EDAH Chapter 430


Chapter 430: Trembling Ye Tian Xie

Seeing the current furball and feeling the ice cold aura it was releasing, Ye Tian Xie was completely stunned.

It clearly came from the Lava Prison and it clearly possessed a powerful fire energy, a strange life form that was fire attributed.  However, the aura it was currently releasing, its current colour, and the ice arrow it had just released…..It was clearly water attributed energy!!

Currently what was fluctuating around the furball was blue water elemental energy!!

It was clearly a fire attributed life form, why could it suddenly use water energy.


On the Lost Continent, it wasn’t that geniuses with two kinds of energies haven’t appeared before and even a genius with three kinds of energy had appeared once…..However, water and fire not coming together was an ancient rule that had never been changed.  Even if a person had two or three kinds of elemental energy, it would not be two kinds of energy that were against each other…..One couldn’t have fire and water, or wind and earth, and it was impossible to have light and darkness.

However, the energy the furball released had directly broken this law of nature.  When its scarlet colour turned to blue, the fire energy had also turned into water energy!  Moreover, even if it was water energy, it was incomparably strong…..Fire, it could release an intermediate forbidden spell that a Mysterious God Beast could release, so it could be seen that its fire energy was at least in the Mysterious God level.  As for the ice arrow it just released, although it didn’t have a terrifying range, its incomparable speed and the cold aura it instantly released was enough to show how terrifying this water energy was.

Just what kind of life form is this!!

While Ye Tian Xie was stunned, the furball that swallowed the ice arrow began to move again.  Its body became flat before flying out using the reflected force When it fell, a sense of death pressed down on Ye Tian Xie.

“Water Screen!”


In the surrounding several hundred meter area, all the water energy instantly turned into the coldest ice before violently exploding in an instant……The congealing of ice sealed the several hundred meter area in ice and the explosion made people seem like the space had completely cracked.  The air turned blue and countless fractures appeared with a clear sound ringing out…..This was not the “freeze” debuff, but rather a powerful sealed formed by water elemental energy turning into ice. It was a high level domain that water attributed magicians hoped to obtain. The explosion of ice could not be guarded against, resisted, or avoided and was forced damage.  The damage naturally came from the forceful freezing of the ice and the consequent shattering of the ice……Moreover, this had a terrifying range of several hundred meters!

Since he had seen this furball, its first attack was a fire attack with a terrifying range that blocked out the entire sky.  This time…..the range of its magical attack was so terrifying that it made people tremble……Players’ magic not only needed a long cast time and even the current longest attack range wind attribute magicians could only have an attack range of seven meters.  After their second Job Change, it would reach ten meters…..As for this little furball, it had released its magic just by moving and it didn’t chant at all. Moreover, with a single move, it had blotted out the sky. Even if he had an extra hundred legs, he would not be able to avoid this super range magic attack.

Whether it was the sea of flames that was like an exploding sun, or the World Ending Flames of Hell that had covered an entire three kilometers, or the ice arrow that was like placing him in a hole of ice, or that forced ice seal and powerful ice explosion attack……There was no doubt that all of its attacks were in the forbidden spell level!

After the ice exploded, the air was incomparably cold.  Even the heat of the Lava Prison could not drive away this shocking cold for now.  Ye Tian Xie held his Moment of Destiny and stood there with a frown. There was a circular blue water screen around him and the blue light on it moved in an irregular pattern.

This was the Water Screen that negated all water attributed magic!

He forcefully gripped his hand.  This furball was strong and its body had undergone an incredible change…..He had completely underestimated it before.  Even his biggest advantage, the “Rainbow Destruction” had been easily taken care of by it. When it couldn’t use fire anymore, it could still use water……Just what would he rely on to take care of it.

In Ye Tian Xie’s mind, there were wild thoughts multiplying……If he could defeat it and let Kaka swallow it…..It would be a large boost in power for him!!

Ye Tian Xie moved forward with a Dragon Shadow Slash, turning into a shadow and appearing in front of the blue furball in an instant.  With his Water Screen around him, he did not need to fear water attributed attacks, so he could attack right now without fear. When his Dragon Rend Slash was about to fall down onto the furball, a flash suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.  A blue three meter tall and wide wall of ice appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie at an incredible speed…..


With a deep collision sound, the Moment of Destiny slammed against the ice wall…..The ice wall’s firmness far surpassed Ye Tian Xie’s knowledge of any kind of ice.  It was like his attack did not fall down on ice, but rather it fell down on an incomparably thick iron wall. The shockwave from it made his body tremble as he almost dropped the Moment of Destiny in his hand, taking several steps back.

Diamond Shield: Water Attributed Intermediate Forbidden Spell

Uses high density water energy to form the strongest defensive shield, able to stop all attacks coming from in front.  The shield has an HP of 5000000, but if it takes over 2000000 damage, the shield will be directly destroyed. Costs 120000 MP to cast and can last for one minute.

Ye Tian Xie: [email protected]#¥%……

When he saw the stats of the ice wall, he took several cold gasps.  A defensive wall that had five million HP, what a terrifying defense.  Even with the attack power of the Sacred Sword God Carlos Fernandez, it would take several attacks to break it…..He believed that a shield of this capacity was not something the Mysterious God Weeping Ice Feather Deer could even display…..Then, where did this little furball come from!  Could its strength surpass the Mysterious God level!?

This furball immediately taught Ye Tian Xie the meaning of fear again.

A Forbidden Spell was known as a Forbidden Spell because it was a spell that was taboo.  It had the terrifying power to destroy the world, but because it was “forbidden”, it also had brutal restriction, even having limited usage.  Even if it was a Magic God Level NPC, if they wanted to use a Forbidden Spell, they would have their set stats drop and they wouldn’t be able to use magic for a long time……At the same time, the cast time of a Forbidden Spell would usually last more than several dozen seconds.

But this furball……When Ye Tian Xie drew back, he didn’t even have the time to stabilize himself before another Forbidden Spell was cast……This time, it wasn’t ice, but rather a mix of ice and water!

The fire coloured sky suddenly became dim.  An ice cold aura came from the sky, a cold that froze people from their outside to their inside.  Following this, a wave of ice cold wind blew as the bone chilling wind with drops of water crystals fell down like meteorites from the sky.


As the ice pounded down and the water surged forward, the cold wind kept blowing.  When Ye Tian Xie stabilized himself, he was surrounded by a prison of ice and hail, as countless pieces of ice mixed with water fell from the sky like a disaster.  Whether it was the pieces of ice or the water droplets, it made people’s heart tremble. That destructive might that made the earth tremble and that wind collided with it to create a web of collisions.  His line of sight was blocked and looking around, he could not see where this giant snow storm ended.

Whether it was range, intensity, or its coldness, it all surpassed the “Snow Storm” Kaka could release when it transformed into the Weeping Ice Feather Deer.

With the protection of the Water Screen, Ye Tian Xie did not receive any damage, even the ice cold feeling was resisted.  But he could not resist the shock that could not be calmed down……

The ice storm did not last long, as if the furball forcefully stopped it after it saw that it wasn’t hurting Ye Tian Xie.  It jumped out again and the ice and rain falling from the sky suddenly turned into incomparably sharp icicles…..This time, the icicles were not a long range attack, rather they were all pointed at where Ye Tian Xie was standing.  They overlapped each other and with a sharp sound that almost shattered Ye Tian Xie’s eardrums, they flew out at him.

Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping……..

If he didn’t have the protection of the Water Screen, Ye Tian Xie would have been turned into a hedgehog in just a single second.

If he didn’t have the protection of the Water Screen, just a single icicle would have taken his life, not to mention the thousands of icicles.

Those icicles that couldn’t be counted clearly slammed the Water Screen and the moment they made contact, they weren’t reflected like if they hit the Water Mirror, rather they disappeared like snowflakes in the heat.  Regardless of the quantity or the speed, the results were the same. The Water Screen did not show any signs of weakening because of this……It was energy released by the Azure Dragon Ring, it had the true supreme water energy of the venerable Azure Dragon, so even if it fears any kind of energy, it would never fear water energy.  The past Azure Dragon was unparalleled in terms of water energy, so any kind of water magic could not think about breaking the defenses set with its power.

The thousands of icicles all fell, interweaving into a large chaotic mass of blue light.  When the blue light disappeared, the icicles had all fallen down and had all disappeared.

Seeing the unharmed Ye Tian Xie with an ugly look of his face, the furball did not immediately attack.  It was clear that it had a high intelligence……From its using a stronger barrier to eliminate Ye Tian Xie’s Rainbow Destruction to it changing attributes, it all proved that.  At this time, it had started to realize that water energy could not harm Ye Tian Xie.

As for Ye Tian Xie, he also couldn’t hurt it.  That blue ice wall was still standing in front of the furball.

After the man and ball looked at each other for a few seconds, a sudden “ping” sound rang out as the Diamond Shield in front of the furball suddenly shattered, disappearing on the spot.  Following that, the ice cold feeling began to recede as the warmth of the Lava Prison quickly rose to its normal temperature. The blue light on the furball’s body also quickly receded and completely disappeared, as it returned to the untainted snow white furball.

Ye Tian Xie knit his brows and at this time, the surrounding air turned chaotic.  The furball’s snow white appearance only lasted for a second before it exploded with a dazzling purple light…..Mixed in with the “zi, zi” sound of lightning.

Ye Tian Xie’s pupils shrank.  In his incomparable shocked state, his body actually gave a slight tremble.

Could it be……

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