she was holding back her tears, the tears still did not stop as they flowed down.  The pain of feeling aggrieved and being betrayed, as well as…..the fear that Ye Tian Xie would leave her because of this.

Liu Qi Yue stretched out a finger and helped her wipe off her tears.  The movements were as gentle as a mother taking care of her daughter. She slowly said, “Little sister, you know that there was a Li Xian Er by Tian Xie’s side before?”

Su Fei Fei’s eyes blurred as she looked down and said in a choked voice, “I….know.”

“You know of her existence……but you definitely do not know what she’s like.  Because she disappeared in the past, everything related to her appearance had disappeared without a trace.  This includes all her pictures, even the ones that made people shocked like they had seen a celestial on the internet, they all disappeared without leaving a single one.  The ones who know her appearance are the ones who had truly see her before. Her appearance, I cannot describe it, but I know that she is the only one in this world that makes me feel inferior……Even feeling like I’m an inferior woman.”  Liu Qi Yue slightly looked up and in her mind, there was that faint immortal image……That’s right, it could only be described as an “immortal”. Subconsciously, even Liu Qi Yue could never dare to treat her as a normal person. That kind of unreal beauty was not something that should appear in the human world.

That kind of beauty, even the most skillful painter in the world could not even capture a trace of it…..That kind of beauty, one could only truly understand if one had personally seen it.  Even Liu Qi Yue who had seen many times could not imagine her true appearance in her face, she could only think of a fuzzy face.

Su Fei Fei looked at Liu Qi Yue in surprise……This girl who was named the most charming woman in China, the immortal who could make any girl feel inferior actually……Actually would willingly admit defeat in front of another girl.  That Li Xian Er, is she really that beautiful? No, it must not be just her appearance. Just her appearance alone would not be able to make a girl like Liu Qi Yue admit defeat like this. It must be her bearings and aura that are very refined…..Just what kind of girl was she?

“She not only had an illusory appearance, you can never imagine just how good she was to Tian Xie.  She treated Tian Xie like a little snowflake that had to be carefully protected, she truly used everything she had to love him.  Tian Xie also obtained many things from her, including his personality and most of his habits, even his method of doing things and his aura.  They were all gradually trained by her…..In front of others, even in front of my uncle Zuo Zhen Hua, Tian Xie would always reveal an arrogant appearance.  Only in front of Li Xian Er would he show dependence. This is because deep in his soul, it has already been deeply engraved by her. Tian Xie is Li Xian Er’s everything and Li Xian Er is Tian Xie’s most important person, even more important than his own life……Three years ago, when Li Xian Er disappeared from his life…..You cannot imagine how much pain Tian Xie felt.”

Liu Qi Yue closed her eyes and remembered the past, feeling enough pain in her heart that tears almost came out, “He would wouldn’t even make a sound when all his bones were broken actually cried like a child.  He slammed his head into the wall, ripped the ground apart with his right hand, and he wildly searched for an entire month without sleep……That month, he only drank a few mouthful of waters and ate nothing, finally fainting from exhaustion.  He only slept for an hour before he was awakened by his nightmares and wildly began to search for her again, finally fainting again……If it wasn’t for Tian Xie’s body being different from normal people, that deep physical and emotional pain would have been enough for him to die.”

Su Fei Fei’s eyes went wide and she covered her lips.  She looked at Liu Qi Yue in a daze and the words she heard had already made her forget the pain in her heart…..

“Finally, Tian Xie without the power to search anymore shrank into the room that belonged to Li Xian Er, holding the only thing that Li Xian Er had left behind.  That room has the final scent she left…..He never let anyone enter that room, even Po Jun and Qiu Shui would be chased away. Po Jun and Qiu Shui were afraid that he wouldn’t be able to think things through, so they guarded his house and left food at his room every day……After two months, he finally came out of the room and told Po Jun and the others he was fine.”

Liu Qi Yue opened her eyes and softly said, “Little sister, do you know why I’m telling you all of this?  Now, can you understand just how deep his emotions for Li Xian Er is? They were not just a pair of lovers, they had already depended on each other long ago, with their souls intertwining.  Xie Tian’s life was saved by Li Xian Er. When he was most down in the world, it was Li Xian Er who ‘pulled” him back, giving him a home, taking care of everything for him. Even if Tian Xie let down the whole world, he would not let Li Xian Er down…..”

Su Fei Fei did not speak, as her heart was in so much chaos that she didn’t know what to think.

“I like Tian Xie…..Before I met him, I never thought that I would love a man one day, not to mention a man who was younger than me…..”  She revealed a faint smile as she spoke in a soft voice.

Su Fei Fei’s eyes were stunned.  She looked down and said, “I know.”

As women, she could always feel something from the way Liu Qi Yue looked at Ye Tian Xie and Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui’s words made it more clear to her…..Hearing her directly say it now, she was not surprised at all, her heart was just more amazed.

Liu Qi Yue revealed a smile, one that was filled with infatuation and bitterness, “Do you know how much I love him…..I always tell him that for him, I can give up everything, even if it was my family.  As long as wanted it, I’m willing to do anything for him. After all these years, I think of him every day and the person in my dreams is also him. In the past, I thought that even if I had a family, I would be the one who led it.  But now, I have learned that a perfect wife secretly takes care of everything. Will let the entire world know that my little brother Xie Tian has the most beautiful and noble wife that makes all men jealous. When I’m with him, I will always stand behind him and let him take care of everything.  In the him, I will understand and take care of everything, giving him a perfect housewife that takes care of all troubles…..In the bed, I can even become the most depraved girl in the world for him…..But even like this, I could only retreat…..Because he had Li Xian Er by his side. If it was anyone else, I could not hesitate, but I knew that I would never be able to steal him from Li Xian Er, never.”

No one would have thought the goddess of the capital city’s men, the goddess of their dreams would actually be this in love with a man.

“Even after Li Xian Er left, I never had any hope that he would accept me because of his feelings for Li Xian Er.  Even if he never saw her again, he would wait a lifetime for her. However……” Liu Qi Yue’s eyes looked at Su Fei Fei and they became misted over with water, “He actually…..accepted you.”

Su Fei Fei: “……”

I was unable to believe it until I finally confirmed this matter.”  Liu Qi Yue’s lips curled into a perfect curve, “I envied you, but what I felt more was happiness…..You’ll never be able to imagine just how happy I was in that moment.”

“Why……”  Su Fei Fei’s eyes were still red.  She softly bit her lips as she spoke.

“Little sister.”  Liu Qi Yue did not immediately answer her and changed the topic to ask, “Now, do you still hope that Tian Xie would be a devoted person…..If he was dead set on Li Xian Er like always, never accepting anyone else, then he would never truly accept you…..When Li Xian Er comes back, you will separate from him, forever…..Do you really hope for this?”

Su Fei Fei was stunned.  A deep fear quickly filled her heart as he forcefully shook her head.  The tears that gushed out of her eyes were several times more than before and her voice was trembling from her weeping, “No, I don’t…..I don’t want to separate from Tian Xie…..Never…..”

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